This game consists of two parts: Muv-Luv Extra and Muv-Luv Unlimited. Unlimited is unlocked after you get the endings of the two main heroines (Sumika and Meiya) in Extra.

Muv-Luv Extra:
Shirogane Takeru is a typical high school student with a lazy attitude and a love for the virtual reality mecha battle game Valgern-on. Even though he didn’t really wanted it, he is popular in school mainly due to his daily fights with his osananajimi (Sumika) attracting too much attention. His life takes an unexpected turn when he finds a girl (Meiya) he doesn’t remember ever meeting in his bed one morning. Whom later revealed to be the heiress of one of the biggest zaibatsu. She immediately moves to his house and starts changing his life for the good with her one-track-mind and unlimited resources…

Muv-Luv Extra, the main part of Muv-Luv, takes place in the same world (and general area) as Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu. The Sky Temple family restaurant is mentioned and visited, and Suzumiya Akane makes an appearance.

Muv-Luv Unlimited:
One day Takeru wakes up late, wondering why Sumika or Meiya didn’t wake him up this morning. Not seeing any signs of them he gets a bit worried and goes out of his house to only see the town he lived all his life in ruins. After getting past the initial shock he decides that this must be a dream and decides to enjoy it as much as he can…

Installaton guide400

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  1. Anyway i can play this in windowed mode and not full screen?

  2. Ann83:

    Hello there, the setup isn’t working for me. I already changed computer locale to Japanese.

    • Kade:

      I was having issues as well. I found that the english patch will actually install the game for you as well and that cleared up the problems I was having. Just mount the extra disc and start the patch then when it asks for disc two mount the unlimited disc. I dunno if this’ll work for you but it did for me.

  3. MetisPho:

    Hello there, i mounted the img and when i click on setup its saying its not compatible with my OS? im using 64 bit Win7.

    Please help! >_<

  4. MetisPho:

    please help ADMIN T________T

  5. luikun:

    hey is this 5CDs release or the 2DVDs release? thanks in advance! :D

  6. MetisPho:

    Admin-Sama please help! >_<

  7. jomama:

    マブラヴ11.exe has stopped working. im using win7 home premium with japense locale. i have tried running as admin and run the program as winxp 2 and 3 and win vista 2 and 3. how can i fix this problem?

  8. Joe:

    Hi I’ve finished the extra game but when I try to play unlimited a message comes up and I am unsure of what to do. I says something about unlimited and DVDROM but the rest is in Japanese and I don’t understand. It gives me thre options yes no and cancel, if I press cancel it gives me options to abort retry or ignore.

    • Kade:

      It’s probably asking you to install unlimited. It tells you in the installation instructions that when you start up unlimited it’ll ask you to mount the unlimited disc.

  9. Alex:

    Okay, so I downloaded everything.
    The folder has 5 files, 3 of which can mount on daemon.
    these 3 are
    muvluv_extra ccd file
    muvluv_unlimited iso file
    muvluv_unlimited mds file
    I assumed the installation process is the same as for alternative, just open the english patch to open the game.
    I loaded muvluv_extra ccd onto daemon. (This automatically opens the game, but can’t istall from there for some reason)
    After, I opened the english patch. After a lil smidge of green on the download screen, asked me to load disk 2. I tried mounting both unlimited iso and mds (on seperate occasions of course, though I’m not sure if the unlimited has to be mounted on a separate virtual device than the extra, but I tried both ways). Kept asking me to load disc 2. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I don’t think I have to switch to Japanese, since I installed Alternative on English language settings just fine.

    • Alex:

      Also, after mounting Extra ccd and viewing files
      Can’t run the application named “マブラヴ11″
      I dunno why, being the administrator of this computer, and not sure if this is the reason why maybe I can’t play.
      I already stated it, but I CAN open the game client, but when I press Install, error msgs come up, so I assume have to install via the english patch program like for Alternative.
      Problem is, Can’t find Disk 2. Disk 1 barely took time to install, so not sure if even thats a correct part of the process.
      To simplify, I’ve no idea how to install this game and would like a step-for-step process.
      Sigh…. Alternative was much easier than this.

  10. HelpPlease:

    I am also have major issues installing the game. I have followed the “MuvLuvInstallGuide” found on the interest but it doesn’t seem to be helpful or working. I can reach the point of the install guide saying to leave the box “Run Muv Luv 1.0″ to finish installation.

