My girlfriend is the President

My girlfriend is the President
It started out as an ordinary morning, woken up by my childhood friend. Had a good breakfast… complete with morning hard-ons. An ordinary, everyday eroge scene. Or… so it seemed. Things would never be the same from that day, as peaceful everyday life was blown to bits.

An accident on a spaceship heading to earth, causes it to crash on the Prime Minister of Nippon’s office. The leaders end up in a state too horrible to see. To avoid chaos, the alien chose a girl who happened to be there, and to make ends meet, brainwashed all of mankind.

Nippon adopts a presidential system overnight, and incredibly, a girl, my childhood friend, is the president. The world will answer to her every whim.

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461 Responses to “My girlfriend is the President”

  1. ^_^:

    Hooray 🙂 now i can play this.
    BTW Admin you should post the patch for wins 8 64bit

  2. frenzyboom:

    How do I install this? Yes im new here.

  3. Tuan Ngoc:

    How can i play with 64bit-based system? Is there no patch to fix it?

  4. Larry:

    will the fandisc be put on the site?

  5. Honda xD:

    on part 3 the part where it’s toutube the game gives me an error i can’t read it though pls give me reply soon

  6. Honda xD:

    i’ve got a problem in part 3 the part where the game shows you toutube the game gives me error pls i need a response

  7. Criestale:

    ShareBeast/Indowebster/Tusfiles/Miror Creator or orther file hosting please T^T

  8. wilsonyu343:

    is there a patch for window 8 because i can’t run this in window 8. I try running it in compatibility mode for window xp and window 7 and it still doesn’t work.

  9. Tyaros:

    i downloaded the game and everything but when i go to click on the .exe nothing happens its like its saying nothings working but what bothers me is that there was no setup .exe in the files i downloaded.

  10. Lycanric:

    is all the games in this website english ver?

  11. Irina Akashira:

    I’m trying to begin this game in a windows 8 32bits and appear the message “Authentication failed: unrecognized kernel32 module / NM”

    I read that is a problem of windows 8, but alll the webs say that the problem is with 64 bits only. My computer is 32 bits

    Someone know a solution?

  12. Person:

    Does anyone else get that .emb file after extracting everything from WinRAR? This game used to play just fine for me but the .exe file turned into .emb out of nowhere. Now I can’t play it, even after downloading everything again. This is so frustrating… Anyone else getting this .emb file or is my computer hating on me?

  13. Person:

    The game worked after I re-downloaded it. I can finally finish Yukino’s route! 😀

  14. Shy Girl:

    I feel stupid asking, but how in the hell do I open the rar file? I can’t figure it out. When I use winZip it says the files are split even when I have all ten. Anyone got a clue?

    • kmasmdymflp:

      highlight all the rar files and right click. select extract here. you might need winmount. install that. when you have the cds on display, mount them, using the ccd files. they’re clones, still the same. mount one at a time, copy them to a folder on your harddrive on desktop or something, rinse, and repeat. then, go ahead and copy all files into one folder. might not be a good idea to overwrite any of them, juist in case. THEN, FINALLY, you can do the installation. that’s basically what I had to do with “LET’S MEOW MEOW~!” lemme know if it works! Betcha a million bucks it’ll work.

      o__0 seriously, these capchas…
      “good riddance”… wth?

  15. WaffleNinja:

    admin will you upload the fandisc too? beacause the english translation is almost complete

  16. wandeur:

    Hello admin why I do not manage to protect the part(party) when I make him(it) they are there but when I redémare the game(set,play) ya was able to nothing

  17. onlylove:

    Authentication failed: Invalid signature token or unrecognized dll.

  18. Wondering Shadow:

    Why is mine have no voice and if i tried to change the voice vol it shows a notification saying “test_03.ogg??????? Wave???”
    What should I do?

  19. someguy:

    Hey im new to this site and am wondering is this game English? Are all games on here that dont have the separate English patch still English?

    • admin:

      Yes, Every game posted on this site is in English. Those who don’t have separate “English patch” listed are translated out of the box ( either pre-patched or official English release ).

  20. anonimouse:

    can someone tell me how to delete the control panel at the top ingame please its annoying and unnecessary ????

  21. KindaAnnoyed:

    I don’t know how to install or get this game working. I’ve downloaded all the files from here but I’m not sure if I should “extract here” or just “extract” and I don’t know what to do with which files, like which do I mount?

