Canvas 2

Canvas 2

The series focuses on the lives of some students and teachers at Nadesico Academy both at school and their private lives. The main character of the series is Kamikura Hiroki, who lives with his younger cousin Elis. Hiroki is training to become a full-fledged art teacher while also trying to take care of Elis. When his childhood friend Kiri starts working at the school, drama begins to flare as he has to juggle his work, private life, and the feelings of these two important girls.

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  1. N.ear says:

    It seems when I run it in 64bit, this game can’t get into full screen… When I click fullscreen, my screen just become smaller. Is there a way to make it fullscreen in 64bit?

    • Ahriman953 says:

      I don’t think so. When I fullscreen, the picture stays the same size, but the rest of the screen turns black. I think it’s intentional.

    • Tenken says:

      I run it on Win7 64bit Ultimate just fine on Fullscreen (Streched and filling up a 30” screen)

      My specs are Ati 7970 Ovclocked / Fx 8350 @8×4,6
      16 GB ram and bla bla…
      Just some points to check.
      1. What 64 bit system? Should be at least Win7
      2. Try the compatibility mode (normally unneded for this game)
      3. Have installed the 8.1 DirectX on the CD?
      -Try installing the newest Direct X11 AND DirectX 9 AND the D8 on the disc.
      4. Is your PC fully script updated?
      5. You have CCCP and NO other video Codecs installed?
      6. Your PC runs on Japanese Local?
      7. You installed it properly?
      -Mounting disc -Installing FULL (2.2 GB Option)
      -Installing Crack (Moving into folder)
      -Installing Translation (Moving into folder then installing)

      I can only imagine that either your graphic driver is fucking with you, your DirectX is not installed (only D11 which is not fully compatible with this game and D11 only installes everything from first D11 on -not the D9 versions or D8 versions)
      Or you made some stupid mistake.

      And for all those not getting it to work -it’s entirely your fault. Either your Hardware sucks or your Software sucks.
      And I told you my Setup to not hear ”I have a super modern System -so it doesn’t work”

      You see, it’s works awsomely fine on a modern High End machine. Thanks 🙂 and have fun.

  2. Rin says:

    Is there something wrong with the English Patch?
    I kept getting ‘Wrong IP’
    Tried it for many times already but I always get that message

  3. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    DA-Free file 2 is corrupt.. can you fix it please? i can’t play it

  4. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    sorry i re downloaded and it works

  5. half_otaku says:

    it’s too bad that in hagino’s route the novel she wrote didn’t get translated, i really want to know what’s written there, anyone knows where can i look for that translation ?

  6. inthesky says:

    how come the size of the transalation patch so small?

    is the translation complete?

    • Miqu says:

      Yes it’s complete, if you find something that isn’t translated (like the inital menu and kanas novel) there are included notes with the translation.

      Maybe the patch is small because they didn’t bother translating stuff that proved a hassle, guess the patch doesn’t have much more info than the text itself. Translation quality is still decent, there are some typos here and there but I can’t remember any major faults

  7. SpikeEye says:

    It’s… censored? That does it. This is going in the trash.

  8. Hg says:

    do u nid apps like daemon tools to ply or juz extract it out??

  9. Hagane says:

    I found that if you set your screen resolution to 800×600 it looks full screen like in the other eroge on this site.

  10. Raf says:

    Enjoyable VN. It’s a nice change of pace to have the protag be an adult instead of a high school kid.

    They really could’ve gone a bit deeper with the painting subplot though I reckon.

  11. IDK says:

    When i try to start the installer it doesn’t work..
    I can’t install the game..
    I have DirectX so it’s ok but i can’t install the game anyway..

    What can i do?

  12. CruzerXD says:

    any mirror? dl damn slow

  13. strike says:

    whoops nevermind working now 😀 THX for the great uploud

  14. Nizzy says:

    I’ve a strange problem as i can’t type anything.
    Can’t rename the protagonist and can’t input any comment in the save-files – the game simply doesn’t accept any keyboard-input there, and sadly, i then can’t even use the mouse to cancel my input, leaving me a bit helpless and with no other option than to button mash in hope to get out of the input-field somehow, or quit the game altogether.
    Not really essential for the game-progress itself, but i’d like to fix it anyway, if anybody has any idea…?

    • UltimateBadAss says:

      It’s a known issue with the patch.

      * Main menu is not translated, since we were unable to edit any image file.
      * On Kana’s route, her book scene and epilogue are not translated due to the same reason as above. See “Documents\Canvas 2 Kana Book Scene.txt” to read their translations.
      * It is not possible to enter English characters while changing the protagonist’s name.
      * It is not possible to enter English characters on the save function.
      * For the backlog to work correctly, you shouldn’t use any previously saved game file or change the protagonist’s name at the beginning.
      * Emotes in game are not displayed if you’re using AppLocale instead of changing your system locale setting.

  15. Can't Install says:

    After downloading all the parts and mounting the ISO file from part one, I’m not given an option to install the game. Can someone help me with this?

