Koihime Musou

Koihime Musou
Koihime Musou ~A Heart-Throbbing, Maidenly Romance of the Three Kingdoms~

Timeslip!? Kazuto went out to catch a thief that sneaked into school. But the next instant, he finds himself in a wasteland. What’s happened!? He is surrounded by bandits. They mumble something, and attack him. Just when he is about to be killed, a girl appears in front of him. She swings a big spear, and beats them up. “My name is Kanu, master. Let’s fight together for unification of country.”

Download Koihime Musou English game:


1. Extract the game
2. Start the game with lcsebody.exe
3. Enjoy!


(you may need this if text isn’t displaying properly.
Download (323 KB)
1. Extract the files
2. Open “C:/Windows/Fonts”
3. Select “Install New Fonts”
4. Browse to folder you extracted fonts into and install them all.

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927 Responses to “Koihime Musou”

  1. Zero:

    I believe you have to finish the game at least once for it to appear

  2. Elvis is the King:

    hi there just want to thank you for the game. Having problems with computer calling Icebody.exe a trojan though.

  3. Elvis is the King:

    Update, so the Icsebody.exe also disappears each time I open and close the game, why?

  4. UB:

    for some reason i cant extract the Icsebody out of download 2,3,4 and 5 any idea what should i do?

  5. HCH1000:

    If anyone else is having a problem with the exe, just add the archive and the destination folder into the list of your antivirus scan exclusions, then the exe should extract and should not delete itself, i use avast and it worked for me.

  6. Anonymous:

    The part 3 doesn’t work.

    • admin:

      You’re downloading too fast. Free users can download two files concurrently. Wait until first two finish downloading before starting third.

      • Dave:

        Sir or mam I’ve played this game but when I get to the ending it crashes when it gives me the choice between two people, is this fixable or should I find another h game?

  7. Hello, i have been getting this message at the end of the game where i have to select a girl. The screen just goes white then says sounyu_vom.OGG(or .WAV)
    this game failed to load a file in playDSB().

  8. Coffee N Camels:

    So I’ve installed the game, and the Vera texts, all of them. Even went to and double checked to install em agian and got \you’ve already installed vera X fonts, do you wish to reinstall?\

    Still overlapped hideous text, whats going on d:

  9. admin:

    That’s what they said.

  10. Cloud:

    i checked that out i was original found out about the game though an add i saw in a magizinw that mangagamer was realeaseing a copy of it i looked into it and read how they couldnt put the voices in it so i went to look at whenthey cry which was by far more butched them koihime. this is the problem with copyright it doesnt prevent people from obtaining these games it only forces people to obtain them though other means that have the full version

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