Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo

Sharin no Kuni
In the near future.
In a not so distant place.
There exists a society where law is based upon deterrence and criminals are assigned “obligations” fitting for their crimes.
Within this society, a man named Morita Kenichi aspires to the position of Special High Class Individual, one who holds authority over said criminals.
For the purpose of fulfilling his ambition, Kenichi returns to the town he once called home. There he will encounter three girls bearing “obligations” and there he will encounter the past he left behind.
Won’t you join him in this story about how people relate to their society?
In this story about how a society relates to its people.
In this story about the girl amid the sunflowers growing in the country spinning like a wheel.

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211 Responses to “Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo”

  1. com3lon:

    how to install the patch the game is ok but still japanese

  2. silver:

    the patch rar dosnt work

  3. Wintershines:

    Do I need to change the locale to the japanese one for this game because I didn’t have to on all of my other games even though they said I had to. I’m asking because it’s the first time I encounter a problem while trying to run a VN.

    P.S. the other ones were Devil on G string(G – Senjou No Maou), Heartwork, Bazooka Cafe, Katawa Shoujo and Soul Link. Also I’m running Win 7 Professional if that helps.

    • admin:

      Gsenjou uses the same engine as this one, so if it works for you, then this one should too.

      • Wintershines:

        Well this doesn’t work. I mounted the ISO with Daemon tools, ran the setup, installed it, extracted the patch.xp3 file and copied it into the directory that includes the aplication and the uninstall application(I’m pretty sure this is were I’m supposed to put it) then I start the game and it gives a small window(titled Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Sho…) with a big red circle with an X on it with an ok button, another window with a blue background and writing I can’t even begin to understand(something about the click function and click waiting) but even then there’s like a couple hundred other lines of other stuff. I’m no expert but I think it might be tha games coding(just a hunch).

        Seriously I really liked G Senjou so I want to play this. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks.

      • Wintershines:

        G Senjou works fine but when I install this then the patch and run the game it gives me a window with a big red circle and an X on it and an ok button(nothing is written in the window). It also gives me another window full of code(I’m no expert but I think it’s the games coding). Almost forgot it also gives me yet another window that has five buttons: 3 of the look like paper pages with different blue emblems on each. ex: arrow, a + and – on top of each other and two ~ also on top of each other. The last two are yellow arrows pointing in different directions and the last one is a red circle with an x on it which closes the window. None of the buttons appear to do anything.
        I really want to play this so any help is very much appreciated.

  4. Wintershines:

    After a bit of searching I finnally got it to work.
    If anyone has a similar problem I’ll be gald to help.

  5. Lucas:

    I changed the locale to Japanese but it downloads the same thing before when I didn’t change the locale. Do I have to install another thing for it to work. Please help.

  6. Anonymous:

    Nevermind, I found a way to solve the problem.

    • Void:

      If anyone’s interested, other than Applocale, make sure you keep the ISO mounted. That should about solve it <_<

      Not that it matters, this visual-novel is a piece of shit. The protagonist won't stop blowing his own asshole the entire time, it's like an 8 years old wrote a bloody Garry-stu fanfic with so much self-assertions and the most idiotic setting imaginable ("obligation" bullcrap), that I am more than surprised this shit received funding, and that anyone is actually recommending this abomination.

  7. Serenity-:

    Think this could be torrent download too?

  8. Stupid person:

    Sorry to bother you but I have the game mounted in DAEMON Tools and had the patch inside of the folder where the game is, but it’s just keeps the same old 5 characters the blue plate and error sign what do I do to get it work and do it in English?

  9. Foofoo:

    part 3 of this download seems to not be working for me..

  10. sinister:

    I can’t get the patch to work I extracted the file ok, then extracted the patch to the folder that appeared after but its still in japanese after I mount and install and play. Help.

