Protagonist Sawatari Yukito was looking for a summer part time job, when by chance he came across an advertisement in a job search magazine for a position with really nice wages. Upon quickly contacting the employer and learning that the position had yet to be filled, he applied without delay. The job was as a live-in servant at a mansion.
His first day of work arrived. Upon arrival at the mansion deep in the mountains he was surprised by the size of the grounds and the palatial building itself… appropriate for the richest of the rich. The mansion’s beautiful mistress and her equally beautiful daughters came out to meet him. However, within that day his expectations turned to bewilderment and then despair.

By the time he learned the reason behind the high wages he was being offered for a simple handyman’s job, it was too late… The work that awaited him was that of a “handyman” in name only. He joined several other servants at the beck and call of the mansion’s mistress, tasked with pleasing every perverted whim of her odd family.
Servants both male and female were unable to escape the mansion, forced to continually take part the unending bizarre play of the family’s mad escapades. Will Yukito ever be able to escape the mansion alive, or….?!

Starless HCG

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  1. frenchgermanxyz says:

    thanks alot! really looking forward to playing this tomorrow night!
    from the comments i can see this is going to be a crazy experience…can’t be much worse than dustmania or even 120 days…i think…

    • orikhalaz says:

      soo..i wanna know more about this 120 days game you mentioned, because i tried to look for it in this website but i couldn’t find it. What’s the full title of the game?

      • Angra Mainyu says:

        Not a game, but a movie by Pier Paolo Passolini, one of the most important directors of all times. The 120 Days of Sodom, Starless is like Sei Shoujo version of it. He was killed being run over with his own car several times after doing this film, really funny.

  2. noob says:

    How do you install this? :-/ I’m new to this.

    • Umbrella spy says:

      Download all the parts, and then hold Ctrl and click all of them. this should have them appear highlighted. right click them and then choose “extract here.”

      a new folder will be made titled after the game, so open that and then click on the app. it will probably be titled something along the lines of:


      then enjoy the game!
      if there is an english patch you need, which I don’t think there is, find it and then send me an email if you need help with that.

      if this was confusing, I have a video for you. this is a guy following my instructions to get Monster Girl Quest:

  3. Tomoya says:

    which one of these two download is the englisch one an is it censored or not?

    • admin says:

      Both are English (I only post translated games here). JAST version is the censored one, as for meaning of “Uncensored Game Download”, I’ll let you figure it out yourself…

  4. Ashura Knife says:

    Thanx admin, gonna enjoy this!!!

  5. anime_junkie says:

    Ok i am missing the 4th and 9th key in the ending list and i can’t seem to get them does anyone have a walkthrough for just those endings?

  6. B1ue says:

    OMG this is out in English!!! I’ve been waiting for this since like high school I’m such a big Bible Black and Discipline fan. Somebody please translate the other Sei Shoujo works the man is a master H-game creator

  7. Gyrrs says:

    Hey admn is this the Uncut version? i heard they removed the beastiality and other more perverted stuff.

    • admin says:

      Read previous comments for detailed answer.
      I posted both versions – the uncut one can be found under “Uncensored Game Download” tab.

      • Gyrrs says:

        Thanks for the info! sorry that i didn’t follow the thread before asking

      • Georgio-kun says:

        So what does the censored version actually censor because i’d rather not see the a fore mentioned bestiality but if it cuts out too much i’m cool with it

        • Denis says:

          As far as I know, the censored version removed

          – shit (there are still some occurrence where you hear about it… but you don’t see it anymore…)
          – bestiality
          – the guillotine ending (small guillotine to cut penis)

  8. FFTHEWINNER says:

    thanks admin! as usual,you are truly awesome :D. i dont know what i would have done with my VN love if this site didnt exist lol. thanks again 😀

  9. kaitou kid says:

    how am i suppose to install this ? need help i’m new to this

  10. Zuzu says:

    Damn, the story and plot are all great but damn, nasty things burnt my eyes. Should have read tags more carefully before download. Anyway, nice game! Thanks a ton for the upload and keep up the good work man 🙂

  11. gimme says:

    100% save for JAST version anyone?

  12. jimmydip says:

    I don’t know if anyone still replying to comments, but I was wondering if the patch cg were uncensored or censored. I want to know because I hope it is uncensored because that might mean shiny days patch will be also. Thanks for anyone who replies.

