Captive Market

Captive Market

European style fantasy featuring Steampunk! Fullmetal tanks race around the vast earth, and an elven martial officer of great pride controls them!
BlackLilith welcomes up-and-coming illustrator L Shindo who is famous for the sensual fetism and ecstasy face for this game!
Lilith presents a sexual humiliation/training story of the elf warriors!

All heroines are with long ears!
Violations take place in a peculiar world that mixes fantasy and modern civilization.
Disgrace the strong dark elf office and high elf knight by different species sex, machine sex, brainwashing using drugs, etc.!

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288 Responses to “Captive Market”

  1. Krikk:

    what is NTLEA?

  2. waitwut:

    The second rar won’t extract properly. I am dismayed.

    • I hate Internet Explorer:

      are you using Internet Explorer? if you are you HAVE to choose “save” when downloading the first rar
      otherwise the 2nd won’t open because the first can’t be found
      probably will get the same result from deleting the thing instead of saving it till you extravt the 2nd…
      at least that seems to be the problem I had… I am currently redownloading the 1st RAR will reply again if this method fails…

  3. neonfish:

    I keep getting a blue window and syntax error when I click the Exe.

  4. Setsuna:

    anybody please help, recently my game can’t be open properly and the error sign appear (syntax error)
    anybody who knows the solutions please help!! thank you

  5. Sawa:

    I to have received the syntax error and would greatly wish to know how to fix it.

  6. Sawa:

    Nevermind I went back and read the earlier comments and found the solution. It works great now. Thanks for all your hard work. :)

  7. 007AVIAVI:

    Is this game animated?

  8. hey admin!! please help…!! we always have the same problems… it always says SYNTAX ERROR..?? whats the problem with that? i download many eroge games, some of them are the same… i wonder why? im using windows 7, i can use daemoon tools, i can handle that small screen who has black sides but i cant handle that blue screen syntax error… please help

    • Mr.New:

      check faq bro, it’s free so don’t complain so much, admin can’t always answer same and old question,

      Admin thanks for your all hard work..

  9. I hate Internet Explorer:

    …does this game need a CD image? if so… where do I get said image? because there are no image files in the DL folders

  10. Kitty:

    i can’t find an exe file anywhere and part 2 seems to be a mirror of part 1. help, anyone? i really wanna play this game!

  11. funkie fridge:

    I got to the opening screen, where you can choose prologue and main story etc. but whenever I click either of those 2 a strange pop up appears with unreadable writings etc. does anybody know the fix? waited a long time for the download to this so any help is much appreciated.

  12. shizai:

    Yeah man I dont see any button that say NTLEA Please Help

  13. Titan eren:

    how can I fuse the “free game download file, part 1, part 2″ together, So there will be one .exe file application to open.

  14. exa46:

    This is pretty interesting if i say so my self, the multiple scenes makes you want to see all of them. thanks Admin for your hard work!

  15. Puppet:

    I know this is a bit too late but if you want to play this game but having a problem to start and a syntax error is showing in your screen just download NTLEAC and use it when running the game.

  16. harsivo:

    This game seems to work when you change your systems lanquage to japanese, it did not work when it was english.

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