Discipline: The Record of a Crusade

The story revolves around Takuro Hayami who transferred to the mostly female Saint Arcadia School. Seemingly all of the girls want to have sex with him because the school only recently started admitting male students. Takuro seems like a normal student, but what the girls later realize when they try to take advantage of him is that he has a secret. Takuro has an “Ultimate Sex Power” that becomes the focus of St. Arcadia’s sexual power struggle.

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  1. Steffan says:

    Are there more Games whit that much femdom?

    • Banjo says:

      I also wish there were more femdom-based VNs! I would love to know of any others. Sadly, this is the only one I’ve ever found, with the exception of the monster girl genre (“reverse rape”) games like Violated Hero and Monster Girl Quest.

    • someguy says:

      Yeah, there is Starless, Cleavage and Bible black to name a few all by the same studio / artist

  2. Leploulple says:

    The files seems to be corrupted, no matter how many times i try (i’ve tried at least 5 time part 2 and at least once for each other parts, i never can decompress the files

    • quoting anouther guy says:

      Here are the steps that worked for me:

      1) Make sure you have daemon tools or something equivalent.

      2) Download files

      3) Extract them with 7zip or equivalent

      4) Mount them with daemon tools

      5) If autorun does not kick in go to your explorer, click on the mounted CD and find the application called setup and click it.

      6) Follow the installation steps and put the game files where you wish, easier if you install them in the same place you extracted your download files but to each is own.

      7) I’m not sure why but sometimes just clicking the application to start the game itself will cause the game to not have music and not let you save, even though all the files are present. To solve this go back to the mounted CD and copy and paste the setup application and start the game using that instead of the default startup application. This may be a problem specific to win 64 operating system but I’m not 100% sure. Hope this helps and enjoy the novel as it is awesome.

      • dude1234543435 says:

        Hey buddy i have no idea what any of what u said meant just please help me please im beginner i have no idea how to do anything please help me

  3. az says:

    i download and extract files. but there is no game. is it broken or missing link?

  4. suca says:

    When I try to mount the image I get ‘Unable to mount image’ error, I have already downloaded and extracted the files.

  5. Enjitsu says:

    cant mount the bin and cue file, it always say “Error in command line”. Can someone help me pls.

  6. Enjitsu says:

    pls. help when i mount the bin file it always say “Error in command line”

  7. Tom says:

    When I try to mount the image using Gizmo Drive I get the following error.

    I:\ is not accessible.
    The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable.

    I tried changing the drive letter and changing “hht-disc.bin” to “Discipline.bin”. Can anyone help?

  8. Samm says:

    when I get to choosing tutor section, I can’t choose anything other than getting tutored by the main heroine and cheating. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  9. mordor says:

    help!!! i already install Daemon and i still can’t play the game..
    i already mount it but it says file cannot be found!!

  10. Ares says:

    Well, solving the problem mounting the image.
    1- Make sure the .bin and the .cue are in the same folder.
    2- Open the .cue in the notepad.
    3- In the first line you should see: FILE “hht-disc.bin” BINARY .Replace the “hht-disc.bin” with “Discipline.bin” (or name of the .bin file if you renamed it).
    4- save the changes in the .cue and mount it.

  11. MarioToast says:

    I am a complete noob to this and I have no idea how to install this. I have the rar files, but no idea what to do with them. Help?

  12. Ares says:

    1st: Install Daemon Tools ( http://na-us7.disc-tools.com/request?p=02c75ddfb8bb74e228a1fd84a7c3e7ca/DTLiteInstaller.exe ).
    2nd: Double click in the first part of the rar and extract the file.
    3rd: Open the .cue in the notepad.
    4th: In the first line you should see: FILE “hht-disc.bin” BINARY .Replace the “hht-disc.bin” with “Discipline.bin” (or name of the .bin file if you renamed it).
    5th: Save the changes in the .cue file.
    6th: If you already installed the Daemon tools, mount the file (double click in the .cue file).

  13. FRANIS says:

    When I hav changed the name of the binary in the cue. However when I attempt to install I get \Unable to copy file [VOICE2.PAK] please check disc space\
    Although I have plenty if space on my pc. Any ideas?

  14. ERROR says:

    i get discipline.cue and discipline.bin.
    what happen? am i have to re-download it?

  15. ERROR says:

    NVM just found it above me

  16. mail says:

    Im getting an Writing data failed and writing ar data failed cant save or load games, the game used to work before but for some reason it just stopped working im playing on windows 10.

  17. BunBun says:

    This game needs a sequel and corruption of protagonist by selecting bad choices. The protagonist just seems so beta, having a hard time enjoying the game because he’s such a sissyboy. I wanna train him into a manslut to rival the girls, anyone knows a good eroge that allows just that?

  18. Limekiller says:

    Is there anyway to configure the game, like to change the volume levels or make it play windowed? Got it installed fine, but it launches in a full screen window, and the system menu has nothing there which allows setting much of anything.

  19. Rex says:


    • Nobody says:

      Yes, the game history starts good, but is fucked because of the challenge and the girls fight, pretty stupid, I hate how is basically “marry the puritan or get NTR’ed”.

      • dude1234543435 says:

        Yo buddy i am a beginner u can say to computer have no idea at ALL how to download it can you please help me, I dont know how to make it work.

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