Bunny Black

Bunny Black

Dierks is a perverted adventurer entered a labyrinth known as the Maou’s forest and was defeated by the maou himself. But taking pity on him, the maou kindly recruited him as part of this demon army. Given a second chance, Dierks has two goals: to rise in the ranks of the demon army, and to defeat and have sex with those girls who come to attack the maou.

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  1. Ankou says:

    I successfully downloaded this to my Galaxy S5 Active, and used Iso extractor to open the Mdf… now I’m stuck… ?
    Is there no method in which to play this on Android?
    Also,if not,can you give me a list of what games on this site are android friendly? (I know monster girl quest is, played it using onscripter)

  2. Lanim says:

    after I changed Windows 7 with Windows 10, even if I select full screen in the options, the game remains in window mode; does anyone have any solution?

  3. Som says:

    What is the password for the english patch

  4. Shiroyasha says:

    I can’t play the game in fullscreen (I did try the config tab), please help

    I have Windows 10
    These are my Specs http://prntscr.com/8ek3jj
    Have 2 Monitors

    • lanim says:

      i think there is some problem with windows 10, i begin to have the same problem in the change between windows 7 and windows 10, the only solution i found is press f10 and select last option is last box, game go full screen but i have a black bar on the right, like the game is unable to stretch to fit the image,(sorry for my terrible english, i hope is usefull in some way; if you have better information write something, i need help too)

    • kira says:

      lel glad i dident upgrade mine 2 10 xD haerd it is bad for older games now im even more convinced not 2 got win 10 xD

  5. JustARandomGuy says:

    After I downloaded the game,applied the patch and tried to run it,is displayed ‘CreateDevice:D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE’.Can somebody tell me if I can fix this and if I can,how?
    Thanks in advance.

    • 09eragera09 says:

      Open Run using Winkey + R and then type ‘dxdiag’ into it and press enter. In the Display tab, check if D3D is enabled. If it isnt, you will need to install it.

      • neil says:

        hey do you know how to solve the problem D3DERR_INVALIDCALL?
        whenever i try to run the game that error pops up
        please help

  6. Ryo Narushima says:

    Anyone else, find that heroic OPening funny in a contradicting way?

    • Ryo Narushima says:

      Whoops, I meant the music at the title screen of the game. Yea, it just doesn’t fit the game, seeing as at best
      Darks is a Dark grey char.

  7. unlucky says:

    so I’m just wondering but is there a site where i can find
    the conditions for Darx’s status promotion and what exactly is the level gap

  8. I-Am-X says:

    Game crashes a crap ton of times, is there anyway to fix that? I use win XP

  9. rolan says:

    hi guys i can’t save my game wenn i try it a window with aio tittle and japanes writting came up, and can’t save it ;(

  10. azynek says:

    Check the translator page for newest patch and quick-fix.


  11. Uhmm says:

    How do I save my data? (I’m using windows 10)

    • SS80 says:

      I have the same problem, the game starts, it is in english and as far as i went in the game everything works exept that i can’t save my data… I watch video of people downloading the game and i saw that i have not the Bunny.sav files and that my Data1.dat and Data2.dat don’t have the same icon that in the video. It really piss me of so if you know what to do… Please ?

  12. relixius says:

    any news on bunny black 2 translation.I have it on me but cant play till any english patch comes out.:/

  13. exqalph03 says:

    hmm…. Is there anything like this(bunny black) here in the site?
    Got pretty hooked into it..! So someone be kind and answer me, lol.

    • Ace says:

      Far as I can tell, Bunny Black 2 is getting close to being done. The English patch, that is.

      Aside from that, the closest thing I can think of, simply in terms of size and RPGness, would be Kamidori. I easily spent 100+ hours playing that. I had found it in my search of a game similar to Bunny Black.

  14. kirito324 says:

    are we ever going to get bunny black 2 or 3

  15. HELP says:


  16. Ai Limaw says:

    my captcha is white rabbit
    that is all.

