Muv-Luv Alternative

Muv-Luv Alternative
Muv-Luv Alternative takes place after the events of the original Muv-Luv. Alternative focuses on the life of Shirogane Takeru three years after Muv-Luv; Takeru wakes up believing that everything that had happened was just a dream. However, he notices something wrong: he has been sent back in time to the beginning of the events in Muv-Luv: Unlimited. But instead of letting a disaster strike again, he decides to help stop it before it even begins. The solution: helping to complete Alternative IV.

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  1. Crubitz says:

    I hav heard the word depressing one two many tyms, is it or is it not worth downloading?

    • novelate says:

      What ??? Its one of best VN ever. well if you search H this not one cuz only few H in this VN. but the story is top notch its serious story thats why some said its depressing. play MUVLUV then MUVLUV alternative epicness guaranteed. not mention its get anime next season ^__^

    • dragonkain says:

      It is a VERY good game, but you have to accept the fact that it is also one that might make you cry. Very sad, but very good.

      • Jakeman77 says:

        “Might”? No; it WILL make you cry!

      • Korban says:

        this is my first time…
        i played some…clannad kanon fate never7 ever17 remember11 g senjou edelweiss family project higurashi umineko…those are my favourites.

        but…this is the first time…i got NTRed…it shot me in the head.
        tsukihime too…but not in detail like this one…so it left me such huge impression…ohh…


        i want more like this one.

        this game, i like it.

      • Korban says:

        NTR sugoi naa
        this is new world for me

        just imagine tomoyo or nagisa or saber or mion or shion got raped fucked by someone else and the protagonist saw it in despair.

        hahh..hahh…such a bliss UNIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRSSSE!!!

    • Korban says:

      just finish the game.

      let me reimagine it #SPOILER ALERT#
      after the day of fate, the world branched into sumika route, meiya route, and other routes in extra.
      somehow all of this takeru got sucked by alt-sumika to alt-world and then combine into takeru(s).
      each time takeru(s) had sex with girl other than alt-sumika in unlimited, he forced to go back to day 1 until he met alt-sumika.

      “damn u takeru-chan, how could u dead b4 we hv sex!”
      “bitch! so u called us to this fucked up world just so u can hv sex with us?”
      “yes, i won’t let u back until u mess w/ my filthy body. its ur fault i turn this lewd, here’s my projection.”

      alt-sumika showed takeru(s) her projection that made takeru(s) turned on. Attention, we now proceed into DEFCON 2 with RAGING MULTI-VERSE DICK.

      “everyday i got raped by BETA, my body, my heart, my brain..aah…i was in heaven
      but those UN and American scums(w/ terible english) thrown fucking G-bomb and snatched me from my pimpy.
      shit! my body want it back, so takeru-chan, please mess me, screw me, wreak havoc my hot pussy!”
      “u nympho, gakariiiiin!!”

      so, those otherworldy takeru(s) gangbanged alt-sumika until she passed. its reverse NTR after all.

      “haa…after all sumika is sumika…so it doesnt matter we wiped up BETA or not so long u can hv sex i can go back?”
      “yup..yay!…SUMIKA OWNING~~! screw u meiya-tachi, it’s my EPIC VICTORY~~~! now i can die in peace. takeru-chan, bye-bye”

  2. kuuga says:

    there are many people in this world , so please ,if the are one who like it , there also one who dont quite like it………
    this world is big~~~

  3. Anon says:

    I want to get the OST for this, but the only downloads I find have the entire OST in one soundfile (like an hour long). That means it’s kinda useless if I just want to listen to a particular song on it =/

  4. Falstaff says:

    I’ve never downloaded anything (Game-wise) from this site or any other site before. I’m very interested in Downloading Muv-luv Alternative however I’m clueless as to how I would even begin getting it from here to my computer.
    What button do I click to download…? There’s three!!!
    “DA-1Click: Game Download”
    “DA-Free: Game Download”
    “DA: Englsih Patch Download”
    I’m so confused! Which one do I click? Please, if anyone is reading this and has downloaded the game, please give me the step by step. Thank you!

