For my whole life, I never had a girlfriend.
People could laugh at me all they want, but I refused to give up on my ideals when it came to love.
I had always pictured a first encounter where I knew right away she was my destined one.
After several chance run-ins, we would exchange numbers. Then we would hang out together on the weekends.
Only once we’ve grown close enough would it be time for a real date.
I wouldn’t have accepted any love that didn’t develop like a storybook romance.
Picking up girls at a club or going on blind dates was out of the question for me.
And so was arranged dates. How could it be romantic when someone else set you up?
I had stood unwavering in my beliefs for my entire life.
Until, that is, when the words of a certain girl turned my view on love inside-out.

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  1. Strange, everyone hating on the mc. I felt he was fine. Rather than being a bland goody two shoes he was atleast decent.
    And Mashiro best girl.

    1. Still working through the routes but honestly I’d peg her as the worst. That said I don’t care for the odd personality types either.

  2. Hello admin! pls add the new making lovers after story. its name is Making*Lovers: Geki Icha After Story. much love and keep the vn’s going.

  3. Overall Ok VN, the writing is good although it mellows out later on. Some routes are better than others, and the artwork is good though lacking in quantity. By far Karen is my favorite.

  4. If you are on the fence about this game, here is a fair warning for you: It is reaaaaaaaaally boring if you are expecting anything other than pure slice of life relationship stuff.

    Really. There is nothing else for you here story wise, every heroine has her own “circumstances” in regard of their employment and the obvious “let’s get together” and later on the H-content, which is decent if you were wondering.

    So if you are an eternal virgin and you want to know how a wildly unrealistic 2D relationship would be then yes, this VN might be for you. If you are more of a “Majikoi, Grisaia etc.” kinda guy, then you will be sorely disappointed :3

  5. Pro tip: Go to VNDB and find the page for this VN. Then click on the “discussions” tab in the top right corner and download the link the guy posted on the only active topic. Post the file in your game folder.

    Then press f12 to toggle the girls clothes on and off 😉

  6. I thought about downloading this…
    But then I read the synopsis. Now I can’t. This hits way too close to home.

  7. Hi
    can you update this series i am really looking forward to it the names are

    A Kiss for the Petals – Longing of an Angel
    Tenshi no Akogare

    Kiss for the Petals – The Angels’ Spring Romance
    Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi

    A Kiss for the Petals – Snow White’s Knight
    Shirayuki no Kishi

    A Kiss for the Petals – The Angels’ Promise
    Tenshi-tachi no Yakusoku

  8. Not gonna lie reina route is the most I enjoy other than reina, karen route I kinda enjoy the other 3 for me just ok

  9. Guys am getting a error “system_Arc: ipl_bp” when starting the game. Plz someone tell me how to fix it.
    Someone was telling me to download jap font so i did, but still no use.

    1. That’s strange, I didn’t have this problem at all. Maybe your files got corrupted somehow?
      I don’t think there’s a need to download a Japanese font because the game was officially localised.

    2. I found out a simple solution. Just delete the asterisk in the name of the parent folder(s) which has/have your game. It ran fine for me just after that.

  10. Well, just finished all routes today.
    Decent Vn overall with a “tolerable” Mc for Vn standard.
    It’s been a while since I finished all routes in a Vn, so at last, all heroines were pretty “okey”.
    Lack of Cgs overall but amazing voice acting make up for it, that’s Smee trade marks.
    Had a good laugh there and there, and was giggling a lots at some characters quirks.
    But also had to pause the game for some minutes when the Mc stupidity had me cringed in some routes( like in fureraba case).

  11. Finished Saki’s route. I don’t feel that the other plots will be too much different from hers.

    Fureraba is definitely better. The plot had much more depth and character development.

    Still ok though. The art and music make up for it. I’d rate the plot as fair. The intro was nice though and kept me playing. I tried to stay as spoiler free as I could.

    1. Hey, T here. I just finished what I was reading and I will probably download Fureraba after all. I’ll save this for later when I’m bored. After reading all of those comments and thinking about it, I was unfair with my “review”.
      I like the art style of Making Lovers. Karin having green hair is unusual. It seems like she is the most popular heroine along with Ako (?).
      I was initially interested in Karin and Mashiro but Mashiro is too much of a cloudcuckoolander. If she was more subtle I would have liked her more.

