Imouto Ijime

Imouto Ijime
I have a little sister…
She’s cute. She’s my cute little sister Rin.
Our parents got married and we became a family.
However… Recently I started to feel strange.
Now I feel lust for Rin.
I just see your body or touch it and I got an hard on…
Haaa… Rin… You’re so cute Rin…
I think I’ve reached my limit…

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425 Responses to “Imouto Ijime”

  1. daniel:

    It only shows 2 MDF files in the first part and 1MDF file in the second part. Help me please.

    • Melodyst:

      Change your local system to Japanese. Get daemon tool software to mount the image/file. Install it and make sure at the end, you uncheck the box that makes you start the game upon exit. Get the patch and go to your computer folder maybe under program #86 and find “Noir”. Once there, get the patch from that is supplied on this page and drag it into that folder and your done.

  2. kiel:

    how to install this?

  3. kiel:

    i have the same problem as daniel

  4. Bas:

    I have done what Melodyst said but it still returns wit an error

  5. Dotu:

    I’m either doing something wrong, or the patch isn’t done properly. I click on it and it goes to a page with a bunch of random nonsense characters.

    • admin:

      Right-click -> “save target as” . Put the .xp3 file inside your game folder.
      The reason you’re seeing those random characters is your browser trying to open the file as if it were text document/webpage, rather than downloadable file.

    • Dotu:

      Nevermind, I got the patch but I’m trying to run it with AppLoc and I still get an error.

    • Dotu:

      I right-clicked and hit “Save link” I hope I got the patch right, but I am still getting an error message. AppLocale should work for this, right?

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