Tsukihime is a doujin visual novel, released in December 2001 by TYPE-MOON. It tells the story of Tohno Shiki, who since a life-threatening accident in his youth is cursed with the ability to see “lines” on everything around him. Lines along which objects can easily be cut.
Having lived with foster parents for seven years, Shiki is recalled to the household of his family. He had lost all contact with his family over this entire period, making it difficult for him to get used to the new situation. As he gradually learns more about his past, the situation becomes more and more unfamiliar and dangerous.

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  1. TB says:

    you cant even download these the hosting site has you finish a captcha and theres a button to create download link but the button doesnt work in chrome or firefox. host it somewhere less useless plz, ffs google drive is fine

  2. Is this the worst vn ever created? says:

    When I first got this game, being aware of its popularity, I had huge expectations – only to see them quickly crushed.

    Here’s a Summary of Tsukihime for you:

    Head about to explode, Thump, thump, thump, Vampires, Rinse and repeat like 17 times, H-scene, The End.

    Only worthwhile characters are Hisui and maybe Arihiko (tho they butcher him in the anime). Dude, I had more fun playing Monmusu Quest and that game was bad!!!

    Stupid plot. Hateful characters. Boring af neverending routes. No voice. No Music (Yeah, believe or not this crappy game doesn’t even have bgm, the most basic think you’d expect – how mediocre). Oh and Fuck! not even Fullscreen mode (Are you fucking serious?)

    Edit: there actually is a Fullscreen toggle, and just guess what it is, Alt+Enter… no… it’s the F key!!! (Sigh) Also there’s some key, dunno which, to make text appear instantly, unless you like torturing yourself with the slowest text in vn history.

    Fuck this game. Fuck Typemoon. And Fuck Akiha. I fucking hated that mood-swing bitch.

    3/10. Don’t play this. You’ve been warned!

    • harsh says:

      I dont remember it being that bad it was my one of first Visual Novels I played long time ago.

      A useful tip in older VNs to fullscreen usually you need to press “Alt + Enter” or “F”
      (edit : I read your edit only after I finished typing lol)


      BGM is not present most of the times and I dont mind it either cuz its unnecessary. Whenever I play plot/suspense based VNs I turn bgm down or just mute it anyways I dont like annoying music when Im reading suspense filled lines

      yes there is a lack of bgm but its not that bad simple clock ticking sound is good enough at times

      I would complaint on art though its not well done, routes can be just too long and sometimes boring

      the plot is kinda rough but its enjoyable, Its more of a beginner VN if you are playing VNs for years it might look lacklustre

      and its kinda mean Akiha is fucking hot ok?

    • LOL serious? says:

      LOL, it has bgm. You are just stupid and lazy to search for solutions. Do you even open readme.txt? Btw, this game is popular in its own way, you are just unfortunate or maybe Dumb, lololololol.

    • Morgon says:

      You lost all credibility when you said Monmusu Quest, one of the best eroge, was bad.

  3. Fallenone says:

    @Igotitworked Thank you so much!

  4. Kenan says:

    Image is broken.

  5. Vasosulf says:

    Just realized this is the Ever After – Music from Tsukime Reproduction, thanks!

  6. Miguela says:

    Windows 10 does not read the ccd or img file, saying it’s corrupt. Virtual CloneDrive also reads the img as corrupt, ccd as an audio file. Any solutions?

    • Spoichiche says:

      Surely a way too late reply, but if it can help anyone with this similar issue :

      The image file is indeed weird. But you can open it with IsoBuster (a data recovery tool) and from here, you’ll be able to extract the data required for the install.

      You’ll see 2 Tsukihime folder, one with japanese file name, and one with no japanese character in the files. The one without japanese character works, didn’t test the other. Extract the entire folder somewhere and you’ll then be able to access the arc.sar file required for the english install, located in the TSUKIH~1 folder.

      • John says:

        Can you explain that in more detail ? I tried to open with with the ISOBuster and the file just becomes more corrupt.

  7. Ed says:

    Anyone has a solution for the text problems in the game? It’s blurred and doesn’t load properly.

  8. hey notice me says:

    i was able to make it work but,,,, how can i fullscreen this game? it doesn’t have any fullscreen option so,,, it will be pretty good if someone will tell me how to fullscreen this game! :—))))

  9. Bei shj says:

    I can’t download the file. Every time go to the link and press download it says “this site can’t be reached”…..

  10. Indian IT guy says:

    I have been facing the blur text issue with the english patch on my windows 10 pc, The only way I finally managed to fix this issue was by running windows xp(32bit) through virtual box and downloading and installing the game in windows XP.
    Hope all you future gamers will find this useful.

  11. Pete Bobo says:

    Anyone know how to fix the blur text problem with the eng patch?
    Thank You.

    • Indian IT guy says:

      I have been facing the blur text issue with the english patch on my windows 10 pc, The only way I finally managed to fix this issue was by running windows xp(32bit) through virtual box and downloading and installing the game in windows XP.

  12. Do the exact same thing. After you’re done. Go to your game directory, or the folder that you’ve decided to download the actual game in. You will sees that there’s no sound.