      1. Yea, its kind of a letdown with the plot, but otherwise making lovers ticks the boxes for the other main parts of VNs, art and music. I skipped Reina’s route halfway.

        Mild Spoiler alert:

        The plot starts out well for nearly every heroine. Then it just fizzles. Its all smooth sailing.

        Enjoy Fureraba. I enjoyed 3 out of the 4 heroine routes. I didn’t enjoy Himari’s route as much as the others just due to personal preference.

  12. @T

    I see what you mean about the reply system. Don’t think there can be more than 4 continuous replies.

    Yea I played Hatsukoi 1/1 and thoroughly enjoyed that (the child actress is the best route), just hard to remember the names of those Japanese titles especially when you’ve been playing for 8 years on and off :/. I’ll wait for Gin to be fully translated.

    Bible black is good if youre into dark cultist mind washing genre. Not really my cup of tea but I finished the game so its persuasive enough.

    You are missing a lot if you’re not watching K drama. I agree than VNs have a lot of potential but just like any other thing, if you spend too much time with it, it becomes stale. Why not take a break from it. Also too many VNs focus way too much for the male audience. K dramas I feel suit the both genders, with a slight preference for the female audience

    Some must watch titles (all on netflix):

    This is my love
    (if you want drama, you get it from episode 1 to the final episode)

    While you were asleep
    (they really did the a good job with the plot. and nearly every actor is famous in it, with their own series)

    Oh my ghost
    (warning the 1st episode is a bit boring, but every other episode is great)

    1. In regards to Hatsukoi I saw mixed reviews on it, but it looks great. My backlog is huge lololol, so I have to finish what I’m reading first
      I’ll wait for Gin’iro Haruka to be fully translated also.
      White Album 2 was translated except for Coda. I heard Coda is the longest part of the game so I’m waiting for the translation to be done, but it seems like there hasn’t been much progress.
      BTW, Demonbane is going to be officially translated so keep an eye on that.

      Yeah, the brainwashing/cultist idea is pretty interesting. I wish there were more stories like that. I read about real life cults and it’s fascinating (I don’t know how people even believe in them).

      The titles of VNs are complicated. I was trying to remember what I read over the years and it’s kind of difficult. VNDB is good for keeping track but I lost my old account so I had to make another one.

      I really should watch Asian drama. I was going to but I got lazy. I was actually watching some tokusatsu (think Kamen Rider and Super Sentai/Power Rangers) and I love it. I’ve been watching some Japanese and Hong Kong films. I highly recommend Wong Kar-wai’s films BTW.

      Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll check those out. Drama is indeed meant for a female audience/unisex.
      I have a huge interest in teen shows as well. I wanted to watch a series from Thailand called Hormones. I heard it’s excellent. There aren’t many links online, and since it ended a few years ago, you can’t really discuss it on a forum because the people who watched it have moved on. But you can find it on KissAsian.

      VNs are suited for straight guys and it took me a while to get used to that idea lol. But it doesn’t matter because it’s just a medium to tell stories. I feel androgynous anyway. I’ve played otome, yuri and yaoi games too. Otome games are kind of inane TBH, with a few exceptions.

      It really helps to take a break from visual novels sometimes; I’m taking a break from movies at the moment, because I watched so many in a short time that I got tired.

      1. Sounds like you do have a huge backlog.

        Let me add to it.

        Manga :P, which is a different medium all together to movies, dramas and vns.

        GTO (not the prequels or sequels theyre crap)

        Love Hina

        Rorouni Kenshin

        Art 5/5 Plot 5/5 Char 5/5

        (Don’t bother with the anime. Anime never lives up to its manga origins)

        1. Oh yeah I should read more manga. I’ve read very few. I recommend Battle Royale (the novel), the manga and the manga prequel called Angel’s Border. There’s a film which is worth seeing, but don’t waste your time with BR2. Battle Royale is the granddaddy of Hunger Games and Danganronpa.

