Takumi is a high school student. He is withdrawn and is not interested in 3D things. In his town, a mysterious serial murder case happens and people get panicked. One day, when he chats on the internet, a man suddenly contacts him and gives him an URL. He goes to the website and finds a blog image that suggests a next murder case…. On the next day, it really happens….

Chaos;Head Game download:

Serial number (needed during installation): 000-702-000-114

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  1. Raykorn says:

    Actually, after translating it does not work. If someone know how to repair that problem I’ll be glad if he could contact me.

  2. MadNinja says:

    Got the game working on my first try. If you’re having trouble, HikariNoYami’s post near the top (the first page) really helps. The crass file is found on tranlator’s page (Google Chaos Head Translation and it should be the first link). Hopefully, you should get it working by following the instructions. For me, I have to run the exe using Applocal (run japanese with admin). Absolutely great story. Too bad it had a terrible anime adaptation. Definitely a game I would recommend. Keeps you on your toes and messes with your mind.

    whose eyes are those eyes

  3. lucifer says:

    please help me he told me to install a device

  4. Keio says:

    Hi, first of all thanks a lot for sharing this game. The patch worked wonderfully and also thanks for the “crass guide” back there. But I have one small problem, this probably seem like silly question but how do you go into fullscreen mode? The usual Alt+Enter does not work for me and there aren’t any fullscreen/windowed option in the config menu either. Thanks in advance.

    • Keio says:

      Ah nevermind, that was silly indeed. I figured it out already. >.<

      • Sam_as always :D says:

        Finallllllllyyyyyyyyyyy… I can play this VN.
        The art is great. Sound is terrific.
        But i will play it later, i want to finish cross channel and clannad first.
        To everyone who can’t install this just follow the step above. I’m using Win 8 and so far is good.
        And don’t forget to make sure your directx is new one coz this is 2008 VN. Just try it. 😀

        • Mace of spades says:

          cross channel was definitely a good one, love the concept behind it. I am currently watching the anime to clannad, one of my friends that is a bit newer to the visual novel scene said he needed a walkthrough for clannad though XD

  5. M1xell says:

    Hi, I downloaded the game but I have a problem, when I click “Start” in yhe Main Menu, the screen turn black, after that it returns me to the Main Menu.

  6. Idiot 121 says:

    Hey guys, hopefully there is still someone looking at the comments. I can’t seem to get the setup for the english translation to work. Every time I run it it says that it was denied access to several directories. I have tried to run it on admin, but then it says that it is not in the game file. Thank you in advance if anyone knows what to do

  7. Idiot 121 says:

    Found my problem!

  8. Nonenglish says:

    Hi,did someone have a problem with the RC2?? it keep saying something about the \xcopy\, and then when i try to execute the chaos;head.exe, i get a blackscreen and the game close.

  9. HikariNoYami says:

    *Repost so that new comers can see*

    I’ve finally figured out how to install Chaos;Head after half a year of stocking this in the far reaches of my
    Hard Drive ..

    You’ll need :

    The game ( all six parts )
    The most recent english translation
    and the version of crass you can find in the comments ( just search through the past comments until you find a download link ( I’ll also
    try to upload it somewhere after I learn how to do it ) )

    First thing you need to do is make sure you have a ” Japanese ” locale installed .. If you don’t know what that is,
    go to your ” Regional and Language ” settings and select ” Japanese (Japan) ” from the drop down box in ” System Locale ”
    ( Don’t confuse it with ” Formats ” and ” Current Location “, You’ll find it if you look hard enough ) ..

    Now that the ” base ” is done, extract the ISO you get when you extract the 6 parts you’ve downloaded and select the CHSetup.exe

    That’ll start the install wizard, just do what you normally do when installing .. For convenience’s and organizing’s sake,
    choose another loaction for the game ( select ” browse ” when a C: something appears in the install screen .. )

    Enter the code you activation code you’ll find at the top .. If you’re too lazy, it’s ” 000-702-000-114 “, when
    that’s done, just wait for it to finish ..

