Battle Moon Wars

Battle Moon Wars
Battle Moon Wars is a series of doujin soft titles, tactical RPGs, developed and published by Werk. Inspired by the gameplay mechanics and user-friendly interface of Banpresto’s popular Super Robot Wars franchise, BMW takes several original characters and tosses them into a crossover plot in the well-known Type-Moon universe by Kinoko Nasu.

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  1. TYTYTYT says:

    are there any other games like this on this website???

  2. Aaron says:

    Is this this the first act or ‘Battle Moon Wars: The Best’ that has all 4 Acts?

  3. Justme says:

    What is the original name of this game?

  4. Kunieda says:

    I thought this was a psp game.. ahaha
    Can someone give me the heads-up about the controls on this one.. I just use the mouse?

  5. kevenka says:

    When I try to start up the game, I open the bmw application but it says “loading” then crashes. Anyone else experienced the same thing? l:

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