Monster Girl Quest Paradox Part 1

Monster Girl Quest Paradox Part 1

Lose and be ravished by the vamps!
Battles sexy enchantresses, where failure ends in reverse rape!
Party members are also monster girls who wildly fuck the hero!
There’s never a scene where the hero’s in charge…

This! Is! Monmusu Quest!

An adventuring role-playing game in a fantasy world!
The protagonist is a beginner hero.
Following in the footsteps of his hero father, he sets off for glory!
Where will the adventure take him? When at last his journey ends,
will he have achieved his dream?

Over 150 enemy monsters in Part One alone! All reverse-rape youjo (vixens)!
Battle all kinds of reverse-rape youjo (vixens) and recruit them to your party!
And, all it takes is a little pestering to get their libidos thrumming—

13 Responses to “Monster Girl Quest Paradox Part 1”

  1. Nii-Nii says:

    YAY! Downloading NOW!

    Edit: Capture was “are you ready” – damn right I am!!!!

  2. Dianne says:

    Holy shit, they actually finished translating it? Downloading.

  3. Argry Mainyu says:

    Why isn’t this on the front page?
    And has the Library been done?

  4. Link says:

    Last I checked, this wasn’t 100% fully translated. The story is fully translated, however there are library scenes, skill uses (especially ero skills) and even one or two recruit scenes (the six fairy scene and the four zombie scene I believe) that are still untranslated. Oh, and of course there are plenty of castle request scenes that are untranslated last I checked. I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, I’m just saying. A ‘final’ patch for part 1 was released on the Dargoth Translations website, but all the stuff I mentioned was left untranslated since they are now working on part 2. Unless of course, they released an updated patch that I’m not aware of.

    • Marco says:

      Yes, it is as you say. A bunch of side ero events at the end of the game are untranslated, but Dargoth released it as it is because they want to work on the main story of Part 2 before finishing these side events, so it’s going to take years to release a 100% patch.

      Because Part 2 contains Part 1, these events are only going to be translated in Part 2, a retroactive patch won’t be released afaik.

      • Marco says:

        By the way, I think a 100% patch won’t be released for Part 2 either, because Part 3 will be released at some point, so Dargoth’s goal is to release a 100% patch for all 3 parts combined. This is obviously going to take many years, so I recommend playing this patch if you’re a MGQ fan.

  5. Nico Nico Nii says:

    This a remake of the original?

  6. loli says:

    A sequel

  7. Ashley Mays says:

    Looking through the tags… “Consensual”? In my MGQ? What has the world come to?!

    • Marco says:

      Ofc there’s consensual, there are villages where people marry some monsterkinds.. And there’s the occasional succubus action too, who wouldn’t want to bang them?

  8. croPath says:

    BE AWARE!! THIS IS ONLY A PARTIAL TRANSLATION!! Early game and main story are done but most “request scenes” & other content is not. Unfortunately this is again one game on this site that is in the wrong category

  9. Mac says:


  10. Zixion says:


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