This is a kill or be killed brutal and deadly love story. Can you stay alive all the way to the ending?
The girls are all violently possessive and go head over heels after sex. Every single one of them is sick!!

Please be aware that there are elements in the story that the faint of heart may find too grotesque.

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  1. gnollmar says:

    gah, those yandere faces, combined wiith that creepy music, plus that feeling of guilt .. its so scary i feel like either running away or pissing myself!

    Do NOT play this game at 2-3 am …

  2. Dakofantomu says:

    JESUS CHRIST! The guy manages to get hitched with a normal woman but then gets obliterated! WTF is this game?!

  3. Hououin Kyouma says:

    It is as the description says.

  4. Pandemic says:

    Well, it didn’t even took 5 Minutes for me to start hating the main character. Guess that’s good, I won’t feel too sorry for him later on.

  5. Onii-Sama says:

    OMG Maiko’s bad ending. She seemed so innocent too…

  6. noob says:

    the description is funny hahauifwhejwo laugh out loud

  7. Ruki0089 says:

    i`ve played this game… before i download this game, i read the comments and i just laughing while thinking you guys just making funny joke about this game, so i try it… but oh my god, WTF with this game?!!! i always got bad ending and i getting scare as that creepy music play….

  8. 18gamer says:

    (O,O) this game is sick recommend not to play this around 2-3 AM

  9. Vagrant says:

    i have question, what happened to his parent?? Don’t subaru fate will be saved if the parent come home?? or the parent already….d**d??

  10. BirdKun says:

    Does anyone know why I keep getting this error? http://oi62.tinypic.com/111jez5.jpg (Sorry if I’m bothering anyone! I hope someone replies D:)

  11. Slade says:

    Hey can anyone help me? I go to the site for the free download and it keeps saying sending file, but nothing happens?

  12. NullTriteNonsense says:

    Hey, y’all need to fuck off and die with these spoilers.

  13. help me says:

    anyone running 7zip have the problem of the part 2 file .bin file being broken?

  14. Dina Van Der Mark says:

    How Can I Download It Cos I Dont Know How To Download It Cause The Links Dont Work Yeah It Works But It Brings Me Tho An Other Site What must i do tho have the game ? Please Help Me ?

  15. frenchgermanxyz says:

    O_O maiko’s ending…

    nice game. little short and gets repetitive really quick (when going after all the endings) but still good fun!

  16. someone help says:

    How do I install the patch? This is my first download so I have no clue what I’m doing ;-;

  17. NoName the Jellyfish says:

    Yandere is a competitive team-based tactical FPS. This game is well balanced with excellent maps and voice acting. It is the best game I’ve ever played in my life. The weapons are amazing too. Every little choice you make counts towards whether you win or lose. Do not let your teammates down.

    10/10 more competitive than CS:GO and DOTA combined.

    Also don’t play this at 3 AM

  18. anon says:

    Hei can this game been played on android phone or it only support to PC. I want to play thos but have no PC

  19. Trainee says:

    Bad endings… Bad endings everwhere… still… good one, Admin! Thanks!

  20. anonymous says:

    i want to download it, and it took forever, i extracted both parts and then i had a cue and a bin, i didnt know what to do so i just made the .bin an iso and im really confused, can anyone help me?

  21. Nick says:

    I ran the cue file and I ran the install application from the virtual disk, although the game is in Japanese. Any help? I`m opening from Neko20 if that ever changes or I did something wrong.

  22. Seinosuke says:

    daemon tools doesnt see the yandere.exe so i cant mount it. help plz

    • Tigui010 says:

      Why don’t you try magic iso? Download the full cracked version, it’s a premium program, but if you download the cracked one it’s for free, hope it helps :).

  23. hayka says:

    Finish playing this game yesterday and I must say, the only time I could get to play it was at night after 11 going pass 2. It, it wasn”t that bad. Scary, mess up and wow, didn’t see that coming but still, i stayed strong and slept soundly at nights.

  24. RottenTomato says:

    Play it at 2 AM with headset with maximum volume and play it alone in your room for better gaming experience until you cant sleep just like me T_T

  25. numetalxz says:

    when i open it, it says syntax error t-symbol. what should i do?

  26. nxc says:

    After reading the comments I’m starting to think I shouldn’t download this game…

    • Tigui010 says:

      I think you should after all it’s a yandere game. Yandere is a person that can do anything for getting the one that the person loves and it can reaches one point that kills ,person that loves beacuse it isn’t on a relationship with him/her, so it should be a scary game, also sorry for my bad english :p.

  27. NumS says:

    so when i try to start i get this , (syntax error, unexpected T_sYMBOL, expecting “)”)

    what do i do?

