Koihime Musou

Koihime Musou
Koihime Musou ~A Heart-Throbbing, Maidenly Romance of the Three Kingdoms~

Timeslip!? Kazuto went out to catch a thief that sneaked into school. But the next instant, he finds himself in a wasteland. What’s happened!? He is surrounded by bandits. They mumble something, and attack him. Just when he is about to be killed, a girl appears in front of him. She swings a big spear, and beats them up. “My name is Kanu, master. Let’s fight together for unification of country.”

Download Koihime Musou English game:


1. Extract the game
2. Start the game with lcsebody.exe
3. Enjoy!


(you may need this if text isn’t displaying properly.
Download (323 KB)
1. Extract the files
2. Open “C:/Windows/Fonts”
3. Select “Install New Fonts”
4. Browse to folder you extracted fonts into and install them all.

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919 Responses to “Koihime Musou”

  1. SJJohn says:

    I wonder. What will come first? The translation patch for Shin Koihime Musou coming out or me learning Japanese enough if I start now.

    • anem66 says:

      Hmm.. i wonder.. it isn’t that easy learning japanese you know, especially the kanji part. though it’s a different story if you are chinese. and you have to familiarise yourself with the language, it’s yet another different story though if you watch anime as your breakfast luch n dinner. it will take a month at the very least, if you are already familiar with the language, though i bet there’s still a lot of words you will not yet learn. anyway, good luck

      • freedom says:

        learning to read & write japanese is hard hard but just speach is easy.(i learned in 4 hours) so you could just learn to speak japanese and listen to wat they say.

        • someguy withaname says:

          I don’t know about your time there. As a guy that knows spanish and english and is learning japanese now that seems somewhat farfetched to me.

      • arfixon says:

        anem66:Being a chinese doesn’t make me easier in learning japanese. We’re the same pal. Things are not as wonderful as you think..

        Just the same as you can speak english very well but that doesn’t give you any advantage in learning Malay Language.

        In this world, everyone is equal.

        • akakoryuu says:

          still if u learn chinese and english, u can learn easily almost every languages in europe and asia(exept russian and german) because its almost the same thing personally
          I talk chinese,english,french,spanish and im learning japanese.

          • pokpok says:

            oh you are just like me but even with Chinese it doesnt mean that you can learn Arab and SE Asia language because chinese is only similar to Jap(only Kanji) and that’s it!
            5 languages you are good, I speak 6 languages but not that good in spanish.

            • ucgga2 says:

              you two are my GODS!!! i have been learning Japanese for around a year now all on my own O.O learning to read is Metastatic i am not a big fan but i am also learning Arabic French Latin and Spanish i have already learned Indonesian one day ill be multilingual :D

              • elune says:

                Say how about you try learning Filipino?You will be surprise with it.

                • Flamers says:

                  indonesian, filipino, malay, all southeastern languages based on 1 language so u could find many similarities there, and yet that’s only at the national language, in indonesia itself there’s many other regional languages which is similar but quite different in meanings, anyhow dont understimate Japanese language yeah I’m quite able to speak Japanese but to hear an actual japanese talking sometimes i got confused, the ones at games and animes already been simplified

          • Seakoi says:

            Apparently, you don’t speak English very well because one speaks English not talks English. (By the way I SPEAK English, French,Spanish, and Japanese.)

        • Danshi says:

          So true as for me too I know Malay and English and learning Japanese, at the same time learning the programming language is a tough job.

    • forbiddenone says:

      Are you sure anyone is even working on it?

  2. Krunjar says:

    Ok for some reason the auto forward button in this game doesn’t work for me? what am I doing wrong?

    • God says:

      Have you checked the settings to see if you have it on “All” or “Previously Read” ? If you have it set to “Previously Read” then you can’t skip what you haven’t read.

  3. Krunjar says:

    This is a really good game. It’s got enough plot to make you care about the characters and the battle “mini game” is fun and engaging. The H is also very erotic and well written. Anyone know if poople are working on a translation for that sequel mentioned XD?

  4. Havis23 says:

    No torrent download???
    please add one ASAP..
    DA is too much for me..

  5. duck666 says:


    Is this game in english patched (already patched such that I don’t need to download additional parts)?

    If so, what are the other download links for; such as the voices links? And what is the font dl link for?

    • admin says:

      Yes, this is english game.

      Voice patch, as the name implies, adds voices to characters – without it, it’s text only. Font download is optional for people who have problems with their game displaying text properly.

    • Rae says:

      well its already translated on English or have an English patch once its put here on the download section man.

      besides this is quite good compare to sengoku rance.
      because this was based on China. anyway very nice game
      and have a very good voice patch too. :)

  6. killerprado18 says:

    Anyone know how to stop the voices from playing until the next vice starts? cus it really annoys me

  7. 051R15 says:


  8. Ijen says:

    I played this game.after finishing the game i was amazed that i was in tears.best eroge i have played yet!

  9. Cha says:

    Part 6 is not working for me… Can you reupload it ?

  10. Cha says:

    Nah sorry its working now (needed to refresh many times and get lucky) -_-‘

  11. BlackLotus says:

    Hey guys… why theres always and error? It said “error This game failed to load a file in PlayDSB?” can someone help me?