  11. johnsmith:

    HEY. CAN SOMEBODY HELP US? we’re stuck with the three windows. and we can’t even play the game. anybody?? :(

  12. Anon:

    Part 2 is down…please reupload D:

  13. Austin:

    Ok I installed it, however whenever I play, it pops with 3 windows, they seem to be the actual engine, or something of the sort I’m not sure, there is a blue window with some programming language in it, and a blank window with nothing but a red x in it, anyone have a similar issue and find a fix?

  14. me:

    I install this then the patch and run the game it gives me a window with a big red circle and an X on it and an ok button(nothing is written in the window). It also gives me another window full of code i cant play

  15. LonerPrime:

    Okay so I went nuts for an hour cause I was getting the same error as most others. Let me explain. I changed my locale to Japanese and installed the game. When I ran it without the the English patch the game started running fine which was a sign I did everything right till here.

    Now the moment I put the patch in I started having the error “blah blah cur.cur blah blah” in Japanese and cur.cur was the only thing that I could understand. After reading here in the comments section somewhere I felt an alarm bell go off at the back of my head. Someone said “Click sharin.exe to start the game.” I was like “huh” I have yukuyu.exe not sharin.exe and then I realized the fvk up on my end.

    I ended up downloading Sharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo INSTEAD OF Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo which this is. I used a torrent to download and so ended up screwing things up by misinterpreting it >_<! Anywayz the reason you guys are getting cur.cur error is cause you are all using the wrong patch mentioned here. Please check the game you installed cause I am almost 99% sure you download the game from somewhere else and ended up like me looking for help here. No use asking help from here cause I am sure even the admin will be baffled since the patch works perfectly.

  16. Poliii:



    In case people are still having trouble. Proper steps to get this working from start to finish. ~Windows 7~

    1. Download all five parts, and the patch.
    2. Download Applocale
    3. Mount the .ISO using Daemon Tools, or whatever you prefer
    4. Run applocale in Administrator mode, then run the install file on the mounted CD using Japanese. INSTALL
    5. Move the patch.xp3 file to the main directory of the game
    6. Run the game in Applocale, use Administrator mode again with Applocale.

    Can’t see how anyone can’t get it working with those steps. Hope it helps.

  17. Shoup:

    i cant seem to get part 6 and the English patch to download. i get the link and after the countdown and the captcha it goes to a webpage not found. :( i really wanted to play this game too

  18. Lelouch24:

    I was having the same problem as Caelistas with this:

    I tried downloading a torrent, but it just had an identicle .ISO file, but it also had a file that said “[NoDVD patch].exe”. I put that file in the main directory, and ran it, and it fixed the problem!

    I uploaded the file here:

  19. Ncf:

    i can´t get the patch to work and i already installed the game and placed the file (that was inside the patch) in the game directory….

  20. mike:

    If you’re having problems running the program (blue window/errors) you need to follow these steps (make sure the ISO is mounted before starting, just don’t install it):

    1) Download and install “AppLocale” (free aviable from Microsoft) but DON’T install it;
    2) Go to start menu and search “cmd.exe” DON’T PRESS ENTER then right click the icon and “Run as Administrator”;
    3) Now you can use cmd to install AppLocale, write the path to the installer (ex: “..Desktop\AppLoc.msi”) then press enter;
    4) In AppLocale click browse and select the file “setup.exe” which is inside the ISO you mounted before (in the virtual device);
    5) Click next untill AppLocale asks which language you want to use, select the very last in the list (日本) then click next again and run it;
    6) Just install it, everything should be fine (click always Next) and when it’s finished don’t run the program;
    7) – IMPORTANT – Open CMD again as administrator like before and run AppLocale (NOT .MSI) from the console (it should be in “C:\Windows\AppPatch\AppLoc.exe”);
    8) Click browse and select “syarin.exe” which is inside the installed game folder, then click next and select “日本” again;
    9) Have Fun!

    Remember: from step 1 to step 9, the ISO must ALWAYS stay mounted, if it isn’t then you get “something something DVD something something” error.

