Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Season

Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 2nd Season

The main stage is Hanegasaki High School, same as the previous game. While communicating with unique characters, players can find their surprising sides and experience more realistic love romance.

Also, new systems are introduced for this time, “Second Kiss System” that players can enjoy the story born by an accidental kiss and “Approach System” that players can approach their favourite boys. Enjoy “Tokimeki” moment!

English Game download:


This is Nintendo DS ROM. You need to have Nintendo DS emulator to play this game on PC.
You can use either No$gba or DesMuMe

110 Responses to “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Season”

  1. lolcatz says:

    The admin just uploads the translated games.. he/she doesn’t translate them.

  2. YuuChii says:

    Hey~~ Just wondering if the 3rd story is being worked on or not?

  3. yuuki says:

    When I try to extract it, it says that I need the next volume and I have no idea what it means.

  4. OnePiece123 says:

    Yay! Did you know that girlish love revolution the patch came out like May 2! So, new otome!

  5. Sara says:

    These two Tokimeki games are my favorite! You have to translate the 3rd one, please! If you are in the middle of translating a patch or anything, I would appreciate if you dropped me a message or anything. :3

  6. ellen says:

    hello the game was working fantastically until i tried to get itaru and tried to go out with him for the second time.
    the game froze and no matter how many times i tried it’s still like this.
    i mean, i’ve tried new game and tried to go out with him again for the 2nd time but the 2nd time’s the charm (…) i guess…
    …ya…;; it just me? D:

  7. Rhythm says:

    I just got through Harry’s route and I swear, He has asked me out to dates more times than all of the guys from the 1st game combined.

  8. Momo says:

    I’m a little confused and have some questions, I hope no one minds! How come it’s split? Do I have to put the two separate files together or something?

  9. Gigi says:

    why i can’t installed it? (╥﹏╥)

  10. DARKDEATH98 says:

    Just a fun fact about Tokemeki Memorial: Koji Igarashi (creator of all Castlevania games since Symphony Of The Night) has written the scenarios for these games…

    • The Green Cookie says:

      Hey, I love this website, and I love how you guys put up the English patched download files up here. It’s super helpful for people who have macs in which programs xDealta won’t won’t work.

      While the download link for Girl’s Side 1 works perfectly fine, the link isn’t working for this. ):
      I was wondering if there’s still a file around to download >.<

      • admin says:

        Looks like DA-1click got removed. I’ll reupload it tonight (I have copy of every file I’m posting, exactly for situations like this).

  11. GrudgeCANDY says:

    Hey, just wondering but I already have a Nintendo DS so is it possible to put this game in the DS’s ROM?

    • Fairth says:

      Yes, you can play this game on your NDS. However you’ll need a R4 card or an Acekard (I have an Acekard 2i, because a lot of R4 are in circulation). You’ll have to put your games on a memorycard and the memory in the Acekard which looks just like a DS game card. It’s quite easy once you hear about it you won’t be buying any game so… it’s also illegal.

  12. Shapphire says:

    Hi, Admin. Thanks for the otome games! ^0^
    I love this website <3 <3 XD (eventhough I don't like the ero one)
    Keep moving forward!! I'll always support you!! (except the ero one ^u' hahaha)

  13. Moriko says:

    Go to
    Tools> sound settings>
    Set “interpolation” from “linear” to “cosine”
    and set “Synchronization mode”to from “dual” to “Synchronous”
    Worked for me.

  14. rai says:

    The part one is working perfectly but part 2 can’t open it
    Am I supposed 2 combined it or what
    The 4 helpin

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