    • Azure says:

      Well, if you’re gonna try out Muv-Luv, I’d suggest you try out the first game ( )before starting up Alternative.
      As for the download, you go DA-Free: Game Download and DA: English Patch Download. The first one is for the premiums of the download site only. Once all that is downloaded, make sure you have: WinRAR, and a disk-emulating software like DaemonTools or Alcohol 120% installed first. Once done, extract all the files from the downloaded archived files into a folder which you can name “Muv-Luv” or something like that. Now here’s the tricky and frustrating part: Depending on how it installs, you MIGHT need to use the English Patcher you downloaded to install the game properly. When it prompts you for disc one, mount MUVLUV-EXTRA on the first virtual drive, then unmount once it asks for disc two, and do the exact same as you did before with MUVLUV-UNLIMITED.

      As for Alternative, you might need to install the setup, just select yes on everything and let it do it’s thing. After that, select the patcher from the Alternative download and let it patch the game. Once done, you’re free to play. Oh, and you can unmount the images afterwards if you’d like, as it’ll be installed directly into your hard drive already.

      Hope this helped!

    • anon says:

      “DA-1Click: Game Download” = Everything is in a single .rar you just have to download it once. You need a account for this.
      “DA-Free: Game Download” = Download the .rar in parts but its free
      “DA: Englsih Patch Download” = Download this once you have the game installed

      1] Download and install ALL 21 parts and move them to a new folder. IF YOU GO A DA ACCOUNT GO FOR THE DA 1CLICK MAKES YOUR LIFE EASIER.

      2] Once every part is downloaded, extract all files using WinRAR or 7-zip or any software you prefer and extract them in the same folder where you downloaded the 21 parts

      3] When its finished extracting, mount the .MDS file to a virtual drive emulator e.g. DAEMON tools

      4] Once its mounted it should auto-run, if not go to your My Computer and run the mounted file

      5] It should open and then install the game (the installation is in Japanese but don’t worry about it)

      6] Just keep clicking next (the highlighted button) because everything is defaulted to “normal installation” crap so don’t worry about that

      7] When the installation is finished, the game will open up in Japanese so close the client for now. If the the doesn’t open up when the installtion is finished, open the game too see if its working or not. If it does close it and proceed to the next step. If the game doesn’t open up, re-install it. If the game still doesn’t open up after re-installing, then one of the .rar is corrupted.

      8] Download the English patch provided by erogedownload and once you finished downloading the it, run it.

      9] It’s a .exe file so run it. there should be a security warning popup just click “ok” or “accept” because that .exe is clean. So just keep clicking next for patch because its going to look for the default installation of the game and update it into English.

      10] Once the patch is finished, close it and then launch the game.

      11] Aaaaaannnd you’re finished, the game is now in English. Enjoy.

      PS. If you didn’t understand what I said, it is best to not download it without any knowledge of RAR files, ISOs, MDS, virtual drives and so on. Research about them.

    • sage says:

      How does a human survive with this terrible lack of common sense and intelligence?

  5. kaiinu says:

    j’ai trouvé le jeux en torrent
    i look for this game to torrent
    si ca intéresse, je peu donner le lien
    if that can help, i can link this
    biensur si les modérateur accepte
    ofcourse if this request is accepted by the moderators

  6. jason says:

    why cant i download anything?

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

    this is what happens when i try to download

    • sparenoone says:

      Same things happening to me.

      >.< Darn, I was actually trying to re download it to so I could reinstall the game.

      It keeps crashing every so often after the 00 unit was completed/introduced (Which I assume is about half way though the game; its probably been about 22-30hours), with the message "rUGP MFC has stopped working." It hadn't crashed once before then.

      I've found 4 crash points within about 13min of play time after 00's introduction (during regular dialog); so I assume disk 2 didn't install correctly. Although if anyone has any idea how to fix the problem I'd appreciate the input.

      I suppose I'll wait til tomorrow and try the links again, or find an alternative source.

  7. Jo says:

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to is happening to me as well

  8. Takemikazuchi says:

    Well yes is probably due to some problem with the server, but is not a problem within this page, actually I’m trying to download another game but I can’t so… we can only wait… Is probably as I said because of the server.
    Thanks for the game this one was AWESOME!

  9. What. says:

    I got some main.srx error…
    Anyone know the solution?!

  10. phantasm says:

    best emotional VN ever

  11. John says:

    I was never able to finish the original Muv luv and I have a question if I play this without knowing how the original ended will I be confuse? if so I think I will download the original one first.

  12. Yui says:

    i cant seem to dl any file at all. im getting wrong IP page when i click on download from the host site. x.x

  13. strider_grg07 says:

    can anyone help me plsss.. i cant install the game itself.. when ever i click on the install, the rugp error keep popping up..

