Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Kamidori Alchemy Meister
In the Setetori region of the southern part of the Raulbhach continent lies the Mikelti Kingdom. Among the seven major cities is the artisan city of Yuidora. This is where a young orphan named Wilfred lives, pursuing his dream of becoming an alchemist. As tensions between neighboring nations rise and a threat of war looms, three girls in distress come to his place and he helps protect them. Using a new technique that he discovered and with the help of other races, will they be able to restore peace to the lands?

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  1. YoWassup says:

    I’ve downloaded all the things and it’s different from how everyone else has done it but it works, except for the one part where if I want to play the Extra Story mode or something, it’s still in japanese. Everything else is in english though; slightly confused at how that works.
    Is it just because the english patch didn’t include the Extra Story mode or something?

    • Trehek says:

      If you’re seeing japanese, there is probably an error with how the append files were installed. The english patch covers everything. I’ve played through all of the content and it’s all in english.

  2. Leo says:

    I’ve got a problem. after i mount and run the setup and choose the destination things look like they’re installing properly but then i get a message in Japanese giving me two options, I press the left one and it brings me back to the installing loading bar but pops up again giving me the same two options (it keeps doing this) and I’m sure that the other option is a cancel button because when i click it just closes the setup. help! I have my local set properly as well.

    • Trehek says:

      That behaviour sounds like it may be a read error from a corrupt file. Not impossible with the game being such a huge download. If you’re able to copy-paste the japanese error message here, we could know for sure.

  3. mitchey says:

    I have a problem I downloaded the game and patches and installed them, but with the English patch if its in the Eushlly folder the game will run in English though it will crash every time I start the new game however it will work fine if the English patch isn’t in the Eushlly folder though itll be in English how do I fix this?

    • mitchey says:

      oh yes and I am running on Japanese local administrator and with the Japanese local setting for region and language thingy

      • Daniel says:

        have you install all of the game patches in the game folder kami_ap 01 then kami_ap 02 then kami_ap 200 then run the English patch but have the file anywhere as long as its not in the game folder

        • mitchey says:

          ok first thanks for the reply.

          I installed all the patches in order Kami_app01 then Kami_app02 then Kami_app200 and placed the English patch file in a different are in C:Program files, but now ive done that I start the game but it freezes after the intro but before the intro movie what is this? plz help

          • mitchey says:

            srry never mind scratch that i got it working but still crashes when i press start new game. apperantly ( i was reading) that if u install useing applocal i doesnt install the fonts needed. do you guys know of a way of installing it without applocal ( and i do have it in local japanese setting) that doesnt give you that gibberish and not install?

            • Daniel says:

              hmm not to sure i didnt really have any problems but have you installed the files in program files or in program files (x86) I installed it in program files (x86)then i copied all the patches in the order I said from the folder I saves the game and the patches in ([user name]/kamidori) just a random spot. then once the patches had run I then ran the English patch from the same folder I didn’t move it anywhere.

              hope this helps if not then im not to sure sorry but I will try

  4. Heartnet says:

    I’ve set my language and local to japanese, installed the game+3 other patch + english patch. I play the game until chapter 4 then my ARC game engine suddenly stop working. I’ve reinsttaled the game but the game engine still doesn’t work. Please give the sollution…

  5. Spy says:

    i have the same issue that some dude above mentioned.i mount with daemon tools but when i try to install the game an error pops up and after downloading it for a whole day not getting to play the damn thing would be annoying.any probable solution to that would be appreciated

    • admin says:

      What error are you getting?

      • Spy says:

        some gibberish from “install shield wizard”.if i install the english version maybe it will be in english if u need to know what is says exactly?

        • Justinius says:

          I’m having this exact same issue…I had the game on my old computer but it didn’t transfer to my new one. I have daemon tools lite installed, I mount it and click the install button. My computer asks me if I want to allow the program to make changes, I say yes, and then I get an installshield error. Can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong here? I’d really like to play this game again.

          • Justinius says:

            Wait, problem solved! You have to change to Japanese locale first, derp. I totally forgot about that. Just go to the FAQ on this site for how to change to Japanese locale and it should work then.

  6. VnLover says:

    I start the game, and everytime i put start game appear an error saying : arcengine stop working, something like that, i didn´t change to japanse locale(idk if is that the problem)

  7. kirin says:

    Hi, I managed to install the game and it seems to work in japanese. However, when I try to play with the english patch, I get this:
    “SYSTEM4.BIN” , something in japanese, “and ERROR CODE=2″
    Can someone help me?

  8. James says:

    can anyone help me with this? the animation keep open up in new window. i try everything bu no avail. pls help.

