To Heart 2 XRated

To Heart 2 XRated

Following her graduation from middle school, Konomi Yuzuhara enters the same high school as Takāki Kono, her childhood friend. As the new school year begins, they meet their childhood friend Tamaki Kosaka, as well as many new acquaintances. Unbeknown to the group, their encounters with each other will soon lead to many memorable adventures.

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  1. Tropic says:

    Finished. The MC was pretty annoying for the most part. I had seen oblivious guy but it must be the worst. We don’t have any explanations for his problem with the girls (trauma from Tamaki?).

    If i must rank the girls from first to last : Sasara > Tamaki > Yuki > Karin > Manaka > Twin > Lucy > Konami > Yuma

    Good game overall. A little too long for certain routes i thought.

  2. Kud says:

    for me it would be:
    Manaka > Konomi > Yuki > Older Twin > Ruuko > Sasara > Tamaki > Younger Twin > Yuma = Karin
    The best girl of the game unfortunately is not conquerable and is Maryan

  3. Wolf says:

    is there away to change it so the words are in a box kinda sucks with it going across the whole screen

  4. kipscat says:

    I am having trouble getting the game to run. When it opens there is a blank screen with only a leaf turning and moving across the screen when the mouse is clicked. eventually an image shows but still no text and only the leaf moving to different points on the screen. I have things set the computer to Japanese locale and installed the patch but it isn’t working. Any advice how to get the game to work properly?

  5. TopHat says:

    I suggest you move the window a bit. The cutscene seems to be bugged for me and to drag the window around causes it to refresh. If that does not work I suggest you to try redownloading/installing the game.

    Good Luck

  6. Dojigiri says:

    This review contains SPOILERS!

    Overall it was a waste of time. The only thing that made it relatively good was Sasara’s route, BUT NOT ALL OF IT. There were times when playing this that I was just like, \Fuck it. I’m done.\, but here I am, writing this comment/review.

    I played a lot of VN’s in the past and I have to say that compared to many others, the characters in this on are bland. Being nice when it’s convenient(Karin route especially), characters and motives so stupid it makes me throw my keyboard out the window(Sasara route for example where she despises love so much that she can’t eat home made food, but showing affection and wanting to be loved and actually loving the MC? I call bull on that one. That was an unneeded detail.), and most of all, no damn continuation to the story.

    Tamaki route was a damn dissapointment. I mean, aren’t visual novels supposed to offer more than your averange romantic show? Their fucking lives dating, for god’s sake, that’s what I want to see. Feeling attached to a character for what they are, not an idealized version of it made to match the MC. Because this is what this VN deos, match every girl to the MC, making them lose some of their main characteristics as they did so just to not go anywhere with it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love characters changing their views on things, but this VN didn’t go anywhere with it, that’s what gets to me. It’s frustrating to the max. There was so much potential in this, so much good that could have been done, but what do we get? A damn protagonist that is afraid of girls but completely changes his personality when he is about to have sex with one, and characters that have no story to them.

    Sure, we do get the story of how they come to be together and all that, but what the fuck hapens next? We saw the character change, but to what? This just leaves unnecesary suspense and a feeling for whating more at the end of a route and to be honest, I don’t think I was so dissapointed in a VN this much before.

    It shows that it could be something great through good story telling in some parts, but other occasions it is so dull and bland that I can’t stand it. It feels like digging through some pile of rubbish to find something worthwile.

    To me, the only reason I’m glad I read this is because of Sasara’s route. That route had everything, or almost everything done right, even with a MC like this. There was character interactions, far greater than any of the other routes. Just think about having your girlfriend meet your friends. It;s an interesting ideea and more so to actually spend time like this, see the interactions and all that. The second thing that was best done was the internal conflict with the characters. Something Komaki’s route fails to deliver. The fight with her parents and all that, this made this route enjoyable, not a goddamn forest fire bullshit.

    But Lucy’s route was enjoyable too, because of the internal conflict and all that, but it got annying twards the end. The end was good, but the road until then, meh.

    So, over all, I would recommend this to people that are satisfied with poor story progression and a majority of weak characters.

    Dissapointment to the max.

