Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru

Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru

High-spirited Tane, bitter smiling Eika, cold gazing Ryou and new resident Tsumugu. How did Chouji’s normal life suddenly become like the Palace of Versailles? The story is constructed like a slice-of-life light novel, albeit with lots of ichaicha since there’s four heroines who are already at max affection with him.

DA: No-DVD Patch Download

Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru – HCG

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  1. schigger98 says:

    Can somebody help me?
    I know what to do and i did as it is in the instructions but i doesnt work.
    I extract the english ver.0.8 into the ‚¢‚«‚È‚è‚ ‚È‚½‚É—ö‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚é folder nad do no dvd patch too but there are still errors. The DvD patch ditn work either.
    what should i do?

    • unknown :D says:

      your problem is probably because you havnt changed your locale, normally that text your seeing should show up in japanese. just change you system locale and it should work

  2. NaAaF says:

    This title features the worst attempt at humor in VN-history…
    but also the horniest imouto one could imagine.

    All they do is verbally abuse the protag. 24/7. Or kick his balls, depends on the situation.
    Gets old after 10minutes and annoying soon thereafter.

    Eika’s route is funny though.
    Incest^2, total masturbation-madness and Niisan-addiction.

    My suggestion: skim/skip the common route, read Eika’s ending … and then dl something better.

    …like \Ayakashibito\ : Suzu is totally awesome ( Tsundere/Yandere-loli-kitsune-demon … what else do you need to know ^^)

    …or \My girlfriend is the president\ + fandisc : funny scenario and likeble characters ( Ell is so darn cute *head explodes into candy* )

    • Special_K says:

      Thanks for that. I fucking HATE stories where the dude is a verbal punching bag much less a physical one. Tsundere attitude is one thing being a punching bag is another.

  3. Takashi says:

    Can anyone give me the tutorial

  4. XoX says:

    This VN does have its ups and downs. The common route can be a little of a pain in the ass to read due to the MC constantly getting picked on most of the time by Eika and Ryou and they will sound like quite the bitch at times(I lied most of the time in the common route and early in their routes). Tsugumu picks on the MC at times but it is funny and Tane is just the funny OP ditz. If you manage to get past or skip the common route you will find the routes and comedy more enjoyable with later the MC becoming more of a badass as you find out more of his past. You will probably find the most interesting characters to be Tsugumu and the side character Loli teacher Karen in my opinion. Sadly while Ryou and Eika do get better in their routes their constant…harassment(Putting it lightly) kind of off puts me cause the MC seems to never get a real break.

  5. Yasakekun says:

    dude i cant install my ikikoi, my oss pc was windows xp, anyone can help me ?
    thanks before

  6. youko says:

    Admin I believe that something is wrong with the DA-free: Game Download files. I downloaded all 17 parts, the first 16 were exactly the same size and I have tried downloading part 17 again in case an incomplete download was the source of the problem. I extract and get DAEMON Tools to start the autorun. I select the folder I want it to install to then i start it installing. this is where the problems start, after little more than a second of instillation two things happen first i get a message from the installer that is mostly Japanese characters but in the middle it says [k:/uninst.exe] and it stops installing. at the same about a second after that my antivirus program pops up saying that it has discovered a TROJAN upon opening uninst.exe. I have tried extracting twice and downloading part 17 again with no change in result. also I want to say keep up the good work this, is the first time I have had any problem like this with anything connected to this site.

  7. gonri says:

    I’m having an issue with the audio, the audio and text doesn’t match up, i hear the audio first and then the text of what character was saying. it’s confusing to read.

  8. dragongod says:

    i just downloaded all parts english patch and the no dvd patch and i still cany play the game i get an 1200 message i need help or did i do something wrong

  9. Momo says:

    Is this one have H-scenes??

  10. Endorelectro says:

    I have an issue: Everytime i want to unzip it, my PC says that part 13 is damaged, even a redownload didn’t helped.

  11. kisaragimoe says:

    can someone post the tutorial for the no-dvd and english patch please ?

