Princess Evangile

Princess Evangile

Burdened by the incredible debt his father left behind, Okonogi Masaya is now destitute and alone. However, through a strange collection of events, he finds himself living at the prestigious Vincennes Academy, an all-girls charm school! His purpose is to mingle amongst the Filles De La Vincennes (“Maidens of Vincennes”) as the single male “sample” to promote gender integration. How will these young, innocent, and otherwise pure maidens react to his presence?!

And just like that, his life at an all-girls school began…

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  1. Holo says:

    I tried it and it works now,

  2. Kuron says:

    Is there a way to use the original censored CGs or do I have to use the shitty uncensored ones?

    • Derp Derpington says:

      are you just asking, cause fan-made uncensored CGs are generally bad or are those uncensored CGs really that bad?

      • Kuron says:

        All uncensored patches are bad, imo. The original art is made around the mosaic and the the uncensored CGs never blend well. That being said, this is slightly better than standard fan patches, but I’d still prefer the censored CGs

        • admin says:

          Actually, nope. Original CGs are usually drawn normally, the pixelation is added afterwards. Some artists don’t put much detail into genital regions as a result.
          The CGs used in this release are the original ones, as were drawn by artists.

          • Kuron says:

            Oh, really? I wasn’t aware the uncensored CG were from the original artists. I assumed it was something MG did. I can deal with the uncensored CG is thats the case. Thanks for the info.

            • Korodoch says:

              As Admin partially stated, they look “bad” because in Japan (or Asia generally i guess) uncensored porn are illegal. So there is little reason for them to draw the genitals in any higher detail. One can hope that it’ll change now that these things become more popular over here as well. But we in the west are still a really small target market so it might not be worth the trouble for them to do it.

              • carlosott says:

                I think that censoring is just stupid it’s not like the sex will be any less “immoral” if we can’t see the pussy and the dick.

  3. AAA says:

    I doubt anybody would need it, but here’s the walktrhough:

    Common Route


    —SAVE 01—


    —From SAVE 01—

    I’m thinking about Rise.
    Rise-san, maybe?
    I want to kiss Rise-san.
    Go to see Rise
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her


    —From SAVE 01—

    I’m thinking about Chiho.
    Chiho, maybe?
    I want to kiss Chiho.
    Go to see Chiho
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her


    —From SAVE 01—

    I’m thinking about Ritsuko.
    Ritsuko-chan, maybe?
    I want to kiss Ritsuko-chan.
    Go to see Ritsuko
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her


    —From SAVE 01—

    I’m thinking about Ayaka.
    Ayaka-san, maybe?
    I want to kiss Ayaka-san.
    Go to see Ayaka
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her
    —Quicksave— Come inside her/Come outside her

  4. Crybabay says:

    Admin, why is this be re-post? Did the download file be change? I downloaded half of it so I hope it will still work for me.

    • admin says:

      No, it’s not a repost. I simply re-shuffled a few posts on front page, according to general interest and actual release dates. All download links are the same.

  5. Nds says:

    Very disapointed with only 4 heroins, i honesttly wanted to see other girls as routes on the game instead of the ones we get.

    • raitou says:

      Well, there’s a fandisc for this with 4 after story for original heroines and new routes for Ruriko, Mitsuki, Marika, Tamie, and Konomi. Unfortunately it’s japanese (Though I already played it XD)

  6. loli lover says:

    Have to say, just completed the Ritsuko route, loved Ritsuko but hated how they handled her ending portion.

    • Gooner says:

      Why is that? Is it a sad ending? I wanted to play he route after I finished Rise. But I´ll refrain from doing so if it isn´t a happy ending.

      You don´t need to tell me the whole ending. Just if it´s happy or not. Thanks.

      • loli lover says:

        No it is a happy ending there is just some aspect that that I didn’t like, I think most people wont even care about, so no worries.

    • dingo says:

      Yeah I didn’t really like Ayaka’s ending very much either. The twist at the end was unnecessary imo. Also chose to close on a kind of bittersweet note as well.

  7. beastmode says:

    does anybody know if they are going to the fan disc Princess Evangile W Happiness

    • Arandur says:

      I was so pumped for Konomi and Ruriko… and then after 3 Choices with only shifting for 4 Girls.. i got curios.. and after some googling i read that there are only thoose 4.. im so pissed now im not even motivated to finish a single Route atm.

      • Ellron says:

        I can understand somewhat why Konomi’s isn’t there, but looking at the story, there was no reason for Ruriko to not be a route in this, her having a route made more sense than Ritsuko having one.

        Ruriko does have one in the fandisc, but who knows if MangaGamer will do that.

      • beastmode says:

        i mean the game was good but some of the routes that ending i want to see what happens after and i do want to play the other routes just hope they do it

    • Random says:

      I doubt that mangagamer will translate the fandisk anytime soon. At the very least they need to see how well this game sells first. Even then, we will probably have to wait a few years. I really hope they do translate it eventually though. This was one of the best VNs i played in a long time.

  8. Excalibur says:

    I’m guess not can say that someday but, I’m thank you for have uploaded that game XD

  9. halp says:

    It’s asking for an activation code. What do I do? Did I do something wrong?

