Steins;Gate – Installation/Error troubleshooting

1. Download Steins;Gate game, 1.20 patch and English Patch

2. Change locale to Japanese (XP Vista 7)

3.Right-click on SteinsGate.part1.rar and select “Extract here”.
SteinsGate Install 2

4. Once extracting process finishes, you’ll be presented with two files: SG.mdf and SG.mds . Mount the SG.mds

5. Setup window will appear. Choose “GAME INSTALL”

6. New setup window will appear – just click “Next”

7. Accept the license terms and click “Next”

8. Choose installation path and click “Next”

9. Click “Next”

10. Wait while the game is being installed.

11. Now you’re asked if you want to create desktop shortcut. Answer “No”.

12. Uncheck the tick-box (you don’t want to run the game yet) and finish the installation.

13. Run the 1.20 patch now. Select the path you installed the game to and click “Ok”

14. After few seconds you’ll get message that the patch was successfully installed.

15. Finally you need the English patch. Download and extract it.

16. Move the patch contents (two files: nss.npa and STEINSGATE-patched.exe) to the game directory.

17. Start the game with “STEINSGATE-patched.exe”.

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  1. Carnage says:

    I overwrited the files in the english patch folder to the game folder, but the game it’s still in japanese….what should I do??

    • Gustav says:

      the game still in japanese text when i extract and drag to the game folder, anyone can help me?

      • ona says:

        with this installation guide you have only installed the SteinsGateEnglishPatch2.rar, you must install SteinsGateMovies.rar and
        SteinsGateCGPatch.part3.rar to have the complete game in english.

        • SuperOtaku says:

          but i dont want to play is as movie. i want the options to stay. any other solution?

        • SomeKidWhatever says:

          Do these all have to be in the same nitroplus directory or? Because like the opening and the menu system options is all in the japanese language..

  2. sasha says:

    I click start game and nothing happens not what do I do?

  3. Kaancem says:

    32 bit needing for graphics options 😀

    I fixed that problem

  4. ggg says:

    “sasha says:
    December 15, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    I click start game and nothing happens not what do I do?”

    How fixed this problem?

  5. Flad says:


    I have the same problem. When I’m on the main menu and I press “Start” I back to the main menu…. help pls thx.

    I’m on seven 32bit

    • boboron says:

      ignisterra gave the answer to this below:

      November 19, 2013 at 12:32 am
      A little tip for future users: If you press start and nothing happens, dont forget to set you non unicode language to Japanese.

      you can do this by going to control panel -> clock, language, region -> region and language -> administrative -> change system locale

  6. Alex says:

    About the ‘start’ problem
    You need to change system locale ( japan ) which is in Regional and Language –> Administrative
    And my problem is the game is still in japanese

  7. ottkaji says:

    When I start the game I get an error message with the heading SdAch.exe -Unable To Locate Component and in the message it says qrtool.dll was not found.

    Specifics. Win XP 32 bit. Language local already set from Chaos Head install. Had to Google how to do that in Windows XP. After attempting to to run install I made the mistake of selecting yes to the add desktop icon and not un-checking the box at the end. I then uninstalled and reinstalled according to the guide. I than ran the update install a second time to make sure. Finally I assume the game directory to copy the 2 language packs to is the program files folder C/ProgramFiles/Nitroplus/SteinsGate. If not let me know.

    The final result was said error message. Hopefully my information was thorough and any help on a work around would be appreciated.

  8. guepe says:

    I just installed it and VOILLA !! it works
    You just need to follow instruction guide to make it happen

  9. SomeoneElse says:

    I installed the game successfully, installed the update and opened the english patch, but the game is still in japanese, what should I do?

  10. doesntreallymatter says:

    So I am having an issue playing back cutscenes. I get a black screen and a split second of audio before it gets cut short. The game does not respond until I click, at which point it skips the scene. This happens for both of the opening cutscenes. I am running Windows 7 64 bit. Everything’s installed correctly, the locale is set. I haven’t progressed more than a minute passed the start but as far as I can tell everything runs fine otherwise.

    Any suggestions?

  11. ShadowND says:

    Thx,it works

  12. Kanadefan01 says:

    Whenever i press Start
    It goes back to the main menu.

  13. tiya novlita says:

    I successfully installed it but it gives me blue screen manymanymanymany times and I give up playing right now lol. I guess it’s because my RAM memory is only 1 GB, and this damn game takes a lot of memory when playing. I consider upgrading my RAM since it won’t allow me to enjoy this game without blue screen

  14. tiya novlita says:

    Ummm…so after several blue screen my computer refused to open this game
    I repeatedly install and uninstall, still no luck, and I don’t know what to do
    After I installed properly, and open the English patch the following message always pop up :

    Runtime Error !
    Program :

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way
    please contact the application’s support team for more information

    It doesn’t apply to the other programs. Any help would be appreciated. I want to read this VN so badly

  15. Jewel says:

    I followed all of the steps correctly but when I run the game it’s still in Japanese. My system Locale is set to Japanese and I’ve tried reinstalling the game several times but to no avail. Help please?