  16. English patch says:

    After installing the game, I was wondering how to properly implement the english patch. help would be appreciated, thanks.

  17. -Ren- says:

    the file was deleted?

  18. Andrew says:

    I got the game to work in english just fine. It’s just the main menu that’s in Japanese for some reason. It’s not a big bother, but anyone know if it’s supposed to be that way?

    • UltimateBadAss says:

      Its supposed to be that way because Edger couldn’t edit images.

      other issues to take note of are:

      * On Kana’s route, her book scene and epilogue are not translated due to the same reason as above. See “Documents\Canvas 2 Kana Book Scene.txt” to read their translations.
      * It is not possible to enter English characters while changing the protagonist’s name.
      * It is not possible to enter English characters on the save function.
      * For the backlog to work correctly, you shouldn’t use any previously saved game file or change the protagonist’s name at the beginning.
      * Emotes in game are not displayed if you’re using AppLocale instead of changing your system locale setting.

      Translations are provided for on the patch under the folder “Documents”.

  19. Sean says:

    Hi, i downloaded thisawhile ago and completed alot of the routes too with no poblems, came back to it because i wn to play it through again, the problem is, there is no voice now, i have tryed to go to th system menu and restet it there and test it out, and the testing works, but when i restet it it still doesent work in-game, i have also tryed restarting my computer and still nothing, any advice?

  20. Max says:

    Part 3 download is corrupted pls do something with this

  21. Max says:

    nvm i just realized that i can’t download more than 2 parts at the same time so it’s all ok

  22. Frank22lol says:

    The game runs fine for me but the dialogues are still in japanese. Since I can’t change the files directly on the DVD (after I got the CD mounted) I copied all files into another folder that I will use as the main folder. I extracted the files from the patch into my main folder (replacing game01.mrg and system.unt). Then I run the launcher.exe and everything’s fine BUT the dialogues are still in kanji. Can anybody help ?

  23. william says:

    Can anybody help me clear my doubts? While playing shie’s route, after the H-scenes why do i end up in kana’s end?

    • Frank22lol says:

      I believe it’s because it’s a shared path or something among those lines. I believe there’s no “Shie ending” but I just started playing so I don’t know.

  24. Iceflake30 says:

    How do you install this game? I just finished downloading all the parts?

  25. Monostazis says:

    Okay, I seem to have a problem, the whole advwin error people seem to have. However, it only seems to crash the game every time at the part where its supposed to show the opening. I tried most of the solutions in here and those that I thought of to no avail.

    So I was wondering if a kind-hearted soul here could please supply me with a save from just after the op? I would be very much appreciated!

    • UltimateBadAss says:

      Have you tried using CCCP?

      You might also try changing the opening video with the subbed version. Get it here “”.

      • Monostazis says:

        I had already tried using CCCP, to no avail. Changing the op also doesn’t seem to help at all. I had already tried removing the op entirely (worked for some other game), but it didn’t change the error message at all, so I believe the op itself is not the main problem.

    • UnknownAssassin says:

      i had the same advwin32 where i would run the program but get advwin32 execute error. Try going to your registry and deleting the .reg files there
      heres how i installed from the iso
      1) Make a folder on the desktop (or wherever on your hard disk) & rename to ‘Cvs2’ (or whatever name you want). This will be the main folder

      2) Copy the entire content of the Canvas 2 dvd game into the ‘Cvs2’ folder

      3) Open ‘C2_DVD’ folder & find the advwin32.exe. Copy & paste this into the main (Cvs2) folder.

      4) Download & save the Canvas2_DVD.exe (no DVD patch) into the main (Cvs2) folder.

      5) Download & save the game01.mrg (translation patch) into the main (Cvs2) folder

      6) Double click the Canvas2_DVD.exe

      and as for the adv error part
      (win 7)
      in your start bar type regedit and run it
      open up HKEY_CURRENT_USER – > software
      find a file called F&C. when you open it up it should say advwin32 and inside that c2_dvd

      delete the F&C folder and try running the game again

      • Monostazis says:

        Nay, same problem keeps occurring at the exact same time. Btw, as I said, its not that I cant run the game, the only time it crashes is at the time were the op is meant to be played. That’s why I believe a single saved game beyond that point should be enough to circumvent this.

        I appreciate the help you are trying to give though.

  26. Mintaka says:

    Wanted to play this… But after reading some of the comments I’m assuming it doesn’t work on vista 64bit. How lame -.- I mount it and click what I assume is install on the splash screen and it doesn’t do anything. tried turning off antivirus and deleting the registry files associated and I still got nothing. *depressed*

  27. Michael says:

    I have a problem, my installation has an error. How do I uninstall/reset canvas? I tried the launch button or the setup but they don’t work and the uninstall or change a program doesn’t have it.

  28. IDK says:

    when i try to instal it nothing happens..
    can someone help me ?

