Boob Wars

Boob Wars

In the 22nd century, the body of women is clearly divided in 2 types. They are really big or really small and there’s no in-between.
They try to determine their superiority over another and it divided the world in two…

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  1. jake says:

    i made some “how to” videos for how to downlload and install some of the pc games here. just wanna know if i can post em here

  2. jay says:

    uhhmm guys do i still download the crack file on the new links? or is it have the crack already.??

    • Rollybob says:

      The crack still has its own separate link on this page. Its right under the folders containing the links for the game.

  3. dudeman says:

    Okay so I was fighting Teresa and when I was about to win, she suddenly hits for 999 damage and Manabu starts talking about how he only lost because of piracy. Has a torrent of the game been released yet to prevent this?

  4. gozo says:

    how to install it? 🙁

  5. px says:

    Thanks a lot. I will play it right away XD

  6. MikuHatsune says:

    don’t bother playing this one

  7. sensa says:

    Got a “error 2929 cg_17i File not found” message during the sex scene between the two queens. Is there a way to fix this? If not, I’m done with the game…

  8. Mintaka says:

    They should stick to making eroge only, the game aspect of this is horribly unfair and pure luck.

  9. crazy hair says:

    this is so stupid, lame and easy. Why am I still drawn to this?

  10. Lamaki666 says:

    Hey Admin,long time lurker here,I just wanna ask you a Q…but before that I gotta say I REALLY LOVE YOUR SITE MAN…downloaded a bunch from here and they all work just fine…

    Is the Japanese name of this game Oppai Sensou???Since I don’t know Japanese…

  11. nono says:

    sorry i have an error (error abort 0x80040154 clase no registrada)the game open but in the opening the game out

  12. Nur raya says:

    Hmm i’m too old to play this game….

  13. Ryan says:

    Umm, my virus protection just quarantined the .exe command when I unzipped the download. Might want to look into that.

  14. HintHelper says:

    Fun lil’ timewaster. But there is better things out there.

  15. tifale says:

    im new to this site and I don’t seem to understand how to dl these games. help plz.

  16. Loli says:

    Ultimate Boobs Wars is released,can’t wait to play..!

  17. RANDOM_HERO says:

    I bet it cannot be compared to its precuel. Specially the art. Good one and thanks as allways

  18. Lornoke says:

    shall go up the link for the sequel?

  19. Zephyr00 says:

    Do you have to play the first one or is this story dependent?

  20. AliceTheGorgon says:

    The MangaGamer link to buy the game is dead. Additionally, searching their site for the game yields no results.

    Anyone know what’s up with that?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Bah, nevermind. Apparently, mangagamer forgot to show me the “are you 18 or over page” somehow, and just silently hid everything rated r18.

  21. AliceTheGorgon says:

    Okay, third post, sorry about that. It turns out the previous post was why searching didn’t work, but the link here is still dead. It looks like mangagamer changed their url formatting, and the current link to the game is:

  22. dothackjhe says:

    Can’t the admin and the uploader put a mirror per every link to other file hosting sites such as Data File Host, Mediafire, MEGA, etc.?

    Current file hosting site in use provide slow to good download speeds.

  23. dothackexe says:

    i want to know how to get all the gallery scenes unlocked. I’ve done everything I could think of, but I still have one scene marked “No Image” help?..

    • dothackexe says:

      nevermind. It just turns out that if you lose to Milk after she turns to her drunk version, you have to lose to her and you get a “secret” scene. But as far as I know, it only goes for the Big Breast route

  24. Akinari says:

    What requirements for play this VN ?

  25. TWH says:

    Crack required for the new links?

  26. Sato says:

    I just tried downloading each of these and in them it said integrity test failed for each one. so I downloaded 800 mb of data for broken things. I wish that wouldn’t happen. but ah well thats life.

  27. Rin says:

    What is product ID?
    i can’t play it!

  28. kingrat2314 says:

    In 2142, the world was split into two; flat chests and ample breasts. This marked the beginning of the era called the boob war.

  29. splashatack69 says:

    well. I did figure out how but i Know im not good enough to explain how. so. I wish i could help but. sorry…

  30. john says:

    is crack needed for the new links?

  31. GimeSumMoe says:

    Guys, no cracks required, you just need to extract RARs and open .EXE with App Locale. (remember to open applocale holding Ctrl & Shift in admin mode)

  32. Kirikiroid2Gamer says:

    File not found

  33. Jhon le says:

    so what should i do after download all parts?
    and i cant extract it,it says needs CD and volume thinggy
    help me

  34. YoshikiRagin says:

    The game wont allow me to save my progress, how do I over come this issue?

    • admin says:

      Move the game away from “Program Files” folder – your Windows is blocking write access there and game can’t create save files.

  35. PleaseHelp says:

    I’ve downloaded and extracted the files, but I can’t find the game. I can only find the “plugin” folder, the xp3 file, the link the this page, and the opening mpg. Can someone tell me what I did wrong or help me fix it?

  36. Blake says:

    what do i do after downloading all of the parts?

  37. Guest says:

    I have 2 questions for this game.
    1-Is this game translated in english ?
    2-Is this game uncensored ?

  38. Guest says:

    I have 2 questions
    1-Is this game translated in english ?
    2-Is this game uncensored ?

  39. chunny says:

    whenever i try to download any of the games that are more than 200MB, it tells me to make a premium account for it. Did you guys all bought an account?

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