Harem Party

Harem Party

Haru, the main character, is about to complete an RPG. Just when he smashes up the final boss, the thunderbolt strikes his room… and there are game heroines in front of him…. They say they come to this world to catch the devil, who runs away from the game world. The heroines become happy to meet the hero of the game. But the heroines have to have sex with the hero to stay in this world. The heroines ask him to have sex with them and he accepts it. And his life turns out to look for the devil and teach them how to have sex….

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  1. kusogaki says:

    i just play this game, its really fun & nice story
    but there are some improper show of cg and text in a H-Scene
    when the text tell that eg: “A” but the cg show “B”
    i encounter this in the scene where agnes, sofie and cleo stack up together
    is anybody also encounter this too?

  2. Chica says:

    So mine works but sometimes the words in the text box are either too close together or like muddled up. What do I do? :o

  3. Smaranje says:

    since this is fantasy… does this game haves some rape/tentacles scenes, yuri scenes or scenes where they use toys and such.. if it does im not going to play it… Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

  4. Skywatcher says:

    I downloaded and extracted this VN with no problems, but when I launch it there is no sound. Is there any way I can fix that?

  5. AssholeSeal says:

    nvm, seems you can’t download more than 2 files at once on the site…

  6. Salyvar says:

    This game japan or english language???

  7. zenoxa says:

    many bytes, could be many excitements in stored too.. not to mention the amount of story involve.

    On a glimpse, maybe I’ll try it. Thanks!

  8. bonarnel says:

    are all these unc?

  9. Rikku-Tan says:

    Some of the words my game are overlapping.
    Help Please!!! >.>

  10. sky light says:

    When I try to play the game it say NECEMEM.SNI is not found.What can I do to fix it

    • Phantom says:

      Nice guy named Helper says remove the star from the title of the folder. I did it and it worked. To be clear, remove the star in the title of the folder Harem Party.

  11. animefan says:

    Does this game work on mac? Do any of the games here work on mc? Thanks.

  12. Christian says:

    Game works, yet I need a SoundPackEvo file for it, and i would keep playing but it keeps popping up, please help!

  13. Diablo says:

    I keep getting a “checksum” error. Anyone know how to fix this problem? It wont even let me unpack the files

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