    So here’s a way to have music in your game. Tho no VA coz, meh.


    download this. Extract “CD” only. After doing that, copy and place those CD into the tsukihime folder that has “CD” folder as well. Replace it with those track1.ogg or some shit into the folder of Tsukihime with the application to access into the game. And there’s sound now.

  13. (https://www.daemon-tools.cc/products/dtLite) download this “free with ad” after finished downloading patch 1.1 and 1.2. And the game itself.

    After finished installing daemon tool. Open that shit up.

    Go to “Add drive” within Daemon tool.

    Virtual Drive: DT

    DVD Region: not set

    Mount to : Folder “for this one, create a new folder that’s empty, then click that … thing and choose the folder”

    click “Add drive”

    And then click that rectangle looking drive, just below, or bottom left the overall interface of daemon tool. CLick dat, go to the folder, open the tsuki hime.ccd one. Then you will see a music note on it. Click dat, if this open up a folder with stuff in it. Then you succeed. Now quit that shit.

    Open “Tsukihime_English_v1.1”, basically the patch of the game that you’ve downloaded. It will asks for “arc.sar”. Then just simply go to that folder that you have just created. You will see that the folder of the new folder turns out to be a disk shape. Click into that folder, then go to “tsukihime” folder. Then double click, or just choose “arc.sar”. Then you downloaded the first patch.

    After you’re done with that, you then download the “Tsukihime_English_v1.2_update”

    Do the exact same thing. After you’re done. Go to your game directory, or the folder that you’ve decided to download the actual game in. You will sees that there’s no sound. Go to the read me notepad to figure it out by yourself 😉

  14. Jim says:

    So quick question, I properly managed to install Tsukihime on my computer, but now the icon wont launch. Is it a problem on my end?

  15. Patrick says:

    I’m only seeing audio files in the image, and because of this, the installer can’t find the arc file.

  16. Vn Fan says:

    i have downloaded the game, mounted it with Daemon tools, change the file location when asked and i have the 1.2 patch but the file does not contain the game. Help plz

  17. serrakura says:

    Alright guys. here’s the step.

    1. Download those shits (Tsukihime and Tsukihime_English)
    2. Extract Tsukihime.rar
    3. Just mount Tsukihime.cdd(using Daemon Tools etc) and do not run inst.exe.
    4. Run English patch and it will ask u to locate a certain file. Just change the Disk Letter to your mounted image earlier.
    5. Finish. Have fun.

  18. skullslaya says:

    the english patch v 1.1 download is broken

  19. reina1109 says:

    i somehow managed to download the game but it’s in japanese, how to I get it in english?

  20. dante0047 says:

    hey guys,i got a minor prb, game works fine and all but i cant switch to full screen…somethin i missed? (usin windows7 if that helps somehow)

  21. Witg says:

    Well, gents, I figured out what the arc.sar problem was.

    Pay attention to what drive you are mounting the game on, and when you start up the 1.1 patch and get to the arc.sar part, make sure you change the letter of the driver to the same as the mounted driver.

    Patch: \E:tsukihimearc.sar\ -> change the \E:\ to the mounted driver’s (mine was Q) -> now it should look like this \Q:tsukihimearc.sar\

  22. Unknownwers says:

    Can someone help me with the music? I’ve installed the game (and English patch) perfectly. But even though I read and tried to follow the steps about the music in readme (chapter 7), I still don’t understand at all.

  23. Anon-mouse says:

    because windows 8 can mount disc image files by default, I tried mounting it, but it displays an error message saying “The Disc Image File is Corrupted”.

    Is win8 ust not capabale of mounting this particular image file for some reason? do I need to use daemontools or similar software?

    I think I did read someone saying the files are corrupted in the comment.

  24. Asaki Hotaru says:

    Is the game only play in Windows 98/Me/2000/XP? And Cant play in Windows 7?
    Actually i know how to install it with daemon tools and such as thing other. But when i opened inst.exe インスタル (install) at program file, it said “because copy file is failure, it cant install” in japanesse.
    Can anybody help me with this problem?

    • admin says:

      Install it in different directory (this advice is good for many other games as well) – “Program Files” is kind of privileged directory and requires administrative permissions to write anything into.

  25. jeff says:

    ok the entirety of the issue is that it is saying I have Tsuki Hime, the disk file corupted. I have downloaded the game 6 times now and it keeps giving me the same bs. If you guys could message me back that would be great.

  26. jeff says:

    it also says installation does not install backround music for t… Please read ch.7 of the readme for info.

  27. jeff says:

    Im sorry, I have it saying it’s installed, and I’ve mounted the ccd thing, downloaded everything, but all I get it a note and no game. It doesn’t actually open. It sas v.1 installed but nothing else aside from the icon. Please help

  28. jeff says:

    it keeps saying please specify location of arc.sar data achive from the Tuskihime cd. I have no idea wht to do, its unzipped, i got all downloads please help me

  29. OmegaXX says:

    Finally got this to work!! For everyone having problems understanding how to install the game, understand that kiryu-kun is being literal when he says to mount the CD image then run the english patch installer. As in mount the CCD file in daemon tools then run the patch from the tsukihime folder with the CCD file in your virtual drive. Then when it asks you for arc.sar the file location will be displayed in the window and you just hit next. After that it’s simple. So simple I can’t believe it’s taken me 3 years to figure this out.