          I LOVE the anime and manga of Aku no Hana but the anime is controversial because they chose to use rotoscoping instead of a normal art style so people hated it. I found it refreshing and I’m into more mature themes so it’s right up my alley.

          GTO – I’ve been hearing this name since 2006, I really need to watch and read it, I was watching some videos and it looks great. The others are classics too right? I saw one or two Love Hina episodes when I was a kid, and I wanted to watch Negima but I was too lazy to. Rurouni Kenshin is another one I’ve always heard praise about.

          I recommend an anime called Karin -Chibi Vampire- I watched it over 10 years ago and it’s really good.

          In regards to manga I heard that there’s a hentai doujin that is pretty hardcore and heartbreaking, it’s called Emergence/Metamorphosis/177013. You’ve probably read it already. There’s another one which is shoujo but it deals with similar themes. It’s called LIFE – I found a link to all the volumes somewhere, it’s kind of rare. I plan to read it eventually.

          Thanks dude. LMAO I’ve been spamming this comment thread 😀

          1. Salright, I think we are the only 1s reading the comments now

            I must emphasize my point again !!!Don’t watch the anime of GTO, Love Hina, and Kenshin!!! They trash the manga which is understandable because it was a perfect product to begin with.

            Yep they are the classics and IMHO the gold standard. Have a happy reading/viewing experience

  13. Look at these western loser trying to self insert themselves into VN that clearly created for Japanese fan.

    1. Who cares lmao. First of all, everybody should be able to enjoy a work, and second, the VN was localised for Western audiences and players do what they want. If someone self-inserts it’s their business. Most people do. I don’t, I see the MC as separate.
      Dating sims are meant for people to self-insert because you can choose a custom name and sometimes you can even choose the pronunciation and a nickname. Love Plus was a hit because guys would self insert and imagine themselves dating the heroines. In fact, some guy actually married Nene Anegasaki.

      1. Ah…so you are that newbie who went to play this visual novel looking for realistic/serious scenario.

        Why the hell did you download this if you want a realistic one hahahaha.

        1. Yeah, IDK why. I was desperate for a dating sim and I heard that this was good. So I downloaded it immediately.

          I’ve actually been into VNs for some years now, but I haven’t read much yet because of the problem I mentioned below (I end up stalling my progress or switch between 1-2 VNs at a given moment.)

          I’ve been playing dating sims for a while too. The thing is, I used to play flash dating sims when I barely knew any English. Since I didn’t know what was going on I was content with just getting the girl I wanted. Now that I’m older and I know how to read English, I want an actual plot.

  14. …Man, these comments are full of semi-respectful conversations and useful reviews. I appreciate that.

    Does the crazy and immature MC grow up a bit as the game goes on, or is he pretty static all the way through?

    1. Haven’t finished it yet and I was the one who complained the most so you might want to wait for another reply.
      As far as I know, he is the same throughout. If you played Fureraba and had a good impression of it then you will enjoy this. I say give it a try, you’ll probably have fun.
      Smee’s games don’t take themselves seriously and the translation is meant to be over-the-top and absurd.
      It’s like a comedy anime.

      Keep in mind that there is basically no common route, you just kind of pick a girl and immediately get on her path, and of course the main draw to Making Lovers is that you both get to know each other organically. So you start dating casually and develop a relationship. This is not a spoiler since you can find this info on the main website.
      An interesting thing is that depending on the girl you choose you will have different experiences, for example, the place you live in and the job you have is not the same in all routes.
      You can also choose a custom name and portrait.

  15. My 2 cents worth of issues with this is that all the heroines have to be virgins. This is clearly written for sad otaku who can’t handle if their waifu has more sexual experience than they do, which is a real problem when you’re destined to be a virgin for the rest of your life.

    It’s also the usual, “Oh, it hurt for 5 seconds, but now I’m coming even though we were both virgins 2 minutes ago!” But ok, that’s hentai for you, I can get past that. It just annoys me when the 28yo super hot weather caster has barely ever interacted with men, but was saving herself for the horrible otaku MC who’s supposed to be your self insert.

    Having said that, I enjoyed this a lot once I got past the deflowering scenes for the various heroines.