  14. Kyo says:

    how to make the voice japanese with english subtitles?

  15. Waver Kyo says:

    do u have muv luv alternative chronicles?

  16. Rukaii says:

    Probably one of the best Visual Novel’s of it’s genre out there. The story is extremely powerful and each character is developed so well that you find yourself emotionally invested in each character until the very end. The ending wasn’t exactly my favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. I’m sure there are people who really loved Alternatives ending. But that’s nether here nor there – bottom line, if you’re looking for h-scenes, don’t waste your time here because that’s not what Alternative is about. It’s Shirogane Takeru’s story of character evolution, but that doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t given their fair share of the spotlight. Every main character is meaningful and important to the story. As far as visual novel’s go, this one ranks on my big 5 list at number 2 (nothing surpasses Fate/Stay Night in my view). Anyway…enough rambling. If you haven’t – Read this visual novel! If you have, but haven’t finished it – What the hell is wrong with you – Finish it! GO! Go now!! READ!!! …if you don’t I’ll make sure you receive a Drill Milky Punch!

    • DerpDerpington says:

      Why I dont want to play it? I am not a fan of NTR.

      I dont play games to get depressed about death of heroines or them being raped in front of you. Period.

  17. ihategore says:

    ghraaharaharhgararahara anyone have the gory censor patch for this game..?
    i had a weak heart and could faint if exposed with gory scene, especially those headchomp thing… poor marimo chan

  18. Sandremo says:

    Dont seem to be able to get the game working…. install just fine but after the “installer” i get a window with a progress bar and 3 almoust identical text’s with a diamond on the left hand side… after it gets to the second one it stops around 61% (the progress bar that is) and pops up an error… atleast i’m guessing it’s an error because of the big red X sign…

    Damn it’s so frustrating! I wanna “play” this damn thing! 1 thing that’s also weird is that the install takes only a few seconds… o_o

  19. Sandremo says:

    Oh yea the error appears after the installer window disappears and the rUGP installer window pops up. Not sure what it’s trying to do but hell i feel like i would want to destroy stuff right now and i cant find any other download sources.

    • skyvory says:

      I also got that problem first.
      I didn’t know how it works actually, but I did this:
      – copy all the files from the disc image to C:\age\マブラヴオルタネイティヴ (if there isn’t any, create new one)
      – run the the translation patch(mla-r2)
      – keep continue and make sure it points to the mentioned folder above
      – installing

      In my case, it progress with copying the installation files(,, etc)

      Hope this helps.

  20. G1478 says:

    Is anyone else having trouble changing the text speed in the settings? Takeru’s dialogue goes by slow as hell. I find I can read the piece at least 3 times over before it switches to the next slide. Auto read speed is on max and it changes nothing. Thanks for nay response.

  21. Zetoe says:

    This english patch isn’t full. After the Coup d’etat speech, the game goes back to japanese…

    • Zetoe says:

      Okay so I was actually kind of wrong…Apparently after the speech it broke the translation and went back to Japanese somehow? I re-installed the English patch and now its working in english again.


      • Dalock says:

        There is an option to install a separate txt file which pops up when these movie clips play in the english patch installer. Try reinstalling the english patch and select that option and it should pop up. You may need to switch to windowed to see it.

  22. Death says:

    torrent please…

  23. Alexx says:

    Played heaps of VN’s before, skipped this one a while ago. Got bored so i played this and the MUV LUV first, WHOLEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~!!!!


    a must. for anyone

  24. Frustrated anon says:

    It’s been months since I finished Extra/UL and Alternative, needless to say they’ve been my favorite VNs since then.

    However, I noticed that since I installed Alternative, Extra/UL wouldn’t work anymore, it doesn’t even get to the main menu (something about rUGP being a different version, I can’t read moonrunes so the error message made no sense whatsoever to me). Any of you have had the same problem?

    I’m posting this on Alternative and Extra pages as it kinda concerns both.

  25. flameshin says:

    Great game, love the ending…
    but, i can’t find myself to like what happened to alternative Sumika…
    Shed manly tears when i imagine what’d Takeru felt…

  26. Maoh says:

    Thanks for the upload admin

  27. Nick says:

    i can’t start muv luv alternative no matter how many times i try i redownload every rar file for the second time already,i burned the content onto a DVD+R disc and installed the eng patch, but everytime i try to start the game an exclaimation and words i don’t understand appear on my screen. i really need help and i would appreciate it if someone would assist me.

