Grisaia no Kajitsu

Grisaia no Kajitsu

Mihama Academy – on the surface, a closed learning environment established to nurture students who find themselves at odds with the world around them; in actuality, an orchard-cum-prison built to preserve fruit that has fallen too far from its tree.

Whatever the circumstances behind its establishment, Mihama Academy is at present home to five female students, all with their own reasons for “enrollment.” For better or worse, each girl has established a routine obliging of her current situation; life moves at an idle, yet accommodating pace within the walls of Mihama.

Yet with the arrival of the institute’s first male student, the nearly preposterously opaque Kazami Yuuji, the students at Mihama begin to fall out of step with their predetermined rhythms. Will Yuuji prove to be the element the girls around him needed to take hold of their lives once more, or will the weight of their pasts prove too steep a wall to overcome?

And in the first place, just who is Kazami Yuuji? While the true nature of the “job” he is wont to alight to at the most haphazard of moments remains shrouded in secrecy, one thing is for certain – his encroachment upon the quiet orchard known as Mihama Academy will prove itself momentous in one way or another. And of course, one cannot discount the possibility that perhaps Yuuji himself carries the weightiest past of any of the students…

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  1. Jack:

    Also do i just install the english patch once its downloaded or do i have to do something else?

  2. wyldstrykr:

    does this game has a scene recollection?
    (like those in da capo series where you can play all the scenes, including no h-scene)

  3. Zachlol:

    hey i wanted download this game but im completely clueless. so can someone plz instruct me on what to downlaod so i can play the game in english

  4. Zeida:

    Guys, I’ve downloaded all the parts…
    I got the patch…
    But when I try to install it… a window pops up asking for something like a CD key/Pass code/Password…
    I’ve looked for tutorials and other installation walk throughs…

    but The window asking for the aforementioned terms does not pop out…
    Please Help :(

  5. Kurumu Tokisaki:

    Grisaia no Kajitsu…
    Where Amane scene?
    Only Makina scene in this VN!
    What Happened?
    Where is the Sequel?

  6. Vondoom:

    Hey guys, so yeah I just really want to get this off of my chest really… So if you really hate spoilers even the TINIEST ones then please don’t read this any further…tnx
    So basically I just want to tell you guys about my thoughts for each route… Oh and I’ve ranked the routes according to my personal preference and everything that I say are just opinions of mine, also before the flag choices there are three common choices that you will encounter, so when I say “flag choice” that means this choice will be after those choices and will let you enter a heroines route.Lastly, feel free to express your thoughts as well. :)

    Rank 5th: Michiru = I place her here, because although the plot was interesting, her character was kinda irritating for me, fortunately, that irritation was then removed after I read her back story. Her back story gives her enough justice to act the way she is, which is also very good, because it essentially gives her character flesh and just some typical character cut-out. What brings her to this rank though is the ending… Granted I have played Michiru’s route in the 4th playthrough, but her ending, compared to the other endings… is just too clean… yes that’s the word…Too clean. But the overall story is fine including the lesson you get from the story, so in my opinion play this route first, in order to have an initial build up for the upcoming emotional train. :)

    Rank 4th: Yumiko = So the story of this girl reminds me of some cheesy love story, the reason why she stands in this rank is because in order to reach her route, you must go through every other heroines flags, which in simpler terms her flag choice is in the end of all of those flags, and mind you this game is 5.9 Gigs, That clearly indicates that there is so much plot in this game, now even though there was so much plot in this, Yumiko gave me the least interaction out of all the other heroines, this problem is obviously gone though when you enter her route. But considering her flag choice is at the end, I think more build up was needed in order to really connect with her, but that aside, her story is touching, it is about forgiving, and second chances, it also includes the wonderful act of facing your problems, which to me, is a very wonderful thing. I recommend playing her route 2nd, as this route almost act as a signal for the ginormous amount of feels ahead.