    1. Lol, yeah, the virginity thing happens in a lot of eroge. I honestly don’t care and kind of prefer it but it’s due to the way I grew up, so make of that what you will.
      A lot of characters are experts at sex even if they never had it before. I know of two VNs that avert this. IIRC YMK did that and IMMHW to an extent. For some reason they figure out positions quickly.

      If you want heroines with sexual experience, there’s a tag for that on VNDB and there is another for experienced protagonists.

      You just get used to the wish fulfillment aspects. I’ve gotten used to harem settings and stuff like that. It’s funny because I was complaining about ridiculous random stuff in this game but I don’t particularly mind some tropes.

      I continued reading this a bit after my comments below and I just don’t understand why Mashiro would simply ask the protagonist to be her BF out of nowhere. But hey, it’s a fucking game.

    2. Fully agree.
      I find it very hard to “self-insert” myself into these no-life hardcore loser characters. I mean i get that there is a market for that, but is it so absurd that a normal healthy male who lives within a relationship, wants to read a vn?
      I mean these are fantasies but do they all need to have this suicidal undertone of the dreamland that suddenly opens up in front of this social outcast, filled to the brim with virgins that undeservedly shower you with love?

      So far i it’s not too bothersome for me in this VN as it’s quite self-ironic and actually sometimes somewhat funny at that, but i don’t dig the general direction.
      Also another of these games with characters devoid of any soul because god forbid if these girls felt to real somebody might not like one of their character traits! They all got to be nice girls! Just nice girls with different hair colors!

      1. It’s true that a lot of VNs and anime pander to the “loser NEET” demographic. It must be a huge one in Japan.
        I think that if you tried to do something different, people would complain, so they keep on doing what works.
        I fit that demographic, but I was a female NEET/hikikomori for years. Thankfully I got out of that mess. I still don’t have a bustling social life or anything but I have people I talk to occasionally and I had experiences, even if it didn’t end up in a proper relationship in the end.

        So I relate to protagonists that are losers but a lot of people don’t. Which is fine. I agree that there should be more variety.

        The thing about virginity is that, as others said, it is meant to signify “pureness” even if that concept doesn’t make sense. I grew up in a household where nobody talked about sex, and I learnt elsewhere. I ended up with skewed views, one of them being that it would be ideal for me to find a guy who was a virgin because he would be my first and I would be his first too. To me it was romantic. But life didn’t work that way and ultimately it doesn’t matter. In a way VNs let me live that “fantasy”, though it’s not important to me anymore now that I have experience.

        Just stay away from “Only Virgin Heroines” eroge.

        My biggest gripe with wish fulfillment stories is that the heroines start liking you almost immediately even if not in a romantic way. School Days and Shiny Days makes that more ridiculous because everyone wants you, even Kotonoha’s middle aged mother.
        IDK, I think friendship takes time to develop, and love even more so. A lot of H scenes are badly written too. And in general, wish there were more fluffy, romantic moments. If you’re supposed to be dating you should hang out more and touch each other outside the bedroom. Hold hands, kiss, hug…

        1. Sounds like you should watch some K drama if you don’t already. One K drama I watched took eleven episodes (so 11 hours) for the protagonists to have their first kiss. Would that be enough character and moment building be for you?

          The k drama is “Because this is my first life” and yes it is on netflix. And yes I definitely rate it as good.

          1. I don’t watch k-drama but I should. There are some decent Asian dramas out there.
            I just think that romantic relationships in some VNs (not all) feel rushed and kind of “cheap” and easily handed like Revvo put it. There doesn’t need to be 30 hours of mundane conversation and dates but I really feel like there should be more to it than H scenes.
            Sometimes there are pointless H scenes that are just there for the sake of it and don’t really fit. YMK had intermittent sex which for a lot of people was a turn off.
            If you included some drama, for example, jealousy not everyone would like it but it would make things interesting IMO. Or maybe it doesn’t even need to be jealousy but something else to spice things up. Like Revvo said it would be nice for there to be some adversities. I don’t know, man.
            Katawa Shoujo averts these things well. Because there are actual adversities. And some endings are devastating. Being a “nice guy” all the time doesn’t work out well in a certain route (you know the one).
            There is a huge potential for storytelling in VNs and a lot of them use the same formula. Hell I still want more music stories, post-apocalyptic settings, cyberpunk/sci-fi and the sort. And if there’s anything like that it usually doesn’t get translated.

