Miss Leet in Prison – Love Potion Sex Training Revenge

Miss Leet in Prison

Watch the female executive of an evil syndicate be taken to the limits of shame!
This is the story of the revenge by a man this former executive once stole everything from.

This story is told from the eyes of Yuu Saito, a space investigation detective with a mysterious past and a grudge against Misleet. Behind closed doors he tries to break and demoralize her after she is captured by a rookie chief space detective named Fio and imprisoned in a space investigations HQ.

He has to break her in before the space police escort reaches earth. His plan is to destroy her pride and turn her into a sexual “commodity” before that happens. Complete domination and torture will be the evidence of his revenge! He won’t give her to the police until she’s totally dominated!!

Misleet isn’t the only one being defiled. If she gets in the way then you can also choose to give the new space police detective Fio a taste of sexual ecstasy!!

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  1. Kirk:

    Nvm i got it, you don’t have to even install it, after you extract it just go to program files inside it and just keep going til you reach the game application and just copy the eng patch in there

  2. Kirk:

    the main menu is in eng but all the options are still in jap… =/ so i can’t tell but is there a skip button and where is save? i found auto but thats about it, but i definitely need the save button at least lol, thanks

    • Kirk:

      oops sorry about that i found it… i was playing on my netbook in window mode so i guess it cut off the bottom of the screen, but after i put it in fullscreen i found them. once again sorry for that

  3. chrono:

    was anyone able to find the 5 cgs in between the pregnancy one, i tried every path and i still cant find it or trigger it

    • chrono:

      nvm finally found it

      • Vinny:

        I’m also interested. I’ve been starting this game again over and over, tried, I think, every combination of answers possible but just can’t get into Fio’s root. Maybe there is some catch? Like what savegames you do, or how much dialogue you skip? I have the 100% save but it’s no good, becouse I don’t want to only have the H sceens, I want to read all. If anyone have a savegame made right at the beginning of Fio’s root, please zip your “savedata” folder, upload it on mediafire (for example) and post a link here.

        • dickhouse:

          uncensored or censored?
          i bet it is the second one.

          • Vinny:

            ?! Hm, well, yes, CG’s are censored. I didn’t knew there were uncensored version. So this bug only shows up in censored version?

        • Zellrang:

          the route… but it’s not by me… šŸ˜›
          1. I will personally

          1. Physical humiliation
          2. I’m all right by myself

          2. Sexual slave
          (Sex Crazed Ending)

          1. Fertilization slave
          (Commodity Ending) – This is a True Ending of this game as it is the only one
          after which the credits play.

          In order to get sex scenes you missed on the first playthrough:

          2. Situational humiliation
          1. Accept her cooperation
          1. or 2. You will geet the same endings as above depending on the choice.

          Start from the beginning:
          2. Use someone else
          1. Physical humiliation
          2. I’m all right by myself

          1. Somebody was here?
          (Broken Detective Ending)

          2. It must be my imagination
          (Failure Ending)

  4. Adimus12:

    I am also missing those CG’s and can’t seem to get them even though i have tried all possible combination of choices. I have read the walkthrough in gamefaqs and no matter how much i try i can’t get the “Broken detective” ending that i am missing for those CG’s… If anyone could help i would appreciate it.

  5. Avenger:

    Use someone else
    Physical humiliation
    I’m all right by myself
    Fertilization slave

    And I’d thought I’d done everything. Either I missed this the first time or it doesn’t unlock until the other 3 endings have.

    In the actual files it says:
    ; ā—†ę”件分岐 小ā—†
    ; ā€»åˆ¤å®šćÆć€ę”ä»¶åˆ†å² ćØę”ä»¶ćÆåŒć˜ć§ć™ć€‚
    ; ć“ć‚Œć¾ć§ć«ć€Œē–‘ęƒ‘ćƒć‚¤ćƒ³ćƒˆć€ćØ怌ē‰¹ę®Šåˆ†å²ć‚¹ć‚¤ćƒƒćƒćƒ•ćƒ©ć‚°ļ¼Æļ¼®ć€ćŒļ¼Ÿ
    ; ļ¼’仄äøŠć‹ć¤ć€Œē‰¹ę®Šåˆ†å²ć‚¹ć‚¤ćƒƒćƒćƒ•ćƒ©ć‚°ļ¼Æļ¼®ć€ć€€ć€€ć€€ā‡’s_19b
    ; ļ¼‘仄äø‹ć‚‚ć—ććÆ怌ē‰¹ę®Šåˆ†å²ć‚¹ć‚¤ćƒƒćƒćƒ•ćƒ©ć‚°ć€ļ¼Æļ¼¦ļ¼¦ā‡’s_20a
    [if exp=”f.giwaflg>=2 && f.tokuflg==1″]\
    [jump target= *S019b]\
    [if exp=”f.giwaflg<=1"]\
    [jump target= *S020a]\
    [if exp="f.tokuflg==0"]\
    [jump target= *S020a]\

    Where S019b is Fio's route and S020a is the normal Fertilization route.