  30. dudewithoutanametag says:

    Instead of doing all the hard work, why not go out, spend 5 dollars or less on CD-R/RWs and do it this way?

    Use whatever image burning software you have (i use ImgBurn) and burn the .ccd file to a disc. Then, open the first patch file and install the game, using the disc in your drive rather than the extracted .ccd files. Install 1.2 afterwards. Then use CDex to convert the files on the CD (go to track 11, then the Tsukihime with the red ISO icon) to OGG format by going into options > encoder and changing your encoder to OGG Vorbis. Convert the CD tracks to compressed audio files and put them in the CD folder of the game and named them track01, track02, etc…. the rest is in chapter 7 of the ReadMe. Actually all of it is.

    I had a hard time using CDex because it wouldn’t recognize either of the virtual drive software i have, so it made it way easier to just buy a few blank CDs and install everything from the disc.

    I decided to just make a straightforward tutorial for anyone having my issue in which a virtual drive was not recognized in CDex. I followed other tutorials above but only came to failure. Plus, I had an issue after installation from using the extracted files of the .ccd, in which no image files would load during gameplay because they were not found (says the stderr.txt file that appears once you start the game for the first time). However, putting the image on a disc and installing from there fixed my issue. It must be my OS because I don’t see this issue anywhere else in the comments and I’m sure the majority of commenters are on Windows 7…. I’m running Windows 8.1 64-bit. I honestly hope this helps in the future, and I really hope too that I’m not the only one with the issue…

    • Anon-mouse says:

      because windows 8 can mount disc image files by default, I tried mounting it, but it displays an error message saying “The Disc Image File is Corrupted”.

      Is win8 ust not capabale of mounting this particular image file for some reason? do I need to use daemontools or similar software?

      I think I did read someone saying the files are corrupted in the comment.

  31. kiryu-kun says:

    Mount the disc image (Run Tshikihime.ccd)
    Then, run the patch 1.1 (this is the installer for the game, so you get to install the original game and the patch at the same time)
    Anything else is just next – next…

  32. ahsjdkflg1 says:

    I keep getting the same issue as everyone else. Daemon Tools will only recognize the .ccd as a mountable file, and when I right click on the other files and open them with Daemon Tools, it returns an “Error in command line” error. You sure there isn’t an issue with the files you’ve uploaded? Has anyone succeeded? I’ve been successful with several other VNs on this site, so I don’t think the issue is me.

  33. Thomas says:

    I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. I can’t burn it onto a disk, I got DAEMON but after mounting it all I get is music on my media player, the .sub still doesnt do anything. I just want to get the game but I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with what programs, it’s just made more complex and I’m getting nowhere.

    • kiryu-kun says:

      Mount the disc image (Run Tshikihime.ccd)
      Then, run the patch 1.1 (this is the installer for the game, so you get to install the original game and the patch at the same time)
      Anything else is just next – next…

  34. Anon-y-mouse says:

    I’ve tried using PowerIso and Daemon tools to mount the sub and img file. The ccd is just a soundtrack. PowerIso says “The file format is invalid or unsupported” even though img is supported. Daemon tools returns a command line error for some reason. I stumped.

    • kiryu-kun says:

      Mount the disc image (Run Tshikihime.ccd)
      Then, run the patch 1.1 (this is the installer for the game, so you get to install the original game and the patch at the same time)
      Anything else is just next – next….

  35. I-Am-X says:

    Is downloading both english patches needed or will 1.2 suffice?

  36. Chrome says:

    Soo… Umm… Forgive my stupidity, but the patch asks for an arc.sar file and when I extract the files, I only get a .ccd, an .img and a .sub file. Am I doing something wrong ? Am I missing something ?

    • admin says:

      .ccd/.sub files are disc images – you need to “mount” them, as if you inserted game’s disc into PC (refer to site’s FAQ section for instructions), install the game, then patch it.

  37. sin_slayer says:

    the 1st link, the 1click download link is dead

  38. THE CHA says:

    thank you very much

  39. lui says:

    i have a problem, after i finish it says something about needing to burn a cd

  40. Void says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong here, is it on my side or your side?
    The only thing that works is the .CCD file but it is solely filled with the VN’s soundtrack. The .IMG file does not even loud, gives off an error message.

    If it at all matters my system is set to Jap locale. I’ll report back after trying other downloads.. =|

  41. Alyvidy says:

    Thank you so much for the help. Just quick question. I didn’t use at all the .img files at all in part two of the downloads. Is the part two download useless? Do I need the part two file? Tsukihime seems to open fine with no problems. I just want to make sure that I’m not missing anything by not using the part two download.

  42. seishiro says:

    for no reason the ccd file wont mount image on daemon tools is there something i am missing?