        2. I can relate to what you are saying. Maybe it’s more that the way they are doing is feels cheap than the virgin thing being an issue. It feels like even the idea of another man existing in these fantasies is too threatening, which is baffling to me.
          These fantasies also don’t do a lot for me. there definitely are scenarios like that that are fine and work, like all these games taking place in school, but a game about people who have finished university and all the girls are magically still virgins.. feels cheap, hard to really explain but it’s almost disrespectful to the characters, it becomes too obvious that they are just a very unnatural fantasy and in the end there is not much too them other than them being nice pure girls.
          Personally i can dig a more mature scenario much more in which characters have an identity, have suffered in life, have had bad experiences.. Overcoming differences in love is the most satisfying thing. Love that is handed out free and easy and has no depth to it just feels like what porn is compared to sex.
          Maybe these game developers lack experience themself

          1. Yeah I agree with you entirely, on all points. I didn’t know how to articulate it but it is 100% true that “another man existing would make the players feel threatened”. You should watch Welcome to NHK, it touches on this aspect.
            I agree that in a setting that features adult characters there should be a variety of virgin and non-virgin heroines. In a high school setting it’s alright because not everyone has sex before they’re 18 but in others it’s less justified, especially if the heroine is attractive. I heard that “The Most Forbidden Love in the World” features an adult protagonist with adult heroines who are experienced and in fact I believe that the protagonist itself had a few relationships before. Kara no Shoujo features an adult MC as well.

    3. I don’t se the whole “virgin” thing like something “sad”, because this sort of things (VN) are about “perfect realities” or shit like that, where everyone is pure, everyone loves each other forever…

      If I don’t want that, I just stop playing this and “play” IRL.

      (this is my point of view IRL, I don’t care if the girl is virgin or not, but being one tells me that she has some expectations that our relationship will last, with the ones who aren’t, you don’t know if after 2-3 fuks she will be tired of you, so yeah, if I have to choose between a [10] no virgin girl and a [6] virgin girl to marry, I will go with the [6] girl)

      Also, this MC is someone I kinda like, he is capable but also has his rtrded funny side, that makes him better that your SasukgaUchuha2352 hentai (no)face MC depression mode ON from 60% of the other VNs. He’s like a slightly older Fureraba MC, and I also loved that rtrded!

  16. Just my two cents – no real spoilers as I’ve played for 30 min-1h so far.

    The translation is memey and full of swear words like Fureraba. So if you didn’t like that, stay away from this.
    I thought I wouldn’t be bothered by it but it’s kind of weird.

    Not sure if I’m feeling it. I haven’t finished any routes yet since it takes a while. I’m disappointed.

    I was excited to play this because there are barely any dating sims in English. I wasn’t too keen on Fureraba because none of the heroines seemed appealing (at first glance), and I heard that the translation was messy. So I didn’t play it.

    Making Lovers has a slightly less fluffy art style which is preferrable to me, and the heroines look alright. I was drawn to two of them, because of their personalities. I was interested in the main concept as well.

    I downloaded it, and the game immediately gave me a bad impression right there in the intro. It gave me “anime” vibes. I was expecting something more realistic. Of course, visual novels have anime/manga tropes but IDK, it just seemed off, it’s the same feeling I got with YMK. Improbable dialogue and situations. Maybe you’ll think I’m wrong. It’s ok if you do. I don’t like how the parents talked. Again, it reminded me of the parents in Yume Miru Kusuri. And of course both games have little sister characters.
    There is another example but I don’t know if I should mention it. Let’s just say – I wouldn’t do a job out of nowhere like he did just because someone asked me to.

    I disliked the MC already. You’ll know why after you start up the game. He’s perverted, and it’s just unnecessary. Also why the fuck would you boot up “Ahegao Piss Academy” in front of your best friend? And what the hell is up with that lol.

    I don’t know if the problem is actually due to the translation, but this is just – I don’t know – I don’t know if I’ll even play it anymore. I have other VNs to finish, but I wanted to try this out.