    Next thing you’ll need to do is put the ” English Translation RC2 ( That’s the english patch you’ve downloaded ) ”
    in the folder you’ve chosen ( the default is in ” C: Program Files(x86)-Nitroplus “, just double click it, select yes
    when prompted, and wait for it to extract, after it’s finished, the cmd will appear, DON’T PRESS ANYTHING !!, just leave it like that,

    Go to the folder that should appear after you’ve run the English Patch named. well. ” patch ” .. Delete the ” crass ” folder ..

    After doing that, extract the crass that you’ve downloaded and move the ” crass- ” to the ” patch ” folder
    ( I don’t know if it would matter, but rename the crass- to folder to ” crass ” ) ..

    This is the nervous waiting period before the moment of truth .. Select the cmd that you’ve left untouched and press any key .. Wait until
    you’re asked to press something again ..

    The Moment of Truth is here .. Run the CH.exe, Pray, and if you see that the 5pb logo is gone and the disclaimer is in English,
    Congratulations !! you can now play this piece of art ..

    I hope I helped ..

    P.S. You’ll probably want to save a copy of the whole game folder in a hard drive or something, for safety and paranoia
    purposes ..

    ( Disclaimer : I THINK ( big emphasis on THINK, so try it without messing with your computer first )
    this might not work on Windows 7 Professional unless you’ve downloaded and run the directx_Jun2010redist
    from Microsoft ( which is very easy to do ), cause, well, Professional wasn’t made for games to begin with .. )v

  10. HikariNoYami says:

    *Repost of Helvetica Standard’s post*

    Helvetica Standard says:
    July 11, 2012 at 3:24 am
    To all people with trouble here’s a condensed guide in order to run ChaosHead on Windows 7/Windows vista.

    Thanks to HikariNoYami, for most of the info
    here goes:

    before installing and all, make sure of the following:

    -Change your system locale to Japanese language
    do this under control panel/language settings
    (any doubts on this google it)

    -Update DirectX! (seriously most of you don’t know this or you simply ignore it)
    -Update your video card’s drivers (this should be common knowledge!)
    *IMPORTANT: LOW END/SOME INTEGRATED CHIPS/VERY OLD VIDEO CARDS WON’T WORK WITH THIS GAME (your best bet is to update your hardware, sorry.)
    -download and install the latest audio/video codec packs (divx codec packs work great)

    -Make sure you are the admin/have admin rights
    -if possible avoid running apps or other background programs while installing/playing.

    Download the fixed patch crass- (Hikari provided a MF link, browse the comments to find it. If you’re feeling lazy here’s the link he posted:

    ( http: ) //www (.) mediafire (.) com/?i42heldagc6na2t
    Delete all the ( )s and spaces

    Hold onto this patch for now, we will cover it in the guide.

    Now we can proceed to the guide:

    -Mount ISO with Daemon tools (if you don’t have it google it and download it, I personally recommend “Daemon Tools Lite”)
    -Run setup exe
    -enter serial 000-702-000-114
    -Install normally, don’t launch game yet
    -Put English patch english translation RC2 in game folder and run it.
    -A CMD window will pop up.When prompted to press any key to continue DON’T DO ANYTHING, instead open the newly created “patch” folder and erase the “crass” folder
    -Remember the fixed patch that i told you to hold onto? well, extract its contents then copy the newly extracted folder called “crass-″ to “patch” folder and rename it to “crass”
    -return to CMD menu and press any key, then wait for the
    patch to be applied. Press any key when prompted
    -Replace the exe with the cracked version (it’s the exe that’s inside the “Crack” folder)
    -Launch the game
    if the game’s not in english:
    a)you screwed up during the CMD installation. REMEMBER TO follow the instructions and BE PATIENT don’t close the damn window!
    b)your language locale is not japanese, make sure it does and leave it like that.
    -FOR WINDOWS 7 USERS ONLY! (do this if you have trouble launching the game(NO game screen/window visible upon opening the exe)
    -run the game “as admin” and under compatibility mode for “Windows vista””


    Thanks for helping the other players out like I wanted to Helvetica Standard .. If you see this post then know that you have my extreme gratitude and that I would like to add you in my FB account ..