  43. NightCrawl says:

    As a great fan of the manga, I thank you a lot for the game, the patch and all your explanations, I couldn’t do it without you, but it’s now installed (on linux!) and the music is working. Perrrrrfection !

  44. Jack says:

    Here is how i get it to work
    #not sure if this is required but my system has been set Japanese Locale. OS is win7 x64
    #extract Tsukihime.part1.rar, will see 3 files
    #mount ‘Tsuki Hime.ccd’ (mine using daemontool)
    #dont launch installer from mounted iso. Directly run patch 1.1 exe
    #patch will ask to locate arc.sar which is in the mounted iso in ‘tsukihime’ directory
    #run patch 1.2 exe

    Rip music
    #i use this http://www.fairstars.com/cd_ripper/download.html free, easy to use, low footprint (3mb+)
    #rip from cd-da, output as .ogg. Should get 10 files
    #rename file e.g. ’01 – Track01.ogg’ => ‘track01.ogg’
    #note that after install patch 1.1 there will be a directory named ‘CD’ on game directory. Copy the .ogg files ripped/renamed earlier into this ‘CD’ directory
    #launch game tsukihime.exe. If successful should already able to hear music playing at main menu before even start game

  45. LUcas says:

    This game is not as good as Truelove, is there anyone as good as or better?

  46. sirzu says:

    part 2 isnt workig help !!!!!

  47. Rob says:

    I only have the free version of IsoBuster, can anyone tell another program to use; you can’t extract with the free version. Could you also include a step by step download method?

  48. Nico says:

    for some reason i still can’t get the music to work.I converted the music files into .ogg and moved them to the appropriate folder in the C:Program FilesTsukihimeCD. When it wasn’t working at first i noticed that some ppl deleted the space in Track 01.ogg so i also changed them all to Track01.ogg but still no luck. Any ideas?

  49. dekusuta says:

    Just about finished all the routes…and now I really wanna play kagetsu tohya…really hope that also ends up here!~ Thanks admin!

  50. muraruki says:

    After I extracted it and installed the english patch, it try to install it and get an error. Help?

  51. Masta says:

    when you go to screen title and want to load the game as it says save memory and as i click on it, it doesn’t work can someone help me?

  52. sad_person_1 says:

    when i try to extract the file using isobuster it tells me that it needs to allocate a different amount of space than usual(?) then it says that cant read the file. it probably doesnt help that all the files have strange symbols instead of letters.

  53. NGE says:

    I can’t play the game on full screen. Is this a bug with Seven ?

  54. bubbletreez says:

    why is it that i get wrong IP address when i attempt to make a download from downloadani

  55. JK says:

    i did everything with the music, as it is said in the readme. but even with the .ogg files in the CD folder, i don’t get music. or is it the fact that im only in the prologue? isn’t there any music in there?

  56. anon says:

    Is this version censored?

  57. Octorok says:

    the lag problem solved. although I want to play this game in japanese and not english, meaning I run the game from the orginial tsukihime folder i downloaded. the problem is that I don’t know how to get the music to work in this folder. tried placing the cd folder pretty much everywhere but the BGM won’t play. if anyone could help I would be glad :p thank you.

  58. Octorok says:

    The game lags like crazy, freezes for like 3 seconds frequently. If anyone knows how to fix this I’d be glad 🙂 although it’s still somehow playable. playing on windows 7 64bit.

  59. UBW says:

    I followed all of Raito’s instructions up to after installing the english patches. Could someone help me with the rest because I have no idea what to do now. If I’m doing this right,
    I’ve been trying to open the INST file. However, I cannot make any sense out of it. I tried to open the TSUKIH 1 folder, but I keep getting something that I can’t understand.

  60. DiamondBanker says:

    and if u can, please upload “kagetsu tohya”
    its sequel from tsukihime 😀
    sorry for bad english

  61. DiamondBanker says:

    Sir, can u reupload the game with simpler way to instal it?
    i am newbie at technology 😀
    so i really appreciate it if u read my comment and grant my wish 😀
    thanks you sir 😀

  62. To get the game music WITHOUT having to burn a CD

    In ISOBuster, click on Session 1, highlight all the tracks, right-click and select ‘Extract Objects’ & select an output folder. This will extract the game music as .wav files. You can then use CDex or some other program to convert them to the ogg files the translation README recommends.

  63. lord of anons says:

    is there any hope for kagetsu tohya?

  64. kukri says:

    Hey. I have tsukihime all set for playing, but when i launch the game and try to play it on full screen, i can’t move the mouse, and for some reason, ciel pops up out of nowhere just to converse about the game, but that happened only once when I try to launch tsukihime full screen again, ciel didn’t pop out, but the problem is still there, I can’t move the mouse. Why is that?

    • andretae says:

      Hmmmm I am not sure if you had the same problem I have, but when I played tsukihime my mouse seemed frozen but it was somewhat invisible. Like I would move it there would be lag and it would appear in a different place. I eventually found out that I could guess the position of the mouse without seeing it and I played through a route like that. So ya try moving the mouse slowly to see if options pop up and you might be able to play.