  12. Ikikoi is kamige says:

    Holy shit Ikikoi shocked me. I’m 15 minutes in and was not prepared at ALL. I figured with the “ikikoi is kamige” and “ikikoi is kusoge” memes that it would obviously be somewhere in between but I did not expect to get so immediately drawn in.

    Majikoi was comfy. It set an atmosphere and had attention to detail that made me attached to the characters and setting.
    Princess Evangile was engaging. Despite the numerous shenanigans it had a way of telling the story that made it a good, not great, read.
    My first impression of Ikikoi is that it’s just fucking FUN. Makes no sense and will probably jump around too much to make sense plotwise, but I can’t get rid of this wide grin on my face, nor do I want to.

    Please tell me that that is the kind of ride I’m in for, because I don’t want it to stop. The setting is not as good as Majikoi and the storytelling is not as good as PE, but regardless of that I am thoroughly enjoying myself because of how well it pulls off making utter nonsense seem like a good time.

    • wakaranai says:

      can tell me how to install this visual novel? i already download all and extract the file but i can’t play it. is there error in this files or something?

  13. Ryuu says:

    What’s wrong with this slow download?

  14. SomeRandomGuy says:

    If, for some reason, you find the game running at 1 frame per second, plugging in an xbox controller while it’s on will fix it. Don’t even have to leave it plugged in when you’re done. No, I’m not sure why this fixes the problem, but there you go.

  15. Shiney79 says:

    I have no idea who the author of this particular VN is, but it’s pretty apparent that whomever they are, they really hate men.

    The common route consists of pretty much nothing but four girls being total assholes to the main character, who rarely – if ever – deserves any of it. Constant accusations of being a pervert, a blockhead, a dumbass, and other negative slights against his personality…funny then, that for all the girls’ bitching about how much of a shithead this guy is, he’s always shown as being nothing but nice to them.

    I think these girls need to clean up their own backyard first, because it’s pretty clear that, in this story at least, they are the shitheads, not MC-kun.

    I don’t know why writers of visual novels (and anime) keep going with this kind of crap, where all males are perverts, and all females are pure, innocent, sexless beings that have absolutely zero interest in sex, boys or dongs. Well guess what, writers of VNs and anime, I’ve been to high school, and unless Japanese schoolgirls are from another dimension where puberty and hormones don’t exist, then you better fucking believe they are every bit as interested in sex as boys are.

    I’m so tired of the ‘females = superior beings’ trope in this kind of media, so I find it ironic that the girls in this story who are presented as being cool, aloof, tsundere’s with the MC wrapped around their little fingers, who can do no wrong, are so superior, but they all have the personality of a steaming pile of dogshit.

    • ViktorStagnetti says:

      Well it’s a known fact that Japan is one of the least sexually active countries in the world. A ton of herbivorous men over there who can’t be bothered to actually try and get a date. No doubt some of the ladies over there are a bit jaded as well. Probably explains the imagination of many of these VN and Hentai authors. They have to express this stuff in some form.

  16. supertaco512 says:

    For those who need the install instructions:
    1. Always do this before trying to install any translated VN: Change your system locale to Japanese.
    2. Extract and install the Ikikoi game (be sure to know where it installs to, default is your C drive).
    3. Extract and copy the English patch and update to the folder that it installed to, and overwrite the one file. Install the font that comes with it as well just to be safe.
    4. Put the “No DVD crack” .exe file in the folder as well. Then run it.
    5. Use the bootmenu app that is in the folder and select the top most choice (for me, it had the top one grayed out, so I used the second from the top)

    I have only got it to run so far and have not tried to play it yet, so I hope there are not any problems later on.

  17. Guest1986 says:

    put a Xbox controller in when you play the game and the 1 Frame bug is fixed. Its not a 100% solution but it works

  18. Anon says:

    Goddamn, this game is tedious to sit through. I’ve played nukige with more engaging dialogue and interesting characters than this pile of shit. The music is the only good thing about this game. If you’re into anime like Seitokai no Ichizon, with its lazy reference based meta comedy, then this game is for you (but this is much much worse). Hell, even the art is quite similar.
    And I’ve not even gone into the needless violence the protagonist is subjected to, which is something I could’ve at least tolerated if the writing wasn’t so godawful.

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