This is old, fantranslated version. You should download this updated one instead.

This game consists of two parts: Muv-Luv Extra and Muv-Luv Unlimited. Unlimited is unlocked after you get the endings of the two main heroines (Sumika and Meiya) in Extra.

Muv-Luv Extra:
Shirogane Takeru is a typical high school student with a lazy attitude and a love for the virtual reality mecha battle game Valgern-on. Even though he didn’t really wanted it, he is popular in school mainly due to his daily fights with his osananajimi (Sumika) attracting too much attention. His life takes an unexpected turn when he finds a girl (Meiya) he doesn’t remember ever meeting in his bed one morning. Whom later revealed to be the heiress of one of the biggest zaibatsu. She immediately moves to his house and starts changing his life for the good with her one-track-mind and unlimited resources…

Muv-Luv Extra, the main part of Muv-Luv, takes place in the same world (and general area) as Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu. The Sky Temple family restaurant is mentioned and visited, and Suzumiya Akane makes an appearance.

Muv-Luv Unlimited:
One day Takeru wakes up late, wondering why Sumika or Meiya didn’t wake him up this morning. Not seeing any signs of them he gets a bit worried and goes out of his house to only see the town he lived all his life in ruins. After getting past the initial shock he decides that this must be a dream and decides to enjoy it as much as he can…

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  1. tyrantnyx says:

    Pardon me Admin, but do you have any plans to upload the Steam release of this?

    • PvtKos says:

      Why should he? The Steam edition doesn’t have Warudakumi OST which was a huge plus of the game and doesn’t have 18+ scenes… I am not a great fan of them but I have to say that in Muv Luv series they weren’t so bad like in many other vns…

      • ozero says:

        i think steamversion have updated exe so hopefully run on newer windows plus the graphics are updated i dont care about the 18+ scenes since its better without it. i know muvluv is agood vn because the story not the h scene.

  2. Anrie Selphie says:

    As Araka said:
    well im not sure this will work on you but this is how i install this game :
    0.Change your locale to Japanese
    1.Disable any antivirus
    2.mount MUVLUV_EXTRA.CCD with daemon tools
    3.Run SETUP & Install it
    4.then run the game it will work but still in japanese language (close the game) the english patch
    7.Copy マブラヴ to the installation folder and hit REPLACE.

    and That’s how i install it, Believe me i’ve spent 10 hours to figure out how to install this game

    Sorry Bad English


    Thanks It’s work!! I approve!

  3. don says:

    Games on sale and the 18+ patch has been released, at the time of this post it’s $27.99 (normally 34.99) on steam and $4.99 (normally $9.99) for 18+ patch at denpasoft not sure when sale ends maybe Monday.
    18+ patch still has mosaics if your wondering.

  4. Hero says:

    I have the Steam version. Is it still recommended to install the fan-translated version of Muv-Luv Extra/Unlimited? I feel that the fan-translated version is more “original” and “mature” than the Steam version. And the sex scenes are included?

  5. Sakuya says:

    The steam release of this, or even just the Director’s Cut Patch for the steam version would be a huge blessing for the community.

    Any plans to upload them?

  6. Themanga says:


  7. Chaos says:

    I get to the amusement park with Sumika and my game keeps crash, can someone help with that?

    • vincent says:

      it same as me, both muvluv and the alternative keep crash in certain part and the rugp error come out. admin can you help us to solve this error?

  8. Rajat says:

    how the hell do i download these files when there is a limit on them i will have to wait like 8 days to get the game .

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