If My Heart Had Wings

If My Heart Had Wings

Aoi returned to his hometown of Kazegaura where a gentle breeze blows through the streets, having lost his direction in life. On the hill lined with windmills, he met a wheelchair-ridden girl Kotori and watched the gliders overhead in awe. With his childhood friend Ageha in tow, they resurrect the soaring club in order to fulfill a childhood dream: to fly on a paper airplane.

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  1. Kazama Levi says:

    Is this the 18+ version?

  2. DeloreanFanatic says:

    I have also tried running as admin and changing compatibility settings, as well as updating my directX. Nothing has worked.

  3. DeloreanFanatic says:

    Never mind guys, it turns out for some reason it was taking FOREVER for the security popup from windows to actually come up, so it never got my consent to start the installation. I opened my task manager and found several ‘consent.exe’ processes. I restarted the machine and just waiting for one to come through and it looks like it will install now. Sorry guys, its 4:30 am, I’m not as smart as I am during the day.

    Thanks again, hope this helps if anyone else has this issue!

  4. DeloreanFanatic says:

    I would also like to mention, one of the components needed for installation (D3D9EX, this is the directX component) is actually one of the things I had to turn off to get the game to work in the end, with it on, my computer only showed a black screen when I tried to start the story but the menu still worked (barely) without the D3D option checked the game runs normally. Given the immense amount of trouble this game has given me, I hope this might help anyone else who runs into this issue.

  5. zero says:

    i want to clear things up first 1. yes the install takes a while to start up but the game works 2. the game won’t work in the program path so i would recommend the the desktop for the location 3. this is not the 18+ ver u need to install the patch 4.the patch works fine it takes a while but the game works so over all enjoy.

    My opinion of the game
    well my thoughts of If My Heart Had Wings i have to say it the best virtual novels i ever played the story was amazing in my opinion the characters were really likeable a lot of character development. The virtual novel is very very long but the its worth the play. If u want to know the True Ending of the game in my opinion its Kotori route she is consider the main heroin and for good reason. I consider Kotori one of my favorite heroin of all time. I strongly recommend the game its so worth the wait of the download but its fun

  6. zero says:

    i forgot to mention but there will be some characters mention and u will be confused but that is fix my playing Kotori route fist u will unlock the other route amane route and u will know the story of why the teacher is a ass

  7. Luther says:

    Ummm, where’s the 18+ patch? :3

  8. DeloreanFanatic says:

    Even after going through everything I did to get this game to work, The Video driver crashes constantly (this in itself isn’t much of a problem, it usually recovers), and worse, the game keeps causing my entire machine to crash. I cannot even get Cntr-Alt-Del to work, forcing me to hard restart. This is extremely frustrating because usually when this happens I haven’t saved in a while, and the game can’t remember where I was, so the skip option is out, leaving me to auto skip everything, which eventually causes the game to crash my entire machine all over again. As far as I can tell from my own research, freezing usually only occurs when SL is not set to Japanese, but because I use this computer exclusively for VN’s, SL is always set to Japanese. Is anyone else having similar problems? It really is a shame, I have gotten completely hooked on the plotline so far!

  9. Mii says:

    i more prefer there is no H-scene in it.

  10. rwq says:

    When I play the game there is some error code: 0x00000039. Is it from me or the game?

  11. Dudez says:

    I already posted this message on the \Uncensored Patch section\
    Just for good measure I’ll post it here again too.

    To the Admin:
    I have completed the game, but it seems like my CGs are misplaced and some are even missing, granted though, I have played this game way way back, so for clarification, was there a new version of the patch that was posted here that would fix this bug?

  12. johan says:

    is this a full patch but with censored scenes or just another trial version

    • DeloreanFanatic says:

      It’s a full patch that adds in the H-scenes that were removed before. Naughty bits between the legs are still censored though.

  13. virtual gamer says:

    the game is only half when i enter after he has flown after a year it goes back to the title screen.if somebody knows what,s wrong please tell me.

  14. Dave says:

    any news about the fan disc? (snow presents and flight plan)

  15. Goodgamebadtranslation says:

    The translation is very weird… sometimes it doesn’t match with what they are saying, so I can’t say it’s the best out there, but it has to do, I guess.

  16. ANIME LOVER says:

    First i Want say sorry.
    Can you tell me instruction for install this.
    i forgot how to set the settings.
    my laptop just reinstalled.

  17. Bobthereaper says:

    Does any1 know if the a patch with good translations is out yet?

  18. [ ] says:

    Guys , i recently downloaded this and after 5minutes reading after he got the paper plane , the wind blew the paper plande , after that the game forces close by itself with this message “ADV Player HD Has Stopped Working” any fix?

    • XERO says:

      Sounds like you may be having a video playback issue, as that’s exactly where the video cuts in. I would recommend installing the Combined Community Codec pack. (Just google CCCP) Install that, and It will probably fix your crashing issue.

  19. baka haruka-chan says:

    I tried playing the game but the sound doesn’t work and it goes black screen after the first scene. Someone please help me how to fix it if you know how.

  20. mmagat says:

    PLLEAASEEE! someone help me!!!
    while i try to install the game i get an error message and it says: Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly ‘Microsoft.VC80.CRT,publicKeyToken=”1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b”,type=”win32″,version=”8.0.50727.762″,processorArchitecture=”86″‘

  21. w1n1x says:

    Hey Admin and others!
    I have a serious question. Can someone please tell me where does this game store it’s save files? I plan to make a backup just in case. I’m almost at the end of Kotori’s route and I have no intentions of doing the whole thing again if my save file gets corrupted for some reason.
    I know where the steam version stores it’s save files but this is not the steam version. I would really appreciate the help.
    Thanks in advance, w1n.

