Super Secret Sexy Spy

Super Secret Sexy Spy

My name is Ethan. Ethan Bond. I’m an agent of the secret intelligence group, FAPPS – the Federal Agency of Pussy Protective Services.

What is FAPPS you ask? Forgive me for shooting off. It’s rather larger than can fit in your hands, but I’ll give you what you can handle. Bartender, shake out a few drops of milk for my friend here.

You see, FAPPS is involved in the research and investigation of sex crimes involving the babymaking place. We safeguard the state of the uterine. Within the pink moistened folds of the intelligence community, I am in fact something of a cumshot. Hotshot! I penetrate with 100 success. They call me the “creampie spy.”

Bollocks, you say? Oh yes, they’re emptied daily into beautiful women. I commit intercourse at my discretion, with a bona fide intravaginal permit – any womb, any time. It’s a License to Spill.

– You are Ethan Bond, Creampie Spy! The fruits of internal secrecy are yours to protect!

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149 Responses to “Super Secret Sexy Spy”

  1. Dear god says:

    Dear god the entire summary is just one big hilarious joke hahahaha

  2. jenova3new says:

    WTF on the first CG @_@!!

    he just f*cking randomly in the road side

    hahahahaha i can’t stop LOL-ing XD

  3. Friedwice says:

    Says i need an activation code. Halpppp :3

  4. bludvein says:

    Seriously, what the hell? The crack works but this is a seriously screwed up story. Oh well *popcorn*

  5. The Krypt Angel says:

    the games been cracked admin just hasn’t gotten around to updating the download links yet you can find the url to the crack download among the older posts

  6. bludvein says:

    I wanted a Leslie ending but there isn’t really one except in combination with the sister which isn’t really doing it for me. The game is short and the dialogue isn’t even worth mentioning. The CGs are at least decent though.

  7. Gorhus says:

    I am amazed at people who expect some story in Nukige games.
    And all latest MG releases just same useless garbage. Good only for Fap, and even at that quite decent. And the same can be said abot their future projects, there only one title that not nukige so far. And JustUSA Slow as hell… so sad T_T.

  8. The Krypt Angel says:

    Hunt Breaking 4th Wall: “She my sister you servs!!”

    Me: Yea like THAT’S gonna be a deal breaker…

    1 hour later…

    Me: See told you so 😀

    I was hoping for Lestie not knowing she didn’t have a solo ending (I always play games like this blind once first) ended up with maimi tho to my credit I was only one choice off for their combined one lol

  9. Wet says:

    Well….activation code??
    nani?? .w.
    anyone helep??!!! xD

  10. Anon says:

    So does anyone else have to download SdRt.exe program, does anyone find nit safe?

  11. nOGAkuro says:

    thx for upload the crack (:

  12. CoolKao says:

    Oh god. I’m so downloading this. You know something is hilarious if you read the commentaries and laugh before reading the summary and laughing your behind off.

  13. az says:

    i can’t download, it kept broken

  14. iwangzzz says:

    I tried what ecactly the instruction told me, and then i clicked the ssss.exe and blue sceen with confusing code appeared… anyone can help? 🙁

  15. Anon says:

    Can someone tell me if SDRT program is safe to download/install

  16. noro says:

    emmm activation code? somebody help me plese 😀 nani? :3

  17. Really...? says:

    Creampie Spy..? Goddammit you’ve got to be kidding me. -facepalm-

  18. bedadari says:

    Hohoho… an ero-Bond has appeared.

  19. Me says:

    The whole description is for laughts!
    \FAPPS\… \larger than can fit in your hands\…\a few drops of milk\(instead of something alcoholic, unlike James Bond)… and everything else… LMAO

  20. Menos.G says:

    Licensi to Spill!!! where the hell did u get that?!!!!

  21. On ThAt Killing rUsh says:

    what is the activation code???
    I didn’t get any activation code

  22. atmeister says:

    damn i can’t stop laughing at that intro.hahahahhah

  23. lol995 says: this is the crack

  24. Ra124 says:

    I keep on getting an error. Or when I lauch the other exe it asks for a activation code..

  25. Jayson says:

    I followed the instructions for the crack and when I open the exe, the softhouse seal takes longer than usual and then it goes to the usual manga gamer thing and after that, I get an abort error
    any ideas why?

  26. jjw says:

    Part 3 on the download seems to be broken.

  27. jjw says:

    NVM, just reset my computer/router and the link worked this time. Odd it didn’t work the first time though.

  28. jj7777777xx says:

    does anyone know a different game where there is an h-scene that is like a .gif?

  29. Hakatsu says:

    Im extremely new to this whole download thing. Does anyone have a link to get to the WinRAR thing I keep hearing about? Its so I can actually run these things without the error boxes of death blowing up my computer

  30. angel says:

    don’t know why but can’t download any eroge starts downloading fine then quickly slows down and finally it says download interrupted.

  31. Julio Lu says:

    Anyone knows where the save game is storaged? I want back up my save data.


  32. AkaHoshii says:

    I actually have to read the summary twice to understand wtf was going on xD

  33. Alice says:

    I still can’t get this to work. I followed the instructions but I keep getting the prompt to put in the activation code. Can anyone go through this in more detail with me? I want to play it…

  34. Rocky says:

    What’s the activation code itself ?

  35. ErnatioD says:

    I downloaded the game, installed it, and put the crack in but for some reason I don’t hear any sound. Voices or BGM. I hear sound at the start before I get to the main menu when there is that clip before it gets to the main menu but then the sound just doesnt work once it gets to the main menu.

  36. Ninja Gamer says:

    i keep getting a blue screen with code and a error box with nothing but ????????? please help fix

  37. Kace says:

    Is the crack still available? The link to is broken and I can’t find the crack anywhere.

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