If My Heart Had Wings – Uncensor Patch

This patch restores removed content ( hentai scenes, kissing, dirty jokes etc. – basically everything that localization company deemed unsuitable for 12 year old French girls ) in English release of “If My Heart Had Wings” (“Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete”).

Installation instructions:
1. Copy patch files into game installation directory.
2. Run apply_diffs.bat

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  1. Chapotte says:

    This version has pixelated H scenes or completely uncensored ?? :3 😛

  2. MaiTai says:

    So if I buy the game on Steam, will this patch still work on my steam game?

  3. shin says:

    so apparently the batch file doesn’t work on me. even if i run it on administrator mode. when i try to open it. the message in the cmd says, access denied or the system cannot find the file specified (install the game then run the batch) still not working

    i hope someone will notice this

    • Rob says:

      Had this problem and this worked for me. I am assuming you use Windows 10.

      1. Right click an affected folder.
      2. Click Properties.
      3. Click the Security tab
      4. Click the “Advanced” button.
      5. Click “Change” next to Owner.
      6. Type your username, click the “Check Names” button, then click OK.
      7. Check “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” under the owner’s name.
      8. Click OK again. If you get a message saying “Do you want to replace the directory permissions with permissions granting you full control?”, click “Yes” and you’re done.
      9. Click the “Edit” button.
      10. Click on your username from the list.
      11. Check “Full control” underneath it.
      12. Click OK.
      13. Click OK again.

      • Mr_Coconut21 says:

        I’m running windows 10, though step 5 doesn’t show up. Basically I can’t see nothing with the word owner on it.

      • Mr_Coconut21 says:

        i just did everything you said and it still isnt working. when i click the application it just comes up with a small black window (basically a clean coding window)

  4. Kiyah says:

    Holy crap yes. Installing it on the desktop is the way to go. Guess who got halfway through Kotori’s route before realising the censors were still on -.-

  5. BronzeHero says:

    NOTICE: If you’re experiencing error messages after applying the patch, you may need to change your system locale to japan.

    Another option, which I prefer, is to use Applocale. It’s one of the first results on google (its on the Microsoft website). More than likely, you’ll need use compatibility mode to install it.

    To use-
    Search for Applocale and open it.
    Click next and select “Launch an application”
    Click browse and find the exe of the game you want to run/install.
    -in this case it’s “AdvHD”
    Click next and select Japanese (日本語) from the drop down menu.
    Select create a shortcut and click finish.

    The shortcut should be found in the same folder where you find Applocale. Feel free to move it.

    Good luck!

  6. ShadowblazorX11 says:

    why is there only 10kb in part 2?

  7. kuroi_inazuma says:

    I’m just at the beginning of the game. But in the info of this patch is written that kissing scens come with it…

    Why were even kissing scenes removed?
    I don’t want H-scenes in the game, but were the kissing scenes really removed?!

  8. kuroi_inazuma says:

    I’m only at the beginning of the game. But in the info of this patch is written that kissing scenes come with it…

    Were the kissing scenes really removed?! Why?! It’s just a kiss!
    I don’t want H-scenes in the game, but were the kisses really removed?
    Or are the french kids under 12 years not allowed to see a kiss?

  9. Poe says:

    Ok, so. When I try to run the application in the folder, a window pops up for about three quarters of a second and then just shuts itself. All I can see is a black screen and then… *poof*

    Did it install? ‘-‘ Does that, in any way, shape, or form mean that the patch has been applied, or am I doing something wrong?

    I’m seeing these files called \Chip1.arc\, Chip2.arc\, etc up until number 6, A \Graphic.arc\, a \Rio.arc.new\ and a \Voice.arc\. I can only assume these are the patched voice and graphics that add the desired scenes back into the game, but am I supposed to do anything with them beside launching the ‘Application’ file in the folder?

    I also used the ‘Apply Diffs\ Batch File, and that loaded a bunch of shit before closing itself as well.

    I’d really like to know if the patch has been installed before starting this game again (I had it on my phone before realizing I could get it here) and still not having the damn kissing scenes ‘-‘

  10. waterdog says:

    I tryed to patch it
    but still No H-scene
    Normal love ending
    and some times error pops up
    I have been install and uninstalling this game for a while
    Can any 1 make a proper walkthrough

  11. Moo says:

    Tried to patch it didn’t work no h scenes on the cmd says the system cannot find the file specified

  12. Zidan says:

    When i play it, i don t know if the patch works, and also it keeps getting errors, and the character sprites do not show up, what to do with that?

    • Marcel says:

      Use applocale, put the game on the desktop and the folder too, and run everything as administrator, it works

  13. Estalin says:

    Hi.. do u know where can i found the japanese version of this game?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Guyz here u have to 1st change locale and time to japan
    restart pc install game and then install patch and if the patch works u wont see the moenovel when u start the game

  15. Dreamedfire says:

    So I had a lot of trouble getting this to work a few years back, but decided to reread it and give it a another attempt, and got it to work, so ill make a brief tutorial on what worked for me.