    Maybe I’m spoilt, because I love the protags from Katawa Shoujo and If My Heart Had Wings. They act in a realistic, mature and kind way which I love.

    1. If you really went into this expecting a realistic and mature MC while knowing this was smiliar to Fureraba, you have no one but yourself to blame. I mean, for the most part he was a wackjob which is definitely more amusing than spineless, cardboard box personality MC #9347 and granted that is a fairly low bar, but in this medium it distinguishes him from the rest. I could recommend a few VNs that might be what you’re looking for, but you probably already know of them.

      1. Like I said (you probably missed it), I didn’t play Fureraba yet. I just read bad reviews about it and the heroines seemed boring so I skipped the game entirely. I was thinking of giving it a try though.

        Ultimately, I went with Making Lovers which is also from Smee.

        I was expecting this to be more realistic for some reason. It just looked like it would be. I didn’t think the translation would be memey like Fureraba’s but it is. I haven’t looked at other NekoNyan releases but that’s not a standard they should keep.

        Making Lovers strays from the usual high school setting, so I thought the protagonist would be a bit more mature – he kind of is, but at the same time he isn’t, if that makes sense. He did go to college and has a job and everything but at the same time this reminds me too much of anime lol.
        I have to suspend my disbelief. I don’t mind doing that but sometimes it’s too ridiculous for me.

        1. I couldn’t reply to the last comment so I’ll do it here. I hear you about KNS, the game is great and the mystery is intricately woven, but good god does its “exploration” system suck. You get bad endings for the most nonsensical reasons like visiting X before Y and the game doesn’t even try to nudge you in any direction. Unfortunately, using a walkthough to play through it is pretty much a must even thought it hampers the enjoyment but what can you do.
          I find the majority of visual novels these days too dull tbh and it’s understandable because most of the target audience only cares about how cute/pure the heroines are and when they get to romance them regadless of the script. The MC is usually an afterthought and hell, some people deliberately want a bland MC so that it’s easier to project themselves on. SubaHibi, messed up as it may be, diverts from these norms and so it was a very memorable experinece for me.
          Btw don’t force yourslef to read a VN if you’re not feeling it. Some VNs start slow and take some time to fully immerse you but if they don’t even interest you and bore you from the start, it’s highly unlikely that will change as you progress on or even when your mood change. Really good VNs hold your attention from the get-go, so even if everyone praises it if you’re not feeling it then that’s that. If no VN does that, don’t worry VNs have an issue in severe lack of quality content compared to the amount produced and because it’s fairly niche in the west, smaller amount gets translated. Take a break and try to find something else that engages you such as a game, book, movie, anime, kdrama, tv series…etc until a VN that will engage you releases. Personally, I’m really into Korean/Chinese novels these days so that’s what I switch to most of the time, but I think I’m getting a bit off-topic lol.
          So yea, don’t beat yourself about if you’re in a slump with VNs, we all experience it and if you can’t find it in you to complete them don’t force yourslef because, and I know this is cliche as fuck, the journey is more important than the destination. I hope this will alleviat your concerns.

          1. Haha, thank you for the reply. The comment system here is slightly broken to that’s why you weren’t able to reply to me.
            Yeah, KNS’ system was pretty confusing to me. I used to play VNs blind. Imagine my surprise when the story was getting good and I got a bad ending. I didn’t want to use a walkthrough but had to.
            Nowadays I know better and I end up using a walkthrough. This is because I was tired of getting in the wrong route. I actually don’t aim for completion. Most of the time I will complete 2-3 routes and stop there. Some endings/heroines don’t hold my interest. But I’m aware that for some games you have to read everything.

            I agree that it seems like recent VNs are bland moege. I am into characters with personality. Protagonists included.

            I don’t self-insert but when I’m consuming media I want to relate to the characters and their situations. I do like sci-fi, fantasy (depending on the day), and things like that. I actually wish there were cyberpunk VNs. I can think of very few.

            I think my preferences are a bit different because I am very much into drama. I do enjoy comedy, but it really depends on how it’s done. Wacky, bizarre and over-the-top situations have their place but it’s all a matter of expectations for me. I have to prepare myself for it lol.

