My deceased grandmother liked traveling. Strange scenery. Strange people. She liked to meet them. I am now a high school student and set off on a trip as well. It is just a camp for training of my club. We visit a town near the sea and go to a temple gate located at the cape. What we see there is….
Aoishiro is an all-ages, yuri visual novel developed by Success. It is considered somewhat of a sequel to Akaiito, also, a yuri visual novel by Success, and the two seem to share the same world. The original release of the game was for Playstation 2 on May of 2008. In November of 2009, the game was ported to PC. Modifications included high-res, less-censored CG. In addition, there were some extra CG and two extra side stories were added. There is also a mode where you can design your own Aoishiro scenes using a proprietary scripting language.

Patching instructions:

1) Download the patch and unpack it.
2) Save a copy of the original SCRIPT.AFS and EXE_CEL.AFS so it will be easy to revert back to the original Japanese text and menus.
3) If you have already played the game in Japanese, any save locations not at decision points will most likely crash. Save a copy of the settings directory to preserve your old save files. The default location is: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Aoishiro
4) Copy the exe files to the folder where Aoishiro is installed.
5) Copy the files SCRIPT.AFS and EXE_CEL.AFS to the SCRIPT folder located under the directory where Aoishiro is installed.( By default, the install directory is C:\Program Files\Aoishiro )
6) Run Aoishiro_eng.exe to start the game or AoUtil_eng.exe to run the config utility.

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  1. Josh says:

    Uff finally got it to work perfectly but not everything in english but still exellent, all I did was copy all the game files into the path folder and then to play the game I click on the Aoishiro_eng file and it should run fine if you do what I did you will be able to play, that’s all I did to get it to work.

  2. Wimi_Bussard says:

    Strange,… the game crashes shortly after the OP; if u turn off vocals, it ran 2 or 3 scenes further ’till it crashes, nevertheless :(.

    Any ideas?

    PS: I tried playing the game both with apploc and changed system settings. It doesn’t matter; the games works fine till the first one or two scenes after the OP :S.

  3. blub says:

    somehow it don’t work for me
    if i try to start this game windows give me the error message
    “missing d3dx9_37.dll” :/

  4. ShoujoGirl23 says:

    I managed to install the game and english patch, but when I try to click start at the game menu, I get and error saying that the game has to close and cannot play it. Please advise how to fix this. Thanks.

    P.S. Is the menu text supposed to be in Japanese even with the english patch?

    • Zellrang says:

      some other VN does…

      • ShoujoGirl23 says:

        And how do I fix my problem?

        • DeltaMoe says:

          you can either download/update your directX
          or.. Make your PC into Japanese locale (including the time)
          third, make sure you installed it to its main directory, dont change it (just to be sure that the patch will work)
          fourth, maybe try reinstalling and repatch it,
          Try running it as an admin~

  5. Rachel says:

    I downloaded all 15 parts, but when I unrar them, all I have is a folder called SCRIPT and a folder called SFD. What am I supposed to do with these? Could anyone help me? Thanks. :3

  6. Accelerator says:

    Man, is there a walkthrough for this? I can’t acess the solelo site, which is the only one I could find.

  7. OneManArmy says:

    Here is an archiv with many visual novel walktroughs. There is of cousre also one for aoishiro.

    • inthesky says:

      the link to the aishiro walkthrough is gone. if you could please post the walkthrough here would be much appreciated.

      it seems, there’s no written walkthrough posted anywhere on the internet, the only avaiable one was the video, which is long and i don’t want to see any spoiler.

      by the way, is this game easy to complete, like most of the overdrive release? or is it hard like a lot of secret path, good and bad ending?

  8. Game Fool says:

    Hey Admin,

    Just a heads up, it looks like you uploaded #27 twice to MF (check the 2nd and 3rd from end links).

    Thanks again for the your efforts.

  9. Bel says:

    MF #27 twice uploaded. there is no #28

  10. kevenka says:

    File part 19 isn’t working… );

  11. inihy says:


  12. boiya says:

    part 5 is saying its broken link after trying to click it

  13. Xpsi says:

    And now the part 24 is broken. Thank you very much for putting it up there though.

  14. New guy says:

    For those whit the crashes problems, only create a new folder anywhere in your C disk drive like the desktop, move the script and sfd folders of the game, the aoishiro_eng.exe and the aoutil_eng.exe and run the game. It will not crahs anymore.

  15. MassAttack says:

    I did what the install told me to do and now i get it to where the buttons up top (systems,quick save, etc.) are in English but the title page and every thing else is not in English. what am I doing wrong?

