Tsuki: Possession

We are all not what we seem. Although we don’t want to consider the possibility, there is darkness lurking inside the hearts of all of us. If it is brought out through great pain, then terrible things can happen.

You are Yosuke, a Japanese young man, age 20. Your life has not been happy, after your mother’s death while you were a child, your father’s remarriage, and then his untimely death in a car accident recently. Now you live with your beautiful stepmother and her quiet, reserved daughter, and although you have known great pain, it seems that all the women around you are striving to do all they can to ease your sadness. Perhaps it was all these sad events that caused the darkness to come out…

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  1. death14 says:

    too many eroge …..
    too little time….
    hu hu….

    • Caelistas says:

      Omg i was gonna post the same thing, i have like 20 new eroges i want to read but not enough time :p

      • krocolatos says:

        then it’s time to stop downloading and start reading ^^
        but the problem is….. i can’t stop downloading XD.
        I WANT THEM ALL…..

        • Zellrang says:

          LoLz, That is true to me too… hahaha

        • Flamers says:

          damn same here, I was downloading like crazy and confused which one I’d play first, well actually I’m searching for an eroge named Virgin Roster Shukketsubo, I cant find the download site anywhere, could anyone put that game on this site or tell me the site I could download it?

          • kurogane222 says:

            We’re all the same guys ^^ I can’t choose a game when I finish one and The time keep running out at some point T_T

            • InterestingMan says:

              And here I am downloading on a crappy computer with multiple queued downloads waiting, and reading on a good computer while waiting for downloads to finish.

  2. mrskull007 says:


    I tried installing the game on Windows 7, replaced the executable file with the cracked version, and it wasn’t installed under program files, but seems to be crashing every time I run it…whyyyyyyyy?!! :'(

    Thanks for your help in advance!

    And damn you’ve uploaded tons of games here! Wish I knew which ones were from which year!

    THanks again!

    • Umi says:


      I had the same problem (not only with this game, but with almost all old games I’ve tried to play on my Win7 64bits) and I just fixed it.

      Install Windows Virtual PC (which is a free download from Microsoft web page) and then execute “Windows XP Mode”. That creates a WinXP virtual desktop on your PC. Then install the game on that virtual machine and you’ll be able to play with no issues at all.

      Hope it helps.

    • Flamers says:

      “And damn you’ve uploaded tons of games here! Wish I knew which ones were from which year!

      THanks again!”

      I second this opinion, it would be better if this site put an information for every game’s launching years, I’m longing for an old eroge that I’ve played with my ex when I’m elementary, I forgot the name and provider but it’s from 1991-1993

  3. Meldogg says:

    I have Windows 7 and it worked, hmm, mine was under program files though…try that.

  4. Nelu says:

    I have trouble getting this game started together with “Do You Like Horny Bunnies”, soon as i start the game it goes into full screen and then crashes, as in the screen just remains black without even getting to the menu screen, I tried lots of things but i really cant find out what i could be doing wrong…
    Would really like some help here, thanks 🙂

  5. Seven Points On Ten says:

    Hey, Admin. This isn’t an issue with the game so much as a request for another Zyx game; could you get put Chain up for download?

  6. Death says:

    i cant make it work on window 7 all it gives me is white screen with “not responding”.can someone give me step by step guide.

  7. Retread says:

    WIN 7

    I can’t install this. When I run the install I get a dialog saying Please eject and reinsert CDROM.

    I’ve tried mounting in power iso as well as burning a CD. Results are the same.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Avenger says:

    I can’t get it to work on win7 64x. I can install the game fine, but when I start it up it goes fullscreen and crashes, leaving my resolution at 640×480 and removes all my taskbar icons. Running as windows 95 or 98 compatability doesn’t start the game, but at least it doesn’t mess up my screen. I guess some games are just too old to be played on Win7. Maybe I should just install XP again…

    • Dullahan says:

      The problem with these games is running it with a dual core processor. If you have a dual core, the game will crash. There is a small program that allows you to run the game only with one core (forgot its name) or you can turn on one core only (haven’t tried this myself).

      What I used was a small program you place inside your sys32 folder (I could be wrong since its been a while I did this). You then use what the path the program gives and add the path of the game and type it in the start menu and run it.

      What I did was just save the what i needed to type in a txt file and just copy it.

  9. Ryoichi says:

    The story is short… and not very interesting. I am a bit surprise, other Zyx VN has a very nice story, but when i play this VN, i feel a bit disappointed. But the art and music is good.

    Still, thanks to Admin for uploading all VN in this site.
    We are very grateful. 😀

  10. O_S says:

    Normally I like Zyx games, even with the accusations that they have basically one stock female design only different in hair and chest. But Yosuke is such a complete bastard that I really can’t bring myself to keep playing. Even the “good” endings aren’t all that good.

  11. Bakaotoko says:

    I’m trying to install the game but when I mount with Magic Disk it pops up with an error message saying Cannot locate the CD-ROM(Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart the application). OS is Windows 7 64 bit. Any help would be appreciated.

