ef – the first tale

ef - the first tale
Otowa, a city once razed by a devastating earthquake and the resultant fires.
A beautiful European cityscape now marks the present, as if it were from a fairy tale; almost as if to mask the memories of that calamity…

Prologue: A beginning of the story “ef – a fairy tale of the two.”
The night before Christmas.
A man visited a church in Otowa.
He was to fulfill a promise made in the distant past.
A woman greeted him.
The two of them calmly talked about their bygone days.
“Each step of life would be taken together.”
“That was what we thought.”
“But then…”
“Our hands drifted apart, yet they arrived here through unique paths.”

What happened in the time they were separated?
They were there to find out.
The girl said,
“It was during this time, one year ago.
Those doors opened, and he wandered in from the cold. It was a lone young man.
A part of him resembled you… Yes, there was a pining essence within.
That may be why I acted the way I did.
For a short time, I thought I would involve myself in his fairy tale.”

Chapter 1: Otowa – Winter
Hiro Hirono is not only a full-time student, but also a professional shoujo manga artist. On the night of Christmas Eve, he happened upon two women.
The first, Yuuko Amamiya, was a mysterious lady who continued to wait for someone at the church.
The other, Miyako Miyamura, was a girl who had her purse stolen and snatched Hiro’s bicycle to pursue the culprit.
This winter, Hiro will waver between his artistic dreams and the reality of school.
Upon seeing each other again at Otowa Collegiate, Miyako presented Hiro this question: “It’s all too much for one person. Can’t you just run away from it all?”
He will be charmed by the free-spirited Miyako, who is bound by nothing.
However, there is yet another girl with her eyes on him: Kei Shindou, whom he thinks of as a sister and a childhood friend.
This driven and confident girl, a starter of the basketball team despite her short stature, will try to show Hiro another path.
These students will coalesce within this idyllic school life.
Their relationships will be taken a step further, yet what has tied them together is about to become hopelessly tangled.
The choice between dreams and reality…
His heart torn between two girls…
Hiro must find a single solution for these two conflicts.

Chapter 2: Otowa – Summer
Half a year after the events of the first chapter, the passage of time brings both new relationships and the birth of a new tale.
The girl who became hurt by the events at the conclusion of winter met a young man named Kyousuke Tsutsumi.
A cameraman in the film club, he was usually rather aloof, but the objective view passing through his lens didn’t overlook a fairy tale that hadn’t quite seen its finale.
Hiro Hirono had grown since the first chapter, and Yuuko Amamiya was still waiting.
While watching over everyone, she took it upon herself to take action once more.

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  1. nottellin says:

    I already bought the game, but thanks to some inexplicable bug with the DRM, I can’t activate it, so I have to resort to this. Could someone tell me which file contains the cracked executable? That’s all I need.

  2. zed says:

    When will the “ef – the latter tale”? She came out on December 20. I know that there is a full version, but I like more work Mangagamer.

  3. Tsuki_Ouji says:

    Hey, do I need to play this or “a fairy tale for two” first? I can’t find any list of the proper chronology…

    • asuraicHermit says:

      chronologically this takes place first I believe, but there isn’t much continuity outside a few recurring characters, so you might wanna play this first.

  4. Stanley says:

    I can’t download the 2.0GB far, is anyone going to renew the link? Or it’s my problem over here?

  5. dj says:

    Hey, i’ve tried to download the multivolume da-free rar twice and each time i’ve gotten the error ‘bg.paz is corrupted’ when i extract the game and try to install. This could be just a problem for me with my hard drive or downloading, but if the admin could check it out or if someone else has found this i’d appreciate some feedback

  6. NARA says:

    Please reupload the DA-1click link

  7. NARA says:

    Please reupload the DA-1click link


  8. Chris Shade says:

    Holy Shit! The censoring on this is the most original I have ever seen! Invisible shlong!