  10. Zeida says:

    too bright,,,, this game is too bright… xD

  11. rich says:

    I keep getting a runtime error when i launch it

  12. Zeida says:

    I could be wrong… But Chiho’s voice… I think it’s also Yumina’s voice from “Yumina the Ethereal”….

  13. Ninetailz says:

    For some reason the game stops crashes in new chapter load / Sometimes in game too and i am forced to close program? Any suggestion on fixing this?

    • grim says:

      im havin the same problem. i mean i can start it back up after and its fine till it happens again, but id really like to know wat going on and make it stop.

  14. Jinuh55 says:

    So I tried to run the crack it says this

    The program can’t start because libogg.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem

    I already reinstalled it but it still gave me the same message….

  15. Zeida says:

    This is amazing…Meeting Ayaka, at first hand, she really irritated me… But wow, they really did a good job in making me do a complete 360, 🙂 good job Moonstone 🙂

  16. coldwings says:

    is a good game but is werd this game is look like a cut dowen
    to Princess Evangile W Happiness is bit sad but the Princess Evangile W Happiness is not in english thats sad

  17. Edward says:

    Man, I know the main character’s name is basically “Messiah”, and the game has a bunch of Christian themes, but the amount of forgiveness granted for genuinely awful acts in this game is baffling.

    • Zeida says:

      Also… after meeting a plethora of beautiful maidens… you can only take…4… -_- ok that is quite a dissappointment, but needless to say this is a MoeGe not a NukiGe, and the message of “Morality” was genuinely presented, but I do agree, that some horrible act’s were too horrible to easily forgive, but I digress…

      Either way it’s a really heart warming story that really puts you on edge IMO.


  18. Zeida says:

    ahahaha… I’m not really one to nit pick but… This game has a lot of CG fails…-_-… Meh, hardly worth giving a crap but I might as well say it…

  19. mrrook says:

    I installed the game. But face win32 error. Anyone knw how to fix it?

  20. Zeida says:

    3 days… WOW O_O! 3 days… and only one route conquered!!! It’s that amazing!!!

  21. Hawke says:

    Can someone help me ? It seem to show black screen during the opening, the audio seem to play normally though.

  22. Zeida says:

    T^T…. Crying… too many 360s in this game…

    P.S – how many comments have I posted…?

  23. CHristopher says:

    I Really Need To Know. Are You Going To Transleate The Second Part Of The Game? (Princess Evangile W Happiness) If You Do It Are Going To Be Awasome :)))))

  24. Zeida says:

    Never in my whole life have I wanted to kill someone else… until I met Masaya’s father… Thank God this is a MoeGe. Amen

  25. egamanlanman says:

    yeah… chiho’s voice actor is the same as yumina from yumina the ethereal… keito mizukiri

  26. Zeida says:

    Bravo…! Bravo…! Moonstone, you’ve really done it…! Good Job! 4 boxes of Tissues worth (For tears guys… -_-).

  27. Jiffy says:

    Is this game that bad ? I saw each comment in this eroge and it makes me feel down to play this. Anyone can tell me why because I really love romantic eroge and you know there are not much romance games in english. Sorry for my bad english

    • Mirei says:

      Not bad, just not on the standards of some people. It’s a long story and the fact it actually concentrates on it’s story and not just the sex is a plus, but it does has it’s contrived situations. Plus a few routes actually rehash the same conflicts from earlier in the story (Ritsuko’s is guilty of this). I’m also guessing that some people don’t exactly like it when an atagonistic force gets a mere slap on the wrist for all it’s scheming.

      If you do play it I definitely recommend doing Chiho’s route first and leaving Rise for last IMO, going by the way things are revealed in their routes. That’s if you want the overall events of the story to be revealed “naturally”… though a lot of the twists are easy to guess.

  28. izumi says:

    when i start or open the Evangile.exe, it said that i have a libogg.dll error

  29. Random says:

    I just finished both bunny black and now princess evangile in a period of 4 days. I basically got by with 3-5 hours of sleep a day. And now i have to deal with the post plot depression that comes with any really good story. I intend to sleep for a few days straight now.

  30. Ninjasticot says:

    Once we downloaded all the setup parts, how are you supposed to put them together ?

    Thx in advance for your answers

    • admin says:

      Right click on part1 -> “extract here” -> run setup.exe -> replace game.exe in installed folder with the one from CRACK link.

      • Ninjasticot says:

        It will not work, I’ll always get a “The source file is corrupted” :S

        7zip also tells me “Data error”

        Should I redownload them or try to decompress them using winrar ?

        • admin says:

          As the error you’re getting implies, one of parts you downloaded didn’t download properly. Usually it’s easiest to check filesizes of downloaded files – all but last one should have the same size – if one differs then you should redownload that part.