  16. Leana says:

    I love this visual novel. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s all nice and sweet ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. New guy says:

    To MassAttack. Itยดs only script translated, that means only the dialogues are translated, the images whit the menus and title screen are edited and only work as reference.

  18. MassAttack says:

    I see thanks a lot.

  19. Zeenof says:

    I can’t get this game to work. As others have mentioned, everything’s fine until I actually hit “start” then I get a message about the game having to close. I moved everything to the C: drive as I’ve seen in the comments, and this is the furthest I’ve made it thus far. What else can am I suppose to do?

    • New guy says:

      Make sure you only moved the script and sfd folders and the english executables, aply the patch and the remaining archives and folders just ignore them.

  20. yeah says:

    do I need to download the whole game or just download only the english patch of the game?
    and where can I dowbload the directX 9?

  21. cool says:

    hey Admin
    why did you delete the mediafire download?
    I can’t connect with this DA-free game download T.T

  22. cruelcore1 says:

    Will Akaiito ever be uploaded on this site? I heard this is a sequel.

    • Master says:

      Akaiito is actually made before Aoi Shiro, but as for the translation, there probably wont be one.
      Reasons include that there was no PC version created, because its success (lol get it? Success, success? The company who made the game?)was not as good, and most translations dont happen if VNs are not available for the PC because an english patch is very difficult to put into a PS2 game

  23. fay says:

    no adding torrent download?
    my inet is really slow… T_T
    I have to agree with cruelcore1, it’s not a sequel though, but same universe

  24. Ryoichi says:

    5GB…. ? 0_0
    So.. so big. What massive file for a VN. Almost the sive of elder scroll V.

    • fay says:

      maybe because it has many visual effects?
      idk if it’s true or not, I just played fifteen minutes
      it’s just a hunch after looking at the picture would sliding (it also means the picture is big)
      and there are sword combat scene too

  25. Sei says:


    I downloaded the patch but the menus are still in japanese.
    What should I do? Any ideas? Thanks.

  26. ShiZuma says:

    a torrent for big games such as this would be much appreciated ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Trophy says:

    Used the Patch same as told me but still only japanese :/ dont know whats wrong pls help

    • fay says:

      just copy/cut everything in the SCRIPT folder and then paste it in the same area/folder as Aoishiro_eng. exe and then run it
      I already did that and it work, but the menus is still in japanese though

  28. Exodusdex says:

    Hi! I have a question, it might be stupid, but i really want to know. How many characters in this game are avalible as romance options? I will appreciate all help.

  29. inthesky says:

    after checking some forum on internet, there’s like 56 kind of ending, so please someone for the love of god, re-post a new text walkthrough.

    because english yuri vn is so so rare, i really want to explore and enjoy this one as thoroughly as possible.


  30. Unknown-san says:

    Hello Admin-san.
    As mentioned by the old comments in solving the crashing problem like : turning off the voices, renaming the folders, and others. I tried it all and it’s working but after a few dialogue the game crashes again. Though, I manage to get far (I think?) and it’s really getting annoying that I have to save then reload again to where I was last been.
    Is there any solution to this, Admin-san?

  31. fay says:

    yeah it work
    the menus is still japanese but it’s fine

  32. Greg says:

    Sorry, but the game doesn’t work. Even if I don’t apply the patch, when I try to run the game it opens and give me an error messagge in an unknown language. Could you help me?

  33. Xylaph says:

    Sorry to ask an odd question but, does anyone know where Aoishiro saves stuff? I’m trying to clear all my route progress and save files.

  34. Miho says:

    please admin, translate Akai Ito visual novel too >.<
    and thanks for translating Aoishiro and sharing it

  35. Haruka says:

    does this game work on the new windows? And I think part 7 is broken

  36. Haruka says:

    woops sorry it’s not broken I was jut downloading too much at once

  37. Nezumi says:

    please help!!! I really want to play this game so bad but when I try to play it, it comes up with error is an unknown language, how can I fix this???

  38. SeraBlack says:

    How do I install Aoishiro? I tried everything! I have Windows 7 but i just got so I’m new with it. I’ll I can get it to do is bring up a black screen and a message in Jap. Plz help!

    • Natsume says:

      I’m having the same problem here! I just can’t fix the black screen/partial black spots on the screen…Did your problem get resolved?

    • Natsume says:

      I’m having the same problem here! I just can’t fix the partial black spots on the screen…Did your problem get resolved?

  39. Signum says:

    The game as a whole in one link isn’t available and I’m unsure what to do with all the “part”s. Is there a way to get the whole game in one link back up and running?

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