    And yes you’ve to always run the program from CMD and AppLocale every freaking time.. it’s boring but it works, just read again from step “7” if you don’t remember how to do it. To install the patch extract the archive in the game folder.


    • mike:

      Damn error in the first like “download and install but DON’T install” so lame… obviously you must not install it, just follow the guide.

  21. O-Okami:

    Yes yes, Sharin no Kuni is a masterpiece like it’s successor G-Senjou no Maou. But Kenichi is much more better than Kyousuke. Is there another Akabeisoft2 product which is good and available here?

  22. ofislacker:

    Is there a .exe crack? I went to the TL site but found nothing. (Even though they say the crack is included)

  23. Davie, The Kitten:

    Alright! So I’ve been getting the “3-box error” described by several others here. I’m just wondering if anyone has figured out a solution to this.

    I’ve tried running it with Japanese locale and I put the English patch in the correct folder. I’m running on XP Home, if that makes a difference.

    • Davie, The Kitten:

      I changed my system to Japanese locale instead of using AppLocale and that fixed the error. Unfortunately, the English patch hasn’t made anything English. I have it in the game folder, so I’m not sure if I’m just missing something here.

      Any help would be appreciated.

  24. Does anybody have a NoDVD .exe file?

  25. vnreader:

    wow reading the comments gives me new respect for the admins here, always helping out and such.
    is there any way to support this site and the people who make it possible?

  26. Yunis:

    I got every thing working properly.

    until my system found a trojan in the files (syarin.exe)
    and then he delete everything

    and I became sad TT__TT

  27. SvenneMEan:

    This game needs a ridiculously large tag that says RETARDED BEHAVIOR INSIDE!!!

  28. Fridoo:

    Anyone got noDVD patch?

  29. Meh....:

    This one is one of the toughest ones I installed.
    Here are the steps….

    1)Download all the files and extract.
    2)Mount the iso with any virtual image device(preferably one that’s compatible with your os)
    3)Use applocale to run the installer.
    4)Install to your preferred drive.
    5)Then copy the patch to your game directory.
    6)Also you have to keep the iso mounted to play.

    P.S: This is one of the more frightening and unique VN’s.
    Well the did make G senjou maou so I guess it’s expected.

  30. tex81024:

    I followed all the steps that the people here have posted but I keep getting this missing dll error, apparently the one it is missing is krdevui.dll how can I fix this

  31. MrBaka:

    does any1 else have a problem playing fullscreen?
    I have the same issue with Utawarerumono, when I chose full screen, it just expands a black screen all over my monitor, and moves the picture to the corner, without changing the size
    any help please?

  32. MrBaka:

    Just finished one play through…
    Just WOW, nothing else I can say.
    I played and finished 90% of the games on this site and much more besides that but this one is just amazing.
    Very similar to G Senjou no maou, but doesn’t come close.
    Just amazing.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play such a game.

  33. TinkleWinkle:

    Just wondering, I already have my computer set on Japanese locale, so I don’t believe I need AppLocale to run this.
    However, when I try to run the .exe, it comes up with some random error where everything is in Japanese except for “DVD” and so, I’d like to know, any help? Please?

  34. shadow:

    Hello everyone…
    Can someone please upload the nodvd patch..
    Thankz in advance…

  35. sora:

    what happen or Not found DVD Patch someone please help me

  36. New Question:

    Hey so I think I’ve come across a problem that hasn’t been mentioned thus far. I’ve completed the 1-9 step program and everything has gone well, and I’ve made sure to keep the ISO image mounted. However, after I run syarin.exe through Applocale the final time instead of the game starting I get an “information box” that pops up and says the name of the game and something in Japanese. Has anybody else encountered this and/or have a solution for this problem? Thanks in advance!

  37. Teal:

    I’m having issues with mounting the iso. I added it to DAEMON tools, but it won’t light up the mount option. This is the first time I’ve had trouble with mounting any of the games here, so its an isolated issue.

