D.C. – Da Capo

Da Capo

The island of Hatsune, where cherry blossoms are in bloom all year long.
There are people who study such mysterious cherry blossoms,
and also there are people who lead normal everyday lives.
Even if the cherry blossoms never stop blooming, there is no difference in people’s lives.
A girl came back as if she was guided by the scent of those cherry blossoms.
Kazami Academy is located in the middle of such a normal world.
There was a boy with the mysterious power to produce Japanese sweets out of nowhere and to experience other people’s dreams.
Far from being ordinary, yet far from being extraordinary.

—- The dream that her favorite wizard dreams about —-

The school idol who loves Japanese sweets,
the demanding, yet clingy sister,
the spaced-out friend,
the old friends in the dreams,
and the friend who is called “a puppy dog”.

— The beginning to the end —

When they all meet at the academy near the graduation time, the love story begins.

— The end invites the beginning —

The cherry blossom petals are dancing in the air.
They are dancing as if there is no tomorrow.
Extremely slowly,
without even a sound.
The petals, which remind me of wings of an angel, make me think about eternity.

“What a poet I am……”
The cherry blossoms have been in constant bloom since 7 years ago.
Junichi Asakura is a 3rd year student at Kazami Academy on Hatsune Island. When he looks at those mysterious cherry blossoms, he either thinks it’s a joke or he is reminded of Japanese sweets.
As graduation draws near, he walks the street lined with cherry blossom trees with his step-sister, Nemu Asakura.

“I’m exhausted……”
“Come on, brother, it’s almost Spring break!”
Holding his hand, Nemu starts running as the bell around her neck jingles.
“After the graduation, I’ll go on and have to study more……”
Junichi looks up to the sky while giving a sigh. Although he doesn’t sound too enthusiastic, he has a smile on his face.

As they prepare for the next chapter of their lives, there will be farewells but also there will be new encounters. And besides, there’s still time left at this academy.

As he looks up at the mysterious cherry blossoms, he dreams of the spring to come.

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120 Responses to “D.C. – Da Capo”

  1. angel sama says:

    how many desitions have this game?, i download shuffle and is good but the game have only 12 or 13 desitions, IF YOU CAN READ THIS PART, RECOMIENDAME UNO BUENO QUE TENGA MUCHAS FORMAS DE CAMBIAR LA HISTOIA

  2. VirusX says:

    I’ve heard this game is good at getting the teardrops rolling. Is it? Because if it is, I’m going to get it.

  3. ryuushima says:

    hmmm , just played the sakura route and I recommend everyone to start with this route seeing as it explains the most about the story and it will make future routes more relaxing.
    I won’t spoil anyhing specific about the sakura ending but I wasn’t very happy with it.

  4. ryuushima says:

    Just finished the nemu route , no I did not cry. Yes I felt like shit and almost cried. This game makes me realise how terrible the anime actually is compared to the visual novel.

  5. ryuushima says:

    Sorry to post again but I can’t edit old posts. Just finished all the routes ( including Miharu and Misaki ) and it was a great experience overall. Was sad at some of the routes (moe,miharu,nemu,sakura) But I totally loved the other routes ( Kotori , Mako , Misaki ).
    God I really hope da capo 2 is as good as this game.

    • sailerboy12 says:

      sorry to interupt but im a noob in VN and you sounded like you have some experiense about this page is all the games in english?

  6. Ken says:

    Hi everyone!

    Can someone help me? I am having problem finding the missing cg of moe on 3/5 and its scenario. I am also missing the 3/7 scenario and sakura’s last scenario w/o the date. Very much appreciated 🙂

    • Six says:

      I’ll refer you to the walkthrough on gamefaqs:


      The missing Moe scenarios you’re referring to can be found under the BAD end section (3/5).

      Not sure about which 3/7 scenario you’re missing.

      For the last Sakura scenario, you should clear the NEMU section first, then clear SAKURA’s ending. On the title screen, you’ll see a new D.C. button that you can click for the final SAKURA scene.

  7. Krow says:

    I must not be paying enough attention to what I do with these sorts of games.

    I’ve never played these sorts of games until like, yesterday. I remember loving the Shuffle! anime so when I found the download on this site I had to have it. Ended up going the Kaede route without ever meaning to.