  28. Lucifer666 says:

    I dare say this was the BEST H Game i EVER Played…I enjoyed it thoroughly…Admin are there more games like this???

  29. yippy yo yippy yay says:

    ok i read all comments, curious about it so i’ve played
    things run crazy as the characters is psychopath yandere, since i love kawai girls but shitty personality is… oh well o_o
    but hey, still good games and worth to try!

    Just want to make u guys know that there is one game just like this and its REALLY F*KING WORTH TO TRY the tittle says “Yandere Simulator” and the tittle does it, still beta though!! im just recommending if u love this “yandere”, worth to try that one..

  30. Chaos says:

    mmm, your comments are just making me want to download this game..

  31. Fearfull says:

    This game… Omagad. Oh my fucking god. I recommend it, but it’s really painfull for us, readers. IT FOLLOWS. THESE GIRLS FOLLOWS.

  32. Zidan says:

    Do i need Daemon tools, or ISO for every of the game? Or just thing that can use rar or zip files?

  33. DZ zzz says:

    there is some Error saying something about Dist…. BTW im using ULTRAISO to unmount it… help plzz…

  34. Yimra says:

    it keeps saying “this file does not have a program associated with it” whenever i try and open in, help?

  35. Harley says:

    hey im having trouble with this game i open it and it comes up with the disclaimer and the click to continue then an infomation window comes up and it doesnt let me click to continue 🙁 please help

  36. Satan says:

    My shrink is going to have a field day after this… I wonder if I should force her to watch this with me? >:D

  37. some person says:

    haha.. its not scary enough to me.. anyone can tell another game like this .. if you can … >¦-j

    • Neil says:

      Check out Saya no Uta if you haven’t already. It’s also pretty nightmare inducing, but with more of a Lovecraftian theme.

  38. Kendut says:

    I finish installing it and I use power ISO, but it says no CD. What should I do? Help

  39. steelsmiter says:

    anyone got a 100% walkthru?

  40. otakunoob says:

    it says it needs cd to play. what should i do?

  41. afafja says:

    Anybody getting a CG error of Maiko constantly on screen no matter what? No idea how to fix it. Thanks

  42. afafja says:

    Never mind I reinstalled and it worked. I think I started the game and then patched it, instead of patching it first before starting the game. Hope this helps somebody.

  43. Gene says:

    when i extracted the files it just contains some videos and not the game

  44. Twisted Fate says:

    Is it me or there’s no sound in the game? Only background music? Is there really no voice actress?

  45. Dragebar says:

    Ok I’m just curious, I haven’t had the time yet, but is there at least ONE ending where the main character DOESN’T die a (more or less) horrid death? I assume that there is none but it would be interesting^^

  46. Lebrau says:

    i just wanna install the game but i dont know how to. the thing is, when I extract the rar file, there’s only .bin and .cue files,so how do i install them since the other game only need the .mdf file.
    I really appreciate any solution.

  47. Mar says:

    Im trying to add the english patch as the readme file says but it says the drive where teh game is is full and it doesnt let me delete teh original file, what do i do?

  48. Komi says:

    Hey, for those of you having problems having a crash after saving the game or having problems with the Maiko glitch (glitch where maiko’s sprite is stuck on screen). I’m here to help. I’m not a member here, but I’m always willing to help people and make friends. My computer IQ is pretty high. So, let me help you guys who are having problems with the game….

    Ok, for the Maiko glitch, that’s because half of everyone or if not, most people made the mistake of not deleting the save folder before starting the game. This was explained on a text file from another site. I’m not sure if you guys received the text for this one. But, you have to delete the save folder before you start the game, because there’s a glitch in the original save that Maiko’s sprite ends up being stuck on. So, once she appears, she doesn’t go away. So, before starting the game, delete the save folder and then you may continue and save as many times as you want.

    Ok, now to fix the crash. First of all, if any of you received a crash after the girl says, “you really don’t like the heat, don’t you”, that’s because there’s a save glitch. To get past that, just start up your save before that save (not the same save file) and continue the game from there and just skip all unread texts until you reach the part you need. Problem fixed!

    Also, don’t forget to start the game after changing the region to Japanese locale. If not, the game wont even start. Anyways, I know a lot of good visual novels and am an enthusiast when it comes to this stuff. I’m always willing to help. Admins, you have my email, so email me if you need me. I’m not a member here, so you’ll need to email me. I enjoy helping people when I can. I’m busy a lot of the time, but when I get free time, I’ll do what I can.

    • One sucker says:

      For the love of god thank you my good man. (I’m too lazy to read all the damn readme’s of these eroges i try)

  49. matt j. says:

    Right after i start the game, i get the disclaimer screen and then it crashes after displaying something in japanese that i obviously cant read. what to do?

    i patched everything correctly

  50. the war says:


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