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Yuuko Amamiya, a mysterious girl dressed like a nun, and Yu Himura, a mysterious gentleman who is somehow attached to the church where Yuuko first appears, are having a reunion in a church during Christmas time. Despite her attire, Yuuko is not affiliated with the church. She always appears generally out of no where, and disappears just as quickly in various places throughout the story to talk with Hiro or other characters and give them advice.

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  1. CC says:

    I downloaded the game and installed it but there is no music. does it really have no music or something? Help anyone?

  2. dolfo says:

    I finally finish the game but where is the CG and sound gallery why i can’t unlock

  3. Sarsak says:

    I have finished the first tale but the openings aren’t shown, they’re just black screens. I could hear the music, I just can’t see the video.

  4. SpikeEye says:

    The background-picture on erogedownload dot com… is that just a custom picture not related to any VN, or is there a/VN’s with those characters?

  5. Madoka says:

    I still never got this one working…
    Still just got the microsoft error when i program dont respond… never managed to work that one out

  6. Penumbra says:

    I couldn’t figure out why the background music wasn’t working either, if someone comes up with a fix, would they let us know?

  7. Mydemo says:

    Still no way to make the background music working? I could only play bgm with test button in config

    • nitzkie says:

      Well, I think you’d still need CCCP for audio issues. But if you’re willing to wait (as I am), wait for the official release from Mangagamer. Its very close (from a reputable source)

  8. TiarTiz says:

    its not working T^T always got this mocrosoft error

  9. Keiichi says:

    Is this both the first and latter tale or just the first tale? The English version is listed as “ef – a fairy tale of the two” on vndb so I’m not quite sure. Thanks in advance.

    • Keiichi says:

      And yes, I know the “ef – a fairy tale of the two” is the title given to the series of two games, I’m just making sure of whether or not it’s both games or not since it was nagging at me.

  10. blueman says:

    ok when i try to download the VN from DA it downloads but then it suddenly stops or it says it completed the download but its didnt acctually complete it im not sure if im the only one with this problem it also happens on other VN

  11. Sil says:

    ah, sorry, i mean, part 5-6 are dead.

  12. RaveL says:

    I guess its ef-tales of memories or melodies

  13. X.K. says:

    It might be just me, but aren’t links screwed? Says sth about…file not found and stuff.

  14. Vorthod says:

    does this run a similar storyline to the anime “ef – a tale of memories”? it looks like it has the same characters at least

  15. Rika says:

    Hi there ~
    I who have watched the anime, I can say without hesitation that I love Yuuko. So I would like to know if there was a way Yuuko / Yuu, or just those of Hiro and Renji O:
    *Sorry if my english is bad, I’m french so i used Google Traduction >.<*

  16. Andres says:

    igot an issue i can’t install the game it’s tell that the save file is corrupted or something

  17. Sephiroth says:

    will torrent be uploaded at any point? thanks for the work

  18. Mr. Hamn says:

    When I tried to install, during installation, I end up with an error:

    An external program did not run correctly. Program: rezip

  19. The Krypt Angel says:

    For those with the no music issues… Assuming that the game is a disc image once extracted (I don’t know becuz I haven’t downloaded it) but if it is after you’ve installed explore the disc and find the file for the BGM and manually copy it to the game directory to see if it fixes it. I had a similar no music issue with another game and doing this fixed the problem

  20. fac3l3ss says:

    Download and installation worked without any problems and the game itself runs just fine, even with music, however I have one issue that makes it unplayable to some degree.
    Right from the beginning there is some pretty loud background noise/static looping 2-3 times a second which is very very annoying. Fiddling around with the audio options didn’t help in any way and i cant figure out the source of the noise. I am running Windows 7 with CCCP and (perhaps thats the reason) a Asus Xonar DX sound card.
    Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? I would really appreciate some help here as i was really looking forward to the game and everything else i downloaded works just fine. So on that note, big thanks to the Admin here 🙂

  21. kanji says:

    For those with “no music” issues, I’ll reiterate what someone has already said:
    There is no music in the menu or during the first few minutes of the game. If you can hear the test music in options, you’ll likely hear music where you’re supposed to.

  22. c says:

    when try to install the game it says: ef_Lite_Data_[nnl].cnd was no found in the current directory

    but the file was there so i dont know what to do

    if someone knows please respond

  23. Reiha says:

    can’t install the game, windows is giving me a critical error, something about updateclient.exe, using win xp if that helps

  24. tusz says:

    The game freeze after the 2. tale, so i cant get to the 3. and 4.
    Its wierd, the game is otervise fine, but after the 2. part there is a movie that i can’t see, its black, i only hear music, then it freeze.
    Pls help! Thx

  25. kurt says:

    can anybody tell me how to mount the image ??

    i am using daemon tools , buat i cannot seems to mount the cnd file ??

  26. pramit says:

    If you are having problems with the voices, apart from suggestions by other people in this page, try putting ur Ef directory directly under the C drive (C:\ef)

    • A grateful man says:

      Thanks so much for this! I had been looking everywhere for a fix for this! Though I’m not sure why putting it in c drive does anything, I’m thankful nonetheless!

  27. Yakumo says:

    This game is just ef – the first tale and ef – the latter tale combined into one, right? So why are the downloads for the other two games on this site so large compared to this one? Did the Mangagamer versions add something?

  28. Thanks for uploader says:

    Thanks! this game works great
    I installed this game at D directory and it works, I don’t have any problem about Music Voice BGM or SFX
    There is no music on the main menu and for a few minute at the first of game, so keep playing for a while.
    You can test sound in option menu, if it work, you shouldn’t have a problem
    sorry for my bad english

  29. Walao says:

    Admin, will you upload the new version combining the first and latter tale just released by Mangagamer?

  30. Lindo says:

    If I already have the first and latter tale, I wouldn’t be needing this, right?

    • admin says:

      Yes, it’s older, fantranslated version that joined both games into one. Later on, official, more polished, translation came out.

  31. SA says:

    excuse me, it is Japanese ver or English ver?
    thank you

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