On the 17th of March, there is a classical strings concert unlike any other in the world. Ninety-six young musicians, divided into twenty-four quartets perform before an audience of the world’s greatest conductors and instrumentalists. Only one group – a single quartet – is chosen form these performers. Success brings prestige beyond imagination and guaranteed entry into any orchestra on the planet. It is a once in a lifetime chance for those striving to perfect the art of music. The ultimate dream… and possibly the ultimate nightmare.


1. Extract the game
2. Mount game DVD image
3. Install the game
4. Run English Patch

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86 Responses to “Quartett!”

  1. Martin says:


    There is a voice patch out there! You can google it!

  2. DukeGrimm says:

    I’m only 10min in and this is by far the most well put together Visual Novel I have played. The UI is superb, the art is beautiful and unique.

  3. Deredere says:

    Great Game.
    Just gonna leave a short review.
    -Story:amazing. The three different girls depict different real problems people often face.
    -Graphics: isn’t great compared some of the recent VN’s, but does complement the storyline amazingly.
    -UI: good. Just good. Not amazing, but again, it complements the VN as a whole.
    -Voice: Didn’t play with the voice patch, but I heard there is voice patches.
    -H: really felt out of place for me. Felt like it could have been just taken out and would have made the story just fine.
    Out of a 10, I would give this an 8.
    Just because the H felt way too out of place and for the average UI.

  4. m says:

    I mount the image and install the game yet even after the english patch the game doesn’t start. Can someone please help?

  5. Athanasia says:

    Can you please send me a message on how to ” Mount game DVD image”?

  6. anonymouse says:

    ;_; No Signina and Giselle routes. I’m sad.

  7. Me says:

    When Juni has bought medicine, an error appears. It doesn’t show any japanesse words or english. Letters and numbers. The only thing it allows me to do is press the button below, and close the game.

  8. king98765 says:

    well…i like those musics, those drawing is a bit…..

  9. jan Mikaeel says:

    Is this game have a figting game or just choices?

    • watever says:

      I don’t know how u can expect fighting in this kind of story. I haven’t played it, but I really doubt it.

  10. jasha says:

    The game’s music is really nice and the game superb:( although there’s no voice :((( awww it’s so cool! admin can u patch kimikiss too? 🙂

  11. Fund says:

    I prefer this VN without voices, the text flows better while the voices aren’t that attractive anyways.

  12. PuppyShuichi says:

    Is there some way to make it uncensored?

  13. VNER says:

    is this a eroge ?
    or a vn without H-scenes ?

    Cause they’re also non-eroges here.

    please awnser !

  14. tran says:

    hey admin, will you get period? its from the same company as quartet,and the english translation is 60% done

  15. Guanhu says:

    such a beautiful, colorful novel
    it is insulted by those who seek for “uncensored” and H-scenes

    for H-scene: there no need for translated version since you wouldnt care about the story and the hard work for people that translated it
    for uncensored: there is no such thing originated by Japanese (go-figured, they have a very “educated” reason for it)

  16. peter says:

    w8 wtf???? i didn’t think this was translated yet nvm so glad i found it

  17. Mellody says:

    I don’t understand how to download the game on this website. Which button do you press? Sorry for the stupid question.

    • Leon says:

      Mellody, click on ”DA-free: Game Download” because “DA-1click: Game Download” is a full game: only membership can download.

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