The story of Steins;Gate takes place in Akihabara and is about a group of friends who have customized their microwave into a device that can send text messages to the past. As they perform different experiments, an organization named SERN who has been doing their own research on time travel tracks them down and now the characters have to find a way to avoid being captured by them.

Steins;Gate game download:

Steins;Gate 1.20 Update:

Steins;Gate English patch:

All scripts (except “Tips”) Translated. Translation unedited.

Steins;Gate English movies subtitles patch:

Extract archive to game folder, overwriting files.

Steins;Gate English system messages/menu screens patch:


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791 Responses to “Steins;Gate”

  1. Fallen Ace says:

    Was an epic game… Had a few bugs but in the end got though it… Had the worst bug in the last 6 min of the true end but watched it from youtube… Thanks admin as always (^_^)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, thanks 🙂

  3. Revvo says:

    Works fine for me ( 32-bit, unicode language japanese, no problems).
    As mentioned the patch file is the 1.10 version though (might cause trouble with the true ending).

    Thanks alot for uploading admin!
    totally love this game, color theme, Ambiente, atmosphere, time travle, geeky-pop-science, great story… also the protagonists voice is the same as yagami in death note right? 😛

    thanks alot, have fun playing!

  4. Revvo says:

    Oh btw,
    game menue is jp, so :

    ingame ….
    F = Fullscreen
    S = Save
    L = Load
    Esc = Quit

    and download the movie subs, you are missing out otherwise..

  5. Metal Mamemon says:

    Admin Where Cosplay Patch?

  6. Richie says:

    How To Download This ???

  7. Dan FTHQ says:

    bytheway what is the difference between steins;gate game version 1 & version 2 :/ ??

  8. Dan says:

    bytheway what is the difference between steins gate game version 1 & version 2 ??

  9. metaldrake says:

    There is a difference in stated file sizes under \Steins;Gate English movies subtitles patch\: \DA-free (124.9 MB)\ and \DA-1click (514.1 MB)\.

    I am still downloading everything, but perhaps you forgot to post the remaining links under \DA-free: English movies Download\?

    Neither can I see the DA-1click webpage as it says \file not found\.

  10. Ivan says:

    The game doesn t start when i push start, idk what is wrong, i followed the guide

  11. Tran Quoc Dat says:

    Is there an English patch for tips and achievements? If there is, how can I find them?

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