    • anon93 says:

      You guys are life savers. I would have gone insane trying to figure that out myself. Im horrible with comp stuff

    • Kudryavka says:

      Okay, thx a lot for posting this, but…
      I’ve followed ALL of your advices, but when I click on “Start” the screen turns black 2-3 seconds and then shows the menu again.
      Moreover, when I press my “Escape” key, there are the yellow “DO NOT CROSS” lines but no pop-up to quit the game…

      Any idea how to fix it ?

    • binhbinh says:

      Thank you, you’re the best !!

  11. JayVeeDee says:

    Hey there is a problem with part 6 ? I can’t download it 🙁

  12. Saxz says:

    It seems I can’t load my save game at chapter 7…
    It always crash and so on…
    Did that happen to you all??

  13. KaykoSan says:

    Hey guys have Windows 8 64bit and a little problem here. Could install the game and get it to work with english text, BUT i cant get the Videos to work, which is a major problem. Cause alone in the beginning Scene i cant read half of the text, it just skipps this whole scene, then it skips right to chapter 1, so at least 1/3 of the initial scene is missing. Pls help im desperate to play this

  14. Xalty says:

    So, I downloaded all the parts and have done everything up to the part where I need to replace the crass-folder. However, the link in the install-guide no longer works, as mediafire claims that the archive is damaged. Thus, I can’t get my hand on the updated version which I need.

    Any help? Like someone who still has the file might be able to upload it anew? Iunno… I really wanted to try this game, since I was so disappointed with the anime-adaption. ;<

  15. Akawani says:

    I’ve done everyrthing according to the guides posted above and it actually works (it starts and the main menu is on english and stuff). But when I click on ‘Start’, the screen shortly becomes black as if it would start but then goes back to the main menu … any help? :/

    • RedSky says:

      same case here. I followed all the instructions above and the game ran. however, after start, the screen went black and then returned tot he main menu… help please

  16. Jose says:

    hello, i have done everything as the last guide says…the game ok a can see the intro and the opening of the vn but after tha opening there is a little intro (i dont know) that says whose eyes… after that when he is sit and look that moment the game down and appear a window “CHAOS;HEAD stop working” and it doesnt run anymore :S
    someone who can help me please. i wanna read this vn and im trying since 3 days ago to play it T.T

    • Jose says:

      i forgot… when i installed it worked fine but that night i fall asleep and i dont know who i saved tha game when he was explainig about him…in morning i loaded and it didnt worked…since then i couldnt back at that part of the story because it close before that :S.
      i have window 7 and it is a netbook.

  17. paolo says:

    wtf, how to download this? it sucks when i click the link and choose regular download wont start -_-
    any other download link ?

  18. ナイトハルト says:


  19. RedSky says:

    Uhh, the sprites won’t show. I think it has something to do with me not having the LCS patch (btw, this happens regardless of whether I turn on LCS or not). The mediafire links provided before are dead.. can someone reupload please? thanks

  20. Croxion says:

    Is this for the 15+ one? I want to make sure before advancing through the game without knowing that there is mild content somewhere along the way. Violence is okay, but I’d prefer not to have the mild content and would like to consider this a work-safe game. Seeing all those recommendations just urges me to play it.

  21. EpixAura says:

    I just get error 1522 every time. I’ve reinstalled it several times, and am using Japanese locale. Any help?

  22. Dudeski says:

    Game doesn’t work for me. At all. If I run the installer, it pops up in the task manager for a few seconds, and then shuts down immediately. I downloaded several preinstalled games from other websites, and have the same issues running the EXE. Help?

    • tsutsu says:

      I have the same problem! I don’t know what the problem is. The strange thing is that I had this game running fine a couple years ago then uninstalled it. And now it won’t even do the initial setup properly.