  16. Jewel says:

    Wait, actually the game is in English, but when you first run the game and that guys is talking, that part is still in Japanese. How can I fix that?

  17. michael fox says:

    (Forget everything you just saw dammit so not going to help)
    read this install the game normally
    jesus guys look first run the games exe file in administrator mode that will solve all your problems if your local is set to japanese right click the exe file for the game and select properties go to the compatibility tab and and click the button that says change settings for all users now check the box that says run this program in compatibility mode (this option is definetly on windows 8 comps) if you dont have that option than dont worry about it now in the same window there should be something that says priviledge mode check the box that says run this program as an administrator (this is the ultimate fix for any game that fails to open files) this will give the game more rights over all its files and allow it to open them without interuption, interuptions that usaully cause the issues you are seeing

  18. michael fox says:

    also run the installation file in admin mode as well so there are no errors when it installs

  19. jane says:

    hey i followed all the steps correctly but for some reason it still comes up in Japanese i changed the locale to japan installed it and the bottom of the menu screen says steins gate in english but when i start the game its japanese audio and japanese words i tried running the patch as an administrator but it’s still all in japanese does anybody have a solution?

  20. jane says:

    ok so it works i lied but the intro scene recap doesnt have subtitles which is why i thought it didnt work is it supposed to sub the recap?

  21. Slothua says:

    so just got tis downloaded and installed, followed all the steps, set applocale to japan. installed game ran patch and set up all my patches but still when i run the game in administrator mode when i press start it just goes back the menu like what i see is posted on here a lot. any reason for tis bug? also the file on the download says 110 for the update but i see there’s a 1.2 update should i go find a copy of that?

  22. Slothua says:

    disregard my previous post a friend helped me through my problems thanks anyways

  23. Uni says:

    Hi everyone. Im following this guide trying to install sucessfully the game, I have follow all the steps but in step 5 after clicking on GAME INSTALL nothing happens, athe next window doesn’t appear.

    If anyone can help me I would be grateful I have the system locale in japanese because if anyone asking

  24. Someone says:

    Hi when I try to start the game I get an error messege saying

    ” STEINSGATE-patched.exe – Entry Point Not Found

    The procedure entry point _analysis_output_always could not be located in the dynamic link library libvorbis.dll.”

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Any help whatsoever would be appreciated

  25. wdsd says:

    The link for the 1.2 patch updater seemed to give me the updater for patch 1.1, specifically the file is called SgUpdate110 and the file version is, is this the right file? If not, where might I find it?

  26. Soda says:

    I too have the, “The procedure entry point _analysis_output_always could not be located in the dynamic link library libvorbis.dll” problem.
    I still can’t play this game.

  27. RK says:

    I get to step 5 and the new setup window doesn’t pop up. In it’s place pops up a small black window for a split second before leaving again. Yes, I have my system locale set to Japanese, and yes I downloaded DAEMON tools, so I don’t know what the problem is.

  28. Khonr says:

    Can someone please help me everyone time I try to run the Steins;Gate Patched.exe it comes up either saying..

    ‘The promgram can’t start because libvorbis.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.’


    ‘The procedure entry point_analysis_output_always could not be located in the dynamic link library libvorbis.dll’

    Please help Steins;Gate is my FAVORITE anime and I will be devistated if I can’t play the VN.

  29. ignisterra says:

    A little tip for future users: If you press start and nothing happens, dont forget to set you non unicode language to Japanese. But those who dont want to do that, you can also run the VN with AppLocale, it’s working 😀

  30. oteti says:

    i can not instal .but when the instaler appears click on install game installshield wizard appears and error screen appears

  31. Nickzzz says:

    when i mount the mds image with daemon tools,why don’t anything happen ???

  32. Skylar says:

    Thank you for the guide and sorry if this sounds stupid, but what do you do for the movie and system/option eng patch?

  33. zoey says:

    hi, someone pls help me. in chapter one after kurisu’s death, the mail with white noise (nothing happened in this mail, just a “ssskkssk” sound) whenever i press enter, it just going back to the previous scene. i tried press any button yet nothing happened. is it a bug or i press something wrong? i’m using v1.10 cuz i can’t find the 1.20 patch. i can’t save it either so it just end up with repeating the same scene again and again. pls someone help me, thank you so much.

  34. jimmyjohn says:

    When I click “STEINSGATE-patched.exe”, it says: “The program can’t start because libvorbisfile.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” I followed the steps exactly and have no idea what the hell to do… Anyone?

    • Thomas says:

      Because you need to put it (like in installation guide explained) inside the folder, where you installed the game…
      In this folder is the “missing” libvorbisfile.dll.

  35. Thomas says:

    Patch 1.2 is a lie. Just play with 1.1 patch, they incorrectly wrote 1.2 for download.

    Menu language patch just copy “cg.npa” and overwrite the old one in the instalation-folder.

    Movie patch simly copy dx folder and overwrite in instalation-folder.

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