  12. apachbe says:

    Just downloaded and installed everything went fine but when I went to play the game the screen size changed to 640 * 480 and the screen went black. But when I put my computer into safe mode it works just fine(well with out the music but still works.
    My computer is windows 7 with Intel core i3-2100 CPU 3.10GHz 3.10GHz processor, 6 GB ram,64-bit operating System.

    Can any one help me get the game to work normally so i do not have to go into safe mode to play it?

  13. Bakaotoko says:

    Never mind. It just didn’t like the program Magic Disk. Tried it with Daemon Tools lite and worked just fine.

  14. Dann says:

    Why cant i save the game? i even tried Apply it do anything, Why?

  15. KJ says:

    The best OS to play visual novels is windows XP, then win7 32bit for newer games. x64 is more popular around casual users now (likely for using 6+GB RAM) but in actuality, x86 has higher compatibility for games, especially non-3D games, meaning VNs.

    2. If it runs in windowed mode, use it over FullScreen for less issues.

    Dullahan mentioned dual cores, if the game doesn’t freeze for a minute, you can go to task manager> processes> (game exe)> set affinity and uncheck some cpu cores to see if that works.

    Note: I pass on this game so the hints above are completely in general tips.

  16. cocombert says:

    I installed the game. But when I try to run the application. It says “can’t use the connected file GGD”. Anyone?

  17. SSmash says:

    i installed the game but i dont have voices. i have win 7 64

  18. wina says:

    I downloaded this game but when i open it i get the following error.”Please insert the correct CD rom, Select OK and restart the application”.

    I use PowerIso to work on images

  19. wina says:

    I downloaded this game but when i open it i get the following error.”Please insert the correct CD rom, Select OK and restart the application”.

    I use PowerIso to work on images.

    My comp runs on XP

  20. Dude says:

    To anyone having problems with running this on Windows 7, just getting a black screen when the game starts.

    I also had that problem but i fixed it.

    I installed a virtual PC (from microsoft’s own site)

    Ran the XP mode (it opens a virtual version of windows XP on your computer)

    Once I had gotten the XP mode to work, i installed the game on the virtual PC

    It started up, but it sucked… it was lagging as hell and there wasn’t any fun in it so at that point i was about to quit.

    Then i closed down the virtual pc, and i was actually about to try out another trick on the windows 7 pc, but when i started the game, it was working like a charm

    I’m not sure whether you have to have the game installed on the virtual XP PC, or you just have to have the virtual XP PC installed. In any case, it’s working now. With both this game, and other games i have had the exact same problem with, they’re all working just fine now.

    Hope it helps

  21. jake says:

    never finally got it to work

  22. Joshua says:

    Hi i tried to download it using both daemon and Poweriso, but it says i am not entering the correct dvd when i try to install and when i try to do the other .exe file i get a register error

  23. Zappky says:

    I have no problem running the game,but i cannot seems to save the game once i restart the game.

    Have anyone encounter the same problem as me?

    • Zappky says:

      Never mind i solved it.

      Running the exe from program file doesn’t seems to be able to save the game.
      However,running the exe from the mounted disc works.

      Old game always give trouble =P

  24. Alphaz says:

    Same problem mount with daemon n failed it says insert correct cd-rom

  25. Joshuam303 says:

    I can’t run this game could someone help me ? i tried to use Poweriso at first, but i got \Cannot use the connected file GDD\ for one of the .exe’s and \Please insert the correct CD_ROM, select OK and restart application.\ I tried to copy the crack over but it wouldn’t let me, and i tried daemon tools but i get the same errors , i have no idea what to do but i really wanted to play this game .

    Any help would be appreciated

  26. ChunkyFresh says:

    I can’t get this to run. I can mount the disk but when I hit the .exe that requires admin access nothing happens. When I click the other .exe that doesn’t require admin access it says “Registration information is incorrect. Please install again.” I am using Windows 10.

  27. Dx says:

    Does not work.
    I tried to install it with Demon Tools. It does not open a window, does not react. All it does is tell me that the program might have been installed wrong. And then when I look in programs it is not installed. It does nothing. I tried compatibility mode XP, I tried Japanese localization, nothing works.

  28. Benkei says:

    After i mounted the “CUE” File with Daemon Tools what do i supposed to do?

    When i just simply click the application it says “REgistration information is incorrect.Please install again” what do i do?

  29. Comfused says:

    I can’t event mount this game with Daemon tool and Virtual Clone Drive. Is there a way to overcome this?

  30. Wag says:

    Anyone know where to get a working english copy?

  31. john ngo says:

    I everyone I just want to say this I recommend that you don’t I say again don’t download the game here it seems that the copy here has a a lot of problems so I suggest you find it some where else am sorry but I play a a lot of visual novels and I never experience such problems like this this is my opinion so I wish you luck everyone.Unless someone manage to find a solution then to this problem this tell us thank you.

  32. Uchiha says:

    Hi guys, I just downloaded this game and after extraction there are just 5 files a .exe,.cdm,.cue,.Img and .sub .When I open the .exe file it says ‘can’t use the connected file GGD’ other than this I can’t open any of the files(I have dameon tools lite installed).what should I do guys.Where did I go wrong.please help and thanks in advance

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