  17. NulloftheVoid says:

    Can anyone share what this password is I’ve tried everything from the games name to the translation group.

  18. Eu-chan says:

    Hey admin. I have some problem here. So, when i click the icon then it just says “ags4.dll is missing” and the english patch could not locate the bunny black file. Can you help me? please…

  19. Uhl says:

    Wow. I find the game fascinating, and not for the \obvious\ reasons. The world setting is a very rich and finely crafted tapestry, and the author/creator has found a way to make the main character, a serial rapist, actually sympathetic, and traditionally heroic, in a realistic and believable manner. The reason for this is twofold. The first part, is the real-world historical mindset where society at large simply does not comprehend the true trauma associated with rape. The main character was raised, and constantly told by society, that there are times where rape is perfectly acceptable. Some classical literature highlights this, like Homer’s \The Odyssey\ or the Greek legend of Hercules. By the standards of the world setting, the main character has done nothing wrong, even if we, as modern society who know better, would strongly disagree. This becomes clear when the character reaches the late teen levels. He is horrified when he learns that being faithful to Shia, and having sex with her alone, (especially once she starts to consent, and actively initiate intimate encounters) that she will go mad, explode and die! Which leads to part 2.

    The second wrinkle is that even if he lived in a modern setting and knew how traumatic rape is, he would still have to do it because he is being magically compelled to do so. The Overlord, while reviving him, used (what for her) is a minuscule amount. However, this amount is enough to turn a human into a demon ten times over, and a human absorbing enough mana to turn into a demon is so rare as to be nearly unheard of. He needs to \emit\ this excess mana on a constant basis or he won’t even have time to go mad before he explodes and dies. It’s probably better for him that he believes he’s doing nothing wrong because if he knew the truth, it would destroy him.

    I am really looking forward to the sequel(s)!

    • DtV says:

      lol and i think im the only one who see that side of the game!
      I have enjoyd my thim with this game. It has a pretty good story, a world who is not only here to be here (i hope someone understand what im saying O_O ) and its (at least to begin) really hard not to die XD.

      I hope the Bunny Black 2 TL is redy soon!

      Know somebody more games like this? Thanks!

      • BenDi_Ro says:

        I try too many gamez in this site, and i found only Rance and Bunny Black the best games ever. I can play this two more than 100hours.

    • BOBZ says:

      Where do I subscribe to your blog?

  20. Joseph Edgar Dela Cruz says:

    how can i install the game ? its extension is .mdf and .mds . please help me

  21. yang says:

    guys if you’re having problem saving simply run the game as administrator and it should work

  22. Anon says:

    Anyone got a fix for (Create Device : D3DERR_INVALIDCALL), thanks in advanced.

  23. Jango says:

    how can i install the game ? its extension is .mdf and .mds . please help me
    ~this is the same thing Happening to me when i downloaded each part and compiled all of them

    • jhin98 says:

      I got a new laptop and i had the same problem until i realized that i forgot to download Daemon tools. So what you do is download Daemon Tools Lite and mount the mdf file then you should be able to see the files directory theyre talking about, and you put the patch in there and you shoud be fine, about to go and do this right now.

    • jhin98 says:

      Ok so it worked,but what you’ll need to do is after you mount the files, copy them to a seperate folder so that you can insert the bunny black patch. After you copy them, put the patch in the file labeled ‘bunny’ then run and it should work. Good Luck.

    • Magic says:

      just rename the change the “.mdf” of ur file to “.iso” and it works like magic

  24. ADDI says:

    i dont know why people so stupid?
    its so fucking ez for install this bunny black patch english
    if you want play many games or someting do not use OS above windows 7
    because there are too many problems
    -game does not work
    -error install
    not only bunnyblack but still a lot of games that can not be played
    i can play bunny black patch english in windows 7 (WORK 100%) and finish the game
    now i am waiting bunny black 2 patch english

  25. Blah-Senpai says:

    I have just got this game to work with Eng patch v1.2 on windows 10. To fix the “cannot create save files and getting a ‘Aoi’ error with Jap”, you need to just run the bunny.exe program as an admin. It clears this problem. Gl all

  26. Utinil says:

    I can not get file 4 to download at all. Keep getting file not found.

