Shiny Days

Shiny Days

Setsuna starts doing part-time during the summer break at the popular seaside cafe Radish even though she isn’t used to being a waitress. It is because Makoto, who she secretly has feelings for, lives nearby and she might happen to meet him. Instead, she has a disastrous first meeting with Inori, who ends up rooming with her. Basically a remake of Summer Days with the addition of a new heroine: Inori.

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298 Responses to “Shiny Days”

  1. XtrlSidma says:

    78 parts …………………………………………………………………………………………….. Bring It ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haru says:

    Can you upload Summer Days also

  3. Maxwell says:

    Reads all the comments until June 4th. Preparing to download… πŸ™‚

  4. No name says:

    Shiny days is Sumner days just the hq ver

  5. Joan says:

    Please in Shiny Days. Sekai is present or not.

  6. Maxwell says:

    Preparation completed. Download started…

    • Seth says:

      Get ready it’s gonna be a long wait

      • Maxwell says:

        I’m ready for the worst possible πŸ˜€ Like stated earlier, I’ve been read all the comments, so yeah, I know there are 78 parts the day I decided to added the game to the collection. 16Gb is gonna take a while though… I’m gonna take it easy, plenty of job to do and games to play hopefully makes it nice waiting download πŸ™‚

        • Alna says:

          Well, 16gb is not much, with decent connection its not gonna take long – the problem is that free mirror, without sub you have to download it partly, which takes about 7 min between each part.

          Anyway, im glad Admin upload those games, i mean man thanks and keep up good work!^^

  7. Maxwell says:

    Got the best download speed so far, so 8 parts can be downloaded in 2 hours :D. Totals 9 parts downloaded, still a long way to go… πŸ˜€

  8. Maxwell says:

    Finally, all parts have been downloaded. πŸ˜€
    Installed… tested… worked fine, at least so far. Time to add walk-through. Thanks admin.

  9. Maxwell says:

    Bug fixes patch applied. The restoration patch is 1~2Gb. Perhaps admin want to add it here for us >.<

  10. Shiningfinger says:

    Norton anti virus said it has a trojan in sysse.gpk and script.gpk πŸ™

    • admin says:

      Those are audio tracks and game text files. You literally can’t put any executable code (including viruses) in those. This is a false positive – send them to Norton for manual verification.

  11. Why this ? says:

    I always get a black screen with the subtitles still on and sometimes a piece of the cinematic after chapter 3.

    Anyone got this problem? And the solution?

  12. charlbeef says:

    @admin… is it uncensored?

  13. Caffee says:

    I can’t seem to play this game. When I try to start it, it takes me back to the menu screen again. I got Japanese locale too. I don’t know whats wrong with it.

    • anime_junkie says:

      I am having the same issue each time i try to play the game after selecting an outfit it takes me back to the title screen is there a work around for it?

  14. OppaiDragon says:

    please upload Cross Days

  15. OppaiDragon says:

    can you upload Cross Days i cant find the download nowhere

  16. anon says:

    hey admin is there a trick to download all 78 files faster without waiting 6 mins for each file? psl reply tnx.

  17. DarkFrog says:

    So what version is this? The censored/edited version or is it uncut?

  18. silver says:

    Won’t go full screen, when i chose 16:9 can’t pick full only wide. How can i fix this?

  19. Last says:

    Ok I downloaded the 78 parts, now I have 3 files, setup.exe, the link to this page, and the Datachecker.exe. My problem is that when I run the setup it asks me for disk #2 and all the files in the data checker say BAD except for setup.exe, what can I do?

    • Last says:

      I mean, it installs some files and then ask me for disk 2. I don’t know what to do next

      • Shadowkilierr says:

        If I remember correctly, you eject the game from your virtual drive and then select the second ISO and put it in the same virtual drive.

    • ___ says:

      You either didnt extract it correctly, or one of the parts got corrupted and you’ll have to redownload it.
      Besides the link, the datachecker and “setup.exe”, there should be “setup.2” etc. up to “setup.16”. Don’t bother trying to install it if the datachecker says any of the files is faulty or missing.

  20. ... says:

    Hello, I have an issue with saving, I cant save at all, I “create” the save file in the saving menu, I write the name of the file and accept but no file is created; and when I close and re-open the game is like I’ve never played at all

  21. TwoFerBawss says:

    2 parts? o.O This is a first.

    Yes, I paid.

    For those who want to download faster, use Tor browser for it. You just go to the download page and download but where you see the countdown, right click that, click inspect element, then edit as HTML where it’s highlighted, set that to 0, click on a different line of HTML code (to save it), then fill out the captcha, download, click save file (Not open with) when it prompts you. Between downloads you will have to click the green onion (to the left of the address bar) then click where it says(Make sure you’re still on the page, I usually do this afer the download started but before i close the page) “New Tor circuit for this site” then go to the next file.

    My format is horrible, i know, someone please feel free to repost this in an edited and more readable format.

    I’m able to start the download of 7 files by the time the would have reset if you were downloading this normally. Enjoy~

  22. SanX says:

    Though 78 parts but still looking Nice.I’m thinking to download it.Please,can anyone say is it censored or uncensored ?

  23. KillaKill says:

    Is this the full version with Loli sex scenes or the censored version?

  24. Froz says:

    Cries While Downloading, While in the same time Somewhat happy because of meh Waifu …… Having Mixed Feelings….. 78….. nekopara has 10+ i think and alot happened i wonder what will happen in 78 :> anyway :. this will probly take a day or two non stop pfft.,. hope it aint gonna bug

  25. Anon says:

    78 fucking files? What does it do, simulation of the universe?

  26. Z says:

    finished downloading and all files listed as OK but when attempting to install irsetup error occurs when accessing \Packs\BGM.GPK

  27. Null says:

    So, are you gonna have Cross Days available for download at some point as well? I really wanna play every game in this series, but apparently Cross Days is a bit dodgy to download.

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