  65. Probleeem says:

    I mounted it with ISOBuster, extracted TSUKIHIME like directed, tried installing without English patch and I get “Title image does not exist”. I don’t want to install with English patch… Can someone tell me what’s wrong?

  66. Skbnop says:

    Does this include the plus pack (kind of an expansion) with the idk… side finals?…

  67. Aspharr says:

    Got a problem, when i played the novel the intro appeared but when i tried the actual game the screen went black, only the letters were appearing, anyone know what i can do?

  68. Hattski says:

    Why can’t I use fullscreen or is it that I missed doing something?

  69. yamete888 says:

    This instructions posted above mine are right…the below is what I did to run it on my MAC OSX Lion…
    a)used ISOBUSTER (on a pc or mac running VMWARE/Parallels/VirtualBox and WinXP or Win7, since ISOBUSTER is pc only) to open the CCD file & to extract the “tsukihime” directory (the one that shows under the blue label in ISOBUSTER).
    b) Installed the game from the resulting “tsukihime” dir extracted from ISOBUSTER.
    c) Also extracted the 10 wav files with ISOBUSTER.
    d) Converted the WAV files to OGG, since I’m on OSX, I downloaded the free XLD app to convert sound files.
    e) Rename the resulting OFF files with no black space in their names…e.g. “Track 01.ogg” to “Track01.ogg”…since we’ll be using those later…
    f) Run the “Tsukihime_English_v1.1.exe”…it;ll ask you for the location of the “arc.sar” file…I used the resulting from the install in c:\Program Files\月姫\arc.sar
    g) “Tsukihime_English_v1.1.exe” doesn’t overwrite, but creates a new folder called “Tsukihime” in c:\Program Files\ Apply the “Tsukihime_English_v1.2_update.exe” patch onto that directory,
    h) Copy the renamed OGG files with no blank spaces in their names to the “CD” directory that was created bythe English patches in c:\Program Files\Tsukihime\CD

    Aside from the ISOBUSTER part, which was faster doing it on a pc or Virtual Mach, converted the WAV to OGG at the OSX level, but installed the game, and patches within WINESKIN for OSX (I used engine WS8Wine1.4 & wineskin script 2.5.4), and game seems to work ok, with sound)…just in case, I added DirectX9 from Winetricks…

  70. johndoe says:

    Could you please re-upload game’s second archive as the one hosted at mediafire is broken.


  71. Daisuke says:

    download link doesn’t work. T__T
    Could you upload it again, if you have time for it? =)

  72. superhbman says:

    Game files have been deleted from Mediafire.

    P.S. Thanks for providing all these great games on your site. Much appreciated.

  73. Ataraxia says:

    What’s the difference between the newer 1.2 english patch and the earlier one? And does ciel’s lesson’s affect anything in the game?

    • Count Monty says:

      mostely typo error fixes and such.

      Ciel’s lessons are HILARIOUS skits that play when you make a bad choice that results in your death. Such as choosing to wait to long before attacking Nrvqsr Chaos. You die and she tells you YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

  74. Elysia says:

    I have the same problem with ServentSaber , 10 ogg.files ‘re ready but I can’t find “CD folder” , plz help 🙂

  75. ServentSaber says:

    Im sorry but i really need help with the music file. i didnt get a file called CD in with the files i downloaded. i dont know if maybe i just dont know what im doing but i have no where to put the tracks the i have converted to ogg. sorry if the awnser is obviousi just really have no clue..

  76. TheRealDeal911 says:

    Ok im not sure whats happened here. I downloaded the 2 parts of Tsukihime VN. Now im not even at the translation yet, but ive been given 3 files.
    Tsuki Hime.ccd
    Tsuki Hime (IMG file) which i cant mount. Im using Power ISO and Daemon tools pro.
    and finally Tsuki Hime.sub

    Can someone tell me what to do? Ive installed plenty of VN’s before and never got this problem. Thanks in advance 🙂

  77. Guan says:

    is there Kagetsu Tohya?

  78. lord of anons says:

    Just started playing this, looks great, thanks for the help RaitoDemonSakura and Netsuki

  79. Jjredster says:

    ok im having problems, i originally thought i patched the game, i followed all of Raito’s instructions and put it in and ARC.SAR and everything but when i open the application i see the two options at the bottom of the screen both are in japanese characters… when i click on the right option it closes the game and when i click on the left option it opens up my browser? making me search for a program?? i don’t understand why those characters are japanese and i don’t know what it wants me to find. im confused so can someone help me?

  80. Yukka says:

    Yeah it has, I’ve already played it. As they said, try to disable it (:

  81. Liam says:


    This game contains nudity. The English patch even mentions it! The patch contains a feature to censor/disable the nudity stuff, though.

  82. Tj says:

    I just wanted to ask does this game contain nudity,so that my bro can play it too…. thanx…

    • Durlag says:

      This game is tagged 18+, so yeah. Also, if you have questions like that, check out the vndb entry of the game. Sexual-wise the game has the following tags there: Late Sexual Content, Low Sexual Content, Anal Sex, Long Sexual Scenes. although I haven’t ever given a crap about this whole “inappropriate age” business, if it matters for you, then no, it’S not for your bro.