            In regards to SubaHibi, yeah it is pretty extreme, I couldn’t stomach certain scenes – but nowadays I think I’d be ok with it. One thing that confuses me is the philosophical talking. I know there are references to Tractatus Philosophicus and Cyrano de Bergerac. I have to read those. I want more VNs that make me question things. I’ll probably play Katawa Shoujo again because of this – it made me think.

            It’s true that really good VNs will hold your attention. I had that experience with some, but with others the prologue/common route is so boring that it makes me want to sleep.

            Good examples of VNs that catch your attention right away are Ace Attorney and Danganronpa. Granted they have gameplay but the plots are interesting.

            Yeah, I normally switch to other types of media but these days my focus has gone to shit so I can’t even watch a film or play a game for more than 30 mins. I’m trying to read but I take a lot of breaks. In regards to TV shows and drama, yeah I need to watch a ton but it’s a huge commitment 😀

            Korean/Chinese novels you mean brooks right? I’m actually intrigued now. We could talk more some day!

            Thank you for the great advice.

      2. BTW please recommend me the VNs. I like VNs with nice protagonists – unless it’s something like Saya no Uta which is meant to be horror anyway so it’s ok if he’s a scumbag.

        1. The commonality of VNs in this list is that the MC is mature and sensible, or becomes so as the story progresses. I think for some, even if you don’t like the MC, the story will carry it so here goes with no particular order:

          Utawarerumono Mask of Deception/Truth (start with Mask of Deception, then Truth)

          Sharin no Kuni Himawari no Shoujo (and “sequel” Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo are both great)


          Family Project

          Kira Kira, Deardrops (putting them together because they are very similair, about the ups and downs of forming a band)

          Muv-Luv Unlimited and then Muv-Luv Alternative

          Danganronpa trilogy

          Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai

          Sekien no Inganock

          Kikokugai – The Cyber Slayer

          Hotel Dusk: Room 215

          Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (probably most similiar to If My Heart Had Wings since you really enjoyed it)

          Kara No Shoujo (warning: noir-style murder mystery if you’re squeamish)

          Wonderful Everyday (multiple protagonists but they’re all developed)

          EVE Burst Error, Plicenauts, YU-NO, Exodus Guilty (lumping them together because they’re all old like PS1 era games, still worth the read. I think YU-NO got a remake but original still holds up)

          Symphonic Rain

          Root Double, Ever17, and Never 7 (lumping them together because they pretty much scratch the same itch starting anamnesiac protagonist gradually unfolding a grand mystery)


          G-Senjou no Maou


          Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning

          The Most Forbidden Love in the World

          A Sky Full of Stars

          A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk

          Root Letter


          Baldr Force (behind the dated gameplay is a surprisingly compelling story)

          40 Days and 40 nights of rain (kinetic and VERY short, but captivating and well-worth the read)

          P.S. Some of these aren’t native to PC and require an emulator. Also, sorry if this list is too long. I started out with a short one but then remembered that sometime the MC takes time to develop and so then I added them and later VNs that don’t have a particulary appealing MC but the narrative makes up for it so that’s why it’s kinda long lol. Anyways, I hope it helps you find VNs to your liking.

          1. Thank you, you were right, I’ve heard about all of those – but since I read very few VNs to this day I didn’t know much information except from what VNDB tells me and people’s reviews.

            I tried a few VNs that you listed actually. I stopped reading KNS after a while because I got frustrated with the way the routes work. I will have to revisit it.
            I thought SubaHibi was messed up and gave up after the second or third chapter. Nowadays I don’t get shocked as easily and I really have to go back to it because everybody says that it’s amazing.

            There are others on the list which I’ve been meaning to read for years.

            Thanks. I’ll read all of them. Now if only I could find more VNs with heroines like Rin from KS (basically, weirdoes)…

            Mashiro from ML is kinda weird. I will give Making Lovers another chance. There are worse protags I guess. I just don’t like over-the-top situations most of the time but this is meant to be a comedy so I have to chill and just accept the VN for what it is.

            Really, my backlog is huge. The thing is, most of the time I get tired of a VN and start reading another. So I take a long time to finish everything. It’s a problem of mine. It really depends on how the story is going. Sometimes it gets slow and I have to focus on something else.