  23. EdgertPoot says:

    Was just wondering if anyone who had it working has had issues with seemingly random long pauses in between dialogue. Majority of the game works with no issues, so this has left me drawing a blank. Only happened early on with conversation with his sister but then happened later a few other times and right now it’s seemingly non stop later in the story with Rimi and the two detectives.

    This issue is pretty much gamebreaking as I don’t enjoy reading 2-3 lines and then having to wait 1-2 minutes to see the next repeatedly for hours.

    Haven’t really had problems with any VNs or other software so I’m drawing a blank here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, this has been one of my favorite reads and would be really bummed to drop it because of this.

    As always, I apologize for the long post.

    • ultimatesaladdressing says:

      Same problem here, it get’s annoying with those unreasonably long pauses and all. Any help would be appreciated.

    • その目、だれの目? says:

      The long pauses between dialogues are caused by missing sprites. I had the same problem and the LCS Patch fixed it.
      You probably have the game set to Lingerie mode despite not having installed the above patch.
      From the title screen, click on Config and go to the menu for Display Settings/Version Info. Look at the bottom of the screen, there should be a small section called \Lingerie Conversion System\. On the left site of that section there are two options: Normal mode and Lingerie mode. If Lingerie mode is checked, then that is causing your problem, you have to check Normal mode. If Normal mode is checked and you still can’t see any sprites during the dialogue, then you have to download the LCS Patch.
      As the Readme suggests, you need to install the LCS Patch before the translation, so you’ll have to reinstall your game. After applying the patch both Normal and Lingerie mode should be working and you can finally see the girls that you’re talking to. In their underwear.
      Further proof that eroge is the most artistic medium of our time.

  24. CASIS55 says:

    Same case like Akawani
    I followed all the instructions above and the game ran.But when I click on ‘Start’the screen went black and then returned to the main menu…

    • CASIS55 says:

      Never mind, i fix my problem xD

    • Nano says:

      I’m having the same issue :O Could you please share with me what you did to fix it?

      • Nano says:

        XD nevermind…I found out how to get it to work…though the music doesn’t seem to be working…

        • EP01 says:

          Did you get it past the start menu by running it through AppLocale on Win7? It’s not even starting when I try that.

          • EP01 says:

            Ahh, think I found it. In Region and Language Settings, I was setting the language dropdown to Japanese under the Formats tab, when I actually needed to do ‘change system locale’ under the Administrative tab (Language for non-unicode programs) and restart. Oops. After that it works regularly and through AppLocale.

  25. ultimatesaladdressing says:

    Is it just me or is the opening video supposed be only using 1/3 of the screen when in full screen?

  26. Blaxk says:

    I can’t get mine to go full screen

  27. Blaxk says:

    Figured out Full screen. I did everything, the game plays great. But the only part in english so far was the conversation when she was stabbing him on the ground did I do something wrong?

  28. Fate says:

    Why is everyone so fucking dumb?
    this is easy to install and run compared to other shit.

  29. Daiki says:

    yea! it happened to me too!!! >:(
    you fuo d out the solution yet?

  30. alden_0023 says:

    Can anyone help?

    I was able to install it but when I run the game, it crashes shortly after starting the first chapter. I can’t seem to figure out what happened. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  31. Shogun says:

    I followed all the instructions properly and got the game running. But as some of the others have already said, I don’t see the sprites (I can’t believe I realized this after 5 chapters in) and there are random pauses between some lines.

    Any help is appreciated.

  32. Friscoboya says:

    Can someone help me?d after a certain point in the game, whenever i save in a game, when i try to load it, theres en error.

  33. Alias says:

    okay so i got this working on my XPS-M1530 Running Vista OS
    And it seemed to be working fine until the murder scene
    towards the beginning when it started the pausing/lagging
    then this became continuous during the scene where takumi’s sister was introduced, so i took all of the necessary files and moved them to a crappy win7 laptop and the lag went away
    but the sound(voices and music) stopped working,so again i moved it to an older laptop with XP and it solved the lagging/Pausing but it refused to render part of the opening
    and the opening movie.