    • Sant says:

      Actually, it’s possible to install the game without the ero-scenes through the installation, which should make it a bit more for all-ages. I’m not sure if it removes the explicit violence though.

    • fergrtgr says:

      lol what do u expect
      this site is for eroge
      and eroge has sex in it

  83. Zellrang says:

    hey, I don’t notice this before… but after I played it, I suddenly remembered an anime… I think this is one of the anime that I watch when I was a kid though I didn’t remember the main heroine Arcueid but I do remember the twin maid though :3 this takes me back, seriously X3 hehe, thanks again for uploading this one admin… now I just remembered one of most favorite anime though I though I only remembered the first episode…. I think its the first episode? or did I watch the second episode…? arrgghh just forget it, what important is I did watch the anime and it got an interesting storyline and I bet the VN is better…

    what makes me remember:
    1.the breaking line*the stitches?*
    2.wear glasses to dispel it, kinda

    • 1wdv says:

      There is no Tsukihime anime. What you saw was probably just a poor fan made thing, or something like that.

      • TastesLikePurple says:

        Well, actually, there is. Shingetsutan/Lunar Legend Tsukihime, it came out in 2003/2004.

        • typemoonatic says:

          Its an internet meme…some fans don’t acknowledge the existence of the anime because it fell extremely short of expectations.

          • dracosy says:

            so i must have dreamed it, since i saw the anime quite some time ago and last night i was talking with a friend about it(he must have dreamed it too).
            Actually thats why i am here now downloading the game XDDDD.

  84. K1 says:


  85. ren vateru says:

    there two english patch what the difference ?

  86. Yoo says:

    How do i put the music ?? :/

    • Netsuki says:

      If you followed RaitoDemonSakura’s advice, and have used Isobuster to install then I can help. Make sure you’ve installed in the same way as his instructions then read the Read Me file part 7. It will tell you to use CDex to extract the music off the disc. We obviously don’t have a copy, so instead of that method, open the CCD file again in Isobuster. Click “Session 1” in the sidebar menu and you should see ten music files. Extract these to a folder; they will be WAV files upon initial extraction. Use any free audio converter to convert these to Ogg format, then move them to the “CD” folder the read me talks about. Run the game and voila.

  87. Lee says:

    Both mirrors are not working for me, anyone mind uploading on another mirror?

  88. Taka says:

    admin, when will you upload kagetsu tohya? it is sort of sequel for tsukihime

  89. ren says:

    just to confirm,tsukihime vn dont have any voice for the characters,do they?

  90. Veruz says:

    On the off-chance that our wonderful admin might read this 😉

    Could we hope for an upload of Kagetsu Tohya (which can be considered a sequel)? I am really curious about it, and currently just fool around with Melty Blood since I cannot find it anywhere.

    P.S.: Keep up the good work, admin. I’ve got countless good novels from this site and am looking forward to everything you post~

  91. RaitoDemonSakura says:

    For everyone who’s having a hard time downloading this game: Download and Install Isobuster and the English Patch. Using Isobuster, go to File>Open Image File and open the file “Tsukihime.ccd” You should get something like CD/Session 1/Session 2/Track 11, etc. Extract the file named “TSUKIHIME” (It’s after the word “ISO” in a red box) to your desktop. Install the english patch through the setup wizard. When it asks to locate “arc.sar,” browse for it in the “TSUKIHIME” folder on your desktop (It’s in the “TSUKIH~1” folder). Ta-da! Installed. As for the music, I’m working on that myself. I’ll probably post later on.

    • Saru says:

      thank you soooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuch >___<

      • RaitoDemonSakura says:

        No problem. As for the music, just read part 7 of the README that pops up, and you’ll be cool. Sucks that there is no voice acting, though. 🙁

        • jindo90 says:

          How to you extract the music? I tried mount the Tsuki Hime.ccd and extract music files from it but no file was created. I am out of idea.
          Please help.

        • Alucard says:

          This is the most classic game ever, u can’t demand Voice’s here… u should even be happy there is background sound althoguh =/ you really don’t know who Type-Moon is do you?

          This game is what made TYPE-MOON what it is today!

    • xDarkness says:

      You Sir, got yourself an internet cookie right now.
      I searched the interbewz in despair for WEEKS downloaded every single version and tried everything out (and got an amazing amout of viruses during that time), but no fucking person on the internetz posted in any forum i found that i actually have to open the ccd and not the img -_- i even tried to convert the img to iso (which failed miserably); therefor you are my hero. I don’t think I’d ever be able to play this game without you.
      Thank You.

    • shawn says:

      I extracted the Tsukihime folder to my desktop. The only problem is there is no Tsuki-1 folder in it. Is there any easier way to install Tsukihime?