    Installation however does not continue, I get the message a message in Japanese, the same one that seemed to indicate that installation was completed before hand but that is all. The game will not launch as it seems installation is not in fact complete.

    Can someone please provide help? Thank you all.

  11. hello:

    sorry for the n00bish question, but how do I save ingame?

  12. HelpPls:

    The game stops working when going on the date with sumika and you start watching the super sentai show. Any suggestions?

    • random:

      Im having the same problem. they were watching the show with the little kid then it says “rUGP MFC has stopped working” and crashes.

      • random:

        So it turns out that the crashing is a problem with windows 8 and there is no solution for it. the only things you could do are find a save file past that point in her route or choose someone else as the winner of the cooking contest and then just continue sumika’s route afterward. though it was said that it crashes again later in her route at the start of the credits. you’d have to play this game on windows 7 to not crash.

  13. Omagasama:

    So I did the setup, used the English patch to set up the game, and all of a sudden, when I start the game, I get errors. SOMEONE HELP!

  14. silent:

    After trying several stuff I’m unable to install the game, apparently the setup.exe file is 64 bit and I need a 32 bits, if you could post a 32 bits please or something, because I have tries pretty much everything else I maybe wrong but it alway tell me to check if I have the correct type of file so I have no other clues

  15. Bloobz:

    I’m runnning on W8 how to do to install the game ? I have a unreadable error when I want to install it ._.

  16. dmtiam:

    The 1-click file has been deleted, plz reup, thx you so much admin-sama !!!

  17. kirasatoshi:

    Hate to ask again but can someone share their experience during installing this game?I didn’t manage to install this game after trying installation tips.My antivirus always get in the way and the only time I managed to install it only when I disable the antivirus but when I enabled it again the application file to start the game automatically deleted by the antivirus even though I’ve already made antivirus exception settings.Please help if anybody have a very useful way to overcome this problem.By the way I use AVG Internet Security in my computer.I really want to play the game…..

    • Asch Weiss:

      Take a look at the comment I wrote below. I think it might help you about your issues regarding AVG. This is a great game!

  18. Joshua:

    How is it we install this? when i try to mount the muv-luv extra img file and run the setup it comes up with a error saying that the version is not compatible with the version of windows i am running, then when i try to run the Muv-Luv CDD file, the setup appears but when i press install it my AVG program blocks it saying its a trojan (file 11) and then the file gives F:(Japanese letters) 11.exe (Japanese letters) and then after hitting a popup more japanese letters appear :/

    I have tried running the english patch but when i have the IMG file mounted, it says it is not the correct version :S can someone please help me? i have been looking forward to this game for quite a bit (took long to download)

    • Asch Weiss:

      You have to exclude the installation folder and the muv luv application on AVG. Somehow AVG thinks it’s a virus. Take a look at my comment at the bottom. I wrote what I did to install it on Win 8.1with AVG antivir.

  19. SnarkyNinja:

    If you’re having trouble installing and changed locale already, grab daemon tools (I used the free lite version) to mount the images, then launch the patch to install everything for you.

  20. Asch Weiss:


    I’ve downloaded this game years ago and so far, this game is the best VN I ever played. So to Install this game, this is what I did on Windows 8.1 with AVG antivirus.

    0. Change your locale to Japanese

    1. Disable AVG antivirus

    2. Mount Muv Luv Extra & Install on the default directory (Just hit Ok or next, it should be fine)

    3. Run English patch (The 29.5mb file)

    4. Exclude the installation folder from AVG scan list? (C:age)
    To exclude it on AVG. Open AVG > Options > Advanced Settings > Exceptions > Add Exception > Exception Type = Folder Then find the installation folder.

    5. Exclude the Muv Luv application from AVG. Open Avg > Options > Advanced Settings > Exceptions > Add Exceptions > Exception Type = File Then inside the age folder select the muv luv application \マブラヴ11\

    6. Mount Muv Luv Unlimited. It contains a single file \マブラヴ\ copy it in the installation folder and hit REPLACE.

    That’s about it, hope you can play it ASAP. If the installation process display some kind of errors, it might be because of your antivirus. If yours isn’t AVG, you have to find a way to exclude the folder and application.

    • Chris:

      Ok, Can I install the Visual novel onto a flash drive then?????