    Rank 3rd: Makina = Who loves Lolis? I know I do xD! Anyway… Irisu Makina, she certainly gave me the Onii-chan chills all right, her character is the picture of good joy and happiness, her childish demeanor really shows you how innocent this girl is. Her childish antics and troublemaker qualities makes her the epiphany of youth. however, if you think about it, if she was this joyful and active, then why is she in that academy? This fact made me interested in her, especially after the first encounter that you get, simply put, she acts shy when you interact with her first which makes me wonder if this girl really is just a happy-go-lucky bag of treats, this question is immediately answered however after you play with her in the “CLAWFISH SCENE”. She is not irritating, I actually find her cute, and really likable. The reason why she is 3rd for me though is because of her back story, her background clearly indicates that she was indeed a victim of a very traumatic crime, which causes her whole life to take an unexpected turn. Now here is the problem, the way she develops is too unrealistic, the way she was able to cope up with such trauma was too strong for her character, this diminishes your initial view of the character and changes it into something else. But yeah that was a nitpick so forgive for that. Her present story is the strong part though, her battle with those traumatic events really shows the strength of her will, her kindness is also a plus as it contrasts well with our main character’s dark past. I suggest playing her route 4th, this really gets you at the edge of your seat when you read the story without skips, trust me her story is worth it, also… her Flag Choice is the very first flag that you get.

    Rank 2nd: Amane = Ok, big-sister types… not really much of a fan but it’s ok. Her development is over the charts her interaction with our protagonist is really on the mark, her intimacy and occasional bashfulness ignites a nosebleed on most people… particularly me… so yeah… ANYWAY! her character literally starts off as your typical dere-dere stereo type, what makes her unique however is the fact that she is too intimate, yes she is downright head over heels for our protagonist, which leads us to one of the most funniest scenes in the game… xD!!! She is also very likable, her understanding nature is very new for me, she hardly gets jealous and never did she forced her self to pry about our main characters background… That right there is a woman who knows how to understand. That makes her the most likable girl in the game… The reason why she stands in second place is because of the back story…(see a pattern here?) Later on in the game you will find the reason why she is so intimate with our main protagonist, you will also find connections in their past, what really bugs me is that one unanswered question… But oh well… The way they ended her arc was also a bit lacking, considering the horrific events shown in her back story, I think the ending could have given us a little bit more… but all things considered it was a fresh experience for me. The story was almost entirely tied to the background story and when you get back to the present story, the development stays neutral and I guess they were short on time? But yeah, to me the ending to that present story was just not enough to give it justice… The After story however pulled it right out of the bag… and gave me the most proper way to end her full route… Yes In all of the Stories, this needed that After Story… That was what brought her route from 3rd to second. In my personal opinion if that After story didn’t happen then this route would have been just a masturbation material for me… Oh yeah this route had the most H-scenes. Anyway I recommend playing this route 3rd, because although it was ultimately better than Makina’s route, the time spent on the background story was a bit too much.

    Rank 1st: Sachi = Ok…ok… Who pulled a CLANNAD on me? I mean seriously what the hell!? This girl is downright broken, in a mental sense, mind you, and if you play her route, play it last, cause I swear to god she made me fucking lie down, roll over, and just cry like hell… Yes! That’s how sad it is!!! Don’t believe me play her route for yourself…ANYWAY! Sachi… The girl is the incarnation of obedience itself, trust me she really is… which makes her the weirdest of all archetypes… Yeah you can dub her as the typical maid, but she took that meaning way beyond my reasonable range, tell her to wash your clothes? she’ll do it. Tell her to answer your homework? she’ll do it. tell her to… Ok you get the point… She acts this way because of her horrific and notably the saddest background story of the game, and yes, that story line really, really does mirror one of the heroines in CLANNAD. But don’t get me wrong, there maybe similarities, but it’s NOT entirely a copy of that said heroine. Her character is also very peculiar because of her tendency to answer every single request given to her, she doesn’t care if it was for good or bad, and if no one were to stop her, some of her actions may even include… oh I don’t know…OBLITERATE THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE…Yes that was an exaggeration, but seriously the girl is like a machine with emotions, she will do everything in her power to accomplish every single request given to her. This is not a good thing however, because in her case, it matters not if it was for good or bad, this is fortunately corrected by our hero later in the game… Her back story is also fleshed out, its not long or short, but it was just enough to build up the emotional-punch to its readers, I highly recommend playing her route last, that way you will be able to grasp the fulness of her route without worrying about the other heroines.
    So yeah That’s it… also you don’t really need to follow my ranking, I just want to at least catch the attention of the readers to give this novel a try. With all said and done I thank you… Oh and to those who were spoiled…I did warn you guys.

