The story of Steins;Gate takes place in Akihabara and is about a group of friends who have customized their microwave into a device that can send text messages to the past. As they perform different experiments, an organization named SERN who has been doing their own research on time travel tracks them down and now the characters have to find a way to avoid being captured by them.

Steins;Gate game download:

Steins;Gate 1.20 Update:

Steins;Gate English patch:

All scripts (except “Tips”) Translated. Translation unedited.

Steins;Gate English movies subtitles patch:

Extract archive to game folder, overwriting files.

Steins;Gate English system messages/menu screens patch:


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  1. Sumy Sam:

    Okay, I’m playing the game’s Version 1.20 in English. When I say English, I mean everything’s written in English but the dialogues are spoken in Japanese!
    I use Win XP and I’m having the same problem as some people who played the game’s Japanese Version 1.10.
    My Game crashes just before Kurisu turns around in the true end, the part where Okabe and Kurisu run into each other.
    I read at a site that the problem can be solved by downloading the save game for that part and replacing your save game with the downloaded save game while the game is running. But that site also said the save games have to be of the version I’m using. Unfortunately, they only had save games for the 1.10 version. That won’t be compatible with my version. Can someone with my version of the game please advice me or point me to the correct save game? I’m desperate to finish the game…I don’t want to watch the ending somewhere else…I want to see it in the game…Please help!

  2. Tununias:

    I have a question. Is the translation of the patch complete? According to, the translation hasn’t been released yet, but this isn’t in the partially translated downloads section.

  3. DarkNess:

    uhh… when I’m trying to install the Steins;Gate from SGSetup.exe, it stuck on the installation process screen.. then, i’ve decide to wait for it to complete.. but, everything gone to ‘not responding’ states.. idk what should i do.. ._.
    I’ve changed the locale to japanese, my region settings to japan, using applocale.. but it still didn’t work..
    I’m using win 7 64-bit, intel 13, 6 GB memory.. o_o
    anyone can help me??

  4. Itha-san:

    Okay, this game seems to be a bitch in terms of updates and installing and them patches….
    So is it worth it? Is it worth exposing my brain to continued stress to get it running? Even risking that it turns into a gel-brain? Well, I’m more or less lucky with most games, since I use XPpro SP3, have admin rights, and japanese symbols and locale and whatnot…

    I loved the anime&movie so I really want to play this game, if it’s worth the effort, that is. Some VN’s turn out to be shit even if the anime is good, so I’m skeptical.

    El Psy Congroo

  5. Fallen Ace:

    Was an epic game… Had a few bugs but in the end got though it… Had the worst bug in the last 6 min of the true end but watched it from youtube… Thanks admin as always (^_^)

  6. Anonymous:

    Oh, thanks :)

  7. Revvo:

    Works fine for me ( 32-bit, unicode language japanese, no problems).
    As mentioned the patch file is the 1.10 version though (might cause trouble with the true ending).

    Thanks alot for uploading admin!
    totally love this game, color theme, Ambiente, atmosphere, time travle, geeky-pop-science, great story… also the protagonists voice is the same as yagami in death note right? 😛

    thanks alot, have fun playing!

  8. Revvo:

    Oh btw,
    game menue is jp, so :

    ingame ….
    F = Fullscreen
    S = Save
    L = Load
    Esc = Quit

    and download the movie subs, you are missing out otherwise..

  9. Metal Mamemon:

    Admin Where Cosplay Patch?

  10. Richie:

    How To Download This ???

  11. Dan FTHQ:

    bytheway what is the difference between steins;gate game version 1 & version 2 :/ ??

  12. Dan:

    bytheway what is the difference between steins gate game version 1 & version 2 ??

  13. metaldrake:

    There is a difference in stated file sizes under \Steins;Gate English movies subtitles patch\: \DA-free (124.9 MB)\ and \DA-1click (514.1 MB)\.

    I am still downloading everything, but perhaps you forgot to post the remaining links under \DA-free: English movies Download\?

    Neither can I see the DA-1click webpage as it says \file not found\.

  14. Walkthrough:

    opps, forgot the change the name, no more crashes LOL

  15. White Heiven:

    what name? of what? How do i get pass the second chapter after SERN explanation?

  16. Marks:

    I’d also like to know what name change you made.

  17. FooLyCooLy:

    what the name that u change??

  18. -X-Mazohyst-X-:

    I think they may be talking about the folder it’s installed into, I know there was a VN once that no matter what unless you created an installation folder it wouldn’t run properly. It was some absurd reason though, people said it needed a special dot in the folder name when it installed on it’s own that could only be made on Japanese computers, even if you saw it on a western Comp it was a lie. Ever since I heard that I change my folder, but this guy may be talkin’ about somethin’ else.

  19. White Heiven:

    when i changed the installation folder the game just didnt run. U know why?

  20. Granten:

    Could be a lot of things. It should work but VN’s downloaded onto your computer can be finicky. I’d keep the folder in Program Files.

  21. ttrt:

    update to 1.20
    than apply the new ENG patch(See above post start)

  22. Meros:

    You gotta redownload the newer english patch, you are using the old patch that still had that bug. i think the admin uploaded the new patch now so just redownload it.

  23. Anon:

    Read all the comments, someone posted an small Walkthrough

  24. Zellrang:

    this is the walktrough for steins gate

  25. Zellrang:

    it seems that the admin already put the walktrough I gave in the site… :3 I am greatly honored to be of help to you X3

  26. Setsuna_Mudo:

    There’s only update 1.10 up there

  27. Rei_Tatski:

    ^That is already the 1.20 update

    “HF pAppLoc.exe” for the people asking how to make this japan local you just need this file to run the game.

    It’s working fine for me.

    ~El Psy Congroo

  28. Ned:

    The file is labeled as SgUpdate110.exe and it installs as v1.10 when I tried it (it says Steins;Gate@v1.10 at the top of the window when I run it).

    When I install it everything seems to install fine but when I press Start it goes black for a moment then comes right back to the title screen. Somebody on one of the forums (Hongfire) said that this is what happens when you don’t have the v1.20 update installed, so I suspect that using the v1.10 update file is likely my problem.

    Do you know where there is a proper v1.20 update patch?

  29. Ned:

    Nevermind, I found the correct v1.20 patch on Nitro’s website and it installed properly displaying v1.20 in the game window, but I still had the same problem.

    Oh well, I will try Chaos;Head and see if that works any better for me, though I loved the Stein’s Gate anime!

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