  12. shintou says:

    why i can hear voice after download all part?

  13. Belrod says:

    i have download it but when i want start the game it said error
    NECEMEM.SNI not found

    • zone says:

      i’m also having error
      NECEMEM.SNI but after i reextract it again the problem solved. so what is the problem i guess i dont know but just reextract it again if you have any problem.

  14. SJKim says:

    Shin Koihime Musou is available but there are no translation patches in any language. Somebody is working on it but no release date of any sort as far as I know.

    I started playing through a indirect translation system thing that lets me understand it enough to enjoy the game. It’s VERY clunky but beggers can’t be choosers.

    So far I’ve finished Shoku and Go route at least once though not all characters have been explored fully. The Shoku forces acts a bit out of character in the Go route for the sake of conflict between Shoku and Go in the gameplay… but other than that it’s nice.

    A mild spoiler follows though I didn’t connect the routes to the endings or put them in any order.

    There are three endings. One route has a single united China, the other has three countries co-existing, and the last has two countries ruling China. Some characters lives or dies depending on the route. And completing all three routes adds a funny short route though I personally found it…. mildly nauseating (take a guess why).

  15. Shad12ow says:

    Sorry for the dumb question, but is this the mangagamer edition?

  16. gameipedia says:

    ok so is shin a sequal or an alt version

    • Vorthod says:

      shin is an alternate version. more characters, enhanced battle system, and three separate routes to choose which country to support (as opposed to just choosing which girl follows you in the ending sequence)

  17. koko says:

    how to use the H Code?

  18. mgm9708 says:

    My saves are not there after i close the game,how would i fix this?

  19. mgm9708 says:

    Everytime i leave the game my saves get deleted how do i fix this

  20. Chetan Yadav says:

    Is there anyone having problem in extracting lscebody of 1GB in this game and getting the extracted folder of just 250~ MB from 1.1 GB of 6 rar files.
    And when I’m starting this There is an error NECEMEM.SNI not found I’ve extracted it(6 files) for about 20 times but it still not working.

  21. IntenseSugar says:

    Admin do you mind posting a Torrent version of this game?

  22. Angeluz says:

    The game works perfectly for me but when i get to the part where the mirror’s light swallows me up i get a “runtime error” “abnormal program termination” how d i fix this? FYI i tried re-extracting and didnt work.

    • admin says:

      That’s when OP movie is being played as far as i remember. You probably don’t have proper codecs installed. Install CCCP codec pack, restart the PC and try again.

      • Angeluz says:

        Thx admin it worked. Since it got fixed i downloaded the voice patch but now it says “the game failed to load a file in PlayDSB().” everytime a voice is about to play, any idea for this one? I downloaded it and extracted it all on the file that i get when i extract the game (where the icsebody.exe is) is that the right place?

        • admin says:

          I don’t remember folder structure, but make sure that the voice files are right inside game folder, not in subfolder that’s created by default when extracting it, ie C:/Koihime/patch.xp3, NOT C:/Koihime/KoihimeVoices/patch.xp3

          • Angeluz says:

            sry it was my fault i only downloaded the patch and not the voice files >_< *facepalm* it works perfectly now thx for your time ^_^

  23. buttmonkey94 says:

    I was wondering, is the game a free download? Like, you just download it and you can play it?

    • admin says:

      Yes, everything that’s available on this site is free.

      • buttmonkey94 says:

        Also, do I need to have a special file to run the game? Like, do I have to put the game into another file or something like that? Sorry, this is the first time I have ever tried to download an H game myself.

        Ah. Thank you very much then. ^-^ And when I get enough money, I will most certainly support the game by buying it.

        • admin says:

          Nope, this one is really straightforward. Download all parts. Right click on first one -> “Extract here” ( assuming you have WinRAR installed ). Start the game with koihime.exe

          • buttmonkey94 says:

            Sorry to bother you again but, do the files get deleted if I dont use the premium download in the link?

            • admin says:

              No No No. It refers to files stored on server, not the copy you’re downloading. Yea, i know it might be confusing for people who didn’t use filehosts before – don’t worry about it and download for free.

              • buttmonkey94 says:

                lol Good….I was kinda worried for a second. XD

              • buttmonkey94 says:

                Um….quick question again: when you said download the first file, did you mean the first PART? Or the very first file DA-1 click Game Download? Because the latter says that I cant download that file with a free account and says I have to use premium in order to download that size of file.

  24. akakoryuu says:

    *easily learn*

  25. akakoryuu says:

    The game works but when I click “start game” the game freezes.

    • Stuck_with_Mac says:

      Same here.

      • drunkard says:

        I had the same issue under Wine; the Wine AppDB say this as well. That points out that removing all the music files (BGM/*.ogg) will give you error dialogs instead but allow the game to proceed. In my case it was easier to just play it in a VM, which also works well.

  26. someone... says:

    I already downloaded the game. I got the voice patch and all working, but something still bugging me.

    When I run the game, there are only 3 options: New Game, Load Game and Quit Game. When I watch on youtube, there are more options. So I’m wondering, how do I unlock those options. Or is there a problem with my game? Just being a paranoid guy here.