    Even BunnyBlack had me hooked better than this, and this comes from a guy that usually skips the H scenes.

    • ifan20 says:

      Would agree to this one in similar words.
      This VN started interesting, but as it progress it made me click through tons of increasingly banal text, and made a lot of sarcastic laugh in situations that designers thought supposed to be “romantic”.

      I’ve played VN’s five times shorter but with five times more impact (and even without voiceovers). Making many main characters/routes didn’t help either since it achieved nothing but dilute them.

      And seriously, all this “uncomfortable with girls” main characters was kind on usual VN level first, but by the end it was used so much, it was made me cringe. Was this VN made in market for masochistic people with extreme self-esteem issues or what?

      Shame because art was kind of good and you can see amount of work put there – but it just didn’t mesh together (and writer skill was clearly lacking, man, that alien story, OMG).

      • ifan20 says:

        BTW I liked Karin’s route most, probably because it was most banal and therefore actually was affected least by lack of writer skill.

  7. Ayazaki Sumire says:

    having troubles downloading coz’ of my internet speed and i ended up reading such long long long reviews though thanks to it i really feel like downloading it H@H@H@
    i’m so curious why that kind of review is given to but im sure just so sure i will at least enjoy the game…

    -After all, i read to know their stories.
    Whatever tale they tell I am going to read it and acknowledge it and then… all that is left for me to do is to be contented about it..
    “I simply wish to understand. Understand, know, and rest easy in that knowledge– gain some peace of mind. Wanting to know the story of the game because being in the dark terrifies me”…and this is why i will never ever play… MACHINE TRANSLATED VNs”

    ~i really really wish someday… someday…i open this site and there is this newly added translated properly VN titled “MELTY MOMENT” ~

  8. Eikichisan says:

    Amazing game, well made , have done two routes so far. Sasara-senpai’s route is so frustrating at some point…just want to punch takakun in the face… nice game anyway, hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i do 🙂

  9. anon says:

    Yeah, and that’s what ‘kuuki-kei'(lit. like air) is all about. And what’s so good about that? It’s kinda like the feeling of a breeze. There cannot be further explanations; it’s just that ‘it’s good (more that just good, twas actually rather wonderful)’ and that’s how I (and probably most of those who enjoyed the game) feel. So it’s just the matter of how you feel, it’s good then it’s good, what the HECK is it all about? then it’s no good.

  10. Gault 1 says:

    Sasara’s route was good and bad in my opnion. The conflict with her parents was good and all but Yuuji trying to take her from MC and the bittersweet ending left a bad taste in my mouth.
    Anyway i’ll try Tama-nee next but after Sasara’s \bad\ ending i don’t really have much hope for this.

  11. Berndwilhelm says:

    Anyone else having problems with audio skipping or cutting out from time to time? I tried switching from 60 FPS to 30 FPS but this does nothing. I’m not sure what the cause is it may be just the fact I’m running program across my network. I know its not corrupted audio cause I can load a save and the audio doesn’t do it again at same spot. Also I don’t remember it doing it on some the routes.

  12. Berndwilhelm says:

    Yeah it doesn’t have audio issues of the PC that its on. So it has to be cause I’m running it cross network have to look into if there a way to fix.

  13. Berndwilhelm says:

    I found a forum explaining it may be cause of CPU on source hitting high cap and causing stuttering and after looking found my laptop is set to power save mode and switching it to high performance has fixed my issue.

  14. DarthWiader says:

    Could someone give me a hint what tools do I need to open *.PAK files of this game – let’s say I want to extract some graphic or music files for my personal, non-commercial use only.

  15. The Last Melody says:

    Is this partially translated? I thought a full patch was still in the works?

  16. Araka says:

    There’s seem to be a new Heroine her name “Hanesaki Mio” in PlayStation 3 version of the game

  17. wyvernend says:

    Aren’t konomi and the twins just graduated from middle school? How could they be allowed in the h-scenes?

  18. asdf says:

    Konomi is Best Girl

  19. Gageless says:


  20. shin says:

    The the opening and ending movie does not show for me but it has sounds. Help!

  21. ulysop says:

    Someone would have a walkthrough?

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