    In this game I did the Mako route without realizing thats what I was doing.

  8. JayJay says:

    Anyone knw which Dc game gt the route to the rest of extra char like Tamaki Konomiya?

  9. NYX says:

    Does this have a walkthrough anywhere?

  10. gcsasuke says:

    Hey, is there any plus communication version in english?

  11. Koffer says:

    The downloads for rar.3 and rar.4 are apparently not working.

    • hogrider12 says:

      I also noticed that. If you wait for the first two to finish, then they will work. It appears that it won’t let more than two download at once

  12. hentai lover says:

    i found out the links are not dead the site wont let you download tomany files at once after you dl like 2 then start dl again

  13. Hi says:

    Does anybody have a guide to get Mako, the one in here always take me to Moe’s Route.

  14. satoridepon says:

    Please re upload part 4

  15. Dark enigma says:

    ok I know this is probly my own fault but every time I click on the download it just resets the page if someone has had this problem and fixed it I like to know

  16. doabarrelroll says:

    So, this is my first time downloading one of these, is there anything I need to do after downloading all 4 parts?

    • Axyraandas says:

      After downloading those parts, keep them in a single folder and extract the first part using WinRAR or something similar. Then, mount the resulting .iso file using Daemon Tools or something similar. It should be like you inserted the CD now, and you just have to install and start it.

  17. steven says:

    can any1 help me pls. I am new to this whole VN thing and I don’t have a clue on how to start the game.
    I have downloaded all 4 part and extract it using winrar, then after opening the folder it have
    and I don’t know how to open the VN. Pls any1 help me.

  18. steven says:

    Can any1 help me pls. I am new to this VN thing and I can’t open the VN.
    I have downloaded all 4 parts and extract using winrar, then I can’t open the VN because there are:
    I don’t know what to do after this. Could any1 help me pls thx.

  19. The Game Master says:

    Where can you find Da Capo Plus communication version?

  20. george says:

    Thanks for this game! Its the first time I am plying a visual novel game since they dont import them to my country, thank you very much!

    I have a question: How do I save the progress of my game? In the menu in the Load screen there are save slots and quicksave slots, while I play the game I click the quicksave button but then when I click “load” on the first quicksave it doesnt load from where I was :S Also how can I do normal save?

  21. george says:

    Forgot to methion that I play Da Capo I

  22. kevin says:

    I can’t seem to download from the link.. they always say i got the wrong IP T.T
    any solutions? went to the forum but still no good

  23. Peemz says:

    Hi, I just finished the Nemu route. People are saying great things about this game, but to be honest, whether it’s just this one route or not, I’m not a fan of it. Yeah, it gets you a little emotional, but it mindfucked me like no tomorrow. I just don’t get the plot to that route. Maybe I’m misunderstanding it, but anyone want to explain it to me?

  24. Not so Noobie says:

    Just finished all the routes, and was very happy with it. The real tear jerker was Miharu’s route *sniffle*. Ive played quite a few visual novels and this is one of the few that actually got some tears going. Now its time to play the Kotori fan disc ^^

  25. Not so Noobie says:

    Nemu’s route was the last main route i played and i was disappointed in it and sakura’s route as well. But the other routes are better although Maki’s route is pretty simple without too much depth =_= but the Miharu route is really good so dont give up on the game yet >.<

  26. LosLosBewegung says:

    Es ist einer sehr gut vn, ja?

  27. Brystfire says:

    Hello all i’m a VN noob and Da Capo is the first one i’m gonna play coz i know the anime and someone recommended it 🙂

  28. Grim says:

    It’s asking me for an activation key… anyone know it?

  29. Neroclone says:

    Mako route was rellay short and with out real credits, did i do something wrong??

  30. Memento Mori says:

    Can someone help me?
    when I start game, game screen appear but after 5-7 seconds it goes black and game won’t start!!!
    P.s: Sr for my bad English

  31. nobody says:

    I’ve checked your method, but Deamon tools isn’t required since there’s no isofile anymore.

    Just go ahead like this:

    1. Put all parts in the same ordner.
    2. Extract the files of the first .rar archive into this ordner as you explained
    3. Start the game by clicking dacapo.exe

  32. tasha alex says:

    am I the only one who couldn’t bring myself to watch the H scenes? the whole time I thought :this is wrong. I had to ask my sister to skip them.

