Really? Really!

Really? Really!

This is the story of a certain day off after Rin got together with Kaede.

Primula comes back to the Fuyou home as family.
The King of Gods and King of the Devils perform an inspection of Primula’s emotion control in front of Rin and Kaede, but right in the middle, Primula’s magical force – which far exceeded their expetations – goes out of control and affects Kaede’s mind.

The various memories within Kaede are rearranged in tatters.
As a result, Fuyou Kaede is left in a state of utter confusion and falls asleep.
Nobody knows when or if she will awaken.

In order to return her memory to normal and wake her, Rin and his friends dive into Kaede’s mental world. Inside lies their past together.

Really? Really! – HCG

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  1. qwerty says:

    I’m somehow missing a memory after day 3, the first card slot for the day spot is blank and I have 15/26 when after viewing the memories they say there are supposed to be only ten left. Unless that memory is the one you first encounter that day that is locked I have no idea what it is.

  2. zappky says:

    OMFG,i have been wanting to play this XDDDDDDDD

    Shuffle was my first ever eroge,and now i can play the sequel WOOOO

  3. apeman says:

    lol…admin MG relesed new patch ver1.05
    man i laught a lot, i think in future they will released new version again, they smart isn’t xaxaxaxaxa

  4. ABC says:

    Getting black backgrounds with sound and english text. Tried newer dl links and with 1.05. No fix as of yet.

  5. Riolu says:

    I had no images being shown, just a dialog box with english text w/o any sound.

    I have the original ReallyReally.exe and the crack version too.

  6. Kris says:

    Ok so i got a problem, in the very first really zone, i keep getting the failure message, no matter which thing i pick. Even when i follow the walkthroughs i just get the failure. I got past it once where i spammed the right answer 3 times and the third time it worked, but then the next question it messed up again and i kept getting failure messages, anyone has any clue as to what could be causing this?

  7. Bloody says:

    I think I have a problem…
    I just noticed that some (more than half) of the CG and scene that I HAVE SEE are not available in the Extra menu… So I tried to restart some part of the game and on some text (I’ve already read) the skyp (only read) text don’t work…
    For example I already see the sex scene with Mayumi at the festival but I don’t have the CG and the scene…
    Or another case I have the CG but not the scene (with Sakura)

    Well I managed to have the CG/scene the 2nd or the 3rd time… I still have one day to play but this is really annoying, and I don’t want to finish this game on a bad thought…
    Please, any idea to fix that ?

  8. Riolu says:

    Patch 1.06 released.

  9. kami no sekai says:

    can anyone let the link to a walktrough of this game cause i want the mayumi and teacher route pls thanks 🙂

    great game btw

    • Brymza says:

      You can’t just do Mayumi and sensei route, you must do all the game, cause it has a specific mechanics. You will be shifting between different memories to find keywords.

  10. Kennen says:

    1.06 patch fixed black screen! Woop die Doo!

  11. Berndwilhelm says:

    I’m having this same problem cept no mater how many times I click shopping even after reloading few times I still get failure.

    • Berndwilhelm says:

      Oh I figured it out the choices can’t be chosen soon the really event starts you must wait till the text is on the right sentence. Ie click shopping when Keade says you don’t have any plans today.

  12. Helfors says:

    Walktrough In random order.
    Day 1:

    Verbena Academy
    1. “But Midoriba-san is a girl too, so I want to treat her feelings with respect.” – Itsuki Midoriba
    2. “I don’t have any plans today, so I’ll go home and get lunch ready.” – Shopping

    Their Name is KKK
    1. “She seems like a real, adult woman.” – Ama Shigure
    2. “I think I’d like to join your fanclub, too.” – Bodyguards
    3. “But she isn’t around… She’s a boarder now.” – Strelitzia Institute

    Thank You
    1. “It doesn’t look like anything is particularly wrong…” – Plushies

    Day 2:

    Passing Each Other By
    1. “We’d have been fine if you hadn’t told Sakura-chan anything.” – The Couple’s Past

    For You
    1. “Rin-kun, you’re so good at doing the laundry.” – Chores
    2. “They were originally your bodyguards and are acting out because they’re jealous of me…” – Bodyguards

    1. “…” – Acting Polite

    God or Devil
    1. “She’s the princess of the World of the Devils, so she’s different right down to her ambiance…” – (No Keyword, Choice will disappear due to events in other worlds)
    2. “She supported you ever since I made you suffer in Sunshine Academy, and I think it would only be natural if you were attracted to her.” – Teacher

    Summer Vacation
    1. “We’ll commute from the same home, study at the same academy, and come back to the same home. All together.” – Alone Together