  29. Gino Betzen says:

    Yes, there are some amazingly creative talents in blog land! We all feed off of each other’s inspiring work. It’s a chain reaction!

  30. dash says:

    Asking myself the use of the no-dvd. I tried running the game without it and it worked perfectly, so…

  31. Yuiichi Aizawa says:

    Played through Kana’s route while skipping every scene that didn’t have to do with her, and I still understood the story. All the other characters were uninteresting to me. Still, a single loli’s route made this download worth it.

  32. Zekeza says:

    Hey anyone else have the Voice Acting just vanish halfway through the game? I was on the Elis route left the game for a few hours, returned and the voice acting ceased to exist. I tried switching the voices on and off and testing it, didn’t do anything. I then exited the game and restarted it. Still no voice acting. Its even set to be on. I’m not sure what is going on. Should anyone know anything about this please REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would appreciate it a great deal.

  33. Zekeza says:

    I forgot to add, would redownloading or making a copy of the game fix this?

  34. Zekeza says:

    I’ll keep checking back here for a reply. lol

  35. Shirogane says:

    So how do you make the game full screen on a 1600×1200 windows 7 resolution screen, without making the screen 800×600.

  36. Jonky says:

    Sorry, could anyone tell me what I have to do to install the game? I don’t understand which button I have to click.

  37. BIeTCHie says:

    can anyone tell me why in Kiri route, it just suddenly ends when it didn’t even close to the finale?

  38. Hikari says:

    is there any sound patch in this VN?
    when i’m playing this VN there’s no sound and voice also BGM…
    Any idea?

    Thank You,

    • BIeTCHie says:

      Got same problem.
      Someone other guy told me to re-extracting it.
      Still testing.

      • BIeTCHie says:

        It appear that whenever i readjust the BGM volume, it automatically lower the master volume down.
        So in my Win7 laptop after re-adjust whatever i like in “game config”:
        i go to the loud speaker icon on the taskbar,
        right click,
        chose “open volume mixer”,
        turn “Cavas 2 …” volume up,
        Character voices sounds clear and loud.

        Hope it helps, my fellow hentai.

  39. crARCk says:

    To those who has the problem to install the game for 2nd time or kept encountered the ADVwin32 error at the launcher window. You clicked インストール, but nothing happened.

    I don’t know if the problem has been solved or not but this might help for those who still couldn’t solve it.

    You need to delete some keys in registry that related to this game, but there’s a whole bunch keys so which one?

    The keys is
    –> HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software F & C ADVWin32 C2_DVD

    Delete the C2_DVD only.

    • crARCk says:

      To find the registry, search “regedit” in the start menu. I’m using windows 7. Maybe different for others.

      HKEY_CURRENT_USER – Software – F & C – ADVWin32 – C2_DVD

  40. Franklin says:

    I’m having problems installing the english patch and I have been trying all day. I’m almost at the verge of tears. Can someone please help me.

  41. -M- says:

    I haven’t download this game yet, but maybe the case I’ve encountered is the same. From my experience with A Profile, after I extracted the English Patch, there are 3 files:
    1. The patch itself (its icon is white or grey box I think)
    2. Read Me file type (tutorial of how to install the english patch, but its in Japanese >.<)
    3. I forgot what file it is, but AFAIR (R= remember) , it's not important).

    AFAIR, I run the patch until its icon changed (similar to the game's icon). After that all you have to do is copy the patch to the game folder and the game's language become English.
    Hope this help. If not, maybe the instructions at A Profile can help you. Good luck.

  42. Mintaka says:

    I would like to play this, it’s the only thing on this site I can’t get to work. -.-

  43. Matt says:

    To those having issues with sound, be aware that there are two installation options. one is 700 mb and the other is 2.2 gb.

    I tried all sound fixes but did not work. Then I installed the bottom installation and all the sudden it works beautifully. Full voice acting and the lips even move on screen (which is a little creepy).

    No full screen fix though.

  44. alternate2232 says:

    Anyone who knows how to unlock the h-scenes ? I cant seem to play it. Whenever i try to finish a route it seem at the end it say that i must search a site to answer a questionnaire and when i tried to search it, it says page not found. Anyone please help ?

  45. fran says:

    estoy jugando la ruta de Saginomiya Saya y le faltan dialogos por que es a menos que el Walkthrough se confunda por que en la parte donde pone para que ella tiene problema esa escena no me apare y en el dia siguiente tampoco y no se que pasa si me podeis ayudar por favor?

  46. Yuki says:

    I seem to have a problem, the game works fine but there is no sound what so ever. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

  47. Anon says:

    Admin, upload the first game, pleeeeeeeease

  48. screamxx says:

    someone help meeee :((((
    i can’t install the game it always show some disc error when i click installation part(for 2.2gb one)it always show disc error or disc free although i have space for the game to downloaddddd ;((((

  49. Caroop23 says:

    Please admin I can’t install the game, the launcher doesn’t run and when it install there is no sound, help please!

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