    • Not so Noob says:

      Well since the H-scenes aren’t really important for the story it doesn’t really matter if you skipped them or not, but if you really don’t like Adult content then you could play all aged. A really good one would be Clannad no H-Scenes but i feel that it is one of the best visual novels out there

    • Tsuki_Ouji says:

      Well, if you’re watching your sister play a game like this, THAT is probably why you thought “this is wrong”

      • tasha alex says:

        no , i played manyy visual novels which had adoult content but i fetl that h-scenes don’t fit in this one. kinnda ruins the mood. as for my sister, she is a fujoshi, i have seen her play worse stuff so i don’ care

  33. somebody says:

    I’m going to elaborate on the instructions a little for anyone who’s waiting for the download to finish. I’m using 7zip, win7, and have already changed my applocal to Japanese.
    (if you’re unsure how to change your applocal go to the FAQ page)

    -Download all 4 .rar files and put them into the same folder. then inside that folder select all of them.

    -Right-click and go to 7-zip then select extract to \*\

    -open the DaCapo folder and click the .exe

    If you don’t want to have folderception just drag and drop the main one to wherever.

  34. Tsuki_Ouji says:

    The Nemu ending SUCKS! I want to MURDER that little bitch, Sakura!!!!! I hate shitty endings like that… I’m fine with drama, but I can’t see the aftermath of a romance with an ending like that! It’s worse than Saber’s true end in F/SN…. Dammit, I screamed, and cried… NONONONONONOOOOOO!!!!

    Also, I hope the captcha I have isn’t foreshadowing of something… “too late”

  35. razielson says:

    hi ^^
    i would like to know please:
    everybody say that this VN is sad, is it because
    the endings are really tragic or just because there’s
    many sad moments (but do not end so bad like Kanon for exemple)?

  36. Alliud says:

    someone please could help me find Sakura’s last scenario?
    i just finished her route, picked all missings stuff, except the -/-, i finished Nemu and have 100% on her, and replayed (skipping) sakura’s multiple times
    so what am i missing?

    pretty cool game

  37. Maxwell says:

    Just finished Nemu route(1/8, if Suginami route ^^ counted as well) even though I still need to load the save to complete her CG. Well, what can I say, the story wasn’t bad thanks to Junichi’s friends, but personally I don’t like brother-sister romance, even though they aren’t related by blood, just for the sake of completing the game. Her plot itself is mysteriously exciting at near the end of the route, even though I’m not completely understand about the ending. But it has funny things, and I really laugh when I read one of the questions asked at the exam ^^.

    Thanks for Circus for providing this game, MangaGamer who was translated this, the walk through at gamefaqs, and for admin who was uploaded this game.

  38. Maxwell says:

    Finished Sakura route (2/8) just an hour ago. Her story is full of fun (hm… noisy, too) but some mystery will be answered on her route, though.

  39. Maxwell says:

    Finished Kotori route (3/8) and got Sakura’s final scenario. I think her route is better than Nemu and Sakura, even though each scenario has its own pros and cons. Next: Mizukoshi sisters route 🙂 before unlocking and playing Misaki route 🙂

  40. Maxwell says:

    Hm… it seems like my friend already finished Moe and Mako routes when he played here some time ago. So, the condition to unlock Sakura’s last scenario is finished 5 main heroines… I’ll replaying those two routes for a while to know the stories, then play Misaki route 🙂

  41. zero says:

    I checked around and Tamaki Konomiya dose not have a route. WHY!!!!!!!! so stupid i would love to have her as a love intrest

    • zero says:

      Ok I was wrong Tamaki Konomiya dose have a route but it is in D.C.P.C. ~Da Capo Plus Communication but as far as I know there is no known english patch or version out

  42. anon says:

    What is the difference between the one click download and the four seperate RAR files? I keep seeing this on all of the downloads …

  43. There says:

    There exist a partial patch for d.c.p.c. da capo plus communication

  44. Gage says:

    This game is confusing as hell. Finished 3 of the paths and not 1 made any sense at all. Really disappointed in this one.

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