  7. gerald:

    i would like to ask but when will meikyuu will published here? i reallyy want to continue this VN T_T

  8. prajjwal:

    I have downloaded all parts what is next to do ??

  9. az:

    “the folder you selected does not appear to have a valid version of the game installed. please double check you’ve selected the correct folder and try again.” anyone can help me about this?

  10. kingboo:

    so once i install all the parts how do i install them im totaly new to this

  11. kingboo:

    i dont know how to intall this or antyhing im toataly someone help

  12. HelloItsMe:

    Hello , When I extract a file it propose me something to write ( I can browse etc.. ) and the code doesn’t work , what I can do ? Please :p

    Sorry for my english x)I think , there are a lot of mistakes xD

  13. Help:

    “the folder you selected does not appear to have a valid version of the game installed. please double check you’ve selected the correct folder and try again.” what do i do??

  14. Anon:

    PLEASE HELP!!! Need immediate Answer, why when i unzip all file only have 3 files??

  15. Is the part 2 okay? I have a problem Downloading it though…. Reply is appreciated

  16. Stormbring3r:

    So I try running the bootmenu but an error comes up two seconds in, something to do with the “boot.dfn” My locale is in japanese and I run in admin mode. Help anyone?

  17. Krakasaurus:

    Can anyone tell me how to start Amane route? I accidentally started Sachi route, and I am not sure if routes are predetermined, or I can actually chose them. If I cant and they are linear, which is the order after Sachi?

  18. Taiga:

    Will this game work on Windows 8.1? Thanks!

  19. azzura:

    this game is great,I am impatient with the sequel
    i hope you find any sequel of grisaia like meikyuu,off course with the english patch.

    thanks for this game and the english patch ^_^

  20. azzura:

    this game is great,I am impatient with the sequel

    i hope you find any sequel of grisaia like meikyuu,off course with the english patch.

    thanks for this game and the english patch ^_^

  21. xnatsu24:

    I can’t seem to enter sachi’s route. when i choose whether or not to praise sachi, both of them goes directly to michiru’s route..what to do?

    • Mada:

      To start Sachi’s Route you have to have the prerequistes done right, unlike the other routes…
      On the main route when you encounter sachi in the neighbourhood, help her carry the bags, then when she carries the boxes in the school, help her again; Also when you have to pick a nickname pick Mr. Standoffish Man one, then after you play Xtreme Typos game with her Praise Sachi and you will finally start her route.
      Have Fun!

  22. luchan:

    do i just download the 5.9gb or do i download each part individually?

    • admin:

      It’s the same end result – both 6gb and multipart contains exactly the same content after extracting. If you have downloadani premium then use 1-click (much easier to download), if you don’t, then download free 200mb parts one by one.

      • Passerby:

        Yo admin, can you give me some directions, so i downloaded the 31 files and the english patch, do i still need to mount them or can i do it basically by extracting it 1by1?

        • admin:

          Extract first part (WinRAR will extract files from following parts automatically), mount the game .iso file, install the game, install the English patch. (You need to change to Japanese locale before playing. Refer to site’s faq for instructions).

          • Gaporigo:

            Quick question, how do i install the English patch? I downloaded all the parts, installed the game, changed my pc to Japanese, downloaded the patch and…. now what? How do i install it?? Thank you!!!!

  23. Jack:

    AVG detects a Trojan horse Agent5.DC0 in uninst.exe when I mount the image. Anyone else getting this?

  24. Boob-chan:

    how the fuck do i download this? Like do i download all of these ? DA-1click: Game Download, DA-free: Game Download, DA-free: English Patch Download?, please give a full guide on how to do this!!

    • Asakura Yusuke:

      Da-1 click- for registered/premium user to download large single file.
      Da-free is for non-register/free user to download parts of a large files.

      Therefor you need to download the 6GB game and the patch.

      Kurumu Tokisaki:
      October 28, 2014 at 11:37 am

      Here is the CODE

  25. in need of help:

    after i downloaded the 6gb file, it had a .mdf and mds file. what am i suppose to do now?

  26. human:

    which one should i download? da-free:game download or english patch

  27. Firion:

    For some reason when I go full screen it won’t stretch, it’s just the game window surrounded by black, and my mouse cursor can’t leave the window. Any ideas what’s up? I am running 1600×900 as my resolution and when I first started the game I clicked on windowed.

