Touma Kojirou’s Detective File -Murder at the Opera House-

Touma Kojirou's Detective File -Murder at the Opera House-

Touma Kojirou was just a regular, ordinary detective, investigating suspicions of adultery and finding lost pets until one day, his little sister brings her friend in as a client. As her theater troupe prepares for their performance of “Phantom of the Opera”, a real phantom threatens to end their production!

Will you be able to uncover the identity of this masked assailant before its too late?! Or will you be too busy banging every member of the cast?! Find out, when the curtain rises!

Touma Kojirou’s Detective File – HCG

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  1. syjmaharaja says:

    anyone please help. its doesn’t work on my pc. well, its really work but its say i need activation code. please help me. what the code?

  2. Bato says:

    I’m getting \Session expired\ everytime I go to download the file ( The second part ) . Is there something wrong that I’m doing?

    • raphael512 says:

      that’s because it took you so long to download the file while you are looking at other windows , try to wait for the countdown to run out and then try again ,

  3. code-nine says:

    You need to extract the CRACK file into the game. Once you do its gonna ask you some things about existing files and just say yes to all of them. The game should work if you do it

  4. Satchan says:

    How do you patch the game? Do you just dump it into the game directory?
    I copied the patch.XP3 in the game folder and copied over the crack but when I try to play it, get this error message: something about ANSI and UNICODE…
    And I don’t understand how the SoftDenchi Meter is supposed to work…

  5. Scodex says:

    can someone please give me the activation code for this game..

  6. kin says:

    where can i find the gamedata.xp3

  7. wadewa says:

    it says syntax error, with this blue screen with encrypted coding on it. i’ve alrdy extracted crack file into the original game that needs code. help please?

  8. Nero man says:

    what should i do when i get the NSIS error launching installer ?

  9. meroda says:

    game activation code.. plese help me

  10. Michan says:

    syntax error seriously 2 game i download and it didnt work

  11. Reviewer says:

    Touma Kojirou’s Detective File -Murder at the Opera House- A murder mystery game where you play as the Detective and try to solve the case without being distracted by the beautiful women trying to seduce you…..or at least that’s what the tag line of the game wants you to believe.

    Sadly for those hoping for a real erotic murderer mystery game this isn’t the porno for you. Touma Kojirou’s Detective File feels at best a promising game that goes unfilled and at worst a lazy half-ass production. The major flaw of the game came be summed up like this, it doesn’t know what it wants to be. Does it want to be a murder mystery game where the player has to gather evidence and solve the case? Does it want to be a romance game where the play most choose between his adoptive sister, childhood friend, or the client. Does it want to be a kinky game with a lot of fetish sex scenes?

    Touma Kojirou’s Detective File tries to be all of these things and as a result falls short of all of them. The game doesn’t offer the player nearly enough opportunities to gather clues nor do we even get a choice to pick who we think the culprit is. There’s literary only one choice in the game that effects whether or not you catch the villain or die and I’m sorry but that’s not enough to be a real mystery game. At the very least a mystery game has to let the player choose at the end who he thinks is the murderer in my opinion or else it’s not a real game but a story.

    Another problem with the mystery aspect of the game is that we don’t really spend enough time on the evidence gathering part of the game. In fact we only spend time on the mystery for big events, such as the murderers and as a result you’ll end up feeling slightly annoyed (or cheated) at the end when the detective starts pulling \evidence\ out of his ass that the game glanced on.

    So if we don’t spend that much time gathering evidence where do we spend said time? On the romance of course! Sadly that’s another area where the game falls short. The romance scenes feel shoe horn in, as if the writers couldn’t figure out how to include them in the overarching story (mystery). As a result they come across as very forced, there’s hardly any build-up to them or development. One minute the main character and *insert girl* are just friends, the next they’re lovers…..for some reason.

    And no just because the girls have a crush on the main character doesn’t mean this is ok. You need BUILD-UP for romance, you need the characters to really talk about their feelings and grow so they realize that what they’re looking for has been right their all along. The sad thing is that this could have worked, I mean what causes a person to rethink their life then death. Talking about those murdered, or death in it of itself would have made for a great transition into the romance scenes. Realizing how short life really is.

    The writers even manage to do this one time with the client. Her depression/sadness at the death of her friends rings true, and the main character showing her kindness and telling her she can rely on him if she needs helps makes this romance work. Granted like the others it’s extremely short but I still say it works, even if I would have liked their to be a couple more scenes building up said romance.

    However the writers just don’t seem to see this, or don’t care because the romance scenes for the other two seem to come out of nowhere and relate in no way to the overarching plot. This can make for a pretty jarring experience especially after a murder scene. You’ll end up thinking to yourself when you get to these scenes \Ummm, didn’t someone just get murdered? Are we not going to talk about that any more?\.

    That brings me to the last thing the game try to be….kinky. The reason why this fails is simply, there’s just not enough sex scenes of kinks for this game to really be kinky. Oh don’t get me wrong, there’s a random sex scene almost every scene and yes that gets just as jarring as the bad romance scenes too but these aren’t really \kinky\ sex scenes. In fact I would say there’s only 3 to 4 truly kinky sex scenes (excluding any scenes with your adoptive sister since that’s played more for romance then the actual incest kink). You have a scene where you catch a girl masturbating, a scene where you spy on two sisters having sex with each other, and then a scene where you play with sex toys with your partner. There’s also the harem ending sex scene but once again that feels more like a \love\ sex scene rather then the threesome kink.

    The majority of the other sex scenes are all just regular blowjobs, tit-jobs, and regular sex. There’s at least one for every girl and to be honest they’ll get boring at times. If you don’t find any of the girls in this game super attractive/hot then STAY AWAY because that’s all you’ve really got to beat too, because there’s nothing really exciting going on during this sex scenes. The creators of the game try to keep the sex scenes interesting with animation but it’s just a cheap trick. I’ve seen free flash games with better animation. The love scenes don’t really work because not enough time has been put into the romances to make us feel anything for the girl, with maybe the exception of the client. Also at times the picture won’t match up with what’s going on in the sex scene, and this just comes across as incredibly lazy to me.

    The purpose of a sex game is that the PICTURES MATCH up with the FREAKING TEXT!!! I mean god damn it, screw the stupid animation, how about when the text says the main character gropes the girl’s breast you actually draw a picture of his HAND ON HER BREAST rather then showing her mouth slightly open!!!! Seriously this is unacceptable from a porn game we have to pay 24 bucks for. The ending scenes in particular pissed me off here since only one girl got her own ending \image\ the other three endings (including the harem ending) got the same ending \image\. Which once again comes across as lazy to me.

    This lazy feeling isn’t helped by the game’s length. At a run-time of only three to four hours at most it’s no wonder that they fell short when cramming so many things into it. Honestly if the game was eight hours or more it could have easily been all three of those things, a good mystery to solve, with cute girls with interesting romance paths, and plenty of kinky sex scenes. As is though with this run-time they’d have trouble even completing one of those goals.

    So does this game have anything good about it?
    Well the mystery and romance paths are alright, like I said not enough time is spent on either to make them truly satisfying but what we do have isn’t terrible.

    The characters are pretty distinct (if one dimensional) for the most part and likable.

    Finally their are some genuinely good moments in the game that make you see this concept had potential but was wasted.

    Do you recommend buying this game?
    For 24 bucks? No. Maybe if it was half that, around 12 dollars then yea I guess so but with mostly boring sex scenes, and a plot struggling to fit everything in I’d say just get it for free if you’re really interested.

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