  13. Lucas says:

    Got any more eroge from this developer? I love the distinctly adult character art.

  14. Thanksforthegames says:

    DA-free uncensored part4 is not working, says the link has been temporarily or permanently moved. Thanks for the help

  15. VIz says:

    I have to thank you for the uncensored and english version of the game!! Always wanted to play it since Discipline.
    Any chances of a DominancE uncensored and english version soon?

    thanks again

  16. ssj1236 says:

    Does it have the patch 1.0.2 installed which fixes the zoom in issue?

  17. Yuji Kaido says:

    Love this game but I paid for mine limited edition uncensored version. but I guess some people can’t handle the extreme aspects of Starless. but I love this site lets me get older VN’s that can’t buy anymore that I always wanted. I try to support developers as puch as possible by buying the ones I like that are still able to be bought.

  18. Aliriorge says:

    I guess i’m still in disbelief.

    On another note..
    Any idea when or if “P/A ~Potential Ability~, DominancE or Closed Game” will be translated?

  19. ciskilla says:

    i am having a problem when i decompress everything. it says voice.arc is broken. does anybody no how to fix it. i really want to play this. thanx

    • admin says:

      One of parts probably didn’t download properly. check the sizes (all but last one should be exactly 200MB) and re-download the broken one.

  20. anonymous says:

    What is the difference between regular and the uncensored version, Admin?

  21. Derp Derpington says:


    little warning about “extreme” stuff in this game:
    There are usually one or two scenes per mentioned fetishes, so you wont “enjoy” them much… but there is one exception: SCAT!!
    Beware, there will be a lot of pooping!!! They will even EAT the shit! It will make your eyes bleed!

    you have been warned.

    • Derp Derpington says:

      PS: I was talking about “uncensored” version of the game

      “censored” is mostly safe (though you miss majority of sex scenes)

  22. Kyih says:

    Hi, thanks for uploading the game, but im having trouble to download parts 3,4,7 and 8 for the uncensored version, so i’ll be very gratefulled if you could check those ones out admin, thanks

  23. M says:

    This game is really sick

    • Sun says:

      Play this as change of pace
      Tired of normal thing
      Wanna try something new and the result is very refreshing
      Only do this once in a while

  24. Erik says:

    Ok having an issue with English version which is weird because the Japanese version works fine. When I try to start it the screen just flickers. I can hear sound and see the picture behind the flickering but it’s all distorted and I can’t advance scenes. When I put it in to full screen mode it looks like there are 2 windows with the buttons to expand minimize screen etc but only the top one responds to clicks. Any help would be appreciated as I have tried playing this game with VNR but it makes no sense with the machine translations. Thanks,

  25. kapps says:

    hey guys can you walkthrough me with this game, can this be compatible with windows 10 coz some game can’t run . Anyone ? I dunno but this game is just interesting , I was laughing at the other comments made this game interesting though I was just playing the RPG ones. Appreciate much if one had downloaded this in Win.10

  26. glibs says:

    Hello, part 3 of the uncensored download doesn’t work for me, after I click download, it shows an error, page not found. 🙁

  27. Loki says:

    Can reupload part3 plz?

  28. Caelistas says:

    This game is fucked up, some reaally hardcore and just plain gross stuff. Still i loved? liked? .. remember it in a special way.

    Always getting serious Bible Black & Discipline vibes when i play this.

  29. Ex Nihilo says:

    Yeah I love it, too. It’s hard to describe. It’s pure in what it is. Without compromises from start to end. 10/10 from me for this gem.

  30. says:

    I archived/extracted all of the files and have no clue how to open the story!

  31. Rex says:

    Pretty Sick game Creepy
    i think the maker must be
    a woman if not then he
    must be a man hater.
    Like gay or a Shemale
    or a lesbian.Haaahaha😂
    This thing pissed me off
    would love to meet the
    maker 1 day.

  32. Jeffie says:

    Does it work on Mac?

  33. APerson says:

    Ok so like, im not sure why I am going to try this game, morbid curiosity maybe? I guess I kinda like the art style, reminds me of Discipline. This basically looks like a game that will make discipline look tame, there is a certain scene with a certain thing getting chopped off that I seriously dont like the sound of, anyone know if it is avoidable?

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