    • geeksauce says:

      I’m not seeing the Tsukihime folder at all. Just Session 1 with 10 tracks and session 2 with track 11. No folders, or anything labeled Tsukihime. I’m not even seeing the red box… Help, please!

  92. ShiroYasha says:

    So how do I do this?
    I’ve downloaded and extracted the file. I then used Isobuster to extract an iso file from the img file in the rar, but now what? When I mount it says it’s corrupted or something and I can’t access it
    Do I have to re download?

  93. Ze Spy says:

    Please disregard all of that, as is my luck I figured it out seconds after posting that message. To those having problems I recommend Isobuster and extracting the ISO file to your area of choice, then focus on running the patch properly. Once the patch is set up try the folder the patch created and look for the application itself. The game should work properly from there aside from the music, which has to be accessed through a different way that the patch explains. Hopefully this helps someone out.

  94. Ze Spy says:

    Hey, so, I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve honestly been trying to get the game itself running for the better part of a week. Every time I mount the file it either gives me a error (when I use PowerIso), the install gives a grey popup box (Isobuster), or my laptop treats it as a music CD (when I use Daemon Tools lite) I’m wondering what exactly I’m doing wrong. I’ve downloaded VNs in the past and I haven’t had anywhere near as hard a time getting it to work. If someone could please explain what’s going on it’d be appreciated.

  95. Tam says:

    it said something about arc.sar on the japanese tsukihime
    wat is a crack file

  96. death14 says:

    of course its unknown language
    its JAPANESE game with ENGLISH patch
    u need to download both english patch
    run the 1.1 version first

    @i dun’ understand japanese , so i click ‘ok’ all the way @
    @ i also use window 7 64bit @
    @the file size is around 130-170mb i [email protected]
    @N0 need to change [email protected]
    @NEED to change ‘language for unicode program’ to [email protected]

    im currently search for kagetsu tohya with english patch , so if anyone know its direct link ….

  97. terra says:

    okay..then i click inst…right ?? but then when i klik the longest japan words…and then brows for the place i will located the game it come out the message in unknown lengague…i already use compability from windows 2000 until 7 (that i use x64) but still i cant instal..perhaps i need to download again ??

    ohh..one more think..is it right when we mount it the file become around 100mb ??

  98. death14 says:

    oh sorry .. i mean run ccd

  99. death14 says:

    use daemon tool lite
    run cdi
    open window explorer
    click bdrom drive with tsukihime icon
    click install

    and enjoy!!

  100. death14 says:

    umm…. no music
    kagetsu tohya translated version ?
    i want it , give me the link plz….

  101. terra says:

    i cant instal it… i already use daemon and its not working…a freaking messages come out….
    any one can help me ?? i want to play this game….
    im using win 7 x64
    i appreciate your help

  102. vic says:

    there is no music

  103. clem says:

    i can’t mount .img file or the .ccd file and i’m using poweriso can someone help me?

  104. NakaNaide says:

    The game was made back in 2000, but it shouldnt matter i can run in on windows 7 64bit your operating system should meet the specifications itself unless your running vista then idk what to say cause never used it and never will.

  105. Hazzard says:

    Does anyone know if this is only for certain systems? As in operating systems.

  106. gamer says:

    How to run subtitles? Please heeelp!

  107. fonzer says:

    you have tsukihime,but you don’t have kagetsu tohya?(it’s translated)

  108. balsy says:

    Same problem, i can’t get the .sub file to run with the application.

  109. Juls says:

    i have the same problem as some others, i cant find the English patch, thought it says
    “Download(english patch included):”

    i cant find an english ptach, where is it?

  110. Maćko says:

    Tried to install, and both Daemon and Clone drive tell me to insert the disk, although the images are already inserted. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

  111. Tasheen says:


  112. saka says:

    ok i used isobuster and i extracted it now i have a japanese game in front of me how do i put in the subtitles

  113. saka says:

    hey it’s my first time trying to do this and i d/ld everything but when i mount the file it opens windows media player and just plays a tune. what am i doing wrong?

  114. Kaito says:

    Well… Its been a long time Eroge Haha.. my pc broke down so i can’t donwload a VN i miss playing VN’s Especialy G-Senjo No Maou Best Route Haru.. Oh yeah sorry… for those who knows (Jap Locale) Needed and uhmm… (Daemon Tools) and if it doesn’t work out well there’s something missing you better check what’s missing first 😀

  115. Saymour says:

    Just wondering, is this the full version, or is it just Tsukihime original only?

  116. AniMouse says:

    umm where’s the english patch

  117. drfly says:

    Hey i was wondering if someone could give me a hand, i download the game mounted it i get the install going it asked me to select where i want it to install but afterwards i get an error and the install quits… ( locale is already in japanese) thank you

  118. Jan Mikaeel says:

    hey can some1 help me how 2 install this game step by step and also is this game need a daemon tools?

  119. king98765 says:

    i thought it is in english………

  120. Jan Mikaeel says:

    hey can some1 that dl it properly upload it 2 mediafire? then post the link in this site pls?

  121. Epi says:

    I’ve installed, and mounted on Daemon. But.. when I tried to install the thing.. there’s some error messages. And it’s all in symbols ( I believe it’s japanese ). Any idea how to run this thing? I’m on Win 7. Thanks!

  122. Anonymous Prime says:

    DL works for me too. Thanks for link admin.

    Also, is there a voice patch for this? I have a feeling there might be. I found a weird blog talking about a project to make voices for it… featuring amateur voice actors *shudder*

    But does anyone know?

  123. Alumni says:

    the DL link is working fine.. don’t know about you guys but i can download it perfectly…

  124. Jaredhimself31 says:

    Ya guys need IsoBuster

  125. erace says:

    yeah, having the same problem as runnerman and euderia…anyone have a fix? Is it the dl link? help plz

  126. euderia says:

    same problem as RUNNERMAN..
    i’m not used in dealing this kind of things so i need your help..

  127. Eurus says:

    You should totally have Kagetsu Tohya in the list. And maybe Melty Blood too (tho it’s not an eroge, just a visual novel and fighting game).

  128. Kuro Creator says:

    I tried the new links….
    it said, “500 – Internal Server Error” means it’s broken =_=a

  129. runnerman says:

    Hey, I need some help. I installed this from that one forum link, and I mounted the CD file thing… but I can’t get it to play as anything other than an audio CD. Can someone please help?

  130. zed says:

    the download link is broken

  131. Kuro says:

    The link seems to be dead !!

  132. usasoldiern says:

    Thanks hayate, I figure as much. And, I would probably play it anyway, but I just wanted to know.

    As far as Fate, no I haven’t finished it. About halfway through Heaven’s Feel and, so far, I’m not really sure what my favorite route is.

  133. hayate135 says:

    Just to let those that don’t know why there’s no voices…
    There never were any voices to start with. Tsukihime was release in 2000 as a low budget VN, back in Type Moon’s humble beginning as a small, relatively unknown doujin group. Thus, they wouldn’t have had the means to hire quality voice actors back then. They do however plan on re-releasing Tsukihime (updated graphics, bgm, scenarios, etc.) in the near future, after their current project. Most likely they’ll voice the game, so hold off until then if you REALLY want to play this with voices.

    Yo usasoldiern, I recognize you from vndb. Yeah the sex scenes should be unlocked, and it would’ve been noted otherwise (Check out the 18+ tag) By the way, you finished F/SN yet? Fave scenario? I personally prefer UBW =)

  134. usasoldiern says:

    This does have the sex scenes right? I was wondering because I heard that this translation has the option of turning them on or off and, yet, I didn’t get the option. I realize that the sex scene cg’s are unlocked so.. I’m guessing yes? But, I’m not sure.

  135. leo says:

    I have a problem.
    The game sometimes hangs then i can’t move the mouse pointer so I need to ctrl+alt+delelte and exit the game

  136. A spider says:

    I did download the game, but then I don’t play it because it will not respond. I mean, I can get to the menu and access the CG, but I can’t play the game, did I do something wrong again?

  137. toastmuncher says:

    Actually, the key combination for fullscreen is

  138. beelze says:

    That’s wrong. ctrl will just skip text. The shortcut is shift + f.

  139. OneManArmy says:

    ctrl + f = fullscreen

    • AKH says:

      i think that you just press the f button been a while but when i played i accidentally brought up a menu that tells how and it was just 1 button for full screen just checked and it is just the f key i do believe it works for both the portable and regular versions like that i apologize if i rambled i am tired.

    • nick says:

      @OneManArmy would your name happen to be CoD refrence

  140. a says:

    How can i make it fullscreen?

  141. Jeikusun says:

    Best eroge I ever played, even without voice. Actually better than all the new ones; it even beats Yume Miru by a hair. Give it a chance and take the time to read. ^_^

    • Juusan says:

      Play Fate/Stay Night and let’s see what you think

      • patorikku says:

        F/SN was the first visual novel I ever played, and it was also the only visual novel I ever bought before I realized what a silly, silly man I am (paying for something I can get for free? Although having the game on my bookshelf is pretty nice). I may just be subconsciously hyping it up since I spent like $200 on it, but I like F/SN a little better than Tsukihime, which comes in at a close 2nd. G-Senjou no Maou and Kara no Shoujo are also pretty good.

        • dj says:

          i have to agree with you on the paying thing but i still buy the games unless its only fanpatched then i dont buy it.

          • krocolatos says:

            it’s good thing that you buy it, at least you support the developer and don’t you realize that having the original game make u can brag about it?
            for me if it’s the game that i really like then i always buy it 😀

    • Random says:

      u think yume miru kusuri is good? Play G-senjou 😛

    • montana says:

      u think so, i think yume miru kusuri is not that good, maybe its dark and gloomy but its not that deep since the problem and solution are quite shallow, well no offense here, its just i played them recently and the sensation is still fresh

  142. Im not giving my name to a machine says:

    Why thank you kind sir

  143. AuG says:

    I should have suspected something was wrong when I saw the file size…

    No voice acting… ;-;

    However it’s easy to unrar and play ^^

    Thanx again!

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