Imouto Ijime

Imouto Ijime
I have a little sister…
She’s cute. She’s my cute little sister Rin.
Our parents got married and we became a family.
However… Recently I started to feel strange.
Now I feel lust for Rin.
I just see your body or touch it and I got an hard on…
Haaa… Rin… You’re so cute Rin…
I think I’ve reached my limit…

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  1. kiel:

    i have the same problem as daniel

  2. Bas:

    I have done what Melodyst said but it still returns wit an error

  3. Dotu:

    I’m either doing something wrong, or the patch isn’t done properly. I click on it and it goes to a page with a bunch of random nonsense characters.

    • admin:

      Right-click -> “save target as” . Put the .xp3 file inside your game folder.
      The reason you’re seeing those random characters is your browser trying to open the file as if it were text document/webpage, rather than downloadable file.

    • Dotu:

      Nevermind, I got the patch but I’m trying to run it with AppLoc and I still get an error.

    • Dotu:

      I right-clicked and hit “Save link” I hope I got the patch right, but I am still getting an error message. AppLocale should work for this, right?

  4. Some person:

    Instructions to download, Download both rar files and extract them, Get daemon tools or something to mount the installation, You only need to mount one of them,it auto combinds them, Then install everything and uncheck the FINAL box after youre done installing it,come back to this page and the THIRD installation button has the patch folder, click on it and Right click the patch file and hit save link as and save it into the game folder and put “.xp3” at the end of it, Please enjoy, you might need applocale which you can just google what to do with.

  5. Kodou:

    can i play this game in notebook?

  6. Sugoi:

    (Forgive me if this is a double post…) Combining what “Some Person” and “Melodyst” posted…

    First, you’re going to need Daemon Tools, and Winrar.

    Step 1. CHANGE LOCAL SYSTEM| You’re going to need to switch your local system to Japanese. (Don’t worry, your OS language won’t be changed or anything, also I’m going to be demonstrating the Windows 7 way since I’m running 7, you can Google how to do it on 8/8.1.) this can be done by clicking Start, then Control Panel, then Clock, Language and Region, and then Region and Language. Now click the Administrative tab and then, under Language for non-Unicode programs, click Change system locale, and click Japanese (Japan). After this, you need to restart your PC, and come back for step 2.

    Step 2. DOWNLOAD| After restarting, download the 2 rar files above (DA-free), and extract them using Winrar into an empty folder on your desktop. As the extraction is running, it will ask you if you want to replace files with duplicate names (this is because there are two parts to the larger file, essentially splitting it into two halves). Click the “keep both” option, should be the last one if I’m not mistaken, and it should finish the extraction.

    Step 3. MOUNTING| (not the sexual mounting, that comes later) Once you’ve extracted the rars, you should have 3 files in your folder. IMOIZI.mds, IMOIZI.mdf, and IMOIZI(2).mdf. Right click on IMOIZI.mds (should be 1KB) and mount it using Daemon Tools. Now go to wherever you mounted it, should be in Start, then Computer, and double click on the IMOIZI Drive. It will now run the setup, and don’t panic, it’s in Japanese. Just keep clicking the button where ‘next’ is normally, and when it’s done installing, unclick the final box (it just starts the game).

    Step 4. PATCHING| After the installation you may be disappointed in learning that the game is in Japanese. Fear not, English-speaking otaku, this wonderful website has provided an English patch. To install the patch, go back to the download area above, and click the DDL English Patch Download, and download the file patch.xp3. Remember where you download it to, and drag it into wherever you downloaded the game, by default it’s C:\Program Files (x86)\NOIR\妹いじめ. Now the patch should have been applied. Run the game using the imoizi application found in the game files, and you should be greeted with lovely English subbing.

    Hopefully this worked for you! I tried to be as in-depth as possible. If you had trouble changing the local system, you can find a Microsoft walkthrough for Windows 7 here:

  7. someone:

    is the rar file only 15 kb?

  8. Guyfarting:

    Can someone help me, I downloaded both the DA: free files, extracted them and saved the patch in the folder but when I open the folder there’s only 3 files (patch.xp3, IMOIZI.MDF and IMOIZI.MDS) none of them run the game and there’s no .exe file. Am I missing some files or do I need some special program or something? thank in advance to anyone who can help.

    • admin:

      .mdf is disc image file, just like .iso – just mount it and install the game.

      • Guyfarting:

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, didn’t really want to bother you so did a few google searches, installed daemon tools lite. But when I click quick mount only the .mds file appears and then it installs in all gibberish. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? again thanks for helping

        • admin:

          .mds is kind of “label” file (notice it’s small size) – by mounting it, daemon tools will automatically load proper .mdf as well. Don’t worry about it.
          Now, as for “gibberish”… Many, especially older, Japanese games don’t use Unicode encoding (UTF-8) to properly “write down” characters outside of A-Z spectrum (yes, it’s needed also if you’re using English patch afterwards). You need to set up your Windows to Japanese locale so that it can recognize those “odd” characters as kanji/hiragana etc, instead of “garbage” it tries to display now.
          There’s tutorial on how to do it in FAQ section ( )

          • Guyfarting:

            Thanks a lot think I got it sorted now but just so i’m sure is there any special place I need to put the patch? Does it just in the game folder with the .exe file or in the saved data folder or something? Again thanks for helping

  9. thomas:

    hey guy, i got error 3 screen 2 with ???????? and one say syntax error, unexpected T_symbol, expecting\)\), can anyone show me how to sovled this please, a few game i down got this problem and it suck when i want to play this game so bad

  10. Cobpot-sama:

    I just hope there’s someone who knows a fix as I’ve no clue, maybe its because its the ultimate edition of windows? its pretty annoying though. well I’ll just keep checking for a fix an hope there is one.

  11. Twentyfaces:

    Ah, I’ve found the problem. Apparently, some antivirus software doesn’t like allowing the game to run. I use pandacloud, and once I disabled that, it allowed the game to run properly. It was also installed on the other computers I tried it on. Try disabling your antivirus and then trying to run the game.
    Hope this helps.

  12. Cobpot-sama:

    Ahh thanks im using panda cloud as well, i would’ve been stuck on this ages, never would’ve of thought it was the antivirus.

  13. superBlast:

    Maybe a little late for thanks but thats exactly the same problem I’ve been having. Been searching everywhere for solution to this. So thanks alot, man! ^_^

  14. HeilerK:

    I’m having the exact same problem and I haven’t seen anyone saying how to fix it if someone knows how help would be much apreciated ^^

  15. robopanda333:

    that seems like it doesn’t have permission to change files. you are running win 7 correct?
    did you run the installer in administrator mode?
    i unfortunatly cannot read the text, so that is only a guess.

  16. noodles:

    Yes and if anyone thinks they can help but needs more info please just ask and i will try to explain more thoroughly. Thank you.

  17. noodles:

    Yes I am using windows 7 and I am the administrator. Could it be possible that it is not running as administrator even though I am using the administrator user account? If so how would I about running the install as administrator? Also thank you for the response.

  18. noodles:

    I figured out how to run the setup as administrator and the same error occurred in the installation. From the picture it looks like something is not letting the .exe file install. When I click on the ignore button the install finishes but when I go to the file it installed to there is no exe file, so when it click on the desktop shortcut (which looks like an open window so it is probably messed up) a pop up appears and says “windows is searching for imouzi.exe”.

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