Family Project

Family Project

Story Background
“What is family?” – This question lies at the heart of Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~, the newest game from G-Collections and one of the most reknowned titles in visual novel history. In it you portray Tsukasa, a fiercely independent youth who lost his parents at an early age and now spends his days working at a Chinese restaurant to make ends meet.
Reluctant to form interpersonal ties lest they be shattered, Tsukasa is nonetheless unable to abandon the illegal immigrant girl he finds collapsed in the alley behind his workplace one day. Confronted by her utter helplessness he takes her in, an encounter that opens the door to a new life – one where he faces the challenge and wonder of being no longer alone.
Tsukasa soon finds himself at the unwilling nexus of even more lives, attracting a band of misfits and social outcasts around him that swell beyond the confines of his small apartment. They find shelter in an abandoned house, where despite Tsukasa’s lingering doubts a pact is formed: the “family project”, an alliance of mutual convenience and utilitarian support that despite the mistrust and antagonism among its members soon comes to mean much more.
As Tsukasa you must navigate the ins and outs of your newfound family life, deciding for yourself what matters most, who to protect and defend and how best to shelter a fragile and precious love increasingly beset by outside forces. Moments of laughter, tears, and profound emotion mingle as you chart your own course toward the true meaning of “family”.

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93 Responses to “Family Project”

  1. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    Admin it says that the file 4 is corrupt.. i can’t play the game.. can you do something?

  2. Tom says:

    Is there a needed crack for this? I just get a black screen when its loaded.

    • Tom says:

      I guess I should word that better since it appears it comes with the crack now… My game client becomes ‘Not responding’ in task manager upon trying to play it, any advice?

      • Tom says:

        Thanks again for the awesome upload admin! I figured it out.. okay this may be odd but I can only play the game when pressing ‘use integrated graphics’ to play it instead of my graphics card, what is this I don’t even lol.

        • Sancte Ira says:

          integrated graphics means that u’re using a laptop or desktop with a pre-built motherboard with the gpu and cpu “built-in” which usually means less functionality and inability to change graphics card and sometimes cpu… in other words … gay …

  3. Deus says:

    I can’t find the file to select for the patch, could someone shed some light on this?

    • Andre says:

      In the event you did not figure it out I found it in BD-ROM Drive(G:)Family… and I just cut and paste it to a place I wanted although you can probably update it from that location as well.

  4. tobyattheworld says:

    why are all the download links broken?

    • Sean says:

      try highlighting the lines one at a time. Then right click copy. Then past in another internet window. This will lead you to the link for each part. (SAve as) wherever you prefer. When you have done this for all lines and they have all finished downlaoding extract (using Win Rar or some such)the first one. This sholuld extract them all. Then look for the application file and have fun.

  5. ezalagunam says:

    The game crashes after the opening sequence(after they’re all got together)
    i’ve tried re-installing, still crashes

    can anyone help?

    • ezalagunam says:

      its already in japanease locale, i tried changing resolutions (1280x800x32), changed it to 800×600, still crashes, i’m using windows xp.

  6. GRater says:

    Okay in my opinion the game has an excellent plot no matter who’s story you take,in order of greatest to least happiness rating are as fallows, (may contain spoilers): Masumi; she has a child and is the only one where everyone stays together in the end, Matsuri(the first story I chose, I am not a lolicon I just prefer small breasts to large’w’); she now has two kids and is livin’ the good life, Chunhua; perhaps the TRUE ending, the best story [I cried at some parts, hey I’m sensitive :(], Aoba; i found her feisty(a turn on), but I marched through a gloomy path, but hey in the end solitude (I am a loner) and sex all night every night, and Jun; a tragic past that leads to redemption. Well thats my opinion.

  7. Krunjar says:

    Hey anyone who doesn’t at least get teary eyed playing this game has NO heart. The plot is unbelievably good for an H-game even though honestly the H is a very small part of the game. Still I would love to see more games like this as even though the H isn’t very good the plot creates a connection with the characters that makes it infinitely more enjoyable.

  8. Batatata says:

    Dear Mr. Admin. Why you know upload the Mediafire anymore? The download speeds off that are not limited for free users, and there is no timer as well. Its so much better.

    • admin says:

      Mediafire deletes my uploads within hours of them being posted ( 6-7 hours last time i reuploaded School Days for example).

      • ever17-first-time-i-cried says:

        admin says:
        August 26, 2012 at 6:02 am
        Mediafire deletes my uploads within hours of them being posted ( 6-7 hours last time i reuploaded School Days for example).


        wow so you guys are always re-uploading these for us?
        i now hold you in high esteem

  9. CalvinAgain says:

    okay maybe im just stupid but when i follow the readme’s instructions i unrar the iso, install the game, then i go into the iso directory get the crack and extract it i end up getting this message: “Cant use the connected file GGD” help please?

  10. Dark enigma says:

    I loved this game it really got to me for some reason. Plus it has Norio Wakamoto, I fuckin love him.

  11. JT says:

    So I was installing the game, and the family.exe file came up as infected. I’m assuming it’s a false positive, but I just want to make sure first.

  12. jdm says:

    needed activation key to play does anyone know about this?

  13. ryu says:

    Dear admin, I think part 4 is broken since I can’t extract it and said the header is broken or something.

    Thank you

  14. HerOtaku says:

    1 of the funniest out there…. great highly recommend for the funny part only…. if looking h stuff this 1 got little

  15. subaru says:

    awsome story i really recomend it plus i was wondering if there is any other games like this one out there???

  16. cheesus says:

    Hey im getting a warning stating
    There will be no sound or sound effects because your system does not support DirectSound.
    What do i do?

    PS: i use windows 8.

  17. idragniel says:

    what the language used in this VN ?

  18. px says:

    I can´t hear any of the characters voices and I got this error windows when play them. Please help me!

  19. hahaha says:

    admin can’t DL part 4…

    pls help

  20. Waitwhat! says:

    All I’m getting when I unzip is the ISO file. Help?

    • Krusty says:

      Hey, I don`t know if you figured it out on you own because it has been quiet a while since you posted this, but I had the same issue. You just have to burn the file to a empty CD and then you can start the game from there.
      If you want to start the game from you PC just copy the howl thing to your PC.

  21. kl says:

    im so god damm happy it fucking works iv been really unlucky lately so really fucking happy

    • Derp Derpington says:

      are you using Japanase applocale? That might be the reason why games dont work for you

      if you have no idea what I am talking about then google: Set system locale to Japanese

  22. Triel says:

    Major problem here, I spent some time downloading all the files and patch. I used 4 different apps to unzip the files, and each and everyone of them said error and corrupted files. So, I deleted them, downloaded them again, and using yet another 4 different apps to unzip the files… I still get the same error. Would it be possible to fix the broken files on your end please?

  23. mark says:


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