KiraKira Curtain Call

KiraKira Curtain Call
Kira Kira Curtain Call is the fan-disk for Overdrive’s second title, Kira Kira.
This game is set in Oubi Academy; several years after the original took place. Part one is a new tale of youth about all new characters who pour their hearts into music. Part two brings back characters from the original game and serves as a grand finale to the Kira Kira world.

Download KiraKira Curtain Call English Game:

80 Responses to “KiraKira Curtain Call”

  1. purpura9999 says:

    seems like the links are dead could we get a re upload
    if some one throws down a torrent ill be sure to seed it up nicely

  2. octoberzero says:

    again, les paul model guitar appear

  3. purpura9999 says:

    Just now getin into vn’s is what i ment to say **

  4. Rin_Kuroki says:

    is there gonna b walkthrough for this game?

    • Six says:

      Game does not require a walkthrough. The story is linear and the choices you make do not matter except for dialogue variations. Clear the first story, then choose new game and select the second (now unlocked) story.

  5. Kei says:

    i think part 3 is damage, it said corrupted when i tried to extract it. can admin reupload it?

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