    1. Download the main game and the uncensor patch
    2. Install the game, and when prompted for an install location (default is program files) click browse and choose the desktop
    3. Once the installation is finished, copy the files from the uncensor patch and put them into the folder that appeared on the desktop.
    4. Double click apply_diffs.bat DO NOT RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR running as administrator gave me a ton of error messages looking for different file types which couldnt be found, but running it regularly worked.
    5. You should see a bunch of processes happening in the command prompt, as it makes the .new files and the .diffs
    6. Wait until it says “press any key to continue” It will take a few minutes, and just because words stopped doesn’t mean its done.

    7. Upon opening the game, if it worked it will go straight to the title screen, and skip the moenovel logo. Last time i tried this i was using the bath scene as a guide, but thats a few hours in.

    Hope this helps others who had trouble, as this is a beautiful VN and worth the time to read in its “original” version

    • troll says:

      This is the first time I’ve applied this kind of patch to something and this worked well.
      To clarify, you extract the files in the seven .rar files and take them out of the folder and smack them right into the game files with all the DAT and ARC files. Then you follow the things above. TY for help.

    • Izanagi says:

      Thanks a lot, I’ve been looking for a way to apply properly this patch but never thought it will be this tricky to do

  16. Bisu says:

    _ So I’ve recently downloaded and installed this game and got the same problem as you guys have asked.
    _ After installing the patch, the game will have some problems such as errors pop-up and no characters, etc…; in my case it showed “the program has stopped working” but not when starting the game but right after the first windmill part happened (I did quick-save and tried to loaded but it didnt work).
    _ I tried reinstalling it many times and the result was still the same.
    _ Fortunately, I started the game without patching and played it through the first windmill part (which exactly after Aoi puts Kotori to the ground part). Then I did a quick-save and patched the game. Finally, I reloaded and it worked, it didn’t show the error “The program has stopped working” anymore and I went on playing the game.
    _ That was my solution, but i think i just got lucky. Hope this would help you guys to run the game.
    and please excuse for my bad english because its not my native language. T.T
    Thanks for reading.

  17. charlbeef says:

    hello @admin,

    im confused, i have downloaded all the uncensor patch…
    is this just the patch without the game? if so.. i cant find the game on downloads page

  18. charlbeef says:

    ok i found out that i have only downloaded the patch and the main game cannot be located on downloads page… unless you use the search function…

    @admin please merge the main game and this pls… ty!

    if my heart have wings main game link:


  19. sukheeh says:

    Does this patch include the sweet love UI?

  20. charlbeef says:

    i applied the patch…. played the game… and i reached the h-scene.. but still censored…. well… semi censored on some parts… as far as ive seen at the moment… >kotori route

  21. charlbeef says:

    @admin… ive finished 1 route and have red about ‘sweet love ui patch’… from what i have red…

    it adds the ff:
    Adds 4 extra scenes for Kotori, Ageha, Amane and Asa + Yoru at the end of their routes. Sadly, this scenes aren’t translated.

    Replaces the Moenovel UI with the original Pulltop UI, fixing some weird sprite issues.

    Increases CG pages from 8 to 12 and adds a Scene Replay option.

  22. Moonstar65 says:


    • Moonstar65 says:

      So, I extracted all of the files. This created the file IfMyHeartHadWingsUncensorPatch > IfMyHeartHadWingsUncensorPatch > apply_diffs etc. I copied the very first directory into my game installation directory, then ran apply_diffs.bat which I think worked. Did I do it correctly? Was I supposed to copy the files in the directory IfMyHeartHadWingsUncensorPatch into the game directory, or was it fine that I just copied the directory as a whole? I don’t use this site much so I don’t want to get halfway through a route then find out that it’s censored.

      I had to repost this because the last comment glitched out.

  23. Mercurial says:

    what is the difference between DA-1 and DA free?

  24. MissLuise says:

    Hello guys,

    I’ve used the patch as explained but I still have a problem : the game works but I get a strange error message which is this one :
    It doesn’t shut the game down but I still haven’t any H-scenes.
    Does anyone know what I should do ?
    Thank you a lot for your answers !

  25. hoàng says:

    @admin I play If my heart had wings normally, no errors pop ups, have H-scenes but when I play about 10 or 15 minutes the screen is lagging, can’t do anything then I have to restart my laptop and it continues again. The more times I play the game the more that error occurs, after Kotori bath scene. Is it my computer’s issue or any problems? I used HP Pavillion dv4 and also used applocale japanese. Sorry if bad english

  26. Jamess says:



  27. Nhoj Eel says:

    Hold on. I think I downloaded the regular version (actual game) with no uncensored patch and yet going through the game, I still find nudity…
    does the game have nudity despite being for 12 year old French girls? Or did I actually download the patch along with it? I don’t remember so can someone tell me if the regular one has nudity or not?

    If the regular does not then,thank god! I did everything right.

  28. pika says:

    Will whis patch work on the android version?

  29. Gageless says:


  30. Kino says:

    I bought this visual novel on Steam. Is this patch compatible with it?

    • Kino says:

      Update: No, it doesn’t work well with the Steam version. Game will run but there will be weird graphic issues.

  31. Zbra says:

    Haahahhahahahaha, that is so specific. “…everything deemed unsuitable for 12 year old French girls”

  32. Vos says:

    is anyone has complete save game for the sweet love patch? it’s taking time so long to restart the game. i needed it as hell

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