    1. “U-um… No less from the Devil princess, I suppose I should say…” – Devil Princess

    Day 3:

    1. “That’s why I’ll surely invite you out again. So we can be alone together, like this.” – First Date

    Let’s Meet Again
    1. “I don’t think so. We didn’t have any real plans today.” – Appointment
    2. “It seems like she regretted it a little. She said she ran away.” – Confession

    Homework Warfront
    1. “That’s Mayumi-chan for you. She looks like she’s playing around a lot of the time, but is actually very diligent.” ” – Mayumi Thyme

    Requests and Promotions
    1. “She did regret not being able to party with everyone.” – Party
    2. “But unfortunately, it seemed you preferred Asa-sempai’s costume.” – Culture Festival Outfit
    3. “I wanted to be with your, and Mayumi-chan, and Itsuki-kun… in Nadeshiko-sensei’s class…” – Teacher

    1. “I went to buy some really quick, so please feel free.” – Determination

    Day 4:

    Happy Birthday
    1. “Rimu-chan loves this cheesecake, so I gave it a try.” – Alone Together
    2. “The second I thought about giving myself to you, I was happy… so happy… and I accepted…” – Atonement

    1. “But she’s so pretty… Tiny and cute… It’s easy to see how she’s Rin-chan’s mom.” – Embarassing Parents

    New Family
    1. “Dog plushies, huh?” – Cat
    2. “What do you think of it, ‘Rin-oniichan’?” – Emotions
    3. “Rin-kun… You like it on the longer side like that, don’t you… It’s very ladylike…” – Asa Shigure

    Sunshine Academy Graduation
    1. “So you can’t. If you can’t come without causing trouble for other people, then unfortunately, you have to give up.” – Embarassing Parents
    2. “This cake is cunningly well made.” – Special Cake Recipe

    1. “Sakura-chan… That one’s a replacement for me, huh…?” – Name
    2. “So that does mean… you slept with Sakura-chan… right?” – Confession

    1. “You didn’t do anything. You just watched.” – The Couple’s Past

    1. “So for her to accept your confession is a truly amazing thing.” – Lovers

    1. “I guess sparklers are out of the question…” – Sparkler

    Kaede Fuyou
    1. “Who am I…?” – Kaede Fuyou

  13. jakc says:

    Is there a way to stretch the game window on fullscreen so that there are no black borders? I can do this with all other VNs I’ve played, including Dengeki Stryker which was also released by Mangagamer. Pls help.

  14. Ray says:

    Is there any expression viewer gallery like before? I got 100% CG, memory and scene gallery. Just curious. If so, might redo the paths.

  15. nakzbekasi says:

    Man, I missing some files here, anyone can help me?

    • Riolu says:

      > Download the game from here
      > Extract it to any folder you like
      > When getting Mangagamer’s ReallyReally Patch, Don’t replace the GameData folder with a new GameData folder, otherwise, you will only have 3 pac files.

  16. dumb_man says:

    um… mind if I ask what does the “panchira” tag means?

  17. Ray says:

    love the soundtrack. How can I get them in my player? Would love to listen to them once in a while.

  18. Kerian says:

    i cant extract them what should i Do?

  19. nakzbekasi says:

    they say folder REALLY~! is not found, how i can solve this, man, i want to play it right now…

  20. Kerfirou says:

    Umm, does Anyone has an idea how to got 100% CG?

    I’ve finished the game and noticed I only have about 70% of all CG.

  21. zappky says:

    Hey,does anyone who where is the location of the game savedatas?

    I have completed the game with full clear and i want to keep the savedata for collection =X

    I have tried loading in the entire folder named GameDate and ReallyReally_Data ,but the effort is in vain

  22. zappky says:

    This is my cleared file

    If you dunno how to find the appdata,this is how i found it.I dunno whether there are shorter way or access it.

    Go network->(click your computer name)->Users->(click your username)->AppData(you may need to enable view hidden item)->Roaming->Mangagamer->Really Really(slot in the whole thing).

  23. Pedobear says:

    when i extracted patch 1.06 to the raw vn, it asked me to put identification number when i open the patch exe. what should i do?

  24. Finstererdrache says:

    Still thinking if I should play this or Tick! Tack! first.

    Anyone know if this has more than one end, think Tick tack had more than one so will probably begin with this if it has Multiple Endings and Tick Tack if not.

    So anyone knows if this one has one end or more?

    • zappky says:

      Really Really only has one ending.

      Tick tack has three if I remember correctly.

      Tick tack came before really really anyway,and characters in tick tack appear in really really,so it best to play tick tack first.