  9. Trehek says:

    Many of the install problems here most likely happen because language setting weren’t set up properly. There are TWO things you need to do before installing. People easily miss one step. I’ll try to explain properly:

    1. Install the Japanese language pack for Windows to understand the characters and file names. In Win7 this is in Control Panel->Region and Language->Keyboards and Languages->Install/uninstall languages (or you can do it directly from Windows Update). To make sure this has been done right, try choosing the Uninstall option and make sure Japanese is in the list of installed languages. However, leave English as the display language. It is enough to have the pack installed.

    2. Set the Japanese language for the installer and the game by changing the system locale. This MUST be active both when you run the installer and when you run the game. Control Panel->Region and Language->Administrative->Change system locale…->Japanese

  10. Trehek says:

    It is best to install the game in stages to make sure you know what goes wrong.

    1. Set up languages. I explained this in my last post today.
    2. Extract the game. Mount the disc image. Install the game. Run the game and start a new game to see that it works in japanese. Errors here indicate either a corrupt download or mistakes in setting up the language.
    3. Extract append patch 1. Copy the exe to the game folder and run it. You can delete the exe after to free space.
    4. Extract append patch 2 as above. Can delete exe after.
    5. Extract the version 2.00 patch as above. Can delete exe after. Launch and start a new game to verify that it still works in japanese. Errors at this stage usually indicate corrupt patch downloads.
    6. Extract the english patch and copy all files to the game folder. With older versions of the language patch, run Kamidori English.exe. Launch the game. If the game crashes, your languages aren’t set up right. Refer to my language setup post. If you experience crashes or corruption later in the game, make sure you installed the appends correctly and make sure your MPEG codecs are up to date.

    Good luck installing and have fun playing!

    • mitchey says:

      trehek you are the bomb take a bow sir!

    • Setsuna says:

      so.. we have to extract all of the rar files except the patches first?

      sorry i’m still new here..

    • Rubix says:

      Hey Trehek,

      I’ve downloaded and finished playing a couple of games from this site already so I have the language patches working fine.

      I extracted and it worked. I ran append patch 1 and then append patch 2 and then patch 2.00. Everything works fine up to this point. When I extract the English patch and copy all of the files into the game folder and I try to run Kamidori English. The Autorun.exe which is in Japanese still works fine. Could you possibly tell me what’s wrong?

      This is the error I see:

    • Brandon Arnold says:

      what are you talking about when you say “game folder” ? are you referring to the computers original games folder? To create a new folder and call it “game folder”. Would you mind explaining please?

  11. Gamer says:

    few key points: RPG (leveling up, better items, etc.) , a lot of tactics during battles (good), and perfect idea of implementation of Alchemy.

    3 different routes:

    Yuela – Definitely best route

    Serawi (Elf-tit route) – working title \NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS\ route – Yes, this one sucks xD

    Emilita (Loli route) – unlike Serawi, this one is good (but of course not as epic as Yuela route ^^ )

    definitely the best game from Japan I ever played.

  12. virio says:

    help i have a problem,
    why there is a text
    “no gamepad detected”
    anyone can help me?

  13. alex says:

    How do I uninstall this? Getting this whenever I attempt to uninstall after I failed install.


  14. terry says:

    umm my game freezes when i go into combat in the tutorial dungeon any info?

  15. flamefrozt says:

    I still dont understand how to install English Patch fot this game..I already downloaded english patch from this website
    But..after I extract it,I found many files that make me confuse..
    so..anyone can you please help me..

  16. virio says:

    anyone can tell me how to change shortcut in this game?

  17. man699 says:

    Thanks for the game ^^ works perfecly here after doing the japanese local set.

  18. Alkenstine says:

    just gotta ask but how do you get spoileral to work with this i cant seem to find the SSG (ya I’m a cheater crucify me sometime later will ya) that will work with this version. i really dont want to grind through another new game plus (third time through) so could someone give me instructions.

  19. yuya says:

    This has included expansion data ???

  20. Ren says:

    Kinda confused here.

    what patch do I need to use/DL?
    the 346.1MB, the one with 2 parts or the one with 30.4MB?

    • admin says:

      the one with 2 parts and the 346mb one contain the same files – 2 parts split is due to 200mb filesize limit for free users. You need to install japanese patch first ( 2 parts one) then install english patch ( 30mb one) on top of that.

      • Ren says:

        oh I see. so first, I need to use the one with 2 parts then after that the english patch with 30.4 mb, right?

        Thanks for the help :D

  21. Gilgamesh says:

    This is actually my favorite game on this site. But are there any other games like this here, or games from the same company? I need more games with actual story, games that really pull you in to that world.

  22. vinn says:

    mine’s working properly, but the only problem is, when in the battle mode, it became so laggy, is this normal or somebody know how to fix this?

  23. Kujo Hisui says:

    Does this work on windows 8? I keep getting the error .msi or something and I cannot install it.

