Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~

Go! Go! Nippon

Our protagonist is a fan of Japanese anime and games. He makes friends with some Japanese people on the internet, and decides to stay with them for a week.

Thrilled by the prospect of a week’s sightseeing in Japan, he touches down in the airport, only to discover that his new friends — “Makoto” and “Akira” — are actually a pair of attractive young sisters!

After their introductions, the protagonist arrives at their house to learn that no one else is there.
“Um… where are your parents?”
“Our parents were called out of town for two weeks on urgent business.”
(In other words, the only ones in the house will be Makoto, Akira, and I?)
(How is that going to work!?)

The local culture has some surprises in store on your first night there, but you’ll soon head out on the town! Enjoy the date-like atmosphere as Makoto and Akira take you on a tour of famous sites. You’ll marvel at the beauty and history of Japanese culture, fill up on local delicacies, and even share some thrilling moments with the girls!

The week you spend in Japan will certainly be memorable!

Go! Go! Nippon! – CG

201 Responses to “Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~”

  1. Nani says:

    admin do you have instructions for installing this one? and any advice on visual novels good for learning Japanese?

  2. -M- says:

    i have a question: is admin or anyone know how (and/or what program used) to save your gameplay into video format? thanks.

  3. Yanshu-tan says:

    Nice game~
    It improve my Japanese language skill~
    Thanks, Admin~

  4. c0var1ant says:

    Works under WINE in case anyone cares.

  5. o says:

    admin, why i can’t play this game, it only says HHH[][]
    maybe the font???, what font is used in this game??

  6. Prince says:

    admin do you have a VN of school rumble?
    🙂 . .
    english translated

  7. DNottin says:

    I’ve just started this, so far it’s pretty good.
    Bit of a step up from the Katawa Shoujo I’m so used to, really.
    Now to return to my business. TSUNDERES, HOOOOOO!

    • Evan says:

      Katawa shoujo is an awsome VN sad that they wont be making a second one but all in all i enjoyed this game and i will be playing it again ^^

  8. noobster says:

    Hi i am new here can someone tell me is this game got H scene???

  9. noobster says:

    @Dianne ohh thx for the answer

  10. Christian says:

    This is a great game i learned a lot about Japan… i wish i could go to Japan someday 🙂

  11. Belin says:

    It’s a nice little game. If you’re familiar with basic Japanese culture, nothing in this game will be new to you.

    It’s worth a look.

  12. kazuto says:

    this VN look really cool
    i’m ready to play this VN

  13. maselang says:

    very awesome, love this game, and love Makoto too :3

  14. croalx says:

    definitely not an hentai game .
    tried all the options and seen one single ecchi pic
    definitely too low to be inserted as an hentai/erotic game
    and more then all only adviced to otakumega
    see ya

    • Dudeman says:

      meh,ecchi on a low level,I’d say…like To-Love Ru’s level (not darkness’ level obviously)

  15. Chris says:

    I only get HHHHH in the text. What can I do to fix this?

    • Nii-Nii says:

      You have to set your Windows System Locale into Japanese.

      If you have Windows 7, you have to:

      1. Go to the Control Panel
      2. Click on Regional and Language Options
      3. Click the Administrative tab, go to “Language for non-Unicode Programs”, and select “Japanese (Japan)” from the drop-down menu.
      4. Click OK
      5. Restart your PC

  16. Dudeman says:

    Ah,loved this VN. Short and sweet.

    Thank you admin for another awesome upload!

  17. FMA says:

    Yoo.. Admin please upload more VN like this one.. you know, No-Sexual Content.

  18. dio says:

    in this game you were able to write your name is there any other vn that gives you this option?sory if I made a mistake I am not that good whith english:P

  19. Dadadada says:

    Admin-san Go! Go! Nippon 2015 already released, when the game gonna be upload in this site?? i’m so excited XXDD

  20. Random guys says:

    5 mins in to the game and already love it! AKIRA is so cute!!! Wish I could hear her voice!

  21. Acnologia says:

    Admin I downloaded both parts from the da free dowload game option and I can play the game but it wont save my progress.Please help.

    • admin says:

      You probably put it in “Program Files” or other Windows-protected directory. As a result, system is blocking creation of save files. Run the game as administrator (one of options in menu when you right-click on .exe file)

  22. Devon says:

    Will you ever upload go go nippon 2015?

  23. Some1 says:

    Upload nippon 2015 please.
    I want to play the game, but the improved version would be better.

  24. Sydney says:

    Admin, I tried extracting but it says “Error: data 05000”

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