Rance 4.2

Rance 4.2

Rance 4.2: Angel-gumi is the second part of the story that began in Rance 4.1: O-Kusuri Koujou o Sukue! rather than an all-new Rance adventure. The hero continues to investigate the weird occurrences connected to the Happiness Medicine Factory. Since the story picks up directly where it ended in the sequel, Rance begins his adventure already commanding an all-female squad called the Angel Team.

Nothing has changed gameplay-wise; as before, interaction with the game world is done through menu commands everywhere, including dungeons. The combat system has also remained exactly the same as in predecessor.

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  1. Jaxnight says:

    I just want to thank you for putting these games but i want to know if you intend to put up rance 5 and 6 since you but 4.2 and 7.

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