Please Bang My Wife

Please Bang My Wife

The Sashiharas, Yasushi and Mariko, are newlyweds. When their marriage begins to stagnate, he suspects she’s having sex with someone else.

When Yasushi confronts Mariko and demands to know the truth, she tells him the intimate details of her affair: her other partner’s trouble climaxing, and how it means he can keep going for hours. Her multiple orgasms, which are something Yasushi can never give her. How he reached the deepest places inside her, awaking her to that new pleasure…

Yasushi’s reaction to the confessions is extreme jealousy, but also incredible arousal, so he makes a request of his wife:

“I want to watch.”

“You really want that?” Mariko asks.

“You want me to lose myself, right in front of you…? Are you sure?”

Yasushi nods, and Mariko smiles faintly. Their marriage will never be stagnant again…

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  1. Shin Kurogane says:

    Thanks admin. i’m here to bang the wife.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like your average bernie supporter

  3. dragonxz says:

    Thanks ^_^,May I ask how come the Mangagamer version is uncensored, while this is not ?

    • admin says:

      The version posted here IS the mangagamer version – apparently they uploaded censored version by mistake, judging from comments on their official blog. I’ll be posting patch/fixed version as soon as mangagamer fixes it on their end.

      • Uncensored says:

        Hey admin, MG just released the fixed uncensored version. Could you make it more obvious when you update it so we don’t have to download more than twice? I have limited data plan. Thanks

  4. Sdf says:

    Someone, please spoil the ending for me. How does it end?

  5. Dongaloni says:

    Thi is… nasty…


  6. NTR Lover says:

    Amazing stuff!

    NTR is love. NTR is life!

    • SwedenYES says:

      Are you Swedish too, my friend? As a Swedish man, there’s nothing that excites me more than the idea of brown invaders violently having their way with our women!

  7. Ele says:

    Is it really NTR when the husband consents, even if he still feels jealousy? It’s more like just voyeurism.

  8. Ryo Narushima says:

    I’m also here to bang the wife. But one thing got me curious. Is this NOT a nukige. I’ve been to this site, and the VNDB, and coudln’t find the nukige tag. Does this game actually have a story?

    • UL says:


      It’s technically not a nukige since sex is not the central point of the main story. It all takes place from the guy’s PoV. You get references to sex with blurred images, and then 2 significant scenes. This is to heighten the sense of NTR. Afterwards, you can view the teased NTR sex scenes in full in the “Extras” menu. Honestly, if it wasn’t for this roundabout way of doing things, it probably would have been a nukige lol.

      • Ryo Narushima says:

        Hmm thanks for the info. I’ve never played a game like this before. I hope I’ll enjoy this aforementioned roundabout way of doing things. Hopefully I’ll also view NTR in a new light after this, too.

  9. usamiharu says:

    So i kinda just skim through it but from my understanding….its basically a short simulator *kinda since you kinda need to type your name,the heroines name and the other guy name if you want* when your wife basically is cheating or loves other man? (-_-)

  10. new member says:

    Cg of the game is censored have to be uncnesored any solution patch fix thtat

  11. Cock Robin says:

    She ends with her husband who gets off on her cheating while she keeps her boss on the side he is fine as the lover after failing to steal hear.

  12. Shock says:

    So this is a ‘cheating’ story and not so much a ‘netorare’ story right? Cheating is when the woman does it of her own free will. Netorare is when it’s some asshole forcing her to do everything.

  13. new member says:

    any update fix for the game

  14. UL says:


    In most NTR works, it’s accepted that the presence of free will is… optional. You can pretty much ignore the distinction, as the one consistent rule is having a spouse stolen from their partner by a 3rd party (under their nose).


    This VN operates and relies on the theme/thrill of NTR for most of the story. Hell, it even “closes your eyes” while “revealing” each of the sexcapades that happened under the MC’s nose. It just so happens that they went the (less traveled) route of giving the MC, wife, and 3rd party a wider range of social panache (or lack thereof) to work with instead of the standard scenario of sex and drugs. Of course, the character development on all fronts was still rushed and shallow, but for the standards of the genre, and given the size/goal of the game, even that was acceptable. YMMV.

    TL;DR: All it means is this VN actually tried to stand out from the rest in the genre, which isn’t a bad thing.

    • UL says:

      Sorry, this was in response to Shock, but I got kicked out of the response since I spent too much time on it and the capcha expired (?).

  15. capitalist says:

    Good game for the Onision cucklords out there. 😛

  16. thedude says:

    Admin! Admin! (raises hand) I have a question. When the patch to fix the problems with this vn is released, will you make like a new post or will it be on this one? like, when you do provide the patch, will it be like dracu-riot where it was bumped ahead of please bang my wife?

  17. d says:

    is there a walkthrough or a 100% save i don’t see how to play as the womens view

    • Equ3strianGam3r says:

      You have to play through the story once completely and then the wife’s perspective unlocks.

      • Equ3strianGam3r says:

        I’m sorry I made a mistake. I forgot to say that it’s in the extras menu under the scenes gallery. I have no idea why they did it this way.

  18. S//N says:

    I heard MG released the uncensored version. Does anyone know if this was ever updated?

    • VG says:

      Yes, MG released the uncensored version as it was supposed to be, but they no longer release patches publicly so it’s pretty much a waiting game for someone to either give the patch out or the updated game itself.

  19. Kusoge says:

    A waste of time. I guess trash could enjoy the game otherwise I can’t comprehend how such a terrible game could be considered even worthy to waste some bucks on it.

  20. DebateRage says:

    Admin, can you update Please Bang My Wife to uncensored? The current version is still censored…

  21. Voker says:

    Anyone have problem with Message Log??

  22. LU1706 says:

    Is anyone else having a problem with the CG. It seems as though I need to unlock them, though there doesn’t seem to be a way to unlock them?

  23. Rexz says:

    when will you update uncen version admin?

  24. blowlita2 says:

    Man this is hot, hoping for more translated ntr games.

    Message log problems btw.

  25. Rex says:

    I need help guys every time the game try to display location and time in the message board it always got this @@@@@@@@@@ message in front of them which is really annoying anyone knows how to fix it ?

  26. Snuckie says:

    Still waiting on that uncensored update Admin

  27. xeratzy says:

    did they never make an update with uncensored art?

  28. Primalburst says:

    Still nothing on the uncensored patch? Quite curious as to why is it such a big deal for sharing it. The game isn’t that awesome as to have any sharing issues.

    • Rexz says:

      Mangagamer take 1 day to update to uncensored version. now 2 month still no uncensored upload. I don’t know what is the problem. I mean this game get crack after the game release just 1 day. I though the game will get update immediately after Magagamer release the patch.

      still waiting.
      did admin just forgot about this game or something?

      • Primalburst says:

        Yes Mr. Admin! Not to sound like a pain but could you give your explanation on this? The game never even made it to most sharing sites so you are our only link to an answer. Come and grace us with your presence!

        *sacrifices virgin goat to the admin gods*

  29. nnnnnnaaaaaaaaaameeee says:

    whaaaaat so lets fuck your wife man

  30. xeratzy says:

    what happen with the uncensored version?

  31. antauron13 says:

    I’d also like the uncensored version, please!

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