  25. evollove says:

    Can anyone help me getting the last CG? I’m at 99%, already got both of Asa-sempai’s end CGs, what I’m missing is the one on “Others”, the one on the left of the “Fallen Rin” CG.

  26. Golden Witch says:

    All I am getting is:
    As soon as I start it up – It’s black.
    Then some voice says “Navel”.

    Gonna try and see if I can fix this, but some help would be appreciated.

    • popoyo says:

      same here, I’ve downloaded the game from above link and it crashed the same way. I tried to download 1.06 patch and extract it in game data folder but it still gives me black screen and then crashes.

  27. 1234Dragon says:

    I had a problem when I played this game, I’m wondering if anybody else did as well. Whenever I was in a scene that took place at night, all of the character sprites were corrupted just above where the dialogue box sits. This happened at every single night scene, such as the Hub world where you talk to Momoji, and it happens with every single character (except, for some reason, Kareha’s turned on sprite). Also, the file load screen is corrupted as well. All of the save file boxes still work, but the picture is corrupted.

    I tried redownloading all of the RAR files and extracting them again, but that didn’t fix the problem. Did anyone else experice this?

  28. juanjo_dpr9 says:

    Really awesome job. I’ve been waiting to get this game a few years and, at long last, it’s here. Now there is only one more waiting to be translated…and it’s probaly the best: essence+ english NOW please.

  29. Just a random guy says:

    okay, something strange happened. I was playing this and when i had some updates, i saved and restarted my laptop. After the update,i loaded it up and the extra’s menu is gone, i have already completed 11 memories so i’m guessing halfway through?
    anyway, please, help with this?
    i really can’t figure it out..

  30. Just a random guy says:

    quick update on the scenario.
    I’ve beaten the game and unlocked all the memories BUT!
    The extras menu still won’t appear!!
    HELP ME!!!

  31. Death says:

    better than me,
    mine got stag at beginning when kaede showing her p***y in fron of the door when rin just get back from tae a walk….

    and the game couldnt continued since then…

  32. DecadeUltima says:

    I downloaded the files and applied the patch files, but the game doesn’t start at all.

    A file name \alkylog\ on the game directory showed up when I tried to open the game.

    It indicated:
    Log (NuContext): Setup
    Log (NuContext): Setup
    Error (NuCore): Unsupported function called from 0042D479: IDXGIAdapter_Release

    I’m not sure why it wouldn’t run at all.

  33. Thetagger says:

    If your game doesn’t work (without any error), try moving everything to c: (or d:)

    • DecadeUltima says:

      Tried it and it didn’t work

      A file was added when I tried to open it “alkylog”.

      This is the content:

      Log (NuContext): Setup
      Log (NuContext): Setup
      Error (NuCore): Unsupported function called from 0042D479: IDXGIAdapter_Release

  34. Keither-San says:

    I really love Shuffle and Tick Tack was great to but Kaede is the worse heroine luckily this ame is saved with my favorite Mayumi which should have a fan disk route and Asa which didn’t appear in Tick Tack so glad she is back but lets see another spin off with Ms. beni and mayumi thanks admin for all ur hard work .

  35. ijen says:

    when i launch the reallyreally.exe
    the game doesn’t open and it says the ‘the game crashed………… would be great if you send it to the developer of the game!
    i patched 1.06
    HELP ADMIN or anyone

  36. Crimson says:

    Thanks a lot for the game,Pal

  37. Terion says:

    Mind posting a link to the crack itself?
    I had the game and wanted to spare it for a time like today, but it seems i have forgotten to download the crack when it was available a few days after release.. now i cant find it dont want to download the whole game though

  38. Golden Witch says:

    Okay, this is getting ridiculous.
    Asked about a year ago, and not a single person has any clue how to fix the crash?

  39. guy says:

    Hey Admin, I found this going through the list and i was rather excited and then went to download shuffle because i have only watched the anime and the link is broken. like i cant even click on it in the list of downloads. could you fix that please 🙂

  40. VN beginer says:

    I’m new to vn and just began playing really really but the game is lagged. Help please.

  41. spyrhino says:

    Hey the free download is not working you can’t click the free button

  42. anon says:

    During the cosplay scene with Mayumi, you mention this isn’t your first time with her (plus there are a few other innuendo’s spread throughout that you’ve done things with her before). When was that? Because I know she wasn’t available in Shuffle or Tick Tack….

    • anon says:

      Nevermind. Forgot that the timeline of the memories is all over the place. Never occurred to me that you might have your 2nd time with her AFTER your 1st. lol

  43. BlackFyre01 says:

    I know this may sound stupid but Im new how do i download SoftDenchi Runtime programe

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