  27. ErRE says:

    anyone know what to do in the room is the first thing after the prologue…..

  28. DanXY says:

    Someone teach me how do you download this or explain me how to run it, because I have tried so many times but miserably failed.

  29. toebalone says:

    dose any else have a problem with the patch crashing not long after starting, i can install the game no problem but every time i try to install the english patch, it crashes about 1/5 into it, i have tryed instaling the game somewere else and even got patch 1.2 but still crahes in the same spot

  30. Kappy says:

    admin why u put adds which opens another page? so annoying -.- put normal ones that opens another page in ur browser, and now u even multiplied them, please put them as they were before xD

  31. Dre says:

    Hey, I downloaded the game and patch but can’t get them to work together. every time I try to put the patch in the file it says that there isn’t enough space. Please help; I really want to play this game.
    Also I have Daemon Pro not Lite if that matters

    • Krios says:

      I am having the exact same problem. I might just be missing something obvious, but as ti stands i cant reconcile the game and the patch.

  32. DarkMan says:

    Im having problem with the installation, whenever i try its in japanese and no matter what i do it wont install correctly. Every time i try it gives me a pop-up that says something unknown and a Yes No option, press Yes and it reappears immediately, press no and it closes down and boot you back to the japanese menue.

    Could anyone upload the english version with a click-and-play? ive managed to extract the files from the mdf file but its all in japanese again and the english patch doesnt recognise the game since it hasnt been installed.

    Its really frustrating and id appreciate all help i could get.

    • DarkMan says:

      Never mind, i found a way.

      Change your region/language to japanese on the computer, install the game, install the english patch and then add the fix files and you should be good to go.

      I used Daemon tools Lite for the installation and later on removed it, the game works either way.
      And now you have to excuse me, i found a dozen games on this site that ive finally downloaded and are now waiting for me.
      Thanks for the game ^^

      • DarkMan says:

        Forgot to mention, you can change back your language after the installation (i didnt even have to reboot the computer ^^)

        Its the game that needs the japanese in order to read its own files, without the japanese the game cant install itself since were using roman letters in the rest of the world. 🙂

  33. kazuki says:

    i’m new here.how to install this game.
    exlain step by step,it’s pretty messy when i read the comments upthere.

  34. Husk says:

    Anyone having problem during installation, because of the “not enough space” thing, should try compatibility mode for Win 7 on the properties menu. It worked for me.

  35. Hamptneyhambart says:

    I was having a similar problem with the installer saying that there isn’t enough space. To end this problem right click the installer application after mounting the MDS file. Go to properties and after that go to compatibility. There should be an option for running the installer with windows 7 compatibility this should do the trick. There are several other games on the site you may need to change the compatibility so keep that in mind.

  36. LOL says:

    – Download and extract everything.
    – Mount the .mds file (Convert to .iso or use WinCDEmu)
    – Install, I recomended to use the path \C:/Games/bunny\ instead of \Program Files\.
    – Apply the english patch, and then the Quickfix (in this order).
    – Run the game from Bunny.exe

    – If it doesn’t resize correctly you should change your screen display resolution to 800×600.
    – You may use the following program to create a shortcut that automatically changes the resolution when opening the game: http://www.bcheck.net/apps/reso.exe

  37. ChaosJetta says:

    I’m on Windows 10 and every time I try to install it keeps saying that I the selected file doesn’t have enough space even though I have 700 GB available. Can someone explain that?

  38. doomgoku says:

    is Bunny Black 3 going to be translation

  39. sneakyape says:

    how do i apply the english patches and the quick fix?

  40. achingblood says:

    I got everything installed and patched but how do you save?

