Heart De Roommate

Heart De Roommate

Due to a number of unfortunate incidents, Yusuke is left without a place to live when he transfers to his new school. Where will he go? Then to his surprise, he runs into his childhood friend Asumi. Misunderstanding Yusuke’s situation, she escorts him back to her girls’ school dorm and announces to her astonished roommates that Yusuke will be living with them! It sounds like heaven for Yusuke, but it’s not: the other girls make him take care of the cleaning and cooking, and he also has to wear a girl’s uniform to hide their secret. Tough luck for Yusuke, but over time he starts enjoying life with his cute roommates. What he never expected was where his ever-growing passion towards these pretty girls would take him…

An innovative and beautiful dating-sim game created by famous illustrator Deguchi Yosuke and Japanese game publisher Angel Smile, this multi-path game is organized into 26 anime-style episodes, with accurate bumpers, “eye catch” pauses for TV commercials, and “in the next episode” previews.

English game download:

88 Responses to “Heart De Roommate”

  1. fuckensickcunn1 says:

    love this game its awesome

  2. Uurrrgh says:

    Something must be wrong with these files. Downloaded all four parts, and extracted the two disc images without receiving any errors. Disc 1 always burns with errors, but installation seems to go successfully. Also attempted mounting it, and it again seems to install fine. But when you actually launch the program it pops up a window saying it can’t find the CD-ROM.

  3. Wah says:

    How to extract all 4? The first part 1 extraction was ok but the second part 2 one said need to replace, what should i do?

  4. Wah says:

    Nvm, my previos comment ive found out how to do everything now but whats left is it says reinsert the cd to play everytime. why reinsert. ive tried it so many times but nothing happened pls tell me what to do

  5. Wah says:

    I put in disc 2 but it said, ‘Please eject and re-insert the CD-ROM, select OK and restart application’. i tried doing it but nothing happened. Any suggestions?

  6. ugh says:

    i installed this successfully, but whenever i try to play it, it tells me to insert the proper disc, even though i have both mounted

  7. whoknows says:

    For everyone who has had the problem for when the game asks for the cd rom simply follow these steps
    1. Load the second disc first using daemon tools
    2. Copy the files and them to a blank cd disc
    3. Once you have it burned just run the first disc game setup and when it tells you to insert the game disc insert the cd that has the second disc files burned on it

  8. lexkierw says:

    hey guys i need some help. when i mount the games everything goes perfect, but when i play it doesn’t load the voices, and with this particular game it doesn’t load the sound effects neither. some help?

  9. Shizer says:

    Good day everyone I have a little bit problem here, I installed the first disc using Daemon tools no problem then I mount again disc 2 and played there but every time the game start when I clicked the Start button it crashes. Any advice guys??

  10. Rene says:

    Nevermind, found a no-cd crack. Works perfectly now.

  11. guy says:

    to fix just use daemon tools to mount disc 1 then install with that. (i generally install somewhere easy to find, for me that is my D: Drive.)

    Google heart de roommate no cd crack and click the first link should be gamecopyworld (if im not allowed to post that, sorry).

    Click the language you want (english and russian were the ones that were there) then download the crack.

    Then its just a matter of extracting the files, (HEARTUS.EXE and a .nfo file.)

    Open a new window to where you installed the game and drag HEARTUS.EXE from the crack into the installed file and let it replace the one in there.

    Now it should work 🙂

    • notaguy says:

      Doesnt work.

    • FreakQuency says:

      Thanks, it’s working now

    • Michiko says:

      I can access the site, but I can’t download the crack… I’m always redirected to the first page of the site whenever I click the English no-CD crack… And I can’t find other places to download it… do you know anywhere else I can download it…? Or, if possible, just upload copies of the cracked .exe file you got in various file-sharing sites so that more people can access it…? Thanks a lot and good day (or night, wherever you are on the globe.)

  12. Anon says:

    This game will not work in Windows 10 without a no-CD crack. The game requires the SecDrv service to be running, and all modern versions of Windows have had this disabled as insecure. Older versions of Windows can be forced to load the service anyway with an elevated command prompt, but Win10 cannot.

  13. Red Riot says:

    The game doesn’t have Music/BGM? Just voices. Can someone help me fix it (if it’s not natural)

    • Red Riot says:

      Okay looks like the game itself has no background music, just voices. By the way, for those who have finished the game ( 3 different main routes) if you finish all the routes ending up ONLY at episode 13 and it places you back at the title screen, the game is NOT finished. You just choose the bad end, there is a walkthrough for this(i recommend the walkthrough from IGN.com) and if you follow it , regardless of the route you’re taking you’ll unlock Episode 14 “title: all girls secret meeting. After the episode you’ll be able to continue the story up until episode 26…….. This game is a bit complex (at routes) as to why i’m surprised by it. Good luck!

  14. Dark Chocobo says:

    Probably one of the best VNs that i have encountered so far (like lucy ThEternitySheWishedFor) this game teaches us the importance of friendship and and also makes us feel the sadness of looking back at ones PRECIOUS memories from the past. The game doesn’t have sounds but the flow of the story was enough to convince me to like it. Hope they make more games like this. 🙂

  15. Dark Chocobo says:

    Was satisfied with the conclusion that tomoe’s route was the best, but after finishing asumi’s route and unlocking her special ending “the place where the sun sets…” (can only be unlocked when finished all 5 routes) damn it shot right through me, i can clearly see the gap between the routes that i’ve finished, and without any hesitation to conclude that her route was the best. Really unexpected that it made drop some tears.

  16. Red Riot says:

    I agree with you on that one!

  17. StoneSlayer says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by this game. From the description, I was expecting another trashy, thinly disguised porn game; I installed it hoping it would serve as a fun cooldown between more serous/mature games. I thought it would just be a joke, but I was very wrong.

    Despite the somewhat unrealistic and childish premise (a boy being “forced” to live in a girl’s dorm, wear dresses, and serve as their slave), the end game was actually more realistic and had higher maturity level than a lot of other games I’ve played.

    Also, for all those saying there isn’t sound… My version had voice acting, sound effects, and really loud music. If you right click and go to properties, you can access the sound controls (unfortunately the volume control for music doesn’t work, so you can either have it ludicrously loud or off).

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