Gekkou no Carnevale

Gekkou no Carnevale

The story is set in Belmonte Calabro in Italy. Belmonte is the city of filled with Automatas and boasts the biggest number of Automatas produced a year.
Automatas are androids. Mechanical beings created from nothing. Most Automatas can be easily distinguished from humans due to their robotic faces but there are the Antique Dolls, which looks exactly the same as humans with only their eyes giving away who they really are.

You start off as Romeo, a slack taxi driver who absolutely stinks at going around the city with his taxi. Or that’s what he looks like from the outside.
But the truth is, he’s a runaway werewolf from the Orma Rossa, the only remaining werewolf clan.
He lives together with Anna, an Antique doll he picked up from the dump after he left the Orma Rossa. She doesn’t have any memory of the past. So she’s living happily with Romeo.

But pleasant times never continue for long. Orma Rossa do not feel like ignoring Romeo any longer and the group called Luparia (the archnemesis of the werewolves), is moving behind in the shadows. Romeo will find himself surrounded by both new and old foes. This time, their target may not only be him…

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  1. kalepf22 says:

    I manage to run the game on Windows 10 but no images are showing up behind the text when i start playing. How do I fix that? Is a virtual machine the only solution or?

    • kalepf22 says:

      Solution: I had a locale emulator from github, is a neat shell extension but that was the reason. Don’t know why but eh.

      Anyhow to see images you really need to change your system locale to japanese and restart pc.

  2. Ayoo says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with no images showing up? All I get is a black screen with text on top of it.

  3. Clearing Up The Concerns says:

    Alright fellas, I’m pretty far in and it’s safe to say that the translation complaints are mostly nitpicks. It’s standard english most of the time, not much different from other VNs. The only exception is sometimes the wording choice of the translator is odd, like he’s inserting unnecessary words, or the phrasing feels off.

    For example: “Noel made sure to have no reservations as she compliantly sat down at the table for dinner.”

    But not every sentence is like that, most of the game is fine. About once every 30min I’ll have to turn off auto to double-take at a sentence that I didn’t quite catch, but nothing incomprehensible. And definitely FAR from unplayable.

  4. lolilol says:

    The free hate for the translator is a pretty pathetic sight.

  5. Tito says:

    Has anyone bought the 7 day premium? if so, how has it been?

  6. Dongaloni says:

    Cmon boys, don’t diss the translator, free stuff, no bitchin’.

    But rather, just give your judgement on how harmful to the understanding and appreciation of the original story it is.

    I’d just like to know, does something get changed or some words/phrases get botched to the point where I’d be reading a different story at times? Or are the bad translation critiques only about some minor nitpicks?

  7. Mahay says:

    While the translation is nowhere near as bad as machine translations and is serviceable, it’s just unfortunate cause Nitroplus VNs deserve better.

  8. Brovan says:

    Nice! I requested this a few days ago, and here it is! Thanks a bunch admin!!!

    Also, all you peeps here need to stop complaining so much. It’s dumb to nitpick a VN just because the fan translation is bad. The patch is unofficial, what do you expect? Skilled translators don’t work for free, and English publishers are interested in picking this one up (they’re too busy cash-grabbing on Nekopara type shit).

    The game itself is great, I read most of the Japanese one with VNR, and if machine translation sufficed, so will this.

  9. ebee says:

    anyone actually given it a try to see how bad the translation is? or am I gonna have to be the first to report on what I can only anticipate to be trash?

    • Mahay says:

      The translator cleary put a lot of effort into translating it and while that doesn’t necessarily lead to high quality work, it could have been much worse.

  10. Jerk Italian Savage says:

    Pretty much every story that could possibly be written has been written, so every new story is just a rehashed rerun of something else. I see this story is pretty original, yet still uninteresting to me.

    Honestly, I don’t know what it is that I’m looking for in a story, but I know that I’ll recognize it when I see it.

    • Jess Sayin says:

      Man, you are one Jerk Italian Sausage. OH…

      My bad..
      Font’s a bit small here, heh.

      Yeah – I know what ya mean. Still – once I start ’em up, if I was paying attention before deciding to even put it on the drive, I _usually_ don’t have to conjure interest.

      That’s a drag though man – there’s a lot of average out there, after all. Maybe you need to force yourself to read some total crap for a few days… then you’ll appreciate the not-so-crap. lol. Good luck on the search.

      Damn – now I gotta order a sausage pizza.

  11. You-kun says:

    FYI: I would think twice before starting to read this. Because… well, let’s say the guy made “translation” rather infamous.

    • TheBlackwing says:

      Yeah, I just saw about it. Thanks for letting us know, what a shame, it looks like a fantastic VN.

    • Riful says:

      I’ve been waiting for this game for so many years… at least it can’t get worse than the “translation” of Endless Jade Sea -Midori no Umi-. that VN was almost impossible to make sense out of it and very painful to read, one of the worst “translations” I’ve ever seen.

      • Revvo says:

        Does it top Tricolour Lovestory’s translation? That’s the worst i have read so far ^^

        • Riful says:

          I didn’t play that one since I wasn’t interested at all but I bet it’s a similar kind of atrocious translation since they have the same publisher “SakuraGame”. Same happened with “The logic of miniature garden/Hakoniwa Logic, yet another disastrous machine translation courtesy of SakuraGame. It’s a shame since imo both games are actually good.

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