  38. anonanon:

    Uhh, I encountered a bit of a problem. I was almost finished Touka’s rehabilitation when all of a sudden en error notice in Japanese popped up. The novel still works, but it just stays on the same screen with no textbox.

  39. Tomo:

    So all I see here are mostly technical comments, but most people don’t seem to write anything about the game itself. After reading G-senjou and A profile (both made by akabei soft2) I had high expectations about this game, and they were met… partially.
    The technical stuff is very good imo, the musical background is nice, and dialogues are really really well written.
    Anyway the characters are likable imo, though I kinda dislike tsundere girls in VNs, Touka was the best heroine for me, though both Sachi and Natsumi had their charm. The main character is the strong point in this story, probably one of the best protagonists in any VN I have read so far, so it’s a big plus for Kenichi.
    The story itself got my feelings kinda mixed up. As someone who studies law and had to spend an entire semester learning about punishment theories and such the whole idea of obligations was ridiculous, but as the story goes on and more facts are revealed it became an interesting read.
    The routes of the girls were ok, but the (good) ending of the first two was really predictable, and the chatarsic stuff was way too mushy for me. Seeing as it was made by akabei soft I was expecting a lot of plot twists, and I managed to predict most of them in second half of the game, which was a bit of a let down.
    Anyways, in my opinion this VN is really worth the read, especially if it’s your first time to experince something that Looseboy has written, though do not expect it to be as good as G-senjou no Maou.

  40. moeXix:

    Someone still have a working link for the No Dvd patch??

  41. Monsterman:

    Mh, to be honest, I’m quite disappointed.
    This game’s nowhere near ‘The Devil on G-String’. Though it’s not the worst visual novel, I expected much more from Akabei Soft2. This is fairly average.

    Anyway, thanks for the upload :)

  42. vongola:

    did i must to keep the iso mounted to play the game ? is there’s no crack or something ?

  43. AssassinDXZ:


    if any you don’t know how to install the game or you’re getting that “algorithm error”:

    All you need to do is install the game using Applocale

    then, copy the patch file to the game install directory

    and finally, run the game using Applocale.

    works fine in W7 (x64)

  44. MillerSNK:

    Is there a no CD crack?


    to anyone who wants the NoDVD Patch,here you go guys! :)

  46. Mitchey:

    Hello their. first I would like to thank admin for putting up a great game that I just really enjoyed, truly unforgettable characters.

    The second thing is I have been searching for a game now for over a couple of years but I keep getting dead ends. I remember scrolling down and clicking on a link and coming across this game and its description was really interesting. This game was something about the protagonist having to go to a school for people who where either delinquents or couldn’t fit into society due to their issues. from what I got it was about living with said problems and how they end up dealing with it. What I remember most was the picture at the top of the page and it showed all the characters hanging out on the school’s stair case just chilling out. Please I really would like to find this Visual Novel because it looked like it had a really good story to it. Thank you

  47. exotic:

    Syrian.exe application which is used for the English patch has a IDP trojan attached to it. AVG keeps on removing it from my computer. I am unable to play without it. To play I have to completely disable my antivirus. Because as soon as I enable it and start the game, it is removed and I have to download again for that single file. This is used with the ISO route. The MDS route does the same thing but with different files. Please fix this!

  48. Onodera Punpun:

    here is the link of the no-dvd crack i found

  49. Sasame:

    If you have errors after entering game, and little blue screen appear with red critical error, delate EVERYTHING in savedata folder. Worked for me(as there are information, that don’t work with english/other language, but, thanks to patch, with japanese system it’s not working, too.
    So if you delate all info from savedata, it’s going clearly and nicely.
    I’m just instaling this game, so for most people this info will be all to late… but still, maybe, someday it will help someone. 😉

  50. wenz1234:

    why i cant save the game? but i can save in auto save?

  51. Zwei:

    ah i had no ide you had to get the bad endings to get a full cg…..right…..

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