  24. ucgga3 says:

    Hi great job again Ivan \(>.<)/ I finished it and I was wondering can you get any of the other Eushully rpg's?

  25. Sup says:

    Can someone help me installing this correctly,first of all, I don’t even know how to install it, how do people install hentai games in the first place, its so confusing. I don’t know how to do anything, I have tried downloading so much eroge games, but i never know how to. Thank You so much in advance, this is the first time I thought of asking for help with this.

  26. tasha alex says:

    does this include all the expansions

  27. LordLoss says:

    hey I need help when I was halfway through installing the setup file I use daemon tools and everything goes fine then suddenly this pops out…. What should I do??


  28. Zohan says:

    Can anyone give me the walkthrough for this game? I’ve lost mine.

  29. asumaniac says:

    help me please
    when i install kami_200/kami_ap01/kami_ap02 it show me 2 japanese option, if i choose the left one it will shown me a error message, if i choose the right one the installer will be gone but nothing change. please tell me what should i do?

  30. Kyarus says:

    Guys, how do store and workshop lvl ? Getting stuck in chapter 1 not being able to up rank >.<

  31. Brandon Arnold says:

    could someone give me detailed but easy to understand instructions on how to get the English patch to work? I don’t care if I gotta install it again. I just want to play the game

  32. Nuggetball says:

    Apparently that says “The is not installed”…
    but it IS installed… and I have the patches in the same folder as the game (.mdf and .mds)…

    someone give me a solution!! T.T

  33. nathred says:

    Ok, the game folder we are talking about is the folder where your software is installed (generally in “program File”)
    Look for a “Eushully” folder. If you didn’t change the default instal location that it.

  34. Ian says:

    I have the same problem. I downloaded everything, installed the game through the MDF, and installed the two upgrades. I even tested it, the game itself seems to be running just fine, but when I activate the patch, it just goes through my computer, including where the game is, and then tells me ‘Software not found. The Full Install of Kamidori was not found on your system.Please make sure you have installed Kamidori and ALL THREE append discs.’
    Solutions more than welcome

  35. Nuggetball says:

    I never got a “eusully” folder. The software isn’t installed (i mean i DO have the .mdf and .mds but is that the software?).

  36. nathred says:

    you need to mount the mds file, with daemon tool or something else, then install it like any other game.

  37. lXDarksunXl says:

    Mount the .mds file in a virtual drive program such as Daemon Tools Lite.

  38. Vorthod says:

    mds/mdf files are software versions of game CDs, use something like Deamon Tools Lite to “mount” them so your computer can run them and install

  39. gg533 says:

    Google and install Daemon Tools Lite, open that, find either .mds/.mdf file, mount it on Daemon Tools, and install it that way.

  40. nathred says:

    I can’t save my game. Ikeep getting a strange undescriptible message box when i try.
    Can someone help me?

  41. lXDarksunXl says:

    turn off your antivirus before playing the game.

  42. Gathion3 says:

    the problem is that the patch and game didn’t mesh right try to reinstall both of them and see if that works and any saves you already have will still be there

  43. nathred says:

    Done (at least i think. i have AVG, and AVG is a bitch).

    It doesn’t change a thing.

    And this chat should be fixed. New posts appear in the middle of the page.

  44. Gathion3 says:

    leave it on that is not the problem

  45. yohgabagaba says:

    Can someone help me about this? :( I got daemon lite but whenever the window leading to installation it says, question marks, []C[][]G[[]x[].
    [] represents a fully shaded box. and when i click it, an error appears
    1155 : ???? GYi-_Kamidori.msi ???????

  46. nathred says:

    In fact, i don’t even have any folder ‘SAVE’. Is that normal?

  47. nathred says:

    Still can’t save. I really need help

  48. lXDarksunXl says:

    Saves aren’t in the game folder if that’s what you mean. They go here:
    On XP:
    C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\Eushully\神採りアルケミーマイスター\SAVE\

    On Vista & 7:

  49. nathred says:

    Antivirus uninstalled and no change.
    It isn’t the antivirus.

  50. lXDarksunXl says:

    Some people had had a save problem and it was caused by their antivirus. I don’t know what else causes it though. Anyways, AVG sucks get Avira. It’s free and it’s good.

  51. nathred says:

    So what you’re saying is that i need to create another account (like user account in my computer).
    But when you say it must be in english, do you mean that the locale must be in english, or the name of the account, or something else? Does it have to be an administrator account?

    Well, i really thank you for giving me a solution, but could you explain a bit more? I am a bit confused.

  52. jason says:

    try right clicking the game and click start as administrator

  53. Ian says:

    Note, I meant the english patch, not one of the other two.