  41. laluyan says:

    i play the game but no voice help pls??

  42. unknown2man says:

    ok so i followed the readme instructions on installing the patch however when i try to run the application it says file not found i dont know what im doing wrong

  43. Horagen says:

    I tried LOL installation post above and was unable to installed the game on my Win 8.1. Every time I pushed the top button in the menu I got a popup.

    What worked for me was to Mount BunnyBlack.mds.
    Open the Mounted CD / DVD like you would open a normal CD or DVD like when you need to manual install a game instead of using automatic run the installer

    In the open DVD there is a folder there called “bunny” copy this and put the entire folder where you want your game to be in my case “C:\Games\Bunny”

    Apply the English translation then the quick fix…
    Now you can play Bunny Black normally+:D

    • Special_K says:

      I have Win8.1 too and I did everything you said and I still get the same message, at the top of the window ‘black bunny patch’ says, “software not found. software could not be located. please make sure this file is in the black bunny install directory” which it is. did everything per your instructions. made sure i put the english patch exactly where game was in c/games/bunny. need help.

      Thanks for your willingness to help though.

      • Special_K says:

        OK, never mind. I’m new to all this so sorry for the lack of knowledge. (this is my first PC/laptop).
        For others that are stuck (I have windows 8.1 by the way) this is what I did:
        After extracting the first game .rar file ONLY, number 1 looks like this “BlackBunny.part01.rar” (yes i’m going back to the beginning) You will have a folder, open it and mount the “MDS File” with “DAEMON Tools lite” or any other program like it, you can download it for free on the internet used for loading programs as if you had the actual CD in your PC, or something like that.
        I went ahead and used the installer unlike “Horagen”(above) method, the installer will be in Japanese, the top left button is the install button, not sure if this is necessary but I changed the install from “C/program files…” to “C/Games…”. THEN I installed. It shouldn’t be hard to tell where the install directory window/section is in the installer window.
        I clicked on the “Bunny” application to see if the game works beforehand, it did for me and yes it’s in Japanese, close game, THEN I extracted “BunnyBlack_eng_1.00.rar” file, (THIS IS WHERE I THINK I FUCKED UP ORIGINALLY), after extracting open english patch folder, put the English Patch.exe file in into the “bunny” folder that is located in “C/Games…” AFTER YOU PUT IT INTO THE FOLDER CLICK ON THE “Bunny Black English Patch” FILE!! That file is some sort of installer in its self, you CAN’T just drop it in there and then do the “fix” file next. AFTER the English Patch.exe file is done installing (it will take a while) then you can move onto the “fix” file.
        At this point I clicked on the “Bunny Black English Patch” file to see if it will play, it won’t, you will have to use the original “Bunny” application/file BUT it’ll be in English this time, YEAY! If it’s not then you fucked up somewhere or something else is fucking with you, anyways… close game and extract the “fix” file, open folder and highlight EVERYTHING there and drag it into the “bunny” folder, as in, “C/Games/bunny”. Replace all files if it asks you, NOW you can wake your cock up and tell it to get ready because the game should be up and running as it should.
        I doubt this will help all but if it helps some of you then, great, have fun. If not, sorry, my knowledge regarding this game stops here. Enjoy.

  44. Panasu says:

    How to get Max 9 Units Bonus in New Game + ?

    Beat the Dragon Den & Demon Gate already, and still get only 8 Units Bonus for New Game+ ?

    Did I Miss something ?

  45. big boss says:


  46. RedRS says:

    Is there games like this one… as good or better than this?
    i’ll be thankful 4 u ..
    Thx 🙂

  47. visual lover says:

    I have a problem with the installer i use the english patch but its still in japanese language hard to install how to fix this need help..

  48. Akrasia says:

    How do i get Rakia’s scenes?

  49. Kuroi Kai says:

    Hey guys,i have encountered a problem. It says that i cant start the program because i dont have Ags4.dll,Aoi4.dll,pgsv.dll and PgsvTd.dll

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