Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort

Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort

Soutarou just manages to pay his school fees by doing part-time jobs. After helping his junior Umi and skipping his shift, he was fired from his part-time job and was having problems making ends meet. Umi felt responsible for his present situation and introduced him to a part-time job at a Southern resort. With deep blue skies, clear seas and vibrant vegetation, the place looked exactly like in the travel magazines.
Moreover, he was surrounded by many girls: energetic little sister-like Sango, affectionate tennen ojousama Riho, shy and earnest Shiori, and the kind but also strict manager Nagisa. Arriving at the resort, Umi turned to him and asked him to spend the time there as her boyfriend.

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  1. DesperateAnimeGamer says:

    I feel like I’m missing something obvious here. I downloaded the 18 part DA-free version giving me 18 .rar folders. Then I used 7-zip to unpack the files. Part01.rar file gave me a folder with 28 [.exe, .dll, .arc, and .dat] files. Then when I went to unpack Part02.rar I noticed that it was the same set of file names, just different sizes and dates. What am I supposed to do to get all those 18 parts stitched back together to get the whole game installed? :: Things I’ve Tried :: Even though there was no iso file I tried OSFMount [since Daemon Tool Lite download link just didn’t work for me]. After only unpacking Part01 the game and dropping the English patch in [as a test case] the game actually started and ran for a few minutes, but I did not test how far it will go.

    • admin says:

      When you extract from part1 of multi-part archive, your software (be it WinRAR, 7Zip or any other) will automatically grab content from following parts (part2, part3 and so on), as long as they are present in same folder.

  2. Vodun says:

    I like this game a lot, one of the best here. Also it’s propably the only one where I don’t want to go for other girls. Umi is the best, I like her a lot and she has a good chemistry with our hero. Going behind her back feels like betrayal.

    • Kelsk says:

      I don’t know why , but i feel the same way too , she is just too cute and intresting that i can’t think about “chasin” an other girl. She is the first we met for a long way befor came to the resort , and betraye her feelings just make me so sad.

  3. rio says:

    i had already download 18 rar files and extract them. there is a problem when i click ADV it says program can’t be opened because file d3dx9_43.dll is missing. try to reinstall the program to fix this problem. i try to search those file in dll-files.com and found it. after I download and extract it into game folder and start it again it says your program can’t be started. i need admin help to solve this problem.

  4. RipMe says:

    The first time I ran this VN it worked perfectly but I couldn’t change my volume or hit start. It wouldn’t let me CTRL+Alt+Delete my way out so I had to restart my computer. Once it restarted I ran it again and I got a Run time Error. Im guessing its the patch that is messing it up since it runs when I dont apply it.

    • RipMe says:

      I have tried the cmd prompt bcdedit /user IncreaseUserVA 2800 and reinstalling all of the Microsoft visual c++s i have on my computer but I still get the runtime error. Im almost sure its the d3d9.dll that is causing it.

  5. DrakePhoenix says:

    Any reason why the translation text is completely garbled?

  6. U * _ * U says:

    i need help after i extract it all i can’t get the settings to change the language any ideas how to fix this problem

  7. Raven says:

    the game works fine in the beginning but when it reaches its
    op video it crashes.

  8. anon says:

    The english patch won’t download?

  9. Ralphlac says:

    I get up to the point in the game just before you get to the resort and you get asked to act as her boyfriend and the game crashes. Deleted, Re-downloaded, and Re-installed 3 times with and without the English patch with the same result. Any ideas?

  10. Azerty2000ish says:

    Hey guys, I have all the patches that can added to the game (like suntan, harem or other things) but when I put them in the folder of the game, nothing change in the game. Does anyone know how to make the patches work?

  11. Asriel says:

    when i put the d3dx9_43.dll give a error 0xc000007b how i fix this

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