    I’m new to this way of doing stuff so can someone please help me!? And honestly talk to me like I was a child that can’t understand shit, because I’m more interested in playing this game that being insulted by the way you talk to me 😛

  22. Im near on Ran-neechan's Ending :3:

    hahahaah!! sooo gooooooooood x3 I really really really like Irina, El, Yukino, and Ran-neechan xDD ahahahha!! I wish their is 2nnd game for this eroge :3

  23. Katsuragi Keima:

    Admin, I want to ask you. When will you upload this eroge sequel?? I have obtained information that the patch have been completed too! >_<

  24. reine:

    do i have to download all the parts so i can play the game?

  25. HotRod:

    Why is there no BG for this? only voice and

  26. sick:

    What happen with the tenth file, it’s empty. What should I do ?

  27. Anon:

    Nyone tell me if this is good? I’m not sure on how I feel having my gf be the president of the world. 8D Way too much power for me.

  28. Boybawang:

    is this game working on windows xp?

  29. Ginobi47:

    If only the real world politicians were as moe as this, there might actually be world peace

  30. silcardo:

    i hope there is ran nee chan squel too

  31. Justanotherdude:

    I finally get to play this all conversation scenes work but when I arrive at a scene(normal or hscene) it does not show its a blackscreen and it only shows a path on top for ex. (something written in japanese)
    (something written in japanese)
    Can anyone help me with this problem it will be greatly appreciated! THANKS!

  32. Mr.Noob:

    help the game is working but the voices are not
    the bckground of the scene is all black
    how do i fix this

  33. so i downloaded all the parts so what am i supposed to do then?

  34. Dark_Mega:

    This games really need minimun system requirements… I waited 1.8 Gb worth download and dat didn’t run in windows XP.. I’m by part 8 of dis one, hope it doesnt happen like that..

  35. Router:

    How to download game for free successfully? System requirements?

  36. Hatesu:

    I was convinced this VN would be stupid after reading the description but in the end I’m glad I picked it up. It seems to be done well overall. There are a lot of funny moments, great art, decent translation and best of all every last girl is cute. I don’t usually care for the large women with massive sweater meat because they are large and violent but Ran was insanely cute. I decided to do her route first because I always end up skipping the large breasted girls if I don’t get them out of the way. Really glad I decided to do her route though in the end. Don’t get me wrong though, I still think small chests and flat breasts are the best!

  37. kingk77:

    is it in English?

  38. Momoiro:

    I’ve been reading the comments in this one and I have one question..

    Is this now working for Win 8 64bit?

  39. Haekaru:

    hey i’ve success on downloading it everything seems fine but the background is all black any solution for this ? please reply

  40. firby:

    I downloaded this without reading the comments a while ago. Is there a way to make it work on windows 8 64bit? If so can someone post it.

  41. Lol:

    Is this uncensored?

  42. Tomo-chan:

    I’m currently on Yukinon’s route and I might die before finishing this game because she’s sooo cute ^~^

  43. Hypnofan:

    i am new to the whole downloading games and can anyone help me out with how to do it perhaps with a step by step guide i would greatly appreceate it please reply if anyone can help

  44. Kaung Myat San:

    Guys I have downloaded Win8WOH but how do i extract it onto gamefolder?
    please help me. i can’t play the game yet

  45. NyxDagon:

    I don’t get it.

    The game is working, don’t worry.

    But I don’t get how I need to extract the contents into one folder where most of the files from the last part just gets replaced by the contents of the next part anyway. I need an explanation before my head explodes.

  46. Pissed:

    Authenticaiton Failed: unrecognized kernel32 module. /NM
    Windows 10, anybody have a solution?

    • YawRaw:

      Umm theres a file if you google for it where it makes it work.
      If you google “My Girlfriend Is The President Windows 8 patch” and get the new version.dll file and put it in there, it should work.

  47. Ineedtoplaythisgameagainafter6years:

    Win 7 pro 64 bit
    I am getting this error
    Authenticaiton Failed: unrecognized kernel32 module. /NM
    Help pls

  48. YawRaw:

    I just got scolded by the game when I got the bad ending…..
    Apparently, I went off into 2D anime girl games and the game ended there…
    Then It told me to ‘Be nice to girls, you Deadbeat.”
    10/10 Would play again.

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