Tsukihime is a doujin visual novel, released in December 2001 by TYPE-MOON. It tells the story of Tohno Shiki, who since a life-threatening accident in his youth is cursed with the ability to see “lines” on everything around him. Lines along which objects can easily be cut.
Having lived with foster parents for seven years, Shiki is recalled to the household of his family. He had lost all contact with his family over this entire period, making it difficult for him to get used to the new situation. As he gradually learns more about his past, the situation becomes more and more unfamiliar and dangerous.

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  1. NightCrawl:

    As a great fan of the manga, I thank you a lot for the game, the patch and all your explanations, I couldn’t do it without you, but it’s now installed (on linux!) and the music is working. Perrrrrfection !

  2. for no reason the ccd file wont mount image on daemon tools is there something i am missing?

  3. Alyvidy:

    Thank you so much for the help. Just quick question. I didn’t use at all the .img files at all in part two of the downloads. Is the part two download useless? Do I need the part two file? Tsukihime seems to open fine with no problems. I just want to make sure that I’m not missing anything by not using the part two download.

  4. Void:

    I don’t know what’s wrong here, is it on my side or your side?
    The only thing that works is the .CCD file but it is solely filled with the VN’s soundtrack. The .IMG file does not even loud, gives off an error message.

    If it at all matters my system is set to Jap locale. I’ll report back after trying other downloads.. =|

  5. lui:

    i have a problem, after i finish it says something about needing to burn a cd

  6. THE CHA:

    thank you very much

  7. sin_slayer:

    the 1st link, the 1click download link is dead

  8. Chrome:

    Soo… Umm… Forgive my stupidity, but the patch asks for an arc.sar file and when I extract the files, I only get a .ccd, an .img and a .sub file. Am I doing something wrong ? Am I missing something ?

    • admin:

      .ccd/.sub files are disc images – you need to “mount” them, as if you inserted game’s disc into PC (refer to site’s FAQ section for instructions), install the game, then patch it.

  9. I-Am-X:

    Is downloading both english patches needed or will 1.2 suffice?

  10. Anon-y-mouse:

    I’ve tried using PowerIso and Daemon tools to mount the sub and img file. The ccd is just a soundtrack. PowerIso says “The file format is invalid or unsupported” even though img is supported. Daemon tools returns a command line error for some reason. I stumped.

    • kiryu-kun:

      Mount the disc image (Run Tshikihime.ccd)
      Then, run the patch 1.1 (this is the installer for the game, so you get to install the original game and the patch at the same time)
      Anything else is just next – next….

  11. Thomas:

    I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. I can’t burn it onto a disk, I got DAEMON but after mounting it all I get is music on my media player, the .sub still doesnt do anything. I just want to get the game but I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with what programs, it’s just made more complex and I’m getting nowhere.

    • kiryu-kun:

      Mount the disc image (Run Tshikihime.ccd)
      Then, run the patch 1.1 (this is the installer for the game, so you get to install the original game and the patch at the same time)
      Anything else is just next – next…

  12. ahsjdkflg1:

    I keep getting the same issue as everyone else. Daemon Tools will only recognize the .ccd as a mountable file, and when I right click on the other files and open them with Daemon Tools, it returns an “Error in command line” error. You sure there isn’t an issue with the files you’ve uploaded? Has anyone succeeded? I’ve been successful with several other VNs on this site, so I don’t think the issue is me.

  13. kiryu-kun:

    Mount the disc image (Run Tshikihime.ccd)
    Then, run the patch 1.1 (this is the installer for the game, so you get to install the original game and the patch at the same time)
    Anything else is just next – next…

  14. dudewithoutanametag:

    Instead of doing all the hard work, why not go out, spend 5 dollars or less on CD-R/RWs and do it this way?

    Use whatever image burning software you have (i use ImgBurn) and burn the .ccd file to a disc. Then, open the first patch file and install the game, using the disc in your drive rather than the extracted .ccd files. Install 1.2 afterwards. Then use CDex to convert the files on the CD (go to track 11, then the Tsukihime with the red ISO icon) to OGG format by going into options > encoder and changing your encoder to OGG Vorbis. Convert the CD tracks to compressed audio files and put them in the CD folder of the game and named them track01, track02, etc…. the rest is in chapter 7 of the ReadMe. Actually all of it is.

    I had a hard time using CDex because it wouldn’t recognize either of the virtual drive software i have, so it made it way easier to just buy a few blank CDs and install everything from the disc.

    I decided to just make a straightforward tutorial for anyone having my issue in which a virtual drive was not recognized in CDex. I followed other tutorials above but only came to failure. Plus, I had an issue after installation from using the extracted files of the .ccd, in which no image files would load during gameplay because they were not found (says the stderr.txt file that appears once you start the game for the first time). However, putting the image on a disc and installing from there fixed my issue. It must be my OS because I don’t see this issue anywhere else in the comments and I’m sure the majority of commenters are on Windows 7…. I’m running Windows 8.1 64-bit. I honestly hope this helps in the future, and I really hope too that I’m not the only one with the issue…

  15. OmegaXX:

    Finally got this to work!! For everyone having problems understanding how to install the game, understand that kiryu-kun is being literal when he says to mount the CD image then run the english patch installer. As in mount the CCD file in daemon tools then run the patch from the tsukihime folder with the CCD file in your virtual drive. Then when it asks you for arc.sar the file location will be displayed in the window and you just hit next. After that it’s simple. So simple I can’t believe it’s taken me 3 years to figure this out.

  16. jeff:

    it keeps saying please specify location of arc.sar data achive from the Tuskihime cd. I have no idea wht to do, its unzipped, i got all downloads please help me

  17. jeff:

    Im sorry, I have it saying it’s installed, and I’ve mounted the ccd thing, downloaded everything, but all I get it a note and no game. It doesn’t actually open. It sas v.1 installed but nothing else aside from the icon. Please help

  18. jeff:

    it also says installation does not install backround music for t… Please read ch.7 of the readme for info.

  19. jeff:

    ok the entirety of the issue is that it is saying I have Tsuki Hime, the disk file corupted. I have downloaded the game 6 times now and it keeps giving me the same bs. If you guys could message me back that would be great.

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