  34. subhajit says:

    I wonder if there is an alternative suitable ending to this game other than Takumi getting killed by Rimi in the end.

  35. squiddy says:

    To those who are getting the black screen with music after starting Caos Head, what you need to do is take the cg.npa file out of the npa backup folder and put it in the game folder. When you start the game you will get the warning in japanese and all the stuff will be in japanese till you press start. The text should be english from there on. Unfortunatly all the cgs will probably be in japanese but the cg folder from the patch will have all the translated ones so reference it. The controls will be in japanese but again, reference the cg folder from the patch. Also part 7 is bugged and you will need to play through the entire chapter thing in one sitting. This is just a cruddy work around but it satisfies me.

  36. tagg says:

    I’ve downloaded this game on this same computer and it worked fantastically. Unfortunately, I took the computer to a specialist to get it checked for a virus and then man checked it, confirmed the virus, and proceeded to wipe my laptop. My files were encrypted and he couldn’t recover them. So now, I’ve downloaded the game again, but I got the black screen problem this time where the background music plays and I can’t close the program without restarting the laptop. I followed what squiddy said and it’s working now, but it’s a little frustrating knowing that the CGs will be in Jap. Is there any way I can get the game working like it had been in the beginning? Could I be missing something?

  37. Mehiel says:

    Hi guys, the links for the Underwear patch are all dead, could someone re-upload them please?… thanks!

  38. taku says:

    Can anyone upload the “crass-”

  39. Itha-san says:

    Okay… well… I’ll try to get this running… but not today, and not in the near future. I need a day when I have lots of positive feelings, energy drinks and time. Also a lot of patience, or my keyboard might suffer… I don’t want that.
    Finally I may need some weed to keep calm enough… at least after reading all those comments I’m sure that I’ll need it… ._.

    Whose eyes are those eyes.

    ~ El Psy Congroo ~

  40. Yuuki says:

    i finished installed the translator for chaos;head and well in the game after do start the game it appear a black screen and im again in the menu what should i do for start the game without problems ? and if someone know how to put fullscreen the option mode doesn’t work 🙁 thanks for the link and for who respond at my question and sorry if my english is bad XD

  41. Smokinbird says:

    i tried installing the patch many times but it failed due to no cmd spawning while istalling the patch. i freaked out till i found out that the patch file was just 40MB so i tried downloading it again and the n i found out that the link is kinda broken every download stops at c.a. 40MB admin pls help i can’t wait to play this game >.<

    • Smokinbird says:

      now it works 🙂
      I dunno if the problem was on my end or admin just fixed it but i still want to say thanks.

      Thank you Admin :*

  42. Jinxe says:

    Having issues with the translation. Only part of the game seems to be translated. I installed everything as directed and it runs fine, but the opening scene is in Japanese, then it switches to Engligh. Then once chapter 1 begins it goes back to Japanese. Help please.

  43. arevain says:

    I have same problem with that translation, maybe the cause is connected with that Jast and nitro+ had asked to stop translating the game in order to publish it in the NA market?

  44. Lokekh says:

    There appears the disclaimer and black screen afterwords with sound…

    How to solve this err?

  45. Lokekh says:


    The game isn’t in English. Can anyone help? I have followed the instructions.

  46. YOk says:

    Can someone upload crack, I accidentally deleted

  47. AnimuDude says:

    I’ve followed all instructions exactly, at first I was missing one of the parts. But after I downloaded the other one and reinstalled everything still have the same problem.

  48. ANONY says:


    I learned it the hard way ):

  49. NoThreat says:


  50. Qiury says:



    • Qiury says:

      nevermind… found the solutions (like some minutes after commenting)
      it’s looks like the patch’s problem where u can’t load save file during chapter 7 so i suggest to pass chapter 7 before u save and quit ^^

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