          • Ninjasticot says:

            Right, I’ll do that then
            Thx for taking your time 🙂

          • Ninjasticot says:

            Well, that didn’t work
            It still says the files are corrupted from “res2002.grp” to all the following [maybe not all of them, but at least a lot]

            • Ninjasticot says:

              Finally, after doing thrice the same thing, it ended up working (windows’ ways \o)
              Thanks for the help though 🙂

  31. GreekOtakuGamer says:

    I need Help…
    I wanted to run the Crack but it says that The Program can’t start because the libogg.exe is missing fro my computer..What do I do?

  32. GreekOtakuGamer says:


  33. Yoshi says:

    I installed it and put in the crack but it won’t run at all. Nothing pops up it just quickly opens the window and then goes away. Anyone know what’s wrong?

  34. Adrian says:

    I just installed parts 1=14 in order then the CRACK last. I tried to open Evangeline it didn’t work, tried part 1 it didnt work.It keeps telling me (The program can not start because libogg.dll id missing from your computer. Try re installing the program to fix this problem)
    That is what i did 3 times and didnt work. HELP!!!!!!!!

  35. Sorreah says:

    Question: Does anyone else notice occasional CG flickers/music stutters? the game is totally playable, I’m up to chapter 8, but the occasional stutter is quite annoying with the graphics. (it only does it on transitions, also its not terribly frequent, but it happens) am I the only one experiencing this? my laptop is kinda old (which actually works in favor of a lot of the VNs working it seems with all the issues I see posted from win 8 users). So yeah. If anyone has suggestions on how to fix this, that would be nice. Ah, also if the official version from Manga gamer won’t have this issue, that works, I’m already 70% sure I am going to buy this.

    • Sorreah says:

      nevermind. I am getting pretty disheartened over this. I had some pretty high expectations, I guess to high. I generally love these in depth stories that aren’t just nukeagi, but…yeah. This is falling quite short. Some really lazy scenarios with plot holes, and the frustration is getting to me that no matter what I choose in terms of choices, the game “forces” my decision. I realize its tallying up and determining the routes for me with the choices, but story wise, they don’t change or affect the situation when I am making them. Its a very lazy cop out. This is slightly better than a kinetic novel. You can put yourself on routes I guess, but…yeah. The player is just confirming who they want to see in the end. Its just…disappointing. I guess I feel this way because I generally have a high expectation from manga gamer and da capo like releases. anyway, if you see this, yeah. The story is fun, the characters are wonderful, (except some of the best ones are just support, which is vexing, especially since some of them are more relevant than a main heroine, who feels like shes only there to fill a certain “dere” quota.) but definitely not one of the better works.

      • Mecha says:

        You’re choices start to matter once you get to the choice thats actually about the girls, you actually start getting choices somewhat often for a while then, and it will change what you see. Why they bothered with the first three though, idk.

  36. Psyrill says:

    I seem to be getting the same error as several others, that the ‘libogg.dll’ file is missing. Anyone know whats going on? I checked the file size and all are the right size.

    I’m hoping I don’t have to go re-download everything again, as it takes quite a while, so just really hoping that someone knows another way.


  37. David says:

    If you speak french prepare yourself.
    The french grammar mistakes are strong in this one.

  38. Help says:

    Checked all the file sizes, have all parts. Everything is alright. Still getting a res2002.grp problem.

  39. Need help says:

    Ive extracted everything, run the setup and downloaded the SDrt (is is needed?) but when i run teh Crack i get the message that teh libogg.dll is missing. Can anyone please solve my problem?

  40. Gaporigo says:

    Do i need to use the CRACK? i installed it anyway and im playing it but, how can i be sure i am indeed using the CRACK?
    Is the CRACK like for the +18 scenes or something like that?

  41. Doppelgaenger says:

    Thanks, this looks promising. I’d have tried it before but I was waiting for the english patch.

  42. Kazuya says:

    Hmm … i hope they gonna release Princess Evangile W Happiness Soon , i already played the japanese but since i havent mastered Kanji yet , i got some trouble xD Tamie FTW

  43. Koeha says:

    what is the CRACK for?

    • Lo says:

      Once you download crack, as admin said, place the new evangile application in game folder. Folder should be located in your OS. If it doesn’t give you the option to replace, then you’re in the wrong area (most likely).

  44. AnonGuy says:

    exHibit.exe stop working totally,

    can’t even start the game anymore

    please send help

  45. iwa says:

    I like rukiko but why ruriko route not avaible? i think ruriko avaible in route I hope get princess evangile 2

  46. Krunjar says:

    This is one of the first few porn games where I am actually having a lot of trouble finishing it. The sheer amount of bitchery and man-hate some of the characters engage in and then totally get away with just boggled my mind lol. In the end I was just thinking. If I was the protagonist I would let this school go fish any place this backwards deserves to fall into the sea lol. Though I guess being broke he doesn’t have that option.

  47. ichiroake says:

    Is it possible to get the all ages version because I want both for the different cgs

  48. Zita says:

    Ok I maybe kinda dumb for asking but I did put the Crack File over the original but it still ask me for activation code. Anything I should do?

  49. anonymous says:

    the story if quite good actually. i hope that the fandisk can be translated sooner of later. i wish to see the after story

  50. Sarksz says:

    Guys can u tell me wheres the save data location please? I cant find it in documents,or appdata in user

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