    • Adimus12:

      Other 3 endings? i have tried all possible combination and even started from a new game and i only get *from the gamefaq walkthrough* the “Sex Crazed Ending” and the “Commodity Ending”
      i cant seem to get the choices of “Somebody was here? > It must be my imagination” to get fio’s end and the failure ending… guess ill try writing the choices i make one by one for reference.

  6. Seven Points On Ten:

    Could you guys using the gamefaq’s guide give me a link to it? Thanks in advance.

  7. CC:

    I can’t get this third ending too.

  8. Civtor:


    2. Use someone else
    1. Physical humiliation
    2. I’m all right by myself
    1. Fertilisation slave
    after the cg event in the street you now get a new choice
    1. Somebody was here?

    You have to get the other 2 endings first tho.

    • Vinny:

      It worked. O_o I always thought that the “Someone was here\It was my imagination” choise should appear _instead_ of normal forth choise, so when I got that choise I thought that I’ve failed and immediately started new game to try out another combination. I should have guessed thet after getting that ending where Yuu-san runs away (which is by the way the true ending of this game in my opinion). Thanks a lot for the tip, I can finally finish this game.

    • Zellrang:

      yes… it really works… but I didn’t go all the way to the end ’cause… Fio is nice and a good person… I got a feeling of righteousness inside me šŸ˜› and the reason why I played this eroge is because I want to release my anger with wht happened to Yu in Soul link… the evil person in this is almost the same as the one in soul link though that one is more lewd and “BREAK” my favorite character so much… and Yu is almost as same as Fio soo~~~ NO WAY MEN… X3~~ Lolz but it’s the truth though so… good bye this game so that I would never would try at a later time just to see wht happened to her… T_T

  9. Seven Points On Ten:

    Loved. This. Game. Justifiable rape, if you ask me… except for the unfortunate detective.

    Anymore like it? I tried Gang Rape Club but the translation was so terrible I felt like lobotomizing myself with a rusty spoon, so I deleted it 3 minutes into the game. Also played Prison Battleship. So… yeah, basically, any other dark games like this?

    • Avenger:

      Eroges like this? Try any Lilith game.

    • bob:

      @Seven Points On Ten
      If you’re talking about Eroges with high sexual content, then there’s plenty, try one of Lilith’s or softhouse seal games
      Also one of Black package try’s games if they translated any…
      You might aswell play Cat girl alliance, hot shit.

      • Seven Points On Ten:

        Oh, I know there’s plenty of nukige here, I just meant more rape themed games. And preferably where the rape feels justified.

  10. KC:

    Can anyone help me i cant to find a way to get the third ending.

  11. grun1991:

    I think i have found the 5th ending for this game. albeit *spoiler* it is CGless, have credits at end(the other is commodity) and it is most probably the best possible ending outcome in this game.
    choices to take
    2. Use Someone Else
    1. Physical Humiliation
    1. Accept Her Cooperation.
    2. Sexual Slave.
    this should net you the 5th ending.

    This ending also nets you addditional merits. The True Name of Our Main Character

  12. Paladin:

    It looks like mediafire part2 is removed.

  13. applemania:

    I am using windows 7 64 bit home premium

    Well i did install it using setup

    Then i just copied what inside the Missleet eng patch

    to the folder inside Miss leet installed programs

    And it works

    i hope this advice help some people

    (install it then copy paste the patch file inside it)

  14. genji:

    i can install in jap but even when i put the pacht at the right place LBK-30041 folder i still run in jap plz tell what i am doing worng

  15. king-kun:

    stupid question here.. but what is the game directory? xD

  16. Adix22:

    This is censored one?