  22. MR77 says:

    did i need to download this before download the uncensored one?? i mean theres is uncensored patch in this site so did i need to download this??

  23. w1n1x says:

    Can someone please answer my question? Where are the save files located ?

  24. Phil says:

    I installation Start , everything was fine , but when i double click the .exe in the game root , it say (0xc000007b error) i already got this error multiple time in the pass though . but i don’t know what to do right now .

  25. rebornmanx4778 says:

    can someone help me. what do i do if theres a white screen but the music is playing in the background is it frozen? what do i do?

  26. rebornmanx4778 says:

    what do i do if the background sound is playing but the screen is white. is it an error or did it freezes can somebody help me.

  27. Funcsen says:

    Hey guys,
    im sorta troubled here –

    i downloaded both, the game and the patch and installed them correctly but the only thing that appears to drive me crazy is that my computer shuts down after playing like 5min? am i the only one here? D;

    ps.: sorry for my bad english, it sorta became rusty over the last years…

    thanks and cheers

  28. Okabe says:

    I am not sure but when I open the setup it hangs and does not open ?

  29. ki090 says:

    Hey guys i want to find out if anyone else is having a problem playing the game in widow size I’ve tried to in start up menu and in the game but just stays in full screen mode everything else works anybody can i help me with this

  30. Person says:

    Well when i first came to this sit i thought it was a ripoff but i got Nekopara and it works perfactly so why not try this one owo

  31. Cocoa says:

    Is there any chance the sequel of if my heart had wings gonna be here?? you know like snow present and diary chance of flight.

  32. KimiKo says:

    does this include Sweet Love?

  33. Kitsuneloli says:

    Soo, I’m just asking this here since it would probably be easier than search through my whole computer. Does any of you know what was name of the default location of the install software? Since I kind of derp’d and while installing game just pressed continue without looking where it installed itself.

  34. Pockyman says:

    So I get to the part where you decide on whose swimsuit looks best then later start seeing errors pop up and start noticing that the characters stop showing up when they start talking ? is this a known issue orr?

    • VNs says:

      I met the same problem before. The only way I know to solve it is reinstalling (you may put your save files elsewhere first). If not, then you will get black screen for the let of the game. I don’t know if this is helpful, just hope it is.

  35. Reiss says:

    Hello..im new to this site…and i tried to install this game…it worked however when i play the game…the character doesnt show in the screen or is this game originally like that?

    sry for my bad english

  36. ViktorStagnetti says:

    This VN is graphically intensive for some reason. I couldn’t even get through one route because my laptop kept overheating. Only VN I’ve ever had problems with.

  37. GNThor says:

    I keep getting “xinput1_3.dll is missing” what does this mean?

  38. Kevin says:

    This translation is kinda weird? I know some Japanese and i know for sure that oppai doesn’t mean eyes lol. Is there going to be a fix for this? Also is sweet love going to be done for this game as well?

  39. RIP says:

    Installed the thing and applied the patch but none of the character sprites were popping up. They were talking as usual but there were no sprites. Also got a window for some kinda error that just kept popping up everytime I advanced for another dialogue. The error was classified as ‘legacy’ (wtf?) and the description was a bunch of Japanese. Anyone know what this is?

    • admin says:

      Patch (unlike base game) requires Japanese locale to install and run – without it, game is unable to load sprites and other assets, resulting in symptoms as you described. Reinstall the game and patch with Japanese locale (see FAQ for instructions) and it will run fine.

      • Anon says:

        Had the same problem. But I tried running the game through applocale without reinstalling, and so far, the sprites are showing up just fine.

  40. Bruno Zarate says:

    is the flight diary of IMHHW being released too or not yet???

  41. Ron says:

    can anyone tell me how to fix the Legacy Error glitch???

  42. shinobu-sama says:

    guys i’m playing the limited edition of if my heart had wings and after i finished the first flight route. to see the ending i have to buy the other routes. i really want to finish this.

    can you help me unlock all the routes for free?
    can you share a hacked all routes version?

    thank you for the help 🙂

  43. Nhoj Eel says:

    Does anyone know if Flight Diary or Snow Presents is being translated (close to being finished)? Looked around on the internet but it doesn’t seem like it or unless they are being translated but just in secret…
    Played the main game(18+ version) and it is literally one of the best, if not best VN/Eroge that I’ve ever played. I wanna play the other 2 so bad. Lol
    Would be nice to know the progress of either Flight Diary or Snow Presents


  44. Hamdan says:

    I wonder if in the all-ages version there is kissing/hugging scene

  45. uNs7oPaBL3 says:

    nice after i finish up Princess Evengele this will be the next LN on the list to play

  46. Anon says:

    This is turning out to be one of the best VN/eroges I’ve played. But the horrible translations are ruining the experience. I barely understand Japanese, but even I can tell that the translations are inaccurate a lot of times. It get’s especially bad once the individual arcs of the girls start. The translations are either rough paraphrases that don’t capture the tone of the original dialogue, and sometimes they come off as disjointed gibberish. Not to mention, the complete disregard for honorifics. As a result, at one point in Kotori’s arc, when the characters in the group were having a discussion about how to address each other (first name/last name, with/without honorifics), the translators did the dumbest thing you could possibly do. They completely fucking changed the dialogues, and instead made it look as if they were talking about Kotori’s wheelchair.

    Long story short, I wish there was a patch for this game with a different translation.

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