    • Void:

      That’s not helpful at all. I thank you for your time, but that didn’t answer the “Not compatible with your system” issue.

      This issue is so amazingly stupid it baffles me, some people with 64 systems are able to play it while some cannot.

      • Void:

        This is so stupid, but it works.

        If you happen to use Virtual CloneDrive, get this : It FUCKS UP THE GODDAMN SETUP.
        Install Daemon Tools (I installed the trial-ver of DT-pro), and it will bloody operate like fucking jackasses on a field.
        And yes, I am mad. This solution is so stupid it hurts me in the soul. ugh.

        Tags: not compatible 64 bit 64bit version windows patch solution working clone drive clonedrive muv-luv muvluv

        • Void:


          I hate this game.
          I started hating this VN even before I had the chance of playing it.
          If any of you are getting : “Error! Loader Unable to initialize service!” or something of that sort, this is the order of things I have done :

          1. Install the game with Daemon tools,
          2. Run the english-patch (most likely receive errors about the two ‘.exes’, telling you to either Abort, Ignore, or Retry. Choose “Ignore” for both),
          3. Run the english-patch AGAIN.
          It should now pop up a window in Jap after the installation process.
          (Note : If for some reason this does not work for you, I restarted my computer after I patched the game one time, and after the restart I patched it again)

          I am so not kidding.
          Muv-Luv’s installation process was more excruciating than the retarded installation-process of Chaos;head, in which you had to manually patch the patcher of the game as it attempts to patch the game. Try to get around that.
          The only reason Muv-Luv’s installation is worse than Chaos;head’s, is because C;H’s retardery is at least documented. I swear, nobody shared this simple bloody solution of : “Install the english patch *twice*”.

          At this point I'm just venting out my choler upon this thing, and I don't even feel like touching this VN now.
          Have fucking fun, I guess.

          P.S: During the installation process, I only had "Extra" in my drive. Not sure if it is relevant or not, but when it comes to Muv-Luv, any sort of stupid shit is possible.

  21. Chris:

    Can I use a flash drive (UBS or Thumb Drive) instead of a disk????

  22. jindo90:

    I got a message from AVG that マブラヴ11.exe is a trojan and it won’t let me install. Any solution?

  23. Itaimi:

    MUVLUV_EXTRA.IMG file is broken. fix please

  24. aurora:

    my muvluv_extra.img is broken too, can you tell me how to fix it ? or should I redownload it ?

  25. Scarabelli:

    This vn is playable on Windows 8 and here’s how I got it to work. If you are looking for installing instructions, they are already posted here so I’m not gonna write them but here’s solutions for other problems. My main problem was the game crashing on end credits and on Sumika’s date and because you need to complete Sumika’s and Meiya’s routes to unlock the Unlimited route, I couldn’t finish it before I found these solutions:

    1. Don’t go on a date with Sumika. Choose someone else and you can still finish Sumika’s route.

    2. There are other possible solutions to skipping end credits (sometimes worked fine) but here’s how I did it: Before the end credits start to roll, just rapidly click left mouse button and Ctrl key to skip the credits. I was surprised that this worked so I tried it again and it worked again (I did this on Sumika’s route). After that the main menu picture should change and you are able to play Unlimited (when you have finished both routes).

    If anyone has any problems or questions about the game, just reply to this message and I(or someone else) will answer to it. Thanks for admin for posting this great vn.

  26. another thing:

    if you use powerISO,it wont work. please use daemon tools, mount the iso file n install it following asch weiss instructions.

  27. GimeSumMoe:

    Thanks for creating the \Installation Guide\!!! You’re an awesome human being!

    -question mark?

  28. abcxyz:

    i used to installed the game succesfully ,but now ,somehow it doesn’t work anymore .Do as the guide says ,but when the installation starting ,it move from 1to 100% in 1s and say sth like \loader couldn’t initialize service \.wonder is it because of my pc or this game only support win 32 bit ?

    • Void:

      I thought I better respond twice, since google links to your comment…
      You need to install the English-patch twice, after installing the game with Daemon-tools.

      No, really.
      Apply the patch once, probably get two errors (choose to ‘ignore’), and then apply the same patch again.
      After the second time, a screen with Jap text all over it should pop up.

  29. SO I saw that many people have problms with this? just mount the extra disc put the files in the game folder run the setup and then the english patch , it worked for me

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