  17. Gaju:

    Awesome share. Its not available almost anywhere else…

  18. Ookami:

    Hey I’m having trouble saving, every time i click on the save slot my mouse changes to a curser and i can’t do anything but go back with the escape button.
    Can anyone help? XD

  19. gameipedia:

    part2.rar is currupt for me ill try downloading again but admin please reupload for me just so if this doesnt work

    • ...........:

      Yup, it seems like part two is corrupted, I followed the instructions provided by other people and it stills does not work. it gives me a “??????????????????????????????????”

  20. waitwhat:

    Part2 is corrupted. Reupload, please.

  21. Unnamed:

    Please reupload part 2 as it is corrupt.

  22. parkernovels89:

    Just to let you know, Part2.rar file has a corrupted data file in it. You might want to fix that.

  23. Ahari:

    I already tried this day, Part two is still corrupted. Cannot be extract

  24. RomadE:

    It tells me that the file is corrupt.
    And when I follow the set of instructions provided in the comments, it still didn’t work, netting me messages that say “????????????????????”.
    What should I do to fix this?

  25. randomguy:

    the second part is coorupted please repost thx

  26. KingSamekh:

    please upload the part 2!!!
    i really want to play these..

  27. pwalaako2:

    part2 error in extraction

  28. asdf:

    part2 fails CRC- check, can you please reupload admin?

  29. Robert:

    MissLeetPrison\MissLeetPrison.part2.rar: CRC failed in MissLeetPrison\Misleet\program files\lilith\LBK-30041\data.xp3. The file is corrupt

  30. Slith:

    Part two is corrupted, please fix.

  31. EvanD:

    part is 2 corrupt please fix it

  32. EzekielEll:

    Pls fix part 2 pls

  33. trannon1:

    I’m just wondering how many people miss this ending.

    (Good Ending)
    Use someone else
    Physical humiliation
    Accept her cooperation
    Sexual slave

  34. v1c0d1n:

    please reupload this, everyones complaining about part2 is corrupted (data.xp3) thing, reupload the whole thing again

  35. Andrew:

    I followed the instructions in the comments and I still can’t run this damn game. Can somebody help me out?

  36. sora:

    Something wrong with the file?
    I was ziping at 60+% it say file is broken.
    I tried redownloading but it’s still the same.

  37. evil:

    part 2 is corrupt

  38. Iwant to play ms Leet!:

    MissLeetPrison/Misleet/program files/lilith/LBK-30041/data.xp3 – CRC failed

    That is what I keep getting…everything else is FINE, like seriously fine. I made it so the program would unrar files that were broken hoping that that would work but it didn’t… When I open the actual Miss Leet in Prison game, it pops up saying something in japanese that I cannot copy and paste here and a big red X. Halp pls

  39. Morrigan:

    I’m having the same issue, when unraring the files, one of the files is currupt. the process finishes, but when i try to run the program, a japanese error message shows up. i think the problem is with part 2, is there a fix for this?

  40. Soumen boya:

    Well, can someone please reupload part 2, it is corrupted. You guys could add recovery to prevent this right ?

  41. leyend:

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE THE FILES!!!!!!! X__X THE SECOND ONE IS CORRUPT!!!!!!….let me explain it better….every time I try to unzip the files….I get the same error as every one else!! @-@
    (Ohh By the way, could you recomend me some good titles from this company?)

  42. Anon:

    File 2 is corrupt sadly

  43. Someone passing by:

    Part2 is corrupted!!!!! UWWWOOO, please change it, admin! QAQ

  44. Gambit:

    >Part2 is corrupted!!!!! UWWWOOO, please change it, admin! QAQ
    Double that!

  45. Xdea:

    Could someone upload save file ? šŸ™‚ would be great

  46. Hoops:

    For some reason I can get everything to launch and work fine, but after a minute or so this game always crashes.
    Any fixes for this or am I just doing something wrong??

    Any help would be appreciated.


  47. Hoops:

    For some reason I can get everything to launch and work fine, but after a minute or so this game always crashes.
    Any fixes for this or am I just doing something wrong??

    Any help would be appreciated.


  48. FirstTimer:

    i successfully downloaded the game and it can run, but the english text when shown, it always cut a bit of the below portion of each line. i can’t fully read the text this way, does anybody knows how to solve it?

  49. TheDude:

    I hope I can get some help too my problem, so I have extracted the files but every time I click on the exe file to play, I get this message http://imgur.com/0cD0VOF can anyone help me?

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