  27. Saito says:

    ADMIN does this game MAIN CHARACTER ( MALE PROTAGONIST) is the same as on the actual anime or the MAIN CHARACTER ( MALE PROTAGONIST) is just some CHARACTER create 4 HENTAI SCENES on this GAMES?

  28. Jack says:

    I have got this ‘NECEMEM.NSI is not found’ error. What should I do?

  29. Shinsetsunohito says:

    For all those who have get this ‘necemem.nsi is not found’ error. I just extracted the folder to desktop and my problem was solved. Just try if you have this problem. Have fun.

  30. InsanexAngel says:

    Guys uhhhhh I can’t load the game. It just says Failed to generate directinputmanger. Can i get some help cuz this is the 2nd game i downloaded and it doesn’t work.

  31. GodofAnime says:

    Hey admin. I have windows 8 can i play this game? Also i dont have a disc drive do i need one?just bought this laptop. o_O

  32. GodofAnime says:

    Ok i downloaded the game & it works the text i fixed it following the intructions. But everytime one of the main characters talks i get..
    “the game failed to load a file in PlayDSB().”  so how canu fiix this it’s really annoying. Please Help. (`~`)/ Aaaaahhh!!!

  33. roan says:

    i got a question, so when i finish downloading the main game, is it in japanese voice or wit has no voice files? im currently downloading it so i want to make sure that it has voices in japanese cuz i still prefer japanese voice than english though. as long as it’s english in text and has japanese voice then i would be very happy to play this… so far best games in this categories ive played are majikoi, majikoi S, tears to tiara (for battle gameplay and story only) and Duel Savior. please confirm my question if the file is in english text with japanese voice. tnx….

  34. roan says:

    hey admin, been downloading great games in your game. good job. also been nervewrackingly trying to find a shin koihime musou. i know it’s not yet translated, but when it does, can you add it to your site? i enjoyed this first series. also can you add a vn translation status so that all of us here can wait and see progress about tranlating eroge? just finished aisha’s route, i can’t really wait for the Shin koihime musou game. this franchise is both entertaining and too erotic which i like…

  35. bedadari says:

    finished DL the game files, now the voice files and voice patch.
    tried the game a bit and wew.. great Op, can’t wait to play with voices (not just bgm)
    thanks a bunch for uploading this

  36. Ann says:

    I have been trying win battle Bachou and Chouhi VS Kakouen and Jun`iku for one week? but nothing… Does anybody knows how to win? Because I do not know


    hi i’m a loving eroge guy i i just buy(in past tense) the sequal and second sequal and i want to start translating, so admin if you know any program that will take out the japanese and move it to an easy to read sheet so i can translate line by line without having to be infront of the computer? any help on this from anyone would be helpful. THANK YOU FOR READING! VERY MUCH!

  38. Yon says:

    I think it has a sequel ‘Shin Koihime Musou’.It been released right? Admin??

  39. Central says:

    Barely any gameplay, a weak MC whom everybody loves, and vanilla lovey-dovey H-scenes. I can’t recommend this one unless you’re more into mediocre VN’s.

  40. daveydave says:

    Anyone get stuck on shuuyu fight? keeps getting 7000 reinforcements and does 3000 dmg every 3rd turn. I get her down to about 30k then my own resources are too low to keep up.

  41. CQEF says:

    Urgh… the game engine is taking no less than 25% of the CPU, and my old i3 350M threatens to overheat. What should I do? (aside changing the CPU obviously, which is kind of complicated on a laptop)

  42. that-1-guy says:

    after watching the anime I just have to play this again, ~ugh~ gotta find that time

  43. shadow says:

    Admin will someone one day make a eng patch ? or will never happen i ask cause i look there and then on the updates what u guys so translare in the latest days

  44. tadams587 says:

    I’ve just completed 13th Home Base Phase. After I click “End the Home Base Phase”:
    right-clicking anywhere or left-clicking any buttons save, auto, skip, log, or the (x) on the dialog box, freezes the game, & a window pops up saying
    “Icsebody.exe has stopped working”.

    During my gameplay I’ve been clicking all Shoku members consistently, towards the Kan’u ending. By now Kan’u, Bachou, Chouun, & Kouchuu have all been consistently been clicked on 13 times. By this time Bachou gets maxed out. Also I’ve been alternating between Chouhi & Shokatsuryo. Chouhi has been clicked on 7 times & Shokatsuryo has been clicked on 6 times.

  45. ganis says:

    how to fix fault : This game failed to load a file in PlayDBS() ? please/….

  46. Devilsraging says:

    Wow, probably one of the best piece of eroge ever made. This is an absolute masterpiece. 10/10 Highly Recommended!

  47. Jenoule says:

    admin, are there any changes to the files? after i extracted the files, the icsebody ain’t in exe type but just blank file.

  48. Jep says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else have messed up text? It’s like all jumboed together and stuff

  49. hoangtau98 says:

    illegal argument to set effect in startup graphic effect
    Help i have that erro when it come to ero CG

  50. John says:

    is there a a web where you can buy the cd?

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