  28. alexuh55:

    do I need daemon tool to play it?

  29. CasaNova73099:

    Never mind: I figured it out. Mounted the wrong image.

  30. Luther:

    This aready has the H scenes right?

  31. Trong:

    When I extracted all 31 parts, I was only able to get 3 files,
    Grisaia.mdf Grisaia.mds and

  32. replying:

    You gotta download all the parts, then when thats done you can extract all the files into one using \WinRAR\ by right clicking then choosing \Extract all files to specified folder\ then when thats finished, check downloads and you got the folder,, but you still can’t access it because its a Mdf file, so go back on winrar, go to that file you just made, then access it using winRAR, then go down to \Grisaia—–Application\ when you click on it it should boot the game, but in this case it should be japanese, so exit out then click the english patch download and then go through the installment process, if the file is not specified to where the english patch will be going, then locate the folder that holds the \Grisaia application\ when thats done, install it and boot up the game, it should be in english.

  33. Barry Liu:

    Whenever I play the game, after the part where Yuuji is done introducing himself to Yumiko the screen turns black and my game crashes. It says the program is not responding and its a “cs2″ error. I have tried to look online but the information was not helpful. Could anyone help me with this?

    • Badwater:

      A concern of mine is that I hope I extracted all of the free download files and that I did it in the right order. Depending on what kind of time you have invested, you might re-extract and install to make sure there wasn’t something accidentally missed or out of order.

  34. AgentXvx:

    Hey Can you guys still install grisaia? It seems that i can’t do it anymore, there’s a message:


    Can anybody please help me? :(

    • Badwater:

      I just installed with no problems. The disc needs to be mounted and I installed before using the English patch. There’s nonsense but if you click on the boxes that look like they’d logically be the ones to work then the game will install. Then have the English patch in the Grisaia folder, run the .exe and everything should be working fine from there. I’ve played just a bit into the game to make sure it works and I’m having no issues.

  35. Badwater:

    After having watched the anime, I was not prepared for how good this game really is. It’s funny in a way the anime never was, and Yuuji’s thoughts are entertaining in ways that the anime would never be able to touch.

    If you have not watched the anime, do that first. It’s a decent anime. Then play the game, and you’ll understand why I like it so much. :-)

  36. Gh0st:

    Question; Is there a way to change the font?

    I’m having an issue playing this VN on my laptop. Some words are too close together and I can barely make out what it says. It’s fine on my desktop. I tried it both in windowed mode and full screen and same thing happens.

  37. Kuro:

    Can someone tell me how i come to the scene gallery menu ? i first thought there is no option for it but i seen it on a video

  38. Autum:

    Finish one route, including the ending credits to unlock

  39. Masaki:

    Just downloaded the game . but when I browse the destination folder . I choose the new folder or the folder that is free . but when I click next it says ” the folder you selected is not the valid version you selected . please double check the youve selected the folder and try again ” .

  40. meieru:

    after your first route clear

  41. xspe:


  42. YourSenpai:

    I know this is late and all but i have found a solution to the ‘This file does not have a valid version of the game error’. If you have seen this error then i assume you have mounted the grisia file and have installed the game. Well anyways if you got this error here is something that worked for me. First you make a new folder. Then you copy all the files in the grisia image you mounted over to the new folder you made. Once this is done you open the english patch click on browse select the new folder you made click next and it should work..

  43. leo:

    so sad I really want to play this game but ,,, and I download all the parts and try to extract with winrar and I got A problem it said that part 5,16,17,29,30 our corrupted and thats not all the file is to big I think its 6gb.+ it took me 2 days to download all the files…it said not enough space in my computer and then I put it in my USB 32gb.? still not enough space
    pls help me…im crying pls help me…. sry for my bad english

  44. leo:

    when Im trying to extract all the files using winrar it said corrupted files , the files is too big for my computer , and then I place it on my usb 32gb. still not enough space kindly someone help me pls…im begging u

  45. Last:

    Where do I install the english patch?

  46. Starstallion:

    So I seem to have the issue with saving that a couple of other people have. i found the startup.xml file and was told to change




    However I can’t save the changes to the file. The properties state it is a “read only” and “archive” file and denies me access to change this. replacing the startup.xtml file with an edited copy also does not work.

    Does anyone have any further help?

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