            My mood also influences what I’ll read, so yeah, I’m complicated.

    2. Fureraba is good.

      Artwork: good

      music: good

      plot: good

      characters: good

      A Good review. I enjoyed it.

      Thanks admin, i’ll enjoy this one too.

      1. I’m glad you liked my review, even if it was a premature one. I hope you have fun with Making Lovers. I’ll probably keep playing it after all, I want to know how the mechanics are. If you enjoy dating sims there is True Love and Casual Romance Club (that one has 20 girls for you to choose, there isn’t much plot or characterization but I enjoyed it when I played it years ago). There is also Love Plus for Nintendo DS which is alright and Tokimemo (only the Girls’ Side games are translated but it’s still good IMO).

        1. Thanks for the suggestions.

          May I also suggest:


          Funbag Fantasy 1 (only the first one, all the sequels prequels are bad)

          Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai

          Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai

          1. Thanks. Noted. I heard good things about Hoshi Ori specifically. It seems like that company makes high-quality VNs. It’s on my to-read list. There’s Hatsukoi 1/1 and Gin’iro Haruka as well. Gin’iro is being translated and there are 3 routes already up. Just Google it and you’ll find the patch – but you’ll have to grab a copy somewhere else.

          2. I will let here some of my favs for future degenerates:

            -If you love me then say so: is also good, Rinka route it has more “depth”… please ignore Maya, because she’s best girl but doesn’t have route… don’t suffer like some of us.

            -Konosora: hated Ageha, she turns stupid in her route, in the other ones she’s ok, whatever, besides Ageha the other girls are noice. #TeamKotori

            -And from Yuzusoft (love this company):

            Sabbat of the witch: Main girl route… the ride… (Kratos voice) BOY.

            Dracu Riot!: #MiuBestGurl

    3. If you want a realistic dating sim why don’t you get an actual girlfriend. “Realistic” dating sims are for cucks.

      1. LOL, I’m actually female, and mostly into guys. Sadly I haven’t had much luck in love so I take comfort in playing dating sims and VNs lol. I always wanted a boyfriend. Maybe one day.

      2. BTW I wasn’t talking about a true to life dating sim, no one would want all the hardships that come with real relationships. Dating sims are all about wish fulfillment anyway. I just wanted less wacky situations. I’m not into anime comedy most of the time. It’s not that funny to me. Opinions are different. You disagree and that’s ok.

    4. i have not read everything you said, but on the off-chance you have not read it yet: you have to read steins gate.
      It’s weird to really call scifi realistic, but this has the most authentic characters and realistic approach to a seemingly unsolvable problem you’ll find in vns (while still maintaining an connection to the vn-popculture-stuff we all like).
      Steins gate 0 expands the story in an even more grim and realistic way.

      1. Yeah I really should read Steins;Gate. I remember I downloaded it in 2014 but I had other games in my backlog so I didn’t read it after all. I was “saving” it for later TBH. I want to read Chaos;Head first.

      1. Fureraba is GOOD, played it for sake of doing it and boy it was a blast, pretty good for me #VanillaFag4324912

        Also it has afterstories, that’s a +

          1. @T

            Also check out Oral Lessons With Chii-chan.

            The cover artwork belies the actual depth of the plot and characters. I thought it would be your run of the mill nukige.

            Boy was I ever so wrong.

          2. If it’s a good nukige then I will give it a chance. I’ve read only a few. Water Closet was hilarious, if you want some laughs you should read that shit – it’s very short. Don’t read Yin Yang X-Change because it’s mindless trash. They could have done so much more with the genderbending aspect but they didn’t. Waste of time.

            I tried Euphoria out of curiosity and I actually sort of liked it despite the sadism but the second act lost me. A game I’ve always been curious about is Bible Black but I am saving it for later. Clockup’s Fraternite looks similar.
            I remember when that one was released, the art style is beautiful but I heard that the plot itself kind of sucks. I think it’s going to be translated considering the success of Euphoria.

            I’ll check Oral Lessons with Chii-chan out later. I have some stuff to finish 😉

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