    • Eru says:

      Is it like some kind of rubbish ?? Have you change into japanese applocal ?

      If you still haven’t, go to control panel —> region and language —> administrative —> japanese

      Hope it helps

      **sorry if my grammar is bad

  28. Mr.Anonymous says:

    does anyone know the road aiyame ?

  29. Ryu-suke says:

    Damn, this is the first out of a ton of other VNs i’ve played before which made me cry.
    Good job, Age.
    Thanks to the Admin for the upload(For this and Muv-Luv Extra/Unlimited), had a fun week.

  30. Megapervert says:

    I was wondering if anyone knows about muv-luv Fable?

  31. walastik says:

    Nevermind, fixed it. Compatibility options.

  32. jomama says:

    after installing its the terrible english voice actors how do i set it to japanese audio?

  33. S & K says:

    any body knows how to install this game in windows 8 single language..?

    if sumbody would xplain in detail, that would b a great help..

  34. TmP says:

    There are some things we are not supposed to talk about, lets share a moment of silence… if you ask why, you are not supposed to recieve an answear.

  35. David says:

    hello guys just finished playing alternative the end was good anyway when i finished this vn is there something like the extra or not ? since the end is really good thanks before and sry for my bad english

  36. Snoopy says:

    So bad the anime sucked, may give it bad reputation

  37. TYTYTYT says:

    does anyone know where to find a walkthrough, or should i make one myself?

  38. something says:

    is the “true” ending happy? if so i will definitely play this game. If the question has already been answered, i am sorry because i am too lazy to search for it on this long thread.

    • something says:

      a different question i have is “is Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol.1” include the the muv unlimited days after in it?

      If this doesn’t have day afters in it can someone explain to me the plot of days or tell me where i can download it? because the wiki that explains days after is too vague.

    • something says:

      well i’m going to start downloading it now anyway since it will take a while, but if someone could answer my questions it would be great, thanks in advance.

    • something says:

      ah i looked again at Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol.1 game description and it does have unlimited days after so that’s one question answered

  39. kazuya2040 says:

    realy good VN, made me cry for 3 diferen reasons, just wished they included more echi senes like the manga.

  40. Korban says:

    DAMMIT I GOT NTRed….by beta…

  41. Fapman says:

    This VN is awesome. It is one of the best VN ever made although severely outdated in term of graphics with today’s standard. I got severe mental depression for a couple of weeks after finishing the VN for the first time. No im not joking.

    I played from the 1st game Extra-Sumika then Meiya’s ending to unlock Unlimited, Unlimited – Meiya’s ending then Alternative. Extra and Unlimited is very boring, but i recommend to grit your teeth and finish both of them. It makes Alternative way more immersive and will makes you sympathetic to the main character’s condition. There is a scene that makes me crying in anger because im enggrossed with the story.

  42. Badwater says:

    Why won’t this game install? Muv Luv and Muv Luv Alternative are the only game that have defeated me. I run Win 10 – it should not be a prob but it is. Suggestions?

  43. MilkyWay says:

    after mounting the mds it showed on my computer but with no picture, after running it and tried to click install some pop notification, can’t install it so i tried using the patcher to install the full game still the same can’t start it

  44. garvin says:

    Not as good as people say
    The infodump scenes are very boring and very common in the game.
    I recommend Swan Song or Saya no Uta if you want something dark and powerful and they are way shorter.

  45. Nachtus says:

    Just finished this after putting it off fr a few years… It’s definitely a tearjerker, and has a few messed up moments to boot. You WILL hurt, and you WILL want to cry. I’ve played numerous VN’s, and this one seriously makes you grieve and ache emotionally.

  46. Maxwell says:

    Years passed away since I first visiting this awesome website accidentally. Time to download one of – if not the highest rated VN – (above 2000 people – almost 60% rated this an excellent VN). This is a must 😀

    21 parts still need some time to download, but compared to Shiny Days which downloaded just recently, this VN is about one-quarter of Shiny Days size and will make it a lot faster download 🙂

  47. Carlos says:

    Holy crap. Just finished this game. There’s a mountain of tissues right next to me. Stupid ass game, so powerful, so well written. A+++. Absolutely recommended. Play Muv Luv first, and let yourself fall for the characters.

  48. reuben says:

    does this work for windows 7.i tried download from mofumoe but it didnt work for windows 7.does this work for windows 7

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