  54. jason says:

    Go to ur control panel and check ur installed software to double check to see if u it had installed all three ( I install all 3 patches from my desktop not inside the eushelly folder idk bout u)

  55. jason says:

    Go to ur control panel and check ur installed software to double check to see if u it had installed all three ( I install all 3 patches from my desktop not inside the eushelly folder idk bout u) I am using window 7 btw

  56. Subterra says:

    change the name of the instal folder to a english one then run the eng patch
    thats what worked for me

  57. Blake81 says:

    I got the same issue at first. All you gotta do is to copy the patch into the game folder, then execute it.

  58. Sage0247 says:

    To Ian,
    I had this problem, fixed it by renaming the japanese in the eushully folder to kamidora, but any english would do I guess, there are not registary entries to worry about, every working fine now.

  59. Morgan says:

    did u manage to install all appends?
    i just cant get to install the 01 one.

  60. Yuumei says:

    same here… please help

  61. Zordokc says:

    apparently the kami_200 file part has many things to add. What I did takes alot of time but apparently worked for me….somehow. |

    cut + paste eushully file > anywhere not the original destination
    run the kami_200 (if you only have append disk 1+2) and it should appear where your eushully file was
    There will be another eushully file just cut and paste all that to the original
    Then put the original back to where it was before. now run the eng patch. This is what happened to me when I had problems with the eng patch not sure for you though

  62. Me says:

    did you put the patch itself in the game folder? . .

  63. nathred says:

    Ian, you need to check if you have correctly installed the 3 patches before using the english patches.

    To do so, look in your game folder if you have unistall file corresponding to the 3 patches. Each patch create his own uninstall file.
    They go like this: UninstAP01, UninstAP02, Uninst200

    If you dont have the 3 of them, go throught the installation again. You may have to do it twice or trice to make it work.

  64. killerinsidee says:

    I use AVG and didn’t have any problems with Kamidori.

  65. nathred says:

    Running the game as administrator did solve the problem. Thank you.

    Now I have 2 questions:
    -What happen if you go througth the DeadBeat dungeon? Does it trigger some weird event?

    -I think i heard in this forum that buiding the armor for the characteres trigger event leading you to their route. Is it true?

  66. Argetlalm says:

    nathred says:
    March 14, 2012 at 5:20 pm
    Running the game as administrator did solve the problem. Thank you.

    Now I have 2 questions:
    -What happen if you go througth the DeadBeat dungeon? Does it trigger some weird event?

    >>>>>>>> No, it only marks you as a Deadbeat, (the shame of using the deadbeat dungeon)

    -I think i heard in this forum that buiding the armor for the characteres trigger event leading you to their route. Is it true?

    >>>>>>>> Building armor for the Heroines triggers some events/neccesary for some H events BUT they dont really influence which route you will be on.

  67. naw says:

    -Doing anything here adds Deadbeat Title (No effect, only shame)*Deadbeat Door*lv1 *Deadbeat Graduates*lv12*Divine Deadbeats*lv20 *Deadbeat Kings lv28 *Deadbeat God* lv70
    -yes you will get an event for the character route that you choose and it will be h-event
    -for hannah at the church you must spent money at least 80000
    -for jane you must complete the arena untill rank m

  68. Bob The Mighty says:

    first deadbeat dungeon marks you as a deadbeat till you finish it at the end as for the effects i have no idea. second upgrading their armor only triggers events if your already on their route.

  69. ZeroS says:

    Se ve interesante, lo voy a probar ^^

  70. enigmatica says:

    Thank you so much Sage, this was sooo helpful.

  71. BIeTCHie says:

    The reason why English patch WON’T WORK even-though you install the game(obivously=.=) and 3 Ap Patchs is: Your game directory’s name is in JAPANESE and English patch won’t recognize this Jap name when it’s searching.
    Solution: change the Japanese name in Alphabet name(for example: deepshit, dumbfuck, retard, noob, superman,… whatever you like, as long as it is Alphabet.)
    P/S: that read-me in the English patch zip is a lie. You MUST put that English patch OUTSIDE your game folder for it to work. you can put it ANYWHERE, just not inside the game’s folder.

  72. revennge says:

    put it inside. patched. got throught the yurela route. it works

  73. Berseker says:

    use applocale in the english patch and put in japanese

  74. Elias says:

    For Jane a 100% clear of the arena is (probably) required, which has an additional requirement of having -all- side characters cleared.

  75. Chane says:

    Can anyone explain how to do the “three append disk” thing? how do you make it three append disk? i have installed the game and it runs in japan but i cant seem to patch it

  76. AznSamsung says:

    to get 100% in jane arena u must be in loli route in order to complete it …. nothing that special ….. to get h-scen for jane just complete all challenge in the first three section and by the time u get to chapter 7-8 complete any of the last section and u will get the scene

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