  9. triv says:

    Semi-spoilers ahead, warning+++
    last warning
    OK, so I’ve played maybe two dozen VNs by now, and it bothers me that this VN has such a good reputation. Sure the art is nice but the story and characters make me downright angry.
    Especially Miyako and Hiro, the first heroine path and protagonist. Midway through the first half of the game, Miyako reveals an ugly side so ugly, and does something so unforgivable, it had me actually cursing the bitch outright. That wouldn’t have been a problem if we were able to make Hiro do the right thing and dump her, possibly also spit in her face. But Hiro just forgives her, despite possibly doing the worst thing she could have possibly done to his pseudo-sister and long time best friend.

    As a result, I have to completely flunk the story of Miyako – 0/10. GARBAGE. It’s a childish story of jealousy, pettiness, bitch teens and other shitty little things that makes you wonder why the developers wanted to tell such a daft little story about awful people.

    Kei’s story makes it almost worth it, the way she is able to get back her confidence after public humiliation and the scum she is surrounded by. But it’s somewhat soiled by the second protagonist’s weak/ flimsy motivation to get involved with her. 6/10.

    This has me annoyed as all hell, and I’m in no rush to play the second “tale”. This is like the VN version of Twilight. Utterly reprehensible – a story for small minds. If you’re a sociopath you might enjoy it.
    Overall story: 2.5/10.
    Characters: 2/10
    Music: 7/10
    Art: 8/10
    Translation: 9/10
    Total verdict: 4.5/10

    • Kinder Bueno says:

      I believe the game could have been good if we had a clever ending between Hiro and Key. Those two are make for each other, I think.

  10. reaper says:

    it keeps asking for a product id and wont play unless i enter one please help.

    • asuraicHermit says:

      Yeah, I’m getting the same thing when I try to run the game directly from the files it installed. When I try to run it through the other exe (The crack I think) It says something did not install. I’ve tried this several times and made sure to tell my anti-virus software not to scan any of the associated files when I run (It keeps coming up a false positive for a trojan and being overactive Mcafee, refuses to let me remove the quarantine, forcing me to delete and reinstall if it does) Is there supposed to be a CD Key or am I not using the right execoutable? Which file is it? And you do have to install it, correct?

    • MR BATMAN says:

      Okay for anyone in the future that’s having this problem…
      you see the crack shortcut?… copy it then go to Local disk C proram FILES Minori(Note:I just written the default location on my pc, but just look for the file location of Ef) then click the ef file then paste the crack there….

  11. Akaya says:

    Virustotal and Avira say that there is a virus in the Setup. Is it safe, and when not, what can I do against it?

    • asuraicHermit says:

      I’m getting the same problem. It’s an artemis trojan, right? It’s in the setup file, so it won’t run. This is weird, because none of the other ones on this site have that, so it’ might be something planted by the translators. Whatever the case, it won’t run because of this. Admin, please see what you can do about finding a different release or fixing this one.

      • asuraicHermit says:

        So it turns out that somebody says an internal file or folder just happens to use the same folder that an old version of Artemis uses. That is Artemis uses this folder to look convincing but this one is in fact clean and teh original whatever used before Artemis did, and my security software’s having a false alarm. Unfortunately, I learned this after I deleted the game from my computer. Guess who has to waste another week re-downloading this?!

        • TheRandomCat says:

          can anyone else confirm this? I’m a bit worried about this since my avira is also reading the 1st part as a virus

          • admin says:

            Every game posted on this site is manually verified before being posted. I haven’t uploaded a single virus in past six years this site has been offline.
            The executable is exactly the same as official one you get by buying the game from Mangagamer (minus DRM component ofc). If in doubt, you can send the .exe sample to your antivirus vendor, who will manually verify it and update their database to whitelist it.

  12. Someone says:

    Well, just wondering. I haven’t started the game yet but since I’m not 18 yet, I’m hesitating. What is about this VN that makes it a 18+ ? Because I sometimes find some games that are for 18+ but only contain a few agressive (not in a sexual way) scenes. So, is this game also that way? Oh! And does it or does it not contain any “sexual contents”since it’s not written anywhere. Anyway, thank you for uploading it !

  13. Satan says:

    wow remember watching the anime of this guess time to check out this game loved the anime.

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