Pandemic Heart

Pandemic Heart

James Allen is an architect working at North Indiana construction company. He has a girlfriend named Lynda. He loves her so much and had a relationship for 3 years. They were living happily in Veronica city as a young couple.

Someday Allen gets the task to assist resort construction at Amenity Bay. In the mind of a broken heart, he decides to leave Victoria city then move to Amenity Bay. He plans to start a new life there.

Then COVID comes. 1 week after James leaves Victoria City.

Only One Week the town has changed. Lockdown everywhere and every tourist is checked. Only 1 week James in office, James must work from home, and one day he decided to get to know the town. He goes around the town and meets everybody there.

Then the story begins, love in the pandemic.

12 comments on “Pandemic Heart

  1. I just think it’s funny that they made something like this so fast lol
    From the screenshots, it looks non-JP?

    1. > From the screenshots, it looks non-JP?

      That’s correct. It’s made by studio from Bali, Indonesia.

  2. You guys want to f* underage girls, corrupt others, destroy others personalities, stories after World War survivors which killed billions ….but a VN about covid is your red line? LOL im disgusted by you now LOL

  3. So who though this was a good idea to begin with? Someone made a VN base on the pandemic the very pandemic that is killing millions of people. Ya sure I want to play a VN centering around a virus that is still currently going on right now. When I play a VN I want to enjoy myself but I don’t want to play a VN to remind of the horrible situation we are going though right now.

    What is worst is someone took the time to code the VN and create the art style.

    1. and what types of vns do you play? if you play rape or netorare vns, scat, gore whatever, then you don’t have a case. If you don’t